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Something’s The Matter With Amy

by Christy Gerrell

The story of little Amy Bac and her courageous battle against a rare disease as told by her parents. Amy fought this disease with grace and with courage as her parents faced a stalker meant to bring more harm to their innocent little child. Together, strong in their faith – Amy’s parents would fight for their child’s very life while their daughter’s love for them never faltered.

Narcissist: A 21 Step-By-Step Guide To Understanding And Dealing With A Range Of Narcissistic Personalities

by Alex C. Wolf

The Comprehensive Guide To Understanding And Dealing With Narcissistic Personalities Effectively

You’ve probably met them. They only seem to care about themselves and their own needs, others be damned. They don’t understand empathy or fairness and look for ways only to take from you. To make matters worse, they might even be familyâ??a spouse, a child, a brother or a close relative. If you’d like to learn how to handle people like these, then this book is for you.

On the flip side of the coin, if you are a narcissist who’s tired of seeing the people close to you and people you work with get hurt by your actions and behavior and would like to find a way to become more empathic, selfless and understanding without coming across as try hard or manipulative, then this book is also for you.

Here’s a preview of what you’re going to discover in this book:

  • How to spot a narcissist from a mile away: 12 common traits of narcissistic people
  • Three causes of narcissistic personality disorder
  • Causes of narcissistic personality disorder in children
  • Four effective ways to tackle narcissistic tendencies in children
  • How to tell if you were raised by narcissistic parents
  • Five ways to get over narcissistic abuse inflicted on you by your parents
  • Eight ways to tell if you’re in a narcissistic relationship
  • 21 tips for people with narcissistic personality disorder
  • …and much more!

Filled with practical insights and actionable advice, Narcissist is a useful book that contains everything you need to know about narcissism and will quickly become an indispensable tool for recognizing and dealing with narcissists, as well as ridding yourself or people you love of narcissistic traits.

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Teach Reading: How To Teach Any Child To Read Easily And Quickly At Home With Scientifically Proven Methods!

by Hannah Holden

In this educational reading skills book, you’ll learn…

* How to teach any child to read easily and fast.

* Scientifically proven methods to ensure that your child will read ahead of their grade level.

* How to teach your child to read with no more stress or tears.

* The best methods to teach reading at home.

* How to teach reading skills to preschoolers.

…and MUCH More!


Parenting With Purpose: Winning the Heart of Your Child

by Paul Tsika

How Do You Become The Parent You Always Wanted To Be?
Almost anyone can be a parent, but what does it take to become a truly great parent? Everyone is looking for the secret to successfully raising their kids, and that secret starts with Â? purpose.

Relationship coaches, Paul and Billie Tsika openly share their struggles and victories in raising three children throughout their 45-year marriage. They even take you behind closed doors and bring their own kids’ perspective into the book, having them share the good and bad of how they were parented. 

As a parent, you will be:

  •     Encouraged to raise your children intentionally, shaping them for adulthood and preparing them for their unique densities
  •     Equipped to lead your children into spiritual and emotional wholeness as you set the example
  •     Educated to incorporate a heart-approach, where you parent based on your child’s individuality and practice constructive discipline
  •     Empowered to grow from mistakes, practice forgiveness (a lot), edify, bless, and unconditionally love your children.

Get ready to transform your family! Start Parenting With Purpose and watch your children become the men and women God created them to be.

Desert Philosophizing: Ruminations from the Burr Trail

by David Dye

Take a journey with us along the ancient pathway of the Anasazi and Fremont Indians. Known as the Burr Trail, it now lies within the boundaries of the Grand Staircase / Escalante National Monument. But, before the pavement, before the monument, before the pioneers, there were the Ancients. And the Ancient Ancients.They are gone, but their spirit is not. And over the course of two days in 2018, the author and three of his son made their own pilgrimage along the Burr Trail. This book recounts their journey, along with the philosophical wanderings of the author, prompted by the experiences, as well as the spirit, of the area.In a series of connected essays, the trip is remembered and recounted as a sort of an existential travelogue.Meant to be a fun read, this is also meant to encourage others to reconnect with nature more often, in a more sacred manner.

