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The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas

“The Count of Monte Cristo” (French: “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo”) is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It is often considered, along with “The Three Musketeers”, as Dumas’ most popular work. It is also among the highest selling books of all time. The writing of the work was completed in 1844. Like many of his novels, it is expanded from the plot outlines suggested by his collaborating ghostwriter Auguste Maquet.

The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of 1815-1838 (from just before the Hundred Days through the reign of Louis-Philippe of France). The historical setting is a fundamental element of the book. It is primarily concerned with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, forgiveness and death, and is told in the style of an adventure story.

Thriver’s Guide 2019: The Definitive Guide to Making The Earth Boar Year Your Best Year Ever

by Joey Yap

We love the new year for its possibilities, but our resolve to change can falter fast. In order to break free from bad habits and achieve new goals, we have to re-examine and re-evaluate our methods, tools and motivation for change.

What goals do you have to achieve this year? Want to lose more weight? Start a new business? Get that elusive promotion? Tie the knot or find your true love? Or perhaps, to be financially free?

Earth Boar Year 2019
Your Best Chinese New Year Ever

Youth and stylish for daily life

by Aline Hazel

Youth and stylish for daily life

Beauty of Vietnam traditional clothes

by Aline Hazel

Beauty of Vietnam traditional clothes


by Shubham Pal

Finding the best SLR camera for a fledgling can be a test. Photography is an incredible side interest and is one that anybody can participate in. With even a fundamental camera, you can take photos you would show with satisfaction. Photography can be for individual happiness or can be transformed into a calling.

A great many people take pictures, significantly more now that mobile phones have cameras. Not the same number of go past regular or get-away photography, however. Those that do, notwithstanding, find that a simple to use camera simply does not give them the adaptability to catch photographs precisely like they need. Yet, they find the quantity of decisions in the SLR market can be overpowering.

While picking your first SLR camera, digital is the approach. There are armies of aficionados of film SLRs, and they are less expensive. Be that as it may, digital SLRs enable the picture taker to right away observe the picture they’ve taken. That picture alone, expands their insight into SLR photography quick. You get moment input and know instantly on the off chance that you like the shot. (Or on the other hand caught the one you expected) And on the off chance that you didn’t, you can make a few changes and attempt once more.

Presently back to your first digital SLR. There are ton of various alternatives accessible to look over. Be that as it may, flying on down to your nearby electronic store ought to be your last advance, not your first. a little research is with a specific end goal to ensure you pick the best SLR camera for you.

A ton of the passage level SLRs are learner cordial. Some of them have on-screen advisers for enable you to progress from point-and-shoots to a digital SLR. What’s more, the greater part of them have some programmed settings so you could really regard your SLR as a simple to use. Be that as it may, don’t constrain yourself to the programmed settings alone. The general purpose of venturing up to a digital SLR camera is to utilize the custom settings.

So do some examination. One thing that may shock you about SLRs is the vibe of the camera. The way that a DSLR camera feels is a considerable measure distinctive to a simple to use and for a few people it can take a touch of getting used to.

Since you have a thought of what you’re searching for, go to your neighborhood electronic store and look at the vibe. Notice how the camera fits in your grasp. Imagine you’re taking a photograph… hold it like your shooting… exchange it from hand to hand… put it down then lift it go down. You may locate that one camera just feels superior to another.

girl_asian beautiful babes

by Linnell Rodge

girl_asian beautiful babes


by Shubham Pal

Untamed life photography draws in numerous individuals, essentially because of the appreciation for natural life and for the individuals who need to seek after a vocation as an untamed life picture taker – courses are the best decision to get a handle on some information.

Natural life photography utilizes focal points, channels and apparatuses that are altogether different from a publicizing or design photography task. You have to take in a considerable measure about creature conduct and how to manage them before making it a genuine calling.

Shooting natural life as a rule cover themes, for example,

Where to Begin-Have you at any point thought Amazon timberland is the best place to begin your vocation as a natural life picture taker? On the off chance that you go to the Amazons expecting some extraordinary photographs, you will be frustrated in light of the fact that in thick tropical backwoods, it is difficult to spot creatures or winged animals as you can do in a savannah. A national stop near your house is the best place to start photography. With a decent course, you will learn hotspots in your area where you can click extraordinary pictures.

