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HIS PRINCESS (Collection of Erotic Taboo Stories Box Set)

by Bailey Brat

“You want to put THAT… in THERE!?”

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff…

Climax – Taboo Short Stories For Adults – 10 Erotica Books: Explicit sex forced short story collection, lonely wife, family, menage, first time virgins and more.

by Heather Woods

These taboo stories are super hot with explicit scenes of desire and passion that do not leave much to the imagination. Guaranteed to make your panties WET and set your KINDLE on FIRE!

Ever wonder what it would be like to give in to forbidden temptation, or to play out your wildest fantasies? Then look no further, because this collection of very hot and explicit stories will do just that.


by Lora Bush



THE ROUGH KIND (Collection of Erotic Taboo Stories Box Set)

by Milly Messe

She likes it rough…

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff!

EROTICA TABOO BUNDLE: DADDY’S HOME – 25 BOOKS of Daddy Taboo Short Stories

by Lexi Hunt

EROTICA TABOO BUNDLE: DADDY’S HOME – 25 BOOKS of Daddy Taboo Short Stories

What’s the Man of The House to do when he simply can’t resist the tempting, siren call of the naughty Little Brat, or the lure of the sweet, innocent fertile Princess?

He knows he shouldn’t, but it’s so hard to stay in control when there’s so much temptation right there in front of him and at his fingertips.

Forbidden and off limits girls getting pleasured for the first time.

Sometimes relationships that seem wrong are just oh-so-right…

There are some taboos so forbidden you don’t tell…

This EROTIC TABOO Collection contains a BIG BUNDLE of 25 Hot & Dirty Taboo short stories for a bargain!

WHAT’S INSIDE: Over 150,000+ steamy, burning hot words involving virgins and bi-curious in the most forbidden kind of relationships.

Unlike competing mega bundles by other authors, you won’t find any repeats in this mammoth collection. Each story is unique, explicit and totally HOT!

Don’t miss out on this splendidly sordid bundle of stories!

Download this collection now and set your imagination on fire with these tantalizing, wet and juicy tasty daddy reads.

Scroll up and click “buy now” to start reading.

ADVISORY: This eBook contains mature themes and language only suitable for 18+ readers only.

Cruz (Diablo’s Throne MMA Book 1)

by HJ Bellus

She hates fighting. He lives for it.

Layla’s vicious past drove her away from her hometown. She couldn’t live with all the reminders surrounding herâ??so she ran.

Cruz Felix found a new home, a place where he could get his head on straight, train, and fight match after match toward the end goalâ??the championship in Las Vegas. It’s the one thing in his life he wants more than anything, and it’s all in the name of his deceased father.

Until Layla returns home. Her dad owns the gym, and he’s the sole reason Cruz is fighting again.

The attraction is immediate, even though both of them are drowning in their own misery and secrets.

The thing about secrets is they always find a way out the darknessâ?¦and have the power to destroy.

Will their connection be worth fighting for?


by Nikki Sex

Bonjour, my name is André Chevalier. It has been my joy and my great honor to help those who have lost their way. Not long after I began my journey, I met two such wounded souls.

Renata Koreman, my little mouse. She came to me as a childâ??shy, mute, injuredâ?¦ broken. It took oh-so many years to start to bring her back to herself! Yet, I could not fully heal her.

Years later, Grant Wilkinson, he too fell into my hands. The ex-Army Ranger was badly disfigured and saw himself as a monster. Isolated by secrets, solitary and self-contained, his colleagues affectionately named him â??Frosty.’ Yet, how should one behave when besieged by a lifetime of confusion and guilt?

The moment I saw him, I thought of her and I wondered. The eyes, they cannot always see clearly. And the heart? Ah, the heart can only guess at the truth. So it was that I remained uncertain.

Could the mouse and the monster heal each other?

Swapped By Magic Rings: A Gender Swap Transformation Story

by R.L. Singer

Annie and Vince are a fun-loving couple that can’t keep their hands off each other. They go to Vince’s deceased grandmother’s house to clean it out before it’s put up for sale and find a few small boxes.

In the boxes are a couple of rings – but not just any rings, the couple soon find out. When they try them on, they switch bodies.

Naturally, they both panic and try to remove the rings. But when they won’t come off, they freak out.

After reading through the grandmother’s diary, they learn that the rings will only come off after two days. Once the initial panic wears off, the attractive young couple decide to do what they do best – get naked and have fun!

Annie loves being in Vince’s strong, muscular body. For the first time, she’s able to overpower him, manhandling Vince the way he’s always done to her.

He’s not as thrilled, though – not at first, anyway. But once Vince experiences what it’s like to have his new lady parts teased, played with, and dominated by Annie’s new, large member, his opinion changes.

With the weekend ahead of them, Vince and Annie have all kinds of fun in their new bodies.

***This erotic short story contains scenes of intense, passionate, gender swapped sex between two consenting adults. ***

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