Bridge to Autism: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Autistic Children With Compassion.

by Ezra Levi

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Autistic Children With Compassion.
Autism can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many people including parents and people directly involved with autistic kids are often on the search for information that will help them understand autistic behavior better, but are often disappointed as most books on the topic tend to treat autistic behaviors in a clinical, theoretical and detached manner that is often divorced from reality.
In this insightful guide, Ezra Levi pulls back the curtain on the heavily misunderstood topic and gives you a clear look into the thought processes of autistic children with a powerful combination of the latest research on the topic along with real-world observations, helping you understand what underlies their behavior and experiences.
Here’s a snippet of what you’re going to learn in this eye-opening guide:
-What Autism really is: Separating myth from reality
-Not sure if someone you know has autism? Here are nine symptoms of autism
-Nine foolproof ways to properly educate an autistic child
-Eight things you must consider before sending your child in for treatment
-How to get your autistic children to be accepted by other kids
-Ten surefire tips to effectively communicate with autistic children
-Understanding anger and rage in people with autism
-…and much more
Dealing with autistic people can be a life-disrupting challenge or a life-enriching experience depending on how you choose to approach it. If you choose the latter, then Bridge to Autism is a guide will get you started on the way to better relationships and communication with autistic people.
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Save Your Marriage: The 9 most Powerful Principles you need to Transform your Limping Relationship into a Joyous Marriage (Marriage Help, Emotional Intelligence, … Relationship Advice, Healing Your Marriage)

by David Lemech Pierre

How to Save or Improve Your Marriage

  • Do you believe your spouse has changed since you got married?
  • Have you ever wondered where did all the passion disappear to?
  • Do you wish you can recapture the “feeling” you had when you were sure you found “the right one”?
  • Do you believe you are investing your heart and soul in your relationship; but your love and effort are not being reciprocated?
  • Are you afraid to tell your spouse about your true fears, frustration, and hurt?
  • Do you have a difficult time apologizing to your spouse because “he/she owes me many more apologies?”
  • Do you feel your spouse is more concerned with career, the kids or the dog – than with the relationship?
  • Do believe you made a mistake with the selection of your spouse?
  • Are you currently in your second or third marriage?

If you answered yes to two out of these nine questions, this book was written for you! If you answered yes to six or more this book will dramatically change your life!

We commonly see two well-meaning mature, capable and committed people get married. They are deeply in love, display genuine care for each other, and seem to have a high level of compatibility on an emotional level. Yet, despite their best intentions, the marriage does not survive. This is a most unfortunate reality of the world we live in.

The truly puzzling fact is that is that everyone getting married believes he/she made the “right” decision, but 60% of first marriages end in divorce. If one goes ahead and “rolls the dice” again, the divorce statistics are even worse in second and third marriages.

As a society, we make constant progress in technology, business, health and science. But when dealing with marriage and relationships, there is something deeply broken in our culture. We are not progressing. What is it that makes people run repeatedly towards love, romance, excitement and passion, only to discover a year or two later that “we’re not compatible”?

It gets worse.

Many couples who are unhappy in their relationships still choose to remain married and limp along together without intimacy, joy and hope. Often this is done because of children, convenience, finances, and a host of other excusesâ?¦.

but they are MISERABLE!

This has a damaging effect on their self-esteem, work, relationships with their children and coworkers – and invades the quality of their entire life.

There is a way to get your marriage back on track despite past frustrations or failures. I believe marriage was designed to get better over time – not worse. We are meant to experience deeper love, greater joy, satisfaction and fulfillment with our partner. That’s the premise upon which this book is written. It is the accumulated experience of hundreds of happy marriages under a variety of circumstances

In this book you will find out:

  • How pride and low self esteem can both be equally damaging to a marriage.
  • How to develop sensitivity, understanding, compassion and forgiveness instead of taking your spouse’s “attacks” personally.
  • Why using “I was Wrong” is far better than “I am sorry”. You will learn when and how to use it.
  • How to build a “Love Map” with your spouse and become more familiar with your partner’s inner world.
  • How to Keep Investing in your Relationship.
  • How to keep investing in YOURSELF so that you can have a happier marriage.
  • How to Effectively Manage Conflict

It is my fervent hope that you will be inspired by this book, but more importantly that you apply the techniques therein and discover the benefits of a rich and meaningful life. I can’t wait for you to get started on your journey towards healing and happiness!



