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Road Predators: Eight Disturbing True Stories of Kidnapping, Rape, and Murder (True Crime Book 3)


America is a nation that’s on the move, and so is crime. Mobility makes rape, robbery, and murder easier than ever for the predators who prowl the highways and lonely back roads, the rest stops and roadside motels.

Cross-country killers on a high-spree rampage, homicidal truckers, roadside hustlers turned psycho-sex criminals, lust-murderers protected by the anonymity of the open highwayâ??these are just some of the nightmarish figures who turn the nation’s roads into horrendous crime scenes. 

This book explores the chilling truth about the depraved killers who ply the roads, and captures all the pity, fear, and horror of the innocent victims who took a nonstop ride straight to hell.

Beyond the Green Line: A British volunteer in the IDF during the al Aqsa Intifada

by Marc Goldberg

I went to Israel looking for glory and instead found the Al Aqsa Intifada. I made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) at a time when suicide bombers were immolating themselves and others on Israel’s streets. Almost exactly a year after my arrival I was in the Israel Defence Force.

They sent me over the Green Line into Nablus and Jenin and other Palestinian cities. I came face to face with suicide bombers, kids throwing stones, civilians wanting only to get through the day and a couple of the big terrorists who dispatched bombers to Israel.

What I saw, what I did and what I saw others do will stay with me forever. Not enough has been written about the Al Aqsa Intifada. A period of time that left a wound on Israeli society that may never heal.

If you ever wondered what a suicide bomber looks like, or how terror chiefs act when they’re arrested or how it feels to live in a world where the bus you’re travelling on might blow up then come with me Beyond the Green Line and see it through my eyes.

Land of July: A Real Life Scandal of Sex & Social Media at a Connecticut High School

by Robert M. Marchese

On an ordinary January afternoon, a disturbing revelation about his wife hurls one man into a maelstrom of public humiliation and heartbreak, and eventually on a spree of run-ins with lawyers, judges, therapists, and law enforcement. Land of July tells the true story of a teacher/student sex scandal that not only shocked an entire school and small suburban community, but made national news. It’s a story filled with countless anecdotes about marriage, trust, infidelity, grief, and the desperate search for hope and family in the face of ruin. Practically ripped from the daily headlines, Land of July is as salacious as it is sobering. At its best, it’s a cautionary tale that might just inspire an awakening of morality; at its worst, it’s one man’s tumultuous journey to hell…and possibly back.

nokosaretamonokosokurae: taisangakuminzokukarennomurade (ajianonfikusyonbunko) (Japanese Edition)

by yoshida kiyoshi

é?é?·ãªé??ç??のæ?«ã«å¦»ã?é?ã£ã¦3ã?¶æ??ã??ä»?護中にç?ºã?ã?極度の不ç? ã¨é¬±ã¯ã?ä¸?転ã?てç?°æ§?な躁ç?¶æ??へと転ã?ã?ã??絶æ??とç?¦ç?¥ã®ç?±é¢¨ã«ç?½ã??ã??ã??ã??ã?にæ?¥æ?¬ã??é£?びå?ºã?ã?私はã?æ­¯æ­¢ã?ã®å?©ã?なã?ç?¡è»?é?なæ??のçµ?ã?ã??にã?ã?ã?§ã?³ã??ã?¤ã§é??é??ã?ã?女æ?§ã«å°?ã?ã??て山奥にã?ã??ã?«ã?¬ã?³æ?é??落に迷ã?è¾¼ã??だã??そã?で私ã?è¦?ã?ã??のはã?ç??きとã?ç??ã?ã??ã??ののå?½ã??ã?ã?だã?てç??きã??ç?©ç??æ?¡å?æ°?æ?ã®æ?®ã??ã?のå??ç?¹ã§ã?ã??ã??å?°ã??ã?ã?å§¿ã ã£ã?ã??第ä¸?å??é??é«?健ã??ã?³ã??ã?£ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³å¤§è³?å??è£?ä½?家ã?ã?ãã®å£®çµ¶ãªå®?ä½?é¨?ã??ã??とに綴ã??衝æ??のã??ã?³ã??ã?£ã?¯ã?·ã?§ã?³ï¼ã??だã?ã?ãã?にはå?°ç?ã??è¦?ã?è??だã?ã?æ?ã¡å¾?ã?そã?はã?となã?ã?¦ã?¼ã?¢ã?¢ã?横溢ã?てã?èª­è??のå¿?ã??温ã??ã??のã?ã??æ??å??でå??み込ã??ã??ã??ç??きã??ってã?ã?なã?èª­å¾?に誰ã??ã?そã?頷く幻の快ä½?ã?ä¿®æ­£ã?»å? ç­?ã??çµ?てæ?°ã?にé?»å­æ?¸ç±ç??でå??è¡?!

