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Japan Travel Guide: Culture, food, experiences, sights, buildings, museums, shrines, temples, parks, areas and more in Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kobe and Mt. Fuji

by Alec Nowell

Are you planning a trip to Japan?
Are you in love with Japanese culture culture and food, and dream of visiting Japan?

Then this book is for you!

This book is a great travel resource about Japan and everything Japanese. The East Asian country of Japan has a lot to offer to all types of travelers – nature-lovers, foodies, architecture enthusiasts, admirers of shrines and temples, festival-goers, cherry blossom and everything else. From the futuristic cityscapes of Tokyo and the coffee culture of Kyoto, to Osaka’s love of beer and baseball and the magnificentness of Mt. Fuji, Japan is a joy to any tourist. Imagine all this sprinkled with sushi, geishas, tea ceremonies, breath-taking views, unique experiences, interesting festivals and polite people everywhere. Welcome to Japan!

I am Alec Nowell – adventurer, survivor, nomad, traveler and writer and I would like to present to you the beautiful country of Japan.

This book includes:

  • Travel tips and tricks about Japan
  • Useful Japanese phrases
  • Manners, customs and Japanese culture
  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Yokohama
  • Osaka
  • Nagoya
  • Sapporo
  • Kobe
  • Mt. Fuji
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to travel to Japan?

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Chinese Character Learning Guide For Travel: A visit to China will give you a fascinating glimpse of how the modern world is beautifully blended into their traditional lifestyle

by Amber Thor

Are you visiting China soon? Are you intrigued by this vast and varied land?
If so, you must read Chinese Character Learning Guide for Travel! This helpful book teaches you all about the common characters used, so you know exactly what is being communicated to you.

Do you have any idea how to travel into and around China? Would you like advice on where to visit or shop?

Chinese Character Learning Guide for Travel offers you essential information on how to make your way into China. You’ll also learn how to move around inside the country and explore its vast and varied landscapes, cities, shops and country sides!

Download Chinese Character Learning Guide for Travel NOW and start planning your trip TODAY!

Traveling Hawaii: Your Complete Guide to a Perfect and Affordable Vacation

by Brad Kalani

If you have your heart set on a Hawaiian vacation but don’t know where to begin to plan it, then Traveling Hawaii: Your Complete Guide to a Perfect and Affordable Vacation is the tool that will get you there. Not only does this guide map out all of the top-rated attractions, events, and sightseeing opportunities across Hawaii’s islands, but it provides the most affordable options for each so that you and your family can make the most out of your time spent in Hawaii.

In this eBook, you’ll read about:

  • How to score the best deals for airfare, hotels, and rental cars
  • The best time for visiting Hawaii
  • Ways to find incredibly low-cost Hawaiian cruises
  • How to reduce costs while dining out
  • Using public transportation to get around on a budget
  • A list of entertainment, attractions, and activities that are completely FREE!

You’ll discover all of the ways that you can explore the sights, sounds, tastes, and exhilarating experiences that Hawaii has to offer, all while staying within – or below – your budget. You can choose among the options offered throughout each chapter to decide which attractions are most desirable for you and your family members, so that you can prioritize all of the things that you want to do most during your Hawaiian vacation.

Whether you want to lounge beach-side for the duration of your stay, or you’d prefer to snorkel, hike, and tour the islands to see as much as you possibly can, you can now structure your vacation however you want, all for an impressively low cost. With the knowledge gained from this guide you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars on a Hawaiian vacation, and you’ll have all of the insider secrets about planning an unforgettable trip that won’t break the bank. By the time your vacation approaches, all you’ll have to worry about is packing your bag and catching your flight. Once you’re there, you’ll be so glad that you planned out your trip and stayed within your budget that you’ll be able to truly let loose and take in all of the splendor that Hawaii has to offer.

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Experience Hawaii: An Expertâ??s Guide to Hawaiiâ??s Best Sights and Attractions

by Brad Kalani

Experience Hawaii like never before!

