Free sports Kindle books for 28 Jan 19

Survival Defense: What to do when it Counts

by Timothy Fox

People who survive a disaster are the people who have the knowledge they need to deal with any circumstance.

Are you ready?

If you want to learn what tools you need to be prepared for any disaster, this book is packed with clear, concise information that could very well save your life. Discussing topics to help you navigate unforeseen circumstances and information to help you know when to stay or when to flee are examined.

Preparing for disaster, understanding ways to protect your belongings and loved ones, and firearm information are just a few of the topics discussed that can help you think outside the box for survival techniques. This book is a must-read.

Scholastic Year in Sports 2019

by Albert M. Latimer

The exciting coverage of this year’s sporting events features colorful photographs from right in the action, completely updated facts and stats, plus special features on the 2018 Winter Olympics and more. Read about all of the top athletes, championships, and legends.

Tai Chi – The True History & Principles

by Lars Bo Christensen

The original Tai Chi Classics and their true origin, the history, the philosophy, the principles and the techniques of Tai Chi – all in one book.

Golf Better: A Beginnerâ??s Guide

by Todd Bishop

Get to the Green in no time!

Are you a beginner golfer who just wants to learn the skills you need to up your game? Failing to understand the basics of golf can make playing extremely frustrating. Learning the basics early on will help you avoid the common rookie mistakes, and help you bring your best game far faster.

This book is packed with all the information you need to bring you’re A-game, including how to properly set-up, the essentials for improving your swing, proper strategies for tee shots, how to approach each type of shot, how to properly hit mid-Irons, essentials of putting, and so much more. The information in this book will help you build the skills you need to love your golfing experience and help you look like a pro from the start.

To Cache a Killer (The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries Book 5)

by Karen Nortman

Geocaching isn’t supposed to be about finding dead bodies. But when retiree, Frannie Shoemaker go camping, standard definitions don’t apply. A weekend in a beautiful state park in Iowa buzzes with fund-raising events, a search for Ninja turtles, a bevy of suspects, and lots of great food. But are the campers in the wrong place at the wrong time once too often?

The Adventures of Buddy the Motocross Bike: Buddy Learns Confidence

by Kyle Burger

Gate drops! Lap One! Everyone races to the first corner except Buddy. Along the way, he picks up speed and passes everyone! . . . until he starts seeing how good he’s doing. He starts to fall back again… when he remembers to just do this one small thing he picks up speed and catches up to the first place rider! Him and the fastest rider are neck and neck heading for the finish line! Who’s going to win? The bright motocross illustrations brought to life this exciting motocross race. Get on your dirt bike, and let’s race with Buddy! Braaaaap!

Race With Buddy on the Motocross Track!

Embark in an Exciting Motocross Racing Adventure with Buddy

It’s the big race, and Buddy the Motocross Bike is nervous to tread on the dirt for the very first time. Having to break away from what the other bikes may think of him, Buddy learn that the most important part about motocross racing is to have fun!

Each book teaches a great lesson

Buddy the motocross bike is a children’s dirt bike racing book designed for both children and adults alike. Each book gives confidence building message / teaches a life lesson, in a friendly format. Buddy the motocross bike is a book for any Motocross, Supercross, Endurocross, Dirt Bike and/or Racing fan out there!

Think you have what it takes to hang with Buddy on the motocross track?

Come race your dirt bike with buddy and enjoy his adventures with him as he races around the motocross track learning lessons about himself! You might just learn something about yourself in the process!

Lots of Colorful Images

There are tons of colorful and vibrant motocross illustrations in this book. These images will spark your imagination and allow you to create your own exciting stories in your mind. The images really capture how buddy is feeling as he’s racing around the dirt bike track.

Motocross Racing Squirrel

Can you find him? On most of the pages there is a squirrel helping Buddy race around the motocross track! Where could he be?

About The Author

Buddy the Motocross Bike was written by Kyle Burger in 2010. Kyle raced motocross throughout his youth and was pursuing a career in racing. On October 1st, 2008, fate stepped in and kicked his racing career to the curb.

Kyle broke his neck at the age of 18 at a Dodge Amateur National in Sacramento CA. This would halt his career in motocross but not his love for the sport.