Fully Staffed

by Linda A. Meredith

Fully Staffed begins in 1980 with the story of Spike, aka Mr. Wigs, a beautiful Golden Labrador who melts the hearts of everyone he meets, and breaks the hearts of the ones he leaves behind.

As a puppy, he surprises all the vets by surviving a life-threatening disease, and goes on to enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.

Several years later we meet Spike, then Jake – both Staffordshire Bull Terriers, but totally different in every way. Spike is the bruiser, while Jake is the social butterfly.

This story is about how they came to live with us, their little quirks and the canine capers they got up to along the way. These two wonderful little guys filled our hearts, and our home, with joy and happiness, and completely changed our views about Staffies.

Fully Staffed is a heartwarming story filled with tears of laughter and sadness, and sure to be enjoyed by dog lovers everywhere.

Love Ever After: How My Husband Became My Spirit Guide

by Joy Mitchell Lisker

It all began with a murder!…

In 1983 Bob Lisker suffered a tragedy of biblical proportions. His wife, Dorka, had been brutally murdered in their Los Angeles home and his teenage son, Bruce, despite pleas of innocence, was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life in prison.

Tormented by the loss of his wife and his only son, this conservative attorney, former Marine and pillar of the community attempted to contact the spirit of his dead wife to find out who killed her. This set the stage for the extraordinary Afterlife communications his 2nd wife, Joy Mitchell Lisker, received after he died.

According to Joy, Bob Lisker was the least likely candidate to be a spirit guide. Yet from the moment he left his body, he gave her a guided tour of the Afterlife that included:
* A spiritual perspective on the Lisker family tragedy
* What happens when we die
* How spirits live and learn on the Other Side
* Reincarnation and the illusion of time
* How the soul chooses its lessons
* How to contact your loved ones on the Other Side
* How to recognize your life path
* How to attract money
* Bob’s 12-step program to realize your dreams
* And much more….

This 10th anniversary edition includes an Afterword by I. J. Weinstock (Joy’s surviving husband) entitled “The Joyful Redemption” that describes Bruce Lisker’s 2009 exoneration and release from prison as seen on the TV show 48 Hours.

JOYride: How My Late Wife Loved Me Back to Life, I. J. Weinstock’s award-winning grief memoir, is the companion sequel to Love Ever After.

How We Die: Essays

by Rena Lesué

Rena Lesué earned a reputation for caustic and compassionate honesty from her prose in Superstition Review, Pinball, and The Washington Post. How We Die is a collection of essays that explore topics of depression, abuse, & death. In “Lamb,” Lesué shines a light on childhood trauma caused by a car accident resulting in the decapitation of a man, and “On a Platter” outlines the expansive damage of sexual abuse and how her religion’s victim-blaming paradigm made it all worse. The set ends with “How We Die,” a snapshot of how a depressive spouse affected her life and the lives of her two children.

Apology Accepted: A 1950’s Kid From Fairbridge

by Peter Harding

Throughout the 20th Century, in populating the Empire, too many children suffered from a flawed migration scheme to institutions in Australia, masterminded in England by the affluent. Families were torn apart, many never to meet again, many believing their parents were either dead, or too poor to care for them. I was one of them! Never before documented, finally, the Fairbridge Society, Pinjarra, WA is exposed to the day-to-day way of life, as it happened, the way one child lived it – the highs, lows, good, bad and everything in between. Apology Accepted is my personal story, living and growing up in the very first, and today, the only one globally to survive – Fairbridge, Pinjarra, Western Australia.

Enemies Amongst Us

by Dexter Isaac

Autobiography, true crime stories

Scrag – Up The Hill Backwards: A defiant true story of child abuse

by Jesamine James

Based on a true story of a girl coping with an abusive childhood in the 1970s in central England.

His voice echoes through her nightmares, “Even when I die, I’ll come back to haunt you.”
It’s time for Jes to bury Marie’s ghosts forever.
Six-year-old Marie finds her world has changed and become one of confusion, deceit and abuse.
No longer called by her birth name, she is unaffectionately referred to as Scrag.
Her will to survive manifests quite bizarre tactics, as she deviates off course into a childhood of insanity, paranoia, glue-sniffing, self-harming and messages from David Bowie ringing through her ears.
Her mind contrives strategies to cope with the continued onslaught that it seems destined to endure.
Adulthood is her escape route if she can survive the wait, but can demons be truly locked away in the past forever?
This is the story of one child’s mind at the mercy of a real life monster.