Are you searching for the perfect Hawaiian vacation but don’t know where to start? Experience Hawaii: An Expert’s Guide to Hawaii’s Best Sights and Attractions has all of the information you need in one easy-to-follow guide. You could spend an endless amount of time researching the best sites on Hawaii’s various islands, but this guide has made it easy for you, highlighting the most exciting attractions and breathtaking spots so that you can get your money’s worth and squeeze everything in that you want to see.

This is a must-read for both seasoned travelers and those who are inexperienced with navigating new destinations. That’s because this eBook encompasses insider advice collected from the experts, including:

  • All of the best spots for sightseeing
  • Where you can go to see Hawaiian wildlife first-hand
  • Historical and cultural attractions
  • A high-level overview of Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches
  • A list of sites on the Big Island, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Molokai
  • State parks, monuments, and other must-sees

Planning a Hawaiian vacation can be overwhelming! There’s so much to see! Luckily, you’ll have advanced access to information on all of the most interesting and glorious attractions that Hawaii has to offer. That way, you can plan your entire itinerary before you even land! Don’t go into your vacation unprepared; take the easy, foolproof approach to planning your getaway by consulting this guide to ensure that you’ll see all of the absolute musts across Hawaii’s islands.

Let this eBook be your indispensable tool!

Customize your perfect Hawaiian vacation with this guide! Whether you’ve already booked your flight or you’re simply considering a trip to Hawaii sometime in the future, you can’t go wrong with all of these insider tips on how to navigate these idyllic islands. By following this one-stop Hawaiian getaway guide, you’ll be prepared to conquer all of the best sites and activities so that you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing during your stay.

Play in Nosara Costa Rica (PLAE)

by Alison Vieira

Defined by its “Pura Vida” attitude and shorelines untainted by any form of commercialism or high-rise buildings, the district of Nosara is a small coastal town renowned for its surf and yoga culture within the tropical jungle. Located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, this is not a destination for the faint of heart traveler. With its winding unpaved bumpy roads, getting there is part of the journey.

UNIVERSAL ORLANDO MAGIC TIPS 2019: Saving Time and Money at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

by Mary desilva

Become a “Saving Wizard” in 2019 with the only travel guide with “Magic Tips” for optimizing your dream vacation at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Orlando Resort! In this edition, the author offers the newest information on all of the exciting changes at Universal Orlando Resort including Halloween Horror Nights Magic Tips. Use the information in this guide to learn practical money-saving and time-saving travel planning tips. Get the latest on new attractions and ways to save on dining, hotels, admissions, parking and more.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the Kelly C. O’Mahoney Foundation and brain cancer research. Visit

La Romería: El ciclo ritual de La Llevada de la Virgen de Zapopan (Spanish Edition)

by Luis Ignacio Gómez Arriola

Por ser la tradición religiosa y cultural más importante del occidente de México, La Romería, â??celebrada desde el año 1734â?? fue declarada el 29 de noviembre de 2018 patrimonio cultural inmaterial de la humanidad durante la xiii sesión del Comité Intergubernamental para la Salvaguarda del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la unesco, reunido en la Ciudad de Port Louis, República de Mauricio, en África. La “Lista Representativa” es un mérito más del inmenso legado que México aporta al mundo, pues con ella el país suma ya nueve elementos de innegable valor que nos distinguen entre todas las naciones del mundo como una de excepcionales riquezas artísticas. Con esta declaratoria internacional, iniciamos una nueva historia para seguir preservando, fomentando y enriqueciendo esta tradición que nos llena de identidad.

The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017: On the Road through Alberta, Montana and Idaho for

by Dale Olausen

Total solar eclipses are spectacular events, so much so that some people get hooked on them. They become eclipse addicts, who pursue these celestial events around the planet, from country to country as the predicted eclipses come and go. Of course, for most people, eclipse viewing is conditioned by the constraints of available vacation time and spare money. So, an eclipse through the heart of United States, during the height of the 2017 summer, brought the experience home for a lot more people than is usually the case.

This is an account of one such set of eclipse observers, journeying from Calgary, Canada to Idaho Falls, USA to take in the 2017 solar eclipse on a beautiful cloudless August day. It includes a description of the trip itself, through the coulees and mountain ranges of Alberta, Montana and Idaho, culminating in an unforgettable eclipse day in Idaho Falls. It also contains a reasