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Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales and Poems: The Black Cat, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven, The Masque of the Red Death…

by Edgar Allan Poe

This single volume brings together all of Poe’s stories and poems, and illuminates the diverse and multifaceted genius of one of the greatest and most influential figures in American literary history.

Quotes from the book:

“Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute.”

“Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence- whether much that is glorious- whether all that is profound- does not spring from disease of thought- from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.”

“Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?”

Readers’ reviews:

“Definitely not light reading, but perfect for the fall and winter. Very dark and poetic. Great stories, and each story is just short enough to maintain attention span. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates a challenging read.” (Bailey Jane,

“Edgar Allan Poe, is best known for the Raven, still the greatest and most famous American poem ever written.” (Henry Avila,

“Poe is, whatever you may have gleaned about him from cheap movies and comic book adaptations, a thoroughly top-notch writer in the Romantic tradition.” (David,

The Complete Works of Thomas Hardy (Illustrated) (Prometheus Classics)

by Thomas Hardy

This collection gathers together the works by Thomas Hardy in a single, convenient, high quality, and extremely low priced Kindle volume!
This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

Desperate Remedies [1871]
Under the Greenwood Tree [1872]
A Pair of Blue Eyes [1873]
Far from the Madding Crowd [1874]
The Hand of Ethelberta [1876]
The Return of the Native [1878]
The Trumpet-Major John Loveday [1880]
A Laodicean [1881]
Two on a Tower [1882]
The Mayor of Casterbridge [1886]
The Woodlanders [1887]
Tess of the d’Urbervilles [1891]
Jude the Obscure [1895]
The Well-Beloved [1897]

Wessex Tales [1888]: The Three Strangers; A Tradition of Eighteen Hundred and Four; The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion; The Withered Arm; Fellow-Townsmen; Interlopers at the Knap; The Distracted Preacher
A Group of Noble Dames [1891]: The first Countess of Wessex; Barbara of the House of Grebe; The Marchioness of Stonehenge; Lady Mottisfont; The Lady Icenway; Squire Petrick’s Lady, Anna, Lady Baxby; The Lady Penelope; The Duchess of Hamptonshire; The Honourable Laura
Life’s Little Ironies [1894]: An Imaginative Woman; The Son’s Veto; For Conscience’ Sake; A Tragedy of Two Ambitions; On the Western Circuit; To Please His Wife; The Fiddler of the Reels; A Few Crusted Characters
A Changed Man and Other Tales [1913]: A Changed Man; The Waiting Supper; Alicia’s Diary; The Grave by the Handpost; Enter A Dragoon; A Tryst at an Ancient Earth Work; What the Shepherd Saw; A Committee-Man of ‘The Terror’; The Duke’s Reappearance; A Mere Interlude; The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid
Uncollected Stories: Blue Jimmy: The Horse Stealer; Destiny and a Blue Cloak; How I Built Myself a House; Old Mrs Chundle; Our Exploits at West Poley; The Doctor’s Legend; The Spectre of the Real; The Thieves Who Couldn’t Help Sneezing; The Unconquerable; An Indiscretion in the Life of an Heiress

And Poems

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen

by Jane Austen

Contains Active Table of Contents (HTML)

The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

This book contains the complete novels of Jane Austen in the chronological order of their original publication.
Juvenilia – Volume I
Juvenilia – Volume II
Juvenilia – Volume III
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey

सा�स�� �� �हान�: Story of Breath (Hindi Edition)

by Shahnshah Gupta

भ�वान न� ब्रह्माण्ड �� ��सा म�� दिया,
�ि �समान �� �ुब्बार� म�� हवा भर� �र ��� दिया!

�विता�� �ा लि�ना भावना�� पर निर्भर ह� �र �विता भावना�� �ा दर्पण ह�त� ह�, �वि मन �� �थाह ��तना म�� �� बार �� ऐस� भ� समय �त� ह�� �ब वह �� लि�ता ह� व� �न�त ��तना �ा प्रतिबिम्ब ह�त� ह��| यह �विता स��्रह �स� प्र�ार ह�| �ब भ� भावना�� �� �िर प्र�ाश �� �नुभ�ति �प�� ��तह�न �ष्��� �� ��त� ह�, �स� पढ़�� | य� �प�� �� ऐस� �याम�� �� विव��ना ल���� �� �भ� शब्द�� स� समझाए नह�� �ात�।


by Samuel Karpeh

Feeling lost and defeat, no one to help a 14 year old who had just been put out his father home. Struggling with school, and where is my head going to lay for the night. night after night, day after day was the same thing.