Systems – Camouflages are generally on your gear and dress to conceal your quality from untamed life however this is only one procedure. Untamed life picture takers likewise utilize nourishments and different things to draw in creatures and feathered creatures. You as a rule utilize quicker screen speeds and higher ASA settings to catch natural life, and a decent course will cover in insight about gap and shade settings.

Find out About Lenses-Arguably, a vast scope of zooming focal points are utilized as a part of natural life photography. Every maker will have various models with same central length yet the outcomes and highlights for every focal point change. Proficient help is an unquestionable requirement for each natural life photography understudy to pick the correct photography focal point.

Creature Psychology-A natural life photographic artist who needs to shoot photos of a Cheetah or a Bengal Tiger spends the vast majority of his/her opportunity on finding out about the specific creature’s conduct since recognizing the creature and being protected in the creature’s quality is more critical. When you make a beeline for the wild, there will be different creatures, snakes and venomous creepy crawlies that you will interact with so you can’t restrict your insight to one creature yet should grow to each conceivable creature and plant that you will discover. This is the reason proficient lessons are required to engage yourself with adequate information.


by Shubham Pal

One would thoroughly consider a photographic artist with six hundred blossom pictures in his inventory would really know something about blooms. Oh dear, this isn’t the situation with me. I perceive basic blossoms, yet I’m totally lost with regards to anything fascinating. I’ve considered what it is that keeps me shooting blooms. In the wake of examining this article, I closed individuals are pulled in to blooms for a significant number of similar reasons winged creatures, butterflies, and moths are. It’s about enchantment.

Similarly as in the set of all animals, temptation is a piece of proliferation. Each specie, regardless of whether plant or creature, tries to propagate its own particular kind. This is the most essential part of nature. Each specie has the inborn ideal to exist. The interminable cycle of birth, enchantment, multiplication, and passing furnish we people with our own particular survival. Without blooms, there is no sustenance.

Notwithstanding things like apples that start as blossoms, we eat genuine blooms. Despite the fact that you may not understand it, cauliflower, broccoli, and artichokes are on the whole eatable blooms. Blooms have been utilized as drug for whatever length of time that there have been individuals. Indeed, even today, a few blossoms, roots, and leaves have pharmaceutical applications. Blooms have for some time been utilized to make scents, paints, colors, and inks.

Blossoms lure, utilizing an assortment of strategies. Each blossom has a particular outline that supports the exchange of dust. Frame, shading, fragrance, mimicry, and fatty nectar are cases. Entomophilous blossoms regularly have organs called nectaries that draw in creepy crawlies, bats, winged creatures or different creatures to exchange dust starting with one bloom then onto the next. Anemophilous blossoms spread polen by means of the breeze. Any individual who has seen a maple tree throwing ‘helicopters’ to the breeze, has witnessed this. Cleistogamous blossoms are self pollinating. Self fertilization builds the shot of creating seeds, yet limitingly affects hereditary variety.

Blooms have been utilized as beautification for a great many years, as motions of adoration or companionship, and filled in as the motivation for specialists and scholars. Blooms are a typical subject in sentimental verse, and the visual expressions teem with blossom pictures. The impressionists took bloom pictures to a completely new level. Blooms have awesome representative importance in numerous societies, frequently being related to the ladylike. Western culture partners blooms with weddings, funerals, and other exceptional events.

The impact of blossoms on individuals is all around reported. Blossoms can affect satisfaction in ways that are both sensational and quick. Blooms have long haul constructive outcomes on mind-set and tend to make individuals fell less discouraged, on edge and unsettled. The nearness of blossoms can trigger glad feelings and affect social conduct that goes a long ways past what was once accepted.

Nice gym trainer and her style 2

by Karie Melisen

Nice gym trainer and her style 2

ngy photography (Japanese Edition)

by kanamu-kikaku



by Shubham Pal

In case you’re in the market for an awesome digital SLR camera that is perfect for you, at that point what is the most brief and best way to take? Digital single focal point reflex (SLR) cameras are an instrument that empowers you to take extraordinary pictures and gives you a larger number of alternatives and flexibility than common simple to use cameras. Assortment, determination, choices, highlights… all can some of the time square with perplexity and dissatisfaction – not to stress. Today, you’re in fortunes since we’re going to set out a couple of time-tried pointers and tips so you can adroitly search for a dynamite digital SLR camera.

