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War and Love

by Winter Renshaw

When Jude Warner first walked into my life, he was just some handsome stranger in an expensive suit offering me a quarter for the fountain outside my apartment.

A moment later I discovered he was my neighbor, both of us new to the building.

Then he was the knight in shining armor who rescued my place from a late-night plumbing fiasco. The prince charming who offered me refuge and ice cream during a storm-fueled power outage. The bona fide saint who volunteered to accompany me to my crazy sister’s wedding back in North Carolina.

Falling for him was easy.

Finding out who he really was? Devastating.

They say when something’s too good to be true, it probably is.

I vowed to never forgive him after I learned the truth â?¦

â?¦ and then he dropped a bombshell on me that changed everything.

Revenant’s Uprising: A lesser of two evils

by Joe Quinn

In this post-apocalyptic environment, most of the current world’s population have lived with the infected their entire lives, knowing nothing else they have become trivial however the serious threat comes from what the military developed into, The SGA, “protecting themselves” they shoot on sight any survivors they come in contact with. specifically designed to fight the infected they mostly survive at sea, only recently establishing permanent bases on land.

Soon it seems hope is on the horizon as they hear rumours of a new force growing in strength, recruiting survivors to their cause. Preachers spread the word of the Revenants and their plans to ignite war in order to obtain peace. Mysterious our leaders are uncertain about this group’s complete intentions despite the hope they bring.

In this short story you follow the leaders of a large settlement as this new world develops around them, they are given a unique opportunity to join either side of the coming war, knowing they cannot avoid this they must choose a side.

Two books are currently in the making both being the sequel to this, each book will be based on the single decision for either faction, one for the Revenants and one for the SGA. Who will you choose?

Incredible Worlds – The Sci Fi Action Pack II (5 Full Length Books) (Incredible Worlds Box Set Book 2)

by Nick S. Thomas

From the authors of Battle Earth, Star Crusades and Star Legions comes an epic collection of five top full-length novels. The Incredible Worlds box set contains the full text of five full-length novels. That’s right, five great books! Buy the set today and read this unmissable ACTION PACK collection from start to finish:

The Black Widows are an infamous, all-female mercenary unit. Aboard their heavily-armed ship Medusa, they embark on secretive missions throughout the crumbling Confederacy as it wages a terrible and bloody civil war. Each of the Widows is an elite operative, with skills and expertise that command a high price. Their very names spread fear and terror into the hearts of their foes. Black Widows.

‘Invasion’ is the first instalment in the epic new ‘Time War’ series that throws futuristic supersoldiers into an alternate history where they must fight the ultimate enemy in a world that is entirely alien to them. The year is 2074. War has raged for twelve years, and biological weapons have decimated much of the world’s population. Many have suffered degrees of mutation. Faced with dwindling human resources, both sides turn to genetic experiments to create enhanced supersoldiers, in a desperate attempt to survive and win the war. The Allies of the free world call these men Augmented and Psychologically Enhanced Servicemen. Also known as A.P.E.S.

It is 1943. Sergeant Wyatt Corwin and his elite squad of enhanced supersoldiers have gone back in time in pursuit of the most dangerous man in history, the genius Maximilian Villiers. They must stop him from changing the world forever. But the war has not progressed as Corwin’s history books taught it. The world is on the brink of falling to the Nazis. Villiers is pulling the strings to advance Nazi technology beyond their wildest dreams. Heavily armoured personnel suits, squadrons of jet fighters, and advanced bipedal walkers are turning the tide of the war. But few believe in the existence of this new puppet master. Corwin is tasked with a near impossible mission, to kill the man who presents the biggest threat to world peace. This man is the Fuehrer himself, Adolf Hitler.

Starforce Ganymede is the first book in the epic new science fiction adventure series that chronicles the creation of the first interplanetary Starforce to battle humanity’s descent into crime and corruption. One man is chosen to spearhead the new paramilitary organisation in a desperate attempt to return law and order. This elite team of officers is honed into a force ready to take on the gangs in a deadly battle across the planets, bases and moons of the Alliance.

The second book in an epic science fiction adventure series that chronicles the creation of the first interplanetary Starforce to battle humanity’s descent into crime and corruption. When the Bureau Commander investigates a powerful Earth Senator, an attempt is made on his life. Faced with threats against the officers and families of the organisation, Captain Kaufman must lead his crew of the Intrepid against the Senator and his ruthless mercenaries before they are shut down or killed.

