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Dating Her Billionaire Boss (Sweet Bay Billionaires Book 1)

by Rachel Taylor

Calvin finally has a second chance with the star who features in his dreams, but does she want him, or his billions?

Layla was destined to be a star, but when her agent dumps her and she’s evicted from her apartment, she’s forced to admit she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in Hollywood. Desperate for money, she goes back to her home town and applies for the one job that nobody else wants – personal assistant to Calvin Montgomery.

Calvin may be a billionaire business mogul now, but in Sweet Bay, he’s still considered nothing but a no-good Montgomery, especially when he decides to build a tourist resort in the small, secluded, seaside town that wants to stay off the map.

Despite her lack of qualifications, Calvin can’t say no to the girl he had a crush on ever since he was a poor, bullied teen and she was the brightest star in Sweet Bay, even though he doesn’t think she could ever return his feelings.

Working for the guy she used to bully is the ultimate humiliation to Layla, and every time her competence is challenged, her ego takes another hit. But she can’t help falling for her boss when she realizes he’s a lot more than just brilliant, handsome, and wealthy.

Calvin soon realizes Layla just might be the key to convincing Sweet Bay to embrace his resort. But can she convince him she sees more in him than dollar signs?

Fans of Sariah Wilson, Vivi Holt, and Victorine Lieske will love DATING HER BILLIONAIRE BOSS.

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Even Jesus Has a Booth at the Better Life Convention

by Frank Passalaqua

Follow the main characters as they travel to a world where the essence of time has been punctured, spilling history onto the landscape like a patchwork quilt. Cities are juxtaposed next to each other, like the pyramids of Egypt, the Coliseum of Rome, and other locations from many other time periods, as if large chunks of these metropolitan areas have been excavated and relocated on one giant landscape. These are not anthropological or archeological ruins, but instead, the living, breathing existence of someone else’s now. The greatest spiritual teachers, inventors, philanthropists, and scientists of all time, leave these cities and travel to this centrally located convention as they share the same spiritual teachings and philosophies on living a better life. Jesus, Buddha, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and many others attend, as they share how they have created a world that works for everyone.

Did you know . . .

. . . the author of one of the twentieth century’s best selling books on making money used spiritual principles to achieve his goals?

. . . techniques adopted by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci help explain ancient mystical teachings?

. . . the basic principle behind hypnosis can be found in a teaching of Jesus?

. . . the String Theory is considered the greatest discovery since Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and has reached conclusions revealed and accepted by ancient religions thousands of years ago?

. . . by studying the universe, Einstein arrived at a conclusion that parallels the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, and many other great spiritual leaders?

What does God and a baseball have in common?
How can a croissant help us experience life in the present?

Enjoy this humorous and poignant adventure as Frank and his wife travel to a convention and meet quirky characters along the way, including Helen, the amnesiac who takes a vacation she no longer remembers planning, Jim Pudge, a gambler who never gambles with money, and Olaku, his twelfth-century Anasazi guide.

They encounter unusual situations and off-beat characters along the way and travel through time to figure out what all this has to do with living a better life.

This will be considered as spiritual fiction, but most of what you will read is true. Spoken words and history of famous people will be combined with real life situations that are written in a fictional story that includes both humor and drama with visual imagery that makes spiritual concepts easier to understand.

Gone to Texas: Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga, book one (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One 1)

by Caryl McAdoo

Can beauty truly come from ashes?
In Book One of the Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection and the all new Cross Timbers Family Saga series, Gone to Texas uncovers a deception that drives seventeen souls to hard choices. Either stay on the land they thought they’d bought or heed the lure of free land in the faraway wilderness of a new Republic. Rife with peril and hardship, three families knit together by blood and friendship head out with a widowed man, daughter, and his slave, gambling everything they own on the prospect of land ownership and working it together. Does friendship pave a way to marriage? Can puppy-love survive through a harrowing journey to blossom into a forever love? With duress at every turn, can the clan stay together all the way to Texas and accomplish their goals?


– Book 1: GONE TO TEXAS By Caryl McAdoo

– Book 2: GATEWAY TO THE WEST By Susette Williams

– Book 3: TRAIL TO CLEAR CREEK By Kit Morgan

– Book 4: HEART AND HOME By P. Creeden

– Book 5: NO TURNING BACK By Lynette Sowell

– Book 6: DAUGHTER OF DEFIANCE By Heather Blanton

– Book 7: UNMISTAKABLY YOURS By Kristin Holt

– Book 8: ESTHER’S TEMPTATION By Lena Nelson Dooley

A Tangled Mess: A Short Story

by Stephanie Anne Rollins

Jill, a new Christian, spent all her life being told she was worthless. She slept with many men for money, and she still, as a born-again Christian, believes that defines her. Then, she meets Jack, a selfless, generous man. He shows her what love feels like.