While Kyle could not race dirt bikes anymore, he still was very passionate about motocross and wanted to be involved in it in some way. Soâ?¦ he decided to write a book. A kids book about motocross, to inspire tomorrows youth to grow up loving motocross like he did.

During the process of writing the book he had an illustrator that was doing a great job. Although life got in the way for him and he had to back out. So Kyle was stuck with half of a children’s motocross book illustrated.

As fate would have it, an old friend of his was finishing school to become an illustrator and they got back in touch. The rest is history. He started from scratch illustrating the book and did a fantastic job creating many professional illustrations.

Kyle is in the process of writing more books, so stay tuned!

Author: Growing up I could never find any Motocross or even dirt bike books for kids. So, I decided to write a book just for kids that was all about motocross / dirt bikes & racing!

Scroll up and grab your copy for yourself today.

Days off Key West: Notes on a Summer Spent Fishing (Ways to Be Alive Book 5)

by David Conway

To live in Key West and care only about fishing is a good way to live for a summer. Afterwards, it’s only natural if you wonder what remained of your time spent, and what might have become of you had it not ended the way it did.

Golf for Beginners: How not to be embarrassed on the first tee

by Barney Beard

Golf for beginners is a book for those who have never played golf but want to or for those who have played for a while but would like to take the game more seriously. It’s a fun book for golfers of any skill level. The truth is, “If you put the hay down where the calves can get it, the cows can get it, too.”

Bladesmithing: Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

by Mark Stevenson


Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

For those of you who like DIY projects and can’t wait to work with your hands, bladesmithing just might be worth your while. From the drawing board to last minute corrections, this book walks you through the entire process of bladesmithing. Here you will learn just what tools you should get and how you should use them. You will discover exactly how to use and maintain a forge. There are several types of forges that run on different fuels and create different results, here in this guide you will be walked through them all.

You will also be instructed on proper hammering, sharpening, and tempering techniques. This book lists all of the main items you will need to get the job done and even offers up recommendations on where you can find them! If you are at all interested in trying your hand at bladesmithing, this comprehensive guide is a guaranteed must have!

Discover how you can:

  • Make metal malleable
  • Sharpen and temper blades
  • Create adequate tangs for handles
  • And a whole lot more!

The Wandering Jewess: A German Millennial’s Memoir

by Zerlina Alter

“The Wandering Jewess” is the soulful memoir of a Jewish Millennial aiming to build a career in Europe, yet also understand it from the perspective of an outsider. Wandering the European, American and Asian continents, the young German finds her unique way in a world of unpaid internships, wealth of choice and magical opportunity. In dramatic romantic encounters she sense that the apple cannot escape the tree – heritage will always fundamentally shape our choices in love and life. Using humor to transform tragedy into strength, the cosmopolitan granddaughter of Holocaust survivors transmits insights through experience, the most reliable guide there is.

Crossing the Ice (Ice Series Book 1)

by Jennifer Comeaux

Falling hard never felt so good.

Pair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream. They vow not to let anything get in their way, especially not Josh and Stephanie, the wealthy and talented brother and sister team.

The heart doesn’t always listen to reason, thoughâ?¦

The more time Courtney spends with sweet, shy Josh, the harder she falls for him. But they are on opposite sides of the competition, and their futures are headed in opposite directions. Will their friendship blossom into more or are their paths too different to cross?

Exercícios em Casa: O que você precisa saber para começar seu programa de exercícios (Portuguese Edition)

by Editora Saúde

Este é um livro que trata sobre exercícios em casa e o que você precisa saber para começar seu programa de exercícios

Fazer exercícios em casa, além dos efeitos que terá em seu corpo, também afetará sua mente. Do aumento do fluxo sangüíneo que ocorre durante os treinos, até a mudança nos níveis de açúcar no sangue, os benefícios físicos do exercício podem afetar seu humor, seu espírito e sua disposição.

Ao longo do livro Exercícios em Casa – o que você deve saber para começar, você entenderá melhor a respeito de como malhar em casa e conhecerá melhor seu corpo também, por meio dos seguinte capítulos:

1 РO que voc̻ deve fazer primeiro e por qu̻
2 РTra̤ando um plano
3 – Exercícios em Casa com ou sem pesos?
4 – E quanto aos outros equipamentos?
5 – Do que mais preciso para meus exercícios em casa?
6 – Exemplo de Rotina de Exercícios em Casa
7 – Especialmente para as mulheres
8 – Casos especiais para quem faz exercícios em casa
9 – Ganhando Músculos com exercícios em casa
10 РA import̢ncia de ter metas
11 – Dieta e Suplementos
12 – Sucesso!