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Shutdown Trump in 2019, say Old Hippies: Ken Kesey Viewed â??Digital Soupâ? as Sinking Users

by Dave Masko

Shutdown Trump in 2019, say Old Hippies, by Dave Masko. Truth and justice wins when the American public “shutdown” Donald Trump and his Republican supporters instead of Trump shutting down our America, say old hippies here at Ken Kesey summer home at Brays Point, Oregon. The “hippies” are members of Ken Kesey’s famed “Merry Pranksters,” including 76-year-old Paul Taylor and Nancy Milosz, 81, who feel strongly about “Ken calling out old Trump and telling us to â??shutdown’ this fool instead of Trump shutting down the nation as he has in this New Year 2019,” explained Taylor, who served as music assistant for famed American singer Harry Nilsson when Beatle John Lennon produced Harry’s â??Pussy Cats’ album back in 1974. In fact, it was Nilsson’s idea to take a break from the L.A. music scene and drive him and John up to Ken’s Brays Point home. I will never forget Harry and John walking in Kesey’s front door and Ken saying, â??Lennon, take your cigarette outside,’ because, you know, we only spoked pot at Ken’s,” added Taylor with a big belly laugh. At the same time, Milosz thinks “Ken just wanted to take the piss out of Lennon because, you know, everyone treated him like a Beatle and not a human being. Ken was one of those true blue hippies at heart who was all about reminding us that we are human first and foremost,” explained Milosz who thinks the Lennon and Nilsson visit to Kesey’s Brays Point summer home was in late winter 1974. Flash forward to 2019, and this special “new journalism” Kindle e-book report featuring essays that reflect this Sixties hippie view about how to “shutdown” a bad president like Trump. For instance, Kesey said his anger and disappointment with lying Tricky Dick Nixon “was beginning to taste like copper pennies in my mouth,” while Kesey was the coiner of other “hippie adages” such as: “If you’ve got it all together, what’s that all around it?” Kesey also viewed corrupt political election involving lying Republicans like Nixon and Trump as being “like pumps trying to say they’re more important than the well and the water. During that election, it was pumps giving pumps honors for being good pumps. We need real statesmen and women who are not “predatory bullies like Nixon,” said Kesey with capital letters for “LIES” that Nixon and Trump tell citizenry in their usual discord of tortured words that never ring true, say old hippies here along the central Oregon coast who think a new leader is needed to repair civil discourse; while also healing the nation’s social and political turmoil due, in part, to Trump creating lying rhetoric over immigration; while the hope is Special Counsel Robert Mueller will detail Trump’s known Russian interference in the 2016 election. While old hippies view House-passed bills to reopen most of the federal government still closed due to Trump’s ordered government shutdown as of Jan. 23, 2019.

Don’t Let Death Do Us Part (1-2): The Unfolding Of A Husband’s Secret Life As A Silent Victim of Spousal Abuse (Stay Or Go)

by Temple Leery

I love my wife, but she’s turned into a crazy woman and I don’t know how much more I can take. People are talking about me behind my back, I can feel their eyes judging me. Still, I took vows and I’m not just going to walk away from my two kids and the life I have built for myself, just because of what other people think. I know my wife is crazy, but I have convinced myself that I need her and that I can handle the abuse for the sake of keeping my family together.

Rats: they only know what you tell them

by Michael Morgan

Henry’s second of school’s proving to be just as much of a hassle as his first. What will he face today?