Lifeâ??s Sweeteners: Honey and Gall

by Latoya D’Abreau

‘ Life’s sweeteners: Honey and Gall’ is a collection of poetry and prose about the love for culture, the need to expose mental health illnesses, death and love, betrayal and revenge also relaxation and beauty. It takes you on a journey where healing is possible. It will place you in each scene, the feelings it gives is ever so real and invigorating. This collection covers life’s ups and downs. Hold on because you are in for an adventure!


by Gireesh Haridas

Motivational Thoughts for Personal Growth, Success, and Happiness.

Experience the miraculous power of words in this soul-stirring collection of inspirational verses that will motivate you to discover the true potential of your subconscious mind and help you undertake a wonderful journey towards a more fulfilled life focused on your personal growth and happiness.
     Consisting of 120 verses in total, this book is divided in to six chapters: Recover, Revalue, Rectify, Retry, Relax, and Realize. You can either choose to read in the specified order or pick a random chapter to start, for they all have something useful to offer.
     So what are you waiting for? Open your copy and get set to rise.

Philophobia: The Fear Of Being In Love and Falling In Love.

by Finch Moore

Philophobia: The Fear Of Being In Love And Falling In Love, is a book of poetry which centers around the topics of love, family, alcoholism, abuse and acceptance from the perspective of a young woman named Amelia.
Philophobia: The Fear Of Being In Love And Falling In Love brings its reader on a stroll through some of the moments in life that may just be all too familiar, but also reminding us that love will always work its way through your fear.

Love in Bloom: Volume 3 (The Darkness and the Light)

by Cheryl Bradshaw

“I feel him in the breeze sometimes even though he doesn’t appear to be there or anywhere really, except I know he is. Some days the tiniest of hairs stand up on my neck and it feels like if I turned even a little I’d run right into him.” 
“Have you ever been pulled away from a thing you thought you no longer needed only to find you longed for it the minute it was absent from your presence?” 
“When the sooty ash rubs onto your clean, white shirt remember that if you choose to surround yourself with the dirty stains in life eventually you will get tainted yourself. Who you spend your time with is just as important as how you spend it.” 
“Sometimes the hardest thing to see is the thing right in front of us.” 
“I know a girl who thinks she’s found herself, and I don’t have the heart to tell her she hasn’t, that what she perceives to be love is nothing more than a neatly wrapped lollipop with a hollow center.” 
This third collection of poetry written by New York Times bestselling author Cheryl Bradshaw is split into two parts–the first darkness, the second light. These delicate, heartfelt poems allow you to explore the raw, heartfelt emotions we all experience in life–joy, sorrow, confusion, and above all … love.
Readers are saying: 
“I barely have the words to describe how moving this collection of poetry is.”
“They made my heart squeeze in sadness, and I could feel the agony.” 
“Gritty, raw, heartfelt collection. An excellent read.” 
“I sighed, cried, smiled and laughed as each new poem touched my heart.”

Hoy voy hablar de Amor (Spanish Edition)

by Irael G. Burgueño

“Sobre el amor se escribe
y se seguirá escribiendo
hasta que no haya un solo ser en la tierra,
porque nosotros mismos somos amor”
Muy en mi persona, he creído en el amor desde que tengo uso de
razón. Pero, también he aprendido que el amor necesita cuatro
elementos importantes: Convivencia, Respeto, Comunicación y
Confianza. Y que la falta de uno de estos elementos, solo es el
resultado de un sentimiento pasajero que seguro dolerá, pero
que también pasara y luego se aprenderá a vivir con los
En este mi primer poemario, escrito en el año 2009
quedaron plasmados algunos de los sentimientos que había
acumulado a lo largo de mi corta vida. Buenos y malos porque
así es el amor.
Luego, en 2014 agregue algunos más, por razones inexplicables.
Pero que sin duda hacían falta.
¡Vive! Que yo, hoy voy hablar de amor.


by Tasha Renee

When a woman loves, she loves HARD.

UP AT 1AM: INNER THOUGHTS OF A WOMAN is a look into the poetic thoughts of a woman who embraces her vulnerability and the many emotional avenues of love. Enjoy the ride!