Os tópicos são simples e concisos, abordando treinos em casa para iniciantes e exercícios para fazer em casa, além de um material para complementar seu conhecimento e melhorar os resultados de quem pretende malhar em casa.

Este livro irá lhe mostrar o que você precisa saber sobre exercícios em casa, e também irá mostrar o que você pode esperar de seus treinos em casa.

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Protein Ice Cream: The fitness dessert: LOW CARB, LOW FAT, HIGH PROTEIN, WITHOUT SUGAR

by fraudoktorkocht

The ingenious new FOODTREND: Protein ice cream as a fitness dessert! In this book you will find delicious recipes and the best thing is, this creamy ice cream can be easily produced without ice cream maker.

Compared to conventional ice cream has about 50% less CALORIES, only 1/3 of the FAT CONTENT and an average of 4 g SUGAR on 100g protein ice cream! In addition, of course, an average of 13 g of Protein / 100 g of protein ice cream!


HIGH PROTEIN-LOW FAT: Promotes weight loss and muscle growth! On average, 100 g protein ice cream contains 12-15 g protein with a maximum of 6 g fat!

AMINO ACID COMPLEX: The protein ice cream gives your body an extra dose of protein with an aminic acid complex, which is very important for the performance and the muscle regeneration after training!

SUITABLE FOR SPORTSMAN WITH STRICT NUTRITION PLAN, as it is low in fat, high in protein and low in sugar (only approx. 4-6 g sugar per 100 g protein ice cream)

SUITABLE FOR A FAT REDUCED NUTRITION! Normal ice cream contains about 16 grams of fat per 100 grams of ice cream. These protein ice cream recipes have only a fat content of about 1/3 of the normal ice!

SUITABLE FOR A LOW CARB DIET! The protein ice cream contains on average only about 4-6 g of sugar per 100 g due to sugar contained in foods. The ice cream recipes are without added sugar.

SUITABLE FOR A CALORIE-REDUCED NUTRITION! Normal ice cream contains about 270 kcal per 100 g ice cream. Some of these protein ice cream recipes have 50% less calories !!

Read this eBook with the help of the free Kindle app on your mobile phone, PC, tablet or MAC and you have all the recipes at hand when shopping or on vacation!
Paperback version with color photos!

Sweet Sue’s Golf Instruction for Women: A Book of Revelations

by Steffy Sota

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I became one of history’s first female sports stars by mastering everything from basketball and track and field to softball, tennis, and even bowling. I broke records as a golfer, winning an unprecedented 82 amateur and professional tournaments before my untimely death at age 45.

After spending my youth beating the neighborhood boys in pickup sports games, I became a standout performer on my high school’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and swimming teams. At age 18, my skills caught the eye of the Employers Casualty Insurance Company who convinced me to quit school and play for its women’s basketball team in the Amateur Athletic Union. It wasn’t long before a brash and boastful “Sweet Sue” staked a claim as the league’s top forward. I led my team in scoring during my debut game and was selected as an all-American for three straight years from 1930 to 1932.

Billing myself as the “World’s Greatest Woman Athlete,” I toured Chicago and New York with a variety show that included singing, harmonica playing, and sports-related stunts such as hitting plastic golf balls into the crowd. During an era when most women were making mere cents an hour, my wildly popular performances earned me as much as $1,200 per week.

I faced jabs from reporters that believed women had no place in athletics. “It would be much better if she and her ilk stayed at home, got themselves prettied up, and waited for the phone to ring,” one sports columnist wrote in the New York World-Telegram. Other reporters demeaned me for being unladylike or claimed that I only excelled at sports because I couldn’t attract attention from men. A few even suggested that I was a man in disguise.

In 1934, I turned my attention to playing competitive golf that I described as “a game of coordination, rhythm and grace.” Four years later, I made history by entering the all-male Los Angeles Open, the first event on the Professional Golfers’ Association calendar. I struggled at the tournament and missed the 36-hole cut, but my appearance marked the first time that a woman competed in a PGA Tour event.