Mindy Genie

by Catherine Pierre

Worlds collide and sparks fly when London teens Akeem and Idie discover teen genie Mindy ahead of evil wizard Richard James who is searching for her. The teens must keep Mindy safe from the wizard who seeks to drain her powers and rule the world. Everyday school and home life is suddenly more interesting when you have your own genie to help fight your battles and make your wishes come true as the teen discover as they show the wizard that experience does not automatically beat youth.

How To Talk To Your Teenager: A Guide To Parenting Teens: How To Talk To Your Teenage Girl About The Changes In Her Body And Life

by Brindley Jones

How To Talk To Your Teenager: A Guide To Help Parents Talk To Their Teenage Daughter About The Changes In Her Body And Life

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

As a parent you dread the day your little girl starts turning into a teenager. This fear comes over you because since you were a teen once, you understand the changes your little girl’s body and mind is about to take. Are you ready as a parent to handle this?

In this short and to the point book, I will help you understand the changes that are coming. Just because you went through it doesn’t mean you had someone there to explain it correctly with you. I want this to be a special bonding time for you and your teen daughter and not a time where she begins resenting you for not understanding her.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • PMS – A Guide for every mother to help your daughter overcome it
  • Adolescent Daughter – how will you understand her?
  • Make Your Daughter Aware Of Her Body And Physical Changes
  • Be Your Daughter’s Friend – talk to her about sex
  • Help Your Daughter Understand Changes in Relationships
  • Much, much more!

Do you need help talking to your teenagers about the changes in her body and in her life?
Download your copy today!

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Parenting a Video Game Addict: Strategies for Helping a Child Addicted to Video Games

by Jeffrey Munn

Are you concerned by how much time your child spends playing video games? Have you seen changes in his or her behavior that are causing you to worry? Parenting a Video Game Addict will give you the tools necessary to:

  • Determine if your child might be addicted
  • Talk to your child about his or her video game use in a constructive way
  • Set solid limits and boundaries that actually work
  • Gently but effectively guide your child towards healthier activities
  • If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, it’s time to use a different approach. Stop resorting to desperate attempts to change your child’s behavior by yelling, lecturing, or threatening. Instead, follow the structured, consistent steps outlined in this book to see real results that last.

    Parenting any child brings many challenges, but parenting a child who has fallen under the spell of video games is a unique struggle. Most people can’t do it alone or without guidance. Instead of banging your head against the wall and doing the same thing over and over, make a change in your approach that will make a lasting difference in your child’s life, your life, and the wellbeing of your entire family.

    Jeffrey Munn is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over ten years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families. His work has helped many parents navigate the difficult task of parenting with solid, consistent boundaries in a way that is effective, but still loving and positive.

    Happy Man Happy Marriage: Unraveling the mysteries of the male mind

    by Kip Goddard

    Step into the mysterious mind of men and gain a deeper understanding of what they are thinking and why they are thinking it. Discover what’s most important to men, and why it may surprise you. Explore fundamental truths about men, that every woman must know to promote a happy and healthy marriage. Take your marriage from Super Suck to Superstar. This book is the jumper cables that will charge your marriage and take it from mediocrity to greatness.

    Join me, as we unravel together, the mysteries that lie deep within the heart of every man, that every woman must know to have a happy man and happy marriage.

    American Youth Protest NRA Gun Culture: Teens Set to Remove Donald Trump, Radical Republican Assault Weapon Zealots