Black Lives Don’t Matter, This is America

by Ross

I had a dream that one day this nation will be cast down and made humble for oppressing God’s chosen people: “We hold the hypocrisy of this country to be self-evident; that all men are not treated with equality.” I had a dream that one day that the red hills of the Caucasus Georgia mountains will be smashed to dust by the hand of God, the sons of former slaves will own the sons of previous slave owners, for the Lord has said those who leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity. I had a dream that one day even the city of Chicago, a city drowning in the ocean of self-hating black on black crime, will be transformed into a town of Blacks, Native, and Hispanics who love each other as brothers and sisters of Israel.
I had a dream that one day, over in the city of Los Angeles, with its racial history of police brutality, and outright killing of Gods elect, one day my people will turn back to God. They will return to his commandments, and the Lord will hear their cries and repay the heathen one hundred-fold for the blood of the children of Israel which was shed all over this land.
I had a dream.
I had a dream that one day every ghetto shall be exalted, every skyscraper shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is my faith, the belief that God will break the yoke of our oppression and sit our oppressor down in the miry clay. And Gods angels shall separate the wheat from the tare, the oppressed from the oppressor, and the children of God from the Synagogue of Satan. On that day, God’s children will finally have rest. If America was made to be a great nation from the genocide of the Native American, the enslavement of the so-called Black American, and the oppression of Hispanics, this must become true. So let God’s judgment ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let God’s Judgment ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let God’s judgment ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.
Let God’s Judgment ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado. Let Gods Judgment ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. But not only that, let God’s Judgment ring from the Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let God’s Judgment ring from the Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.
Let God’s Judgment ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let God’s Judgment ring.
And when this happens, when God’s Judgment rings from every state and every city, We will no longer fear for our lives, we will no longer be ashamed of being black, we will no longer hate one another, we will no longer fear Satan. Our fear shall be in the power of the Almighty, and we will know that he is LORD.

Vases and Faded Petals (The Flight of the Raven Book 1)

by Max Sparrow

One moment you are talking to your children at the dinner table and the next moment you are eating all by yourself, looking down the empty, narrow, table. After our purpose in life is finished, is there something more to wish for? What is it that I seek, what should I seek, or is there even a reason to seek more in life? What is the answer?

This is a very odd story. It is unfortunate and has a subtle twist at the ending. It makes you think about life and the perspective that many people share. It is based on a true story.

Hacia Ítaca: Un viaje hacia el alma (Spanish Edition)

by José Luis Velázquez Rodríguez

Hacia Ítaca es un libro de poesía, sobre el viaje del alma y hacia el alma. Es el camino del ser que lucha, que ama, que pierde, que gana, que conquista y es conquistado. Es el alma que se hace preguntas y que sufre por estar desterrada.

A lo largo de este viaje, en este libro de poemas, en sus tres partes: Ulises, Penélope y Telémaco, encuentra su esencia y su sentido en el regreso a Ítaca.

No es un libro fácil, como muchas de las obras del autor, pero sin duda estamos ante un libro revelador, esencial y maravilloso, no tanto por sus versos, su intensidad, sino por el mensaje del mismo. El subtítulo en ese sentido es muy ilustrativo: Un viaje hacia el alma. Viene a contarnos que el ser, tras periplos y batallas, debe encontrar el sentido de su existencia y encaminarse hacia su destino, que no es más y nada menos que su propia alma, es por eso que siendo un viaje del alma es un viaje hacia el alma. El alma, en esta ocasión, es Ítaca.

Intangible Things Set Free

by A Tapasiddha

A collection of poetry about human emotion, mysticism, nature, the search for spiritual love, and the eternal dance between seeming opposites in the search for harmony. —
‘Life itself is intangible. It is like love, happiness, the soul, passion and emotion, and so many other such ideas that we think we can hold onto in order to sustain us, but which, ephemeral, escape between our fingers the more we desire to fasten them to ourselves. We feel the need to ensure a continuous flow of sensations in order to compensate for other feelings which abruptly shake us, until we become accustomed to having them close by yet without the capacity to properly discern how to control them. In the same way that science speaks of dark matter and energy, whose origin and nature are unknown to us but whose presence we are aware of (albeit indirectly), what we call the ‘inner life’ arouses the suspicion that there is something inside us which moves according to its own criteria, not entirely accessible to our knowledge or command. What some interpret as simple electro-chemical reactions of substances circulating in a supposedly, up to a certain point autonomous organ called the brain, others consider as an undoubtable link not only with the physical surroundings, the body, and the socio-cultural and environmental conditions that encircle us, but also with other ‘in-stances’ that indirectly hint of their possibility. Contra to the desire to make increasingly tangible things which in fact are not, with the hope of being able to retain and make permanent those concepts which ‘go together with life’ (identity, status, family, nationality, etc.), there are currents of thought which, coming from diverse ideological positions, attempt to offer a less ‘solid’ expression of life. Thus, through art, philosophy, or religion there are suggested other ‘less limiting’ options, if they must be described in some way, although in these cases we also resort to models that enclose our ideas within certain defined spaces, aiming to differentiate themselves by marking out territories through which the entry of certain groups of people and not others is allowed, and we therefore fall back upon the same narrowness which we wanted to avoid. In the concerned text, the author, Didi Ananda Tapasiddha (A. Tapasiddha from here on), opens up for us a perspective that unites the Eastern spiritual tradition with the world of forms and processes which we identity as ‘nature’, and through the projection of deep emotion, ensconces us in a unique ‘mind-body-spirit’ realm, the final goal of all these ‘unifying’ tendencies that search for an integrated theory explaining the existence of life in particular and the universe as we understand it (so far)……The author reminds us that each ‘I’ carries a mixed halo, that we are a flower born of various seeds, and in this mix resides a fragrance that is unique yet universal. It is like the moon of our dreams, which hides a face that we will never be able to love if we do not imagine it as if like the landscape that captivates us. In the external world there is also a beauty which we are not permitted to see, or which we do not want to look upon as our own. One should live with thirst! It challenges us, it makes us test life from all angles, because are we heirs of all cultures, are children and grandchildren of every race and condition. We are transient beings building bridges between scattered souls, but each time we try to complete the circle of unity, the system blocks us, and with disastrous consequences for both those who are outside and as well as those inside, who will remain with their thirst to humanity unquenched…’ (From the Prologue, Francisco Guerra)