Author note:
This is my story of how a paedophile entered my life, home and family when I was six years old.
I highlight how he attempted to break my mind, soul and spirit for his total control over me. I fought for my sanity, survival and freedom against his evil and constant onslaught of abuse.
I was Marie; now I’m Jes.

CHILD SOLDIERS: During the 26-year civil war between Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, a young, immature girl is brainwashed by the Tamil Tigers to join them as a child soldier.

by Indika Guruge

During the 26-year civil war between Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers, a young, immature girl is brainwashed by the Tamil Tigers to join them as a child soldier and embark on a perilous journey to seek revenge.

Riza, a young upper-middle class girl from Jaffna, Sri Lanka born during the bloody and brutal 26 year Sri Lankan civil war has her whole world turned upside down when her close family member is killed in the civil war. She didn’t want anything to do with the civil war, but now she was forced to join a side, she had to, even though she was still only a child. The thirst for revenge was too great for her courageous spirit to simply ignore it. Even if it meant saying goodbye to her family she had come to love more than she ever believed possible.

But things wouldn’t go so easy for young Riza, as she delves deeper into the conflict she finds out the dark and hidden secrets of the terrorist forces she joined in the civil war in order to avenge her family member. Riza will truly find out the meaning of a full-scale bloody civil war, and will learn the true meaning of sacrifice and loyalty as she uncovers the ugly side of the people she joinedâ?¦

Will she survive the brutal war, avenge her fallen family member and return to her family, or will the horrors of war get the best of young Riza?

Scroll up and grab your copy now.

â?«Ù?Ø°Ù?رات Ù?جÙ?ب اÙ?رÙ?حاÙ?Ù? â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by Ù?جÙ?ب اÙ?رÙ?حاÙ?Ù?

Carlo Acutis, the Servant of God: Life beyond the Border

by Francesco Occhetta

In the face of death, the hope of every man is put to the test. When one is dealing with the illness and death of a young boy, one seems to oscillate on the edge of incomprehensibility. Yet there are testimonies that enter the darkness of the mind like a ray of light and warm the hearts of those who have ceased to hope. The life of Carlo Acutis is one of these rays of light. Indeed, it was the light of a lightning bolt on a summer’s night that overcame the darkness of fear and meaninglessness and permitted us to see what there truly is beyond the night of life.

â?«Ø¹Ø¨Ù?رÙ?Ø© خاÙ?د â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

â?«Ø£Ø¨Ù? اÙ?Ø´Ù?داء اÙ?حسÙ?Ù? بÙ? عÙ?Ù? â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

Ø¥Ù? Ù?Ø´Ù?Ù?Ø© اÙ?Ø­Ù?اة اÙ?Ù?برÙ? Ù?Ù? تتغÙ?ر Ù?Ù?Ø° Ø£Ù?ف Ù?Ø«Ù?اثÙ?ائة سÙ?Ø©Ø? Ù?Ù?Ù? تزÙ? اÙ?حرب عÙ?Ù? أشُدÙ?ا بÙ?Ù? خداÙ? Ø£Ù?فسÙ?Ù? Ù?خداÙ? اÙ?عÙ?ائد Ù?اÙ?Ø£Ù?Ø«Ù?Ø© اÙ?عÙ?Ù?اØ? Ù?Ù?Ù? Ù?زÙ? اÙ?Ø´Ù?داء Ù?صÙ?Ù?Ù?Ù?ا Ù?ارÙ?ا حاÙ?Ù?Ø© Ù?Ù? عبÙ?د اÙ?بطÙ?Ù? Ù?اÙ?Ø£Ù?بادØ? Ù?Ù?Ù? Ù?زÙ? « داؤÙ?ا اÙ?عÙ?اء » Ù?Ù?ا Ù?اÙ? أبÙ? اÙ?عÙ?اء

A Squatter in London

by Irene Pylypec

Squatters. Dirty disheveled hippies lazing about smoking dope while occupying other people’s properties? Maybe. Maybe not.

Told from a former squatter’s perspective, this insightful, compelling narrative digs deeper into the squatting subculture of 1970s London by exposing the myths, while at the same time acknowledging the truth behind the stereotype.

When her traveling companion’s dad dies, the young woman from the Canadian prairie is thrust into traveling solo across the pond to England. She immediately falls in love with London but with only a three-week ticket and limited funds, she needs a strategic plan to extend her adventure. And she must do so in a turbulent environment of critical housing shortages, a tanking British economy, multiple social protests and unpredictable Irish Republican Army activities.

This is one woman’s story of how she handled these socioeconomic issues, all while combating culture shock, to achieve her goal.

â?«Ø¹Ø¨Ù?رÙ?Ø© اÙ?صدÙ?Ù? â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by عباس Ù?Ø­Ù?Ù?د اÙ?عÙ?اد

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