    by Dave Masko

    American Youth Protest NRA Gun Culture, by Dave Masko. This forthcoming “March For Our Lives” is about adults who are either “with us or you’re against us” in condemning gun violence in America, say high school students in Parkland, Florida, in the wake of a fellow teenage student killing 17 people and injuring over a dozen others some 40 miles north of Miami Feb. 14, 2018. The students say the point of this March For Our Lives on March 24, 2018 is to “create a new normal where there’s a badge of shame on any politician who’s accepting money from the NRA.” For instance, high school student Emma Gonzalez called out Trump for “accepting $30 million” in campaign donations from the NRA; while other Republicans “owned by the NRA” have said and done zero to meet the teens demand to not accept “NRA blood money,” while it is known that the NRA not only trains teens in using assault weapons but actually sponsors junior ROTC at thousands of red-state high schools where teens are given weapons via NRA grants and other gun gift-giving. The teens protesting out-of-control gun violence in America are marching nationwide March 24 to “end gun violence” because they view Trump and Republicans as caring more about NRA millions than doing the right thing by banning assault weapons and sales to teens 18 and older. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was formally charged on March 7, 2018 with 17 counts of murder in the Parkland, Florida school shooting that reveals how “the NRA trained and allowed Cruz easy access to buying assault weapons legally in Florida because that’s the game to try and wrap the NRA (*with only five million members nationwide) in the American flag and Second Amendment,” explained retired Coos Bay, Oregon, police officer Gary Sivula. This deep concerned senior also thinks: “The root of school shootings in America is the NRA enabling assault weapon sales; while the NRA also is militarizing rural high schools by supporting local junior ROTC training that includes giving junior ROTC members like Nikolas Cruz (*who wore his Junior ROTC T-shirt during this St. Valentine’s Day massacre) are proud to be NRA members like Donald Trump and other evil Republicans who will never, ever end gun violence because they are being paid off in the millions by the NRA not to do so,” added Sivula with a deep sense of chagrin. While today’s teens and other youth (*who are set to protest NRA gun enabling nationwide March 24) are justifiably outraged that the Republican controlled Congress has done virtually nothing to stop this growing 2018 gun violence epidemic in America, the late Steve “Pre” Prefontaine hated this same phoniness. For example, Sivula recalls a speech Pre gave at his former high school after “Pre competed in the 1972 Olympics. He said that adults (*like 71-year-old Donald Trump) who have a fixation on personal allegiance â??are breaking the basic norms underlying both our system of government and sports whereby it’s not about me so much as it is about our team, our nation our community being and acting as ONE.’ That sort of maturity by Pre is why some 44 years after his passing we have local teens gathering under his massive mural in downtown Coos Bay because we need a hero or young leader like our Pre to take America back from Trump, Republicans and the NRA because we will never be truly free when our president is dishonest; while violating a code of conduct that demands our president and leaders think first about the safety of all the citizenry and not just Trump’s racist Alt-Right who hate our government.” At the end of the day, the March 24 teen protests nationwide is about setting new American norms for the future that have nothing to do with Trump, the G.O.P. or NRA hate and loathing. This collection of “new journalism” reports is in solidarity with the March 24 protest march by teens who are anti-NRA, anti- assault weapon and anti-crazy old white men like odious Donald Trump.

    Playing in the Mud: An Amateur Farmer’s Guide How Not to Farm

    by Annette Fournier

    Two alpacas fighting for the love of a llama; a goat convinced he is really a dog; rattlesnakes and roosters living on the porch and an emu run amok. When a couple and their children leave the suburbs to move to the Texas countryside and start a family farm, they don’t expect just how messy – or how muddy – life will become. With her I.T.-guy-turned-farmer husband getting in over his head with big ideas, a rambunctious toddler playing tag with chickens, a special needs child riding “therapy donkeys”, and a love for the culture of the South Texas countryside, Fournier spins a funny, enthralling tale of the misadventures, absurdities and joy of life as novice farmers. This book will leave you laughing and yearning to pack your bags and move to the country.

    PARENTING FOR PARITY: make your little baby doll a future sovereign princess

    by Nals R

    From Cleopatra to Ms. Clinton many eminent ladies have nearly lost out to patriarchal conformity. We all silently acknowledge that it requires to be a super-rich dad’s daughter or a powerful man’s spouse; if not an unfortunate victim of a womanizer to partly enjoy a status of parity. This apprehension is further intensified by the community, the masculine animate and the mindset of our own fairer sex.

    We, the millennials, definitely urge for a paradigm shift and an elevated status for the pink class but are groping in darkness for a panacea. We do not want the discrimination history to repeat. We want to raise a generation of ineffaceable girls to make parity pervasive, but how?