My outsized ego often grated on my fellow golfersâ??I was fond of informing them that they were all playing for secondâ??but I backed up my boasts with results. Between 1946 and 1947, I won 14 golf tournaments in a row, often annihilating my opponents in match play. The run also included a victory at the British Women’s Amateur Championship that had never been won by an American. To this day, my 14-tournament winning streak remains the longest in golf history.

In 1953, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and forced to undergo emergency surgery and a colostomy. It was reported that I would never play golf again, but I returned to my winning ways a little more than a year later when I trounced the field at the 1954 U.S. Women’s Open by a record margin of 12 strokes. My comeback saw me voted the Associated Press “Female Athlete of the Year” for the sixth time in my career.

My illness continued to intensify, however, and I passed away on September 27, 1956, at the age of 45.

Open Access Policy

You are free to share, copy, or redistribute the materials in this text in any medium or format. You are free to adapt, reuse, modify, transform, or build upon the materials in this text for any purpose whatsoever.

The Tiger Without a Paw: The Story of a Disabled Martial Artist

by Nikki Hughey

This is my story. This is the story of how my disability affected my training in the martial arts. As well as other aspects of my life. I hope to inspire others by sharing this story.

El Gran Libro de Curiosidades del TENIS: para niñas, niños y adultos (Spanish Edition)

by Valerie Pollmann R.

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado de dónde viene el sistema de puntuación 15, 30, 40?

Con curiosos datos desde sus inicios en los años 1800, este libro recopila todo lo que un fanático del tenis siempre ha querido saber. Más de 250 Datos curiosos del tenis con fotos e ilustraciones, actualizado hasta récords históricos del año 2018.

Wimbledon, Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open, Copa Davis y mucho más! Todo lo que siempre quisiste saber de tu leyenda del tenis favorita está en esta fantástica recopilación con datos hasta 2018.

Si eres un entusiasta del tenis, entonces este libro es para ti. Es también un excelente regalo de navidad u otra ocasión para todo fanático de este deporte.

¿Sabías que la canción de Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom – es un tributo a Billie Jean King?
¿Qué tenista se convirtió en la jugadora más joven de la historia en llegar al número 1 del mundo a sus 16 años en 1997?
¿Sabes qué color de insignia es obligatoria si un juez desea oficiar en la final de un torneo de Grand Slam?

Sorprende a tus amigos con estos y muchos otros interesantes datos que encontrarás en “El Gran Libro de Curiosidades del Tenis” actualizado hasta 2018.

Disponible también en inglés.
Compra ahora para una entrega rápida a través de Amazon Prime.

Women are the treasure we received


If you want the best Reading book for learning women and female of all natural in this Earth, this book is discribe all details and explained this book.

Stoner Survival Guide for Life

by Shawn Woodard

The ins and outs survival guide for your everyday smoker.

Morning Exercise: How to finally wake up early to workout (The Achiever Series Book 1)

by Dean Woods

We all know the drill: wake up early, get in your morning exercises, have breakfast, then crush the day!

The reality is it’s really difficult to wake up early. Morning exercises become “I’ll do it after work”, which shortly become skipped workouts.

Enter: Morning Exercise: How to Finally Wake Up Early to workout!

In this detailed book, you’ll learn over 100+ actionable tips and tricks to finally stop snoozing your alarm, wake up early, and get in your exercise!
Through this book, you’ll learn:
-The benefits of morning exercises compared to the downsides of exercises at night
-How prepare your environment the night before in order to wake up early
-How to get yourself ready for an early morning workout the night before
-What to do right after waking up to ensure you make it to your morning exercise
-How to have the best workout possible in the morning
-What to do to recover after waking up early & a fantastic morning workout!

Building off years of experience as an early morning athlete and learnings from the personal development website Ten Minute MBA, author Dean Woods shares these secrets here with you today in the first book of the Achiever Series.

The Achiever Series of eBooks is designed to help bring you the most actionable tips, tricks, hacks, and habits to improve your life on step at a time.

As a result, we couldn’t think of a more fitting book for the first in the Achiever series than Morning Exercise: How to finally wake up early to workout!