Pensamientos al Aire Libre: Reflexiones y Respuestas Biblicas (Spanish Edition)

by Alfredo Lamboy

¿Has pensado en comenzar tu día reflexionando acerca de Dios o de la vida? ¿Te has preguntado por qué te pasan cosas malas? Mi primo y yo lo hicimos y el resultado fue este libro. Aquí ponemos al descubierto nuestros corazones a través de poemas. Encontrarás reflexiones con las que podrías identificarte y versículos bíblicos que te ayudarán a descubrir que Dios está contigo siempre, aún en los momentos difíciles. Te exhortamos a que hagas lo que mi amigo, el Revdo., Dr. Jaime Rodríguez Colón, escribió en el prólogo de este libro: “Hagamos esto: dejémonos alumbrar, leamos y meditemos. Y, ¿por qué no?, cantemos”.

Book of Judges in Blank Verse (Bible in Blank Verse 7)

by Day Williams

This is the Holy Bible’s Book of Joshua in Blank Verse by Day Williams.

Tu Mera Aadhar Hai Maa: �तुल्य �ाव्य स��्रह (Hindi Edition)


�स पुस्त� म�� �ुल 19 �विता�� �ा �न�ठा स��्रह ह�, �� बहुत ह� सरल �र सह� शब्द�� म�� पिर�या �या ह�। �स �िताब �� �ु� र�ना�� �� द्वारा, हमन� समा� म�� ��ित ��ना�� �ा मार्मि� �ित्रण �िया ह� �र साथ ह� साथ प्र�म-धारा स� �प�� मन �� भ� लुभान� �� ��शिश �� ह�। �स �िताब ��
प्रत्य�� र�नाएँ �पन� �प म�� ए� सार्थ� �र्थ �ल्ल��ित �रत� ह�, �� हर वर्� �र �म्र �� ल���� �� ध्यान म�� र� �र लि�� �� ह�। म�� प�र्ण विश्वास दिला स�ता ह�ँ �� �स पुस्त� म�� �प, �ह�� न �ह�� �ुद �� �र�र पाय����।

Help Wanted:Poets please apply. Edited by Emily Sturgill..: A Poetry Anthology

An anthology of vastly talented online poets from the online community.Featuring the works of:Leesa Abbott, Dominic R. DiFrancesco, Stacy Michelle, Omavi, Abhilasha Singh�,tt4r, Emily Sturgill, Richard Bryant, Carrie Page, Shannon Benjamin ,Lorien Vidal,
Starry Skies, Celestine Nudanu, Sylvia Porter-Hall, Catherine Nowak, Anna Bianca,Gilly Goldsworthy, Da Absentee and Kaboki.
Help Wanted: Poets please apply, is a poetry anthology project I started in early May 2014. I invited other poets via my wordpress blog to join in the project as a way of individual promotion and free publishing for those who never experienced that before. 18 poets came forward and we all added our own poetic flair. We sincerely hope you enjoy the variety of the diverse and very talented group of poets.
Sincerely Emily Sturgill-Editor

Famous Lines & Quotes From Hollywood Movies Series – 1: Short And Sweet Book

by Suthik 1

Famous Lines And Quotes From Hollywood Movies – Series – 1

Movie/Film writers are always underrated.
This is tribute to them.

Crimson Flows The Blood Of Love

by Thornfellow

This is a book of poetry inspired by love and human emotions. There’s a certain quality of depth to the poems within these pages, a depth which can only be borne from the experience of love, and the loss of it. Such words can only come from the heart, so come and experience the raw emotions of Thornfellow as he opens his heart for you!