    In this book, you will hear, how to mount back a fight for parity; not as an aggressive counterattack but as an assertive revival. This book is my humble attempt to promulgate how subtle and self-assured changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in making your little baby doll a future sovereign princess. Hope my book perpetually imprints prolific outlook in your parenting and proffers progressive outcome.

    Choosing to Live Royal: A West Baltimore Story

    by Jessica T. Fauntleroy

    This writer shares her story of growing up in West Baltimore in a family crippled by teenage pregnancy, addiction, poverty, trauma and mental illness. It details her journey from severe child abuse, poverty, neglect, suicide attempts and trauma to educational success, freedom from the bondage of her past, recognizing her own royalty and becoming the woman that God created her to be. This story illustrates 1 Peter 2:9 ” But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”.

    Save and Heal Your Marriage – Without Marriage Counseling (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 10)

    by Liam Naden

    Would you like to discover a way to save and strengthen your marriage without using a counsellor?

    Perhaps you’ve tried counselling and it didn’t work.
    Perhaps your spouse isn’t interested in facing your problems and therefore won’t consider counselling.

    There is an alternative!

    In this book you will learn:

    – the six steps to saving your marriage, healing hurt and dealing with your relationship problems – WITHOUT using counselling
    – the five reasons why counselling may in fact not be right for your marriage
    – how to work on the problems in your marriage, even if your spouse isn’t interested
    – the one area of your marriage you need to focus on if you want to have any hope of saving it and achieving happiness in your relationship

    and much more.

    In this latest volume in the acclaimed “Growing in Love for Life” series, marriage and relationship coach Liam Naden will show you how you can once again take control of your relationship. You no longer need to rely on a counsellor to help you. By looking at your marriage in a different way, and by doing just six simple things, you can create the marriage you truly want to have.

    Divorce Made Me Fabulous: Your Guide To Healing When He’s Already Moved On (Separation, Relationships, healing, broken heart, coparenting, breakup)

    by Michelle V Morriss

    Practice This Powerful Introduction Guide To True Healing After A Divorce Even If He’s Moved On First…

    This book has actionable information on how to heal from a divorce after your husband/Ex partner has moved on.
    If there is one thing separation has taught me, it’s that the pain is as real and hiding from it or pushing it aside does not make it less real.
    Even though you signed the divorce paper, knowing that he has moved on so shortly after leaves you questioning, whether because you are still pained and are yet to come to terms or there is something wrong with you. In this state of mind, you are likely to make some rash decisions that lead to costly mistakes that will undoubtedly come back to haunt you in the future.
    In this guide, I will share with you some of the post-divorce mistakes I committed after hearing that my ex had moved on and was now dating someone new. My intention for sharing these mistakes, let’s call them dos and don’ts, is to help you grow out of the sting, pain, and hurt of knowing that your ex-husband, someone with whom you were planning a future, has replaced you in a flash. If you can follow this guide, you will see fabulous results that you will be happy with!

    Heres what you’re going to learn inside…

    • What to do and not do when your ex-husband moves on fast
    • How to improve and work on yourself
    • How to handle your emotions properly and in so doing, avoid becoming bitter at your ex for replacing you so fast
    • And A Lot More

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    Whatever Has Happened Is Justice (Gujarati Edition)

    by Dada Bhagwan

    There are times in life when we must endure suffering due to no fault on our part – or so it seems. Life circumstances can appear terribly unjust. Naturally we question, “Why me? Am I wrong? It’s not my fault!, Why do bad things happen to good people?”

    Added to the many problems in everyday life, these situations can feel like the very definition of suffering. We may conclude that there is no God, question how to get inner peace, and how to live through such trying circumstances.

    In the book “Whatever Has Happened Is Justice”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dadashri offers spiritual guidance on how to resolve conflict of injustice inherent in life.

    Dadashri provides profound insight into the law of karma, explaining who is “The Doer”, who is at fault, and what is the cause behind every instance of suffering.

    To attain an inner state of no worry, to begin to live in peace, or even to learn how to stay healthy amidst life challenges, this book will prove precious.