Echo Six: Black Ops 2 – Assault on Iran

by Eric Meyer

A raid on a drug trafficker’s factory uncovers a secret that sends a cold chill through the heart of NATO. An Iranian cleric, captured in the raid, tells of a conspiracy at the heart of the Ahmadinejad’s Iranian government. A terrorist group, part of the Revolutionary Guard is on a mission to acquire nuclear warheads. Weapons which will enable them to launch a conflict that would threaten the peace and security of the world, and trigger Armageddon. Echo Six is sent into action. They are to cross the border into Iran and eliminate the leader of the group, even if it is Ahmadinejad himself. They must stop the weapons transfer at any cost.

Once more Echo Six, the elite NATO Special Forces unit, is called upon to carry out a mission that will put them at the heart of one of the most repressive police states in the world. Thrust into the enemy capital, where every man is hostile, they discover that even their allies are not to be trusted.

Fighting their way out of double-cross and ambush, they must cut a bloody swathe through the Iranian security forces to close on their target; a man hell-bent on building a new Persian empire that will dominate the region. Echo Six II is an action packed sequel to the best selling Echo Six – Black Ops.

Honor and Duty (Men of the Octofoil Book 3)

by Sally Hull

Book #3 in the series: Men of the Octofoil, Honor and Duty continues on to Sicily, and then a break in the war to winter in England, and then on into France. In this five book series, a platoon of misfit American soldiers from all walks of life forms a team to be feared during the European Theatre of Operations during World War Two. A simple country farmer shares his faith with these, his fellow GIs, and changes their lives forever. The son of a billionaire seeks to earn his father’s love and respect by becoming an officer. A street-wise, homeless teenager makes the army his home and family. These three bond together and form a family in the midst of bombs and grenades exploding all around them, day and night. Back home, their families learn to grapple with the realities of war as wellâ??ration stamps, fear of receiving telegrams from the war department, more work to do than there are hands to do it, the temporary and permanent absence of husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. Through it all, though, God’s provision is amazingly demonstrated.

Virtual Stalker: Chasing a teacher

by Thiago Silva

A brilliant professor of human history is the target of a cybercrime organization. His adolescent life becomes the greatest proof of the authorship of a dubious crime.
Brandão, a criminal lawyer, friend of Bruce, agrees to defend him. With no prospect of success in the cause. The small town of Rio do Ouro Vermelho has once again become the center of attention.
Famous for hosting one of the largest universities in the world, it observes the pride of the community falling into international disrepute. Authorities and citizens, persecuted for years, see the teacher, the author of the virtual crimes. Is Bruce the true pursuer of global society?

A Soldierâ??s Cry

by Andre Gattis

An emotional story of a U.S. soldier’s experience in the Iraq war

Stalker Virtual: Persiguiendo a un profesor (Spanish Edition)

by Thiago Silva

Un brillante profesor de historia de la humanidad pasa a ser blanco de una organización cybercriminosa. Su vida de adolescente se convierte en la mayor prueba de la autoría de un crimen dudoso.
Brandão, abogado criminalista, amigo de Bruce, acepta defenderlo. Sin ninguna perspectiva de éxito en la causa.La pequeña ciudad de Río de Oro Rojo, vuelve de nuevo el centro de atención.
Famosa por albergar una de las mayores universidades del mundo, observa el orgullo de la comunidad caer en el descrédito internacional. Autoridades y ciudadanos, perseguidos durante años, ven en el profesor, el autor de los crímenes virtuales. ¿Será que Bruce es el verdadero perseguidor de la sociedad global?

Stalker Virtual: Perseguindo um professor (Portuguese Edition)

by Thiago Silva

Um brilhante professor de história da humanidade passa a ser alvo de uma organização cibercriminosa. Sua vida de adolescente torna-se a maior prova da autoria de um crime duvidoso.
Brandão, advogado criminalista, amigo de Bruce, aceita defendê-lo. Sem nenhuma perspectiva de sucesso na causa. A pequena cidade de Rio do Ouro Vermelho, vira, novamente, o centro das atenções.
Famosa por abrigar um das maiores universidades do mundo, observa o orgulho da comunidade cair no descrédito internacional. Autoridades e cidadãos, perseguidos durante anos, enxergam no professor, o autor dos crimes virtuais. Será que Bruce é o verdadeiro perseguidor da sociedade global?

Hiroshima Court Nagasaki Court: Sin and punishment by atomic bombing (22nd CENTURY ART) (Japanese Edition)

by Hitoshi Toda

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Vengeance (Reign of Phyre Book 2)

by Nick Cooper

When the fires of war engulf the north, it takes everything from Arjen. He loses all but one purpose in life: vengeance. But vengeance is all-encompassing and blinding – will it put his soul at ease?

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