There is a mode that permits nonstop shooting on these cameras. You can take a progression of pictures in progression with the press and hold capacity of the screen catch. With these cameras you can shoot moving scenes in a grouping without relinquishing the shade catch. Screen speed and the accessibility of persistent shooting modes are a couple of the things you’ll need to check whether the camera has before you get it in the event that you figure this capacity may help you.

One choice you need to make when taking a gander at digital SLR cameras is whether to get one with a first or outsider focal point. You generally need to think about value; so alright, first gathering focal points cost more since they’re better quality focal points. In the event that financial plan is a thought for you, at that point the outsider focal points might be the approach since they don’t cost as much as the main party focal points. You can, nonetheless, discover outsider focal points that are of higher quality than others; so therefore you ought to complete a tad of research in the issue. Additionally consider this; in case you’re beginning you don’t know how genuine you eventually will turn out to be, for to the point that reason you may outta begin with more affordable.

You can purchase a digital SLR camera body and get the focal point as a different buy, or you can purchase an entire pack which is a famous decision. Numerous who are new and don’t have information are fulfilled getting the unit, and they’ll learn in time in the event that they remain with it. For a great many people, in any case, particularly purchasing this sort of camera out of the blue, a unit is normally the more straightforward decision. On the off chance that you do some evaluating you’ll see that the packs go for considerably less than making two distinct buys for body and focal point. That bit of supportive data can spare you cash when you’re conversing with a business rep – in the event of some unforeseen issue. Likewise, there is shopping on the web, and that issues when you don’t see a SLR pack – they do exist! In the event that you need a camera and focal point in one bundle, ensure that is what you’re getting when you make your buy!

HARMONY & IMPROVISATION FREE MUSIC LESSONS: Music Theory & Exercises in Jazz, Blues, etc.

by Ricky Schneider

Learn and practice music theory and improvisation

What is this book for?

I have written this free ebook to introduce you to my teaching method of music theory and improvisation, and for you to try out its effectiveness.

What Will you find?

I have selected the most representative lessons of the four books that I have published in Amazon for you to try and practice each concept.

  • MODERN HARMONY STEP BY STEP: Chords, scales, improvisation, and composition in modern music: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop and more.
  • MODERN HARMONY, EXERCISES I: Basic Concepts, Major and Minor Key.
  • MODERN HARMONY, EXERCISES II: Scales, Modes, Melodic analysis and Reharmonization.
  • HOW TO IMPROVISE IN MODERN MUSIC: Tools and exercises for music and jazz improvisation (mp3 tracks).

In each chapter you will find: theory, exercises with their solutions and tools for improvisation with examples accompanied by mp3 files.

Why is this important?

At first, the word harmony usually provokes some degree of panic. In my years of teaching,
I have found a bit of resistance in my students when approaching this matter, generally with the erroneous idea that it is something very complex and boring, and not necessary for learning how to play.
Basically, if you can count up to 12 you may learn harmony and benefit greatly from the knowledge this will bring you.
I see these four books as a continuous path that begins with the theory and finishes with its application playing the instrument of your choice.

Enjoy and experiment!

Guitar In A Day: #GuitarInADayChallenge

by L P Fletcher

You will learn how to play 100’s of songs….

…as well as…

Tuning a guitar

The correct way to hold a chord

Barre chords

Power chords

Open chords

Strumming technique

Strumming science

The notes on a guitar

Guitar Tablature

Transposing a song

Using a capo

Stringing a guitar

…in a quick and easy format which allows you to learn within a day!

The author guides the reader on a journey from complete novice to being able to play within a day.

