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The Next Opinion

by Mohammad Quadri

The book is all about offering a dedicated and substantiated look at various topics related to you, me and the people around us. I want you to feel informed and excited about the knowledge you have just picked up. Learning the facts is so important to make sure our understanding of the world can be as educated and as informed as possible. With the help of the book, you can enjoy a much more diverse range of understandings about our challenges, shortcomings, and hypocrisy that we all so commonly accept as okay.

When I decided to write a book coalescing all of my blog posts until now. My brother asked, “why the hell people would read your book?” Neither I expected a forthright question from anyone nor I face a similar situation before. I understood what he was talking. I was pulled from my dream world where everything was so exciting. Where I was a good writer. People talking about my articles. Friends congratulating on my huge success. Everything was so comforting. Poor lazy daydreamer. Alas, the world didn’t exist for me now!

For many weeks I kept looking for the answer to his question. I set out to read books written by famous writers. In no time I had eight books on my table. Soon realized that I don’t have either the qualifications or the qualities of any of these writers. I am average in all fields and posses no expert knowledge. I realized none of the writers was ever been so average. Damn! I felt embarrassed. I shelved my dream of seeing my book on the bookshelves.

But as Murphy’s law states, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”. One of the adaptions of the quote happened to me – “whatever can be done, will be done”! One fine day, the idea of writing a book crossed my mind again.. I realized being average is my uniqueness. I have never read a book from any of the average writer. No one would have. It ignited a new fire inside me to give my dream the wings again.

I was not only excited to write my opinions about people, economy, science & technology but adamant too. I wanted to let the people know how I view the world. Being the sloppiest guy in the world, I spent countless hours on the Internet. I bet I know more about any country than most of the natives there.

I have spent hundreds of dollar investing in shares, golds, crypto-currencies, websites, business ideas and what not. My understanding of the economy can give you an entirely new direction to think upon.

I see science & technology differently than most of the science enthusiast. I have an advantage of observing people and the world differently than most of the people.

The book in your hand is therefore organized into three chapters and each chapter discusses different topics. Each topic is a gem for me. I have tried to polish them in the best way. Each one tries to portray an entirely different opinion than what the general people hold. It tries to fill the lacuna between what you think and what is happening around the world. The gap that has been accepted as okay and it is challenged in this book.

Poems of Time and Space

by Elie Agur

Poems of Time and Space, first released in 1997, has earned high critical acclaim from poets and scientists alike, offering literary pleasures integrated with insights into key scientific issues. The late Ted Hughes, British poet laureate, wrote: â??I have never read anything quite like these poemsâ?¦ so compact and full of surprises’. James Lovelock, renowned scientist and environmentalist, called it â??A wonderful bookâ?¦ a companion that I will keep by me for inspiration’. The list of thumbs up also includes the late Claude Lévi-Strauss, considered the father of modern anthropology, as well as famous science-writers Nick Herbert, the late Martin Gardner, and Margaret Wertheim, who discusses the book’s content in her bestseller Physics on the Fringe.

Involution: A Devolution from Doing to Being

by Ratheesh RG

Existing with awareness through self-realization is the ultimate bliss possible for human beings. All the worldly pleasures we derive from the objective exploration are momentary unless the explorer is rooted in the ‘Truth’. An insightful awareness of the ‘Self’ through Self-realization has the potential of liberating us from nature’s default systems that drive us through the worldly engagements. Once we transcend the default systems, we become the true masters of ourselves. This transcending process needs an insightful understanding of all the systems acting on us that’s been evolved over a very long period of time on the earth. This book takes you on an inward journey of self-inquiry and helps you to reach the peak of the human potential

After Life

by Dennis Huff

What happens when we die? Cultures all over the world have their own ideas and it is a question that humanity has struggled with since the beginning.”After Life” tackles this age-old and complex question. It provides a few of my own personal insights into what it means to exist in the vast universe. It touches on a few of the more popular belief systems along with evolution and a few other possibilities of my own. Culminating in what I believe to be THE answer to that ancient question. An answer that could possibly free us all from the shackles of religion by posing an even greater question. Are we immortal? If the answer to that question is Yes, then does the question of what happens when we die really matter?

Message of the Doctor

by Rashik Rivu

I am Rashik Hasrat Rivu the founder and the president of the Happy club. I am a mediator, I bring people together. I have experienced an awakening and found my purpose in life to bring peace to the world. I want to unite all religions and nations as one, mediate all wars both inner and outer. I want people to accept each other and love each other like we are one big family regardless of race, color, gender or religion. I have received revelations from my higher self, the Spirit inside me, Lady Philosophy, Sophia the Wisdom. I finally finished writing a book after working on it for a year. The book can help you find yourself and find peace of mind. The book is the key to inner happiness. I want to answer all questions of the world and remove all confusions, so please ask me your questions.

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