    The Roman Catholic Church and Family Planning.: Time for a Change?

    by William LeMaire

    This short e book book takes up the much discussed issue of the ban on contraception by the Catholic Church. The author argues not from a theological perch, but from a very practical point of view of a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist that the time is ripe for a change in the teaching of his Church on family planning. The authors points are extensively supported by pertinent references.

    The Roman Catholic Church has always been opposed to the use of artificial methods of contraception. Only the so called Natural Methods of Family Planning (also called the Fertility Awareness Methods) are allowed. The author argues that these natural methods are satisfying and effective under ideal circumstances and when practiced by educated and dedicated couples. However under less than ideal circumstances, especially in developing countries and for those people living under dismal and dangerous conditions, the natural methods have a high and unacceptable failure rate. There are many effective methods of contraception available but they are banned by the Catholic Church. The author is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist with broad cross cultural experience. He argues not from a theological perspective but from his practical viewpoint and experience that the time is overdue for the Catholic Church to change its teaching and allow the use of artifice methods family planning.

    He also argues that in the Western World this issue may seem “passé” as many catholics have already decided to ignore their Church’s directive and are waiting for the hierarchy to catch up. Theologians and practicing catholics in the Western World have no longer an interest in pressing the hierarchy of their Church for a change. That seems a selfish attitude as in developing countries and for millions of people living under dismal and dangerous conditions, making up their own minds and ignoring the teaching of their Church about Family Planning, or alternatively to go elsewhere is not an option.This exposes them to unplanned pregnancies with all its consequences.

    The author opines that therefor the issue is not passé and that a continuing effort by catholics everywhere is a must, to hopefully pressure the Church’s Hierarchy to come around, change the teaching of the Church about Family Planning and allow effective and safe methods of contraception. Such a decision by the Church would benefit everyone, but especially those catholics around the world who may have no other option than to follow the official teaching of their Church as it pertains to planning their families.

    Anger Management in Marriage: Ways to Control Your Emotions, Get Healed of Hurts & Respond to Offenses (Overcome Bad Temper)

    by Claire Robin

    Your anger is ruining your marriage?

    Are you still struggling with anger in your relationship?

    Do you ever do something rashly when angry and later regret?

    Are you still dealing with your spouse’s bad temper?

    If your answer is YES to one of these questions then this book is for you.

    Anger is one of the destructive emotions in marriage and any other committed relationship. It has been recorded that anger outbursts causes the highest percentage of divorce around the world, compared to other emotions and personality traits. It is an uncontrollable emotion that brings about the use of abusive words and even violence in a relationship, which ultimately brings about hurt, frustration and the absence of harmony.

    Modern approach to anger management in marriage relationshipâ?¦

    This books is focused on anger management techniques that can be applied in your marriage relationship, in-laws, coworkers, friends and even kids. It also includes tips and strategies for channeling anger towards the growth benefit of your marriage intimacy. The blueprints for anger control are simply outlined to help you take the easy step towards emotional control and happiness.

    Among the things you will discover:

    .How to benefit from anger explosions
    .Ways to tame your temper
    .Methods of channeling your spouse’s anger towards positive change
    .Benefiting from anger
    .Taking control of spouse’s anger outbursts

    Additionally, you will learnâ?¦

    .How to express your anger effectively
    .How to fix anger issues in a relationship
    .How to control anger and irritation
    .How to deal with an angry partner
    .Angry spouse strategy

    If you truly want to overcome anger in your marriage relationship, then you should read this book.

    THE PROSPERITY PROJECT SERIES: Restoring Your Inner Peace After Abuse The Book

    by Michelle Carter-Douglass

    The brightest stars on earth have overcome many adversities in life. How do you stand after being knocked down time after time? How do you begin to heal when the wounds you have encountered ~ cut you so deeply? The answer is honesty in your real emotions and focusing on your strengths. The Prosperity Project is a book based on the strength-based perspective, from a domestic abuse and molestation survivor. Through sharing her voice behind closed doors ~ she takes her voice back from her abusers. Instructor’s manual available separately and in paperback edition as well. Table of contents reflect paperback edition.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.