SHANGHAI TOUR: Complete Guide

by Shubham Pal

China has built up a notoriety for being a dynamic and interesting hiking goal. The nation’s greatest city is a mainstream stop for explorers. Extraordinary offices, for example, economical Shanghai lodgings add to the interest.

Old Shanghai

Upon entry in Shanghai, explorers might be struck by the science fiction scene and present day engineering, like that of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Be that as it may, a visit to the old piece of the city, where Shanghai inns can be found, beholds back to a customary age.

One such fascination is Yuyuan Garden, which is a stunning deed of Ming engineering and outline. Constructed 400 years prior, it highlights mythical serpent lined dividers and entryways, with extensions isolating the various greenery enclosures and structures.

Adjacent is Shanghai Old Street, referred to locally as Fangband Road. A hive of old fashioned shops and hundred-year-old tea houses, the road is described by engineering dating to the Qing line.


Explorers can stroll around the city of Shanghai to watch its numerous attractions. These incorporate the 500-meter Oriental Pearl TV Tower point of interest finish with a survey stage and spinning bistro.

Reaching out from Jinling Road to the Waibaidu Bridge is the Bund of Shanghai, which is a notable Shanghai landmark. Voyagers can go for a walk around the Bund and wonder about the shocking perspectives of the Huangpu River.

Nanjing Road is the business focus of the city, and Backpackers may wish to invest some energy window-shopping or getting a charge out of the road exhibitions that routinely happen in this clamoring range.


Shanghai is ostensibly more business than other real urban communities in China, however it is as yet a focal point of social movement, with numerous cheap things to see and do.

Explorers can visit one of the recently constructed galleries, for example, Renmin Park, before making a beeline for Huaihai Road, which is pressed with diners and bars.

There are many clubs, theaters and silver screens in Shanghai, a large number of which are found near Shanghai lodgings.

The yearly Shanghai International Film Festival is a highlight in the city’s bustling occasions schedule. Go big name spotting as industry heavyweights from China and abroad plunge on Shanghai for the occasion.

Eating out in Shanghai is a joy with numerous noodle houses and global restaurants offering healthy dinners at exceptionally sensible costs.

Voyagers may wish to test the customary Shanghai delicacy Xiaolongbao or Shanghai dumplings. Loaded with pork and soup, the dumplings are generally presented with vinegar, ginger and soy sauce and are a significant affair to round off any visit to the city.

Bulk Up Bitches!: How To Get Bigger…Faster!

by Shwni O

Finally there is a way to bulk up those muscles and not have to spend years working out. Workout Smart, Not Hard.

Road to Olympus

by John Oldfield

This novel follows the lives of three young men and their families. They come from very different backgrounds, but have two things in common. They share a passion for running and each has a love of justice and a duty to help their fellow man.
Hamad is a doctor in war-torn Syria. The son of a high-ranking government official, he struggles with his conscience when faced with the horror of everyday life in the country he loves. Christos is a Greek lawyer. His grandfather was involved the mass exodus of Greeks from Anatolia after the first world war, the family gradually building a new life for themselves in northern Greece. Jim is an officer in the British Royal Navy, following in his family’s tradition of service to their country. Fate brings the three together. The life of each of the three families is enhanced by the bond that they develop.
Although this is not a story about running, the theme does recur regularly. It is an important aspect of each of the lives of the main characters. It also forms the backdrop to the dramatic conclusion to the story.

Diccionario Cientifico Tecnico Del Deporte y Las Ciencias Aplicadas: Conceptos, Definiciones y Términos Especializados (Entrenador Deportivo nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Armando Velàsquez

Es importante señalar que la actividad fìsica y deportiva, no es sòlo correr, saltar, lanzar, anotar goles o canastas, boxear, luchar y demàs; que quienes realizan y ejecutan estas actividades son los deportistas y el resto de la poblaciòn, y que como seres humanos conforman una unidad biopsicosocial; entonces hay que prestar mucha atenciòn a las Ciencias Aplicadas, ademàs de los aspectos especìficos de la preparaciòn.
Estos elementos me han motivado a elaborar este Diccionario, donde en 108 pàginas recopila màs de 590 tèrminoss especializados, en un esfuerzo para reunirlo en un solo libro y hacer màs fàcil la búsqueda, y ayudar a aclarar muchas dudas sobre la materia.

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