As well as the guitar in a day challenge, the author provides further guidance by elaborating on points that arise within the challenge and providing the reader with a solid foundation of knowledge from which to grow.

ngy photography (Japanese Edition)

by kanamu-kikaku


Modern Quilling: The Ultimate Guide To Making Quilled Shapes

by Erin Curet

An ala carte quilling tutorial to teach you step by steps the basics of how to make the quilled shapes that are the foundation for all quilling projects. This step-by-step guide will easily show you what supplies you need, how to get rolling and how to manipulate your paper like a pro. This essential ebook is all you need to learn the art of paper quilling.

cute japanese_cosplay

by Kimberli Sonja

cute japanese cosplay

Strong style with skateboard vol2

by Melonie Zora

Strong style with skateboard vol2
Modekollektion asiatischer Mädchen. In der Kollektion sehen Sie Kleidung aus natürlichen Stoffen.
Sie machen Mädchen zu natürlicher Schönheit und Sicherheit für die Gesundheit.
ã?¢ã?¸ã?¢ã®å¥³ã®å­ã®ã??ã?¡ã??ã?·ã?§ã?³ã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ã?? ã?³ã?¬ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ã«ã¯ã?å¤©ç?¶å¸?ã?ã??ä½?ã??ã??ã?æ?ã?ã?ã??まã?ã??

Simple Drawing

by John Magic

Simple Drawing from John Majic.

Beauty of Italian Beaches

by Freddie Francis

Beauty of Italian Beaches

1001 best poses with Vietnam traditional dress- Vol 2

by Adeline Carson

1001 best poses with Vietnam traditional dress- Vol 2

French Chic Beauty: The French Beauty Bible (French Chic, Style and Beauty, Fashion Guide, Style Secrets, Capsule Wardrobe, Parisian Chic, Minimalist Living, Book 3)

by Veronique Blanchard

For a limited time, you can buy the book at this special price.In my first two books, I shared with you how my mother’s impeccable sense of style and aesthetics has had a powerful impact on my life. This knowledge and understanding is my true inspiration for creating The French Chic series.
Since I am still amazed by how well put-together Maman (my mother) always looked no matter how much she had on her platter (considering it’s no easy business handling a household of four), it seems only natural to make this book all about the beauty secrets of French women.
Therefore, in this book, I’ll share with you all the beauty secrets I personally incorporate into my daily life. Beauty is a lifestyle in France so the tips presented in this book will cover all aspects of feeling and looking your best every day. We’ll cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to cultivating the beauty mindset, building a beauty schedule, wardrobe care; skin, nail, and hair care tips.
Don’t just read this book but turn it into a way of life. I’m very sure that if you do everything, or, at least, some of the things I have shared in this book, then you will surely become the cynosure of all eyes wherever you go.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Practical Tips to Enhance Your Inner Beauty
  • Create Your Own Custom Beauty Care Schedule
  • My French Mother’s Best Beauty Tips
  • My French Mother’s Best Tips for Gorgeous Hair
  • My French Mother’s Best Tips for Flawless Skin
  • My French Mother’s Best Tips for Beautiful Nails
  • How to Take Care of a Chic Wardrobe
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Photos collection of Asian girls wear underwear and nightwear, swimsuits. Vol7

by Stephen W. Meyers

Modern, youthful and glamorous fashion style of young girls when going out or staying at home.
Moderne, jugendliche und glamouröse Mode für junge Mädchen, wenn sie ausgehen oder zu Hause bleiben.

Beijing Capital Vol 3

by Matilda Storey

Beijing Capital Vol 3


by Vic Flick

“Vic’s book is an amazing read, full of his entertaining sense of humour and a reservoir of miscellaneous facts and tales of the studios and the musicians who made London such a fabulous place to be in the ’60s. Miss it at your peril.” – Pipeline (UK)

This book is by a musician who worked in every major recording and television studio in London during that wonderful musical period of the 1960s and 1970s.

One of the first call session guitarists in the UK, Vic Flick has a bounty of true stories. Stories of the drama and humor, the tensions and the rewards of working with first class musicians and internationally known artists in the world of recording, Television and Radio..

Vic Flick’s connection with the James Bond films is legend. His guitar sound on the James Bond Theme stirred the hearts and imaginations of a generation. Here is a book that tells of the music business from the inside, about the music, the good and the bad business practices, the money, the agents and the managers.

From the Beatles to Nancy Sinatra, from Tom Jones to Dusty Springfield, it’s all within the pages of Vic’s autobiography.