Blessings of Hermes

by Lasa Limpin

This is a book of poems or prayers, I don’t know. This was a crazy ride for me. Far more intense than I expected.

Heartfelt: Life As Seen

by M.O. Olashore

This is a collection of the author’s experiences and thoughts on things that have impacted her life and other people’s lives. It’s about times of helplessness, love and hope. It has been described as deep in some places, which is true as life can take us to some unsettling places outside of our understanding or comfort zone. Living Nightmare and The Betrayal touches upon this. It is divided into two parts, Heavy Heart and Light Heart which really speaks for themselves as these are the feelings that the author associates with these parts. Heavy Heart touches upon grief, dreams and friendships that have gone sour amongst other life experiences and Light Heart upon joy, faith and strength.

Mind Wars 101

by Laura Patricia Kearney

Laura’s shit book of poetry 

Raising awareness for all targeted individuals victim’s of covert harassment illegal surveillance direct energy weapon’s attacks and mutilation of women 

The biggest vile on humanity stealing the free will and mind of another while perpetrators profit of the victim’s suffering

Song of Songs in Blank Verse (Bible in Blank Verse Book 20)

by Day Williams

This is the Holy Bible’s Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon, rendered in blank verse by Day Williams.

С миÑ?Ñ? по ниÑ?ке (Russian Edition)

by Ð?евяÑ?иÑ?иков Ð?миÑ?Ñ?ий

«С миÑ?Ñ? по ниÑ?ке» â?? сбоÑ?ник сÑ?иÑ?ов о лÑ?бви и не Ñ?олÑ?ко. Ð? книге собÑ?анÑ? как Ñ?анее пÑ?бликовавÑ?иеся сÑ?иÑ?и, Ñ?ак и новÑ?е. Ð?Ñ?ияÑ?ного Ñ?Ñ?ения.

Beauty Has Many Colours (Savage Gentleman Series)

by Don-Kels DaDevin

Beauty has many colours is a prose and poetry styled writ exploring the colourful nature of love in its brightness and dullness. It is the first of many to come from the Savage Gentleman Series, each having its own uniqueness.
Some excerpts contains matured content, for within lies erotism in its raw form.

Processed Words (Processed Words Poetry Books Book 1)

by Richard L Wiseman

A book of poetry, largely political, some of it social and all of it observational.

Politics, Love & Things That Make You Go Hmm

by Richard L Wiseman

A book of poetry with poems in a variety of styles with the themes of Politics, Love and things that gave the author something to think about.

Six Packs, Rants, And Midnight Chants

by Thornfellow

All the way from the insanity of northern Los Angeles comes a poet like no other! So grab your favorite beverage and experience all the wit, wisdom, and intensity of Thornfellow!
~ Recommended for open-minded, mature readers only! ~

Glimpses: Pieces of My Heart

by SLR

Traditional style poetry from the heart. Includes varied pieces expressing pain, happiness, communing with nature and the multi-faceted aspects of love. One heart’s journey through the joy and pain of life.

Whispers of a Bard

by Anand Bose

In this anthology of poetry, there are many love poems; there are poems coping with depression; there are poems writtern about the beauty of nature. The poetry is experimental and postmodern.

Gulchhadi (Gujarati Edition)

by Suresh Dalal

Poems by Suresh Dalal.

Some Other Place Or Time (Processed Words Poetry Books Book 2)

by Richard L Wiseman

A collection of poems first published on Richard L Wiseman’s WordPress blog ‘Processed Words’. A variety of poems inspired by subjects such as nature, poverty, hunger, friendship, terrorism, death and moths.

Redaction OverReaction

by Thornfellow

All the way from the insanity of northern Los Angeles comes a poet like no other! So grab your favorite beverage and experience all the wit, wisdom, and intensity of Thornfellow!
~ Recommended for open-minded, mature readers only! ~

The Lover’s History Book

by Thornfellow

A collection of all original poetry that comes from the innermost recesses of the author’s heart!

Слепой дождÑ? (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ипÑ?акбаева Ð?Ñ?иза

Ð?Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?е йоги Ñ?асслабляеÑ? пÑ?оÑ?Ñ?ение сÑ?иÑ?ов â?? Ñ?айкÑ?. ЭÑ?и японские Ñ?Ñ?еÑ?сÑ?иÑ?ия словно созданÑ? для Ñ?ого, Ñ?Ñ?обÑ? оÑ?влеÑ?Ñ?ся оÑ? пÑ?облем наÑ?ей сложной жизни.

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