The Marriage of Evangeline: A collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance

by Victoria Morton

A year had passed since Evangeline had met the owner of the biggest ranch in Westminster, Rex Colve, and she was convinced that he was the man for her. Rex’s ranch was the envy of other ranches in the town. He had loyal wranglers who were willing to do anything for the progress of the ranch. They loved their master because he was a good man and treated all the cowboys very well.
It was his kindness that had saved her that night when she had been stranded after migrating from England to escape her troubled past. Evangeline had left her old life behind along with her secrets. To her, America was meant for her rebirth, and most importantly a fortress where she would never come across her greatest nightmare in the person of Sebastian Huckabee.
Suddenly her hands began to quiver at the thought of her past. The beauty of her current environment was lost to her, and she was left in the fear of her past. What if Rex got to know who she really was?

Taming Mr. Jerkface (The Taming Series Book 1)

by Nia Arthurs

Melody Reyes is on her first public relations assignment overseas. She’s living life the only way she knows how, with one foot in the Kingdom and the other in the world. One divinely inspired encounter knocks her flat to the ground, literally. Melody finds herself swept off her feet by a hunky, Asian guy who is her opposite in nearly every way.

She’s a quirky girl from the Caribbean in the big city for the first time. He’s a smooth, no-nonsense businessman helplessly drawn to her sincerity and weirdness. She blurts exactly what she’s thinking and he keeps his cards close to the chest. He’s close to perfect but not quite. Can this lively Belizean beauty tame the Jerkface?

Elizabeth’s Arranged Marriage: A Collection of Mail Order Bride & Christian Romance

by Monica Marks

An anthology of Mail Order Bride and Amish Romance…
Elizabeth is on the run from a bad marriage. Once again facing poverty, she decides to try her luck at becoming a mail order bride. Growing up in New York, she’s used to the hustle and bustle but fantasizes about a new life out West. Arriving in the small town, she finds the ranch life appealing and even more so when she meets her prospective husband, the handsome Jeb. But does he feel the same about her?

The Eyes of a Stranger (Nan’s Heritage Series Book 4)

by Elaine Littau

Rejection was an emotion Gertie Brenan knew well. At the age of eighteen, she finds hersef at the threshold of life and comes to realize that because of the rejection of her fiance’, many options are open to her. In her childhood, rejection held her captive. Now, it gives her freedom that few women of her time were afforded.

Set in the beauty of Denver, Colorado in the1860s, The Eyes of a Stranger folllows vivid characters who are fraught with conflict, sorrow, and the tenacity to build a life in the frontier of the Western United States.

The Story of Evil – Volume III: Three Visions

by Tony Johnson

After escaping Celestial, the heroes of the siege traveled north to Serendale. Along the way, they were joined by two warriors and a Dwarf named Grizz. During a battle against Sabertooth, Grizz gained control over the element of earth. In addition to the element, he, Steve, Ty, and Kari saw a vision of the Hooded Phantom’s past.

As the group continued their journey, they were attacked in the lair of the Spider Queen, where Ty sacrificed his life so the others could escape. With broken hearts, the heroes arrived in Serendale, only to find that it had been destroyed and all its civilians killed. Finding his family dead, Grizz ingested a lethal number of poisonous berries.

In Three Visions, what’s left of the group of companions who set out from Hunters’ Den head further north to Casanovia to make a stand against the Hooded Phantom’s advancing army. They will unlock the abilities of three more elements as well as the visions that come along with them. It is through these visions the heroes will finally learn the shocking answers to many of the mysteries from their pasts.

Straight From The Heart

by Elizabeth Gibson-Evans

I started writing this book of poetry at the age of thirteen. The Title I selected because everything about Poetry whether used as they are or with music involve an emotion and true feelings whether the writer’s own or what the writer may view or see in another, so the words of poetry/song come straight from the source regardless of condition at that time. Raw and real.

Rescuing Rebecca: Stories of Amish Romance

by Greta Gorham

An ANTHOLOGY of Amish stories of life and romance…Rebecca is a young Amish woman who is still grieving for her husband, killed over a year ago in an accident. She finds inspiration by caring for her young daughter and the recovery of her mother from cancer. She is heartbroken and doing her best to raise her daughter who is holding back her pain just like she is…As the years go by, the question remains…Will she find love & happiness again?

Christian Delight: Christian Poems for You

by Shiyam George

A Christian Poem Collection book for Teens, both men and women, and couples alike. These collection of Christian poetry are the outcome of my journey in Christ Jesus that will inspire and guide you to grow in God’s Faith. You will find different genres like inspiration, thoughtful, guidance and blessing etc in this Christian poem collection. You can read and share or discuss it with your children to help them grow in Faith that shall make them better disciples of Christ.

I thank, congratulate and Bless you for your time and wish you blessed days ahead in your relationships, Job, and in everything you do.

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