100 Knitting Patterns: Hats and Scarves (Knitting Ideas,Knitted Fabric,Knitting Blog)

by Jennie Issacs

Do You Love Knitting? Here is a great selection of Knitting Patterns Available This is a hobby enjoyed by many in Knitting Groups and Circles. A Collection of Hats and Scarf Patterns for Adults and even Children. You are Sure to Find Your Pattern Here in This Book.

Creative Drawing Prompts: 201 Ideas Sketching, Doodling, and Drawing for all Ages

by Chris MacDonald

Creative Drawing Prompts: 201 Stimulating Ideas Sketchbook Journal is a great gift for any artist! 201 creative prompts for motivation, inspiration, and sketch ideas. This artist idea book is divided into 7 categories:
– Animals
– Simple Objects
– Complex Objects
– Full Scenes
– Fantasy
– Science Fiction
– Creativity
A wide variety of art prompts to spur your creativity and imagination. This drawing journal is great for kids, teens, and adults for daily drawing practice or to inspire an art project. For beginning artists to experienced sketchers, any artist will find inspired by this collection of creative drawing prompts. From simple objects like your hand to full scenes like a boat marina, this drawing journal will push your drawing skills and provide inspiration for constant sketching practice.

50’s Smut: Dirty Magazine Covers

by elliot jay

Men’s Magazine covers from the 30’s to the 70’s.

All those wonderful magazines sold under the counter or in plastic wrap. When “porn” was innocent and mainly in the imagination. Trampy girls not even close to naked and how exciting they were.

GETTING SMART WITH CREATIVE THINKING: Learn how to cultivate your creative thinking skill-set (CREATIVE MINDS Book 2)

by Leanne Elisabeth


Getting smart with creative thinking is A MUST READ – For anyone looking to open their mind to a brand new way of thinking!

Using creative thinking in our lives and in our businesses opens us up to a much greater range of new thought. We can use the art of creative problem solving to transform ourselves in many different areas of our livesâ?¦ Our Visual power, creative sense, imagination, and of course our innovativeness, are profoundly fused together into one abundant mix of brilliant new energy allowing us to move along quickly, and efficiently with our plans.

Learn to:
See creativity not as work, but as life
Not compare, just be inspired
Drop the fear
Stay positive
Be professional and fun at the same time
Broaden your horizons
Practice daydreaming
Creative process, and the productive process
Embrace absurdity
Create your own inspirational ritual
Create your own creative treasure chest
Do something out of your comfort zone
Channel your inner child
Make more authentic connections
Brainstorm like a boss
Use creative thinking methods to enhance our creative minds
Rest, rest, then rest some more
Not stress about perfection
Take risks

This book will show you exactly how you can learn to use your creativity to generate your ideas faster and more abundantly, and it will definitely leave a lasting mark on your mind, allowing you to see things in a brand new light. Download this book today and discover how these powerful and new creative thinking techniques can change your professional and personal life for good.

Temple of Ezekiel, Explanations: Book of Ezekiel 40th Chapter

by Sonia Hidalgo Zurita

With great dedication, fully immersing into the text, comparing diverse texts and images, and also using a great deal of imagination, I sincerely believe that I have been blessed with the opportunity to decipher, intuit, view and project my present proposals shared in this book.

I have perceived that most other authors intend to explain religious aspects of the Temple, while I have instead dedicated myself, as an architect, to understand and recreate the Temple, verse to verse, aiming to not leave anything aside. Leaving my personal comments aside, I believe my test to be neutral, corresponding strictly to the measures given by Prophet Ezekiel; applying the concept of symmetry, analyzing the visual appearance of different sets of buildings when seen together, considering the repetition and rotation of the Portals.

Through this personal process, engaging in my studies and experiencing the description provided to us by the Prophet Ezekiel, a moment came when I realized within myself a coherent view to encompass the descriptions of the Temple, one feasible proposal towards the manifestation of the Holy Temple, as lived and described in the Book of Ezekiel.

It has been my purpose to verify that each verse corresponds to all the others, aiming to plan and conceive an excellent, symmetrical, feasible proposal to build the Temple. I believe everyone has a purpose in life; when I first started drawing plans for the Temple there was a permanent question in my mind: “Why me?”
Today I answer to myself, simply as follows: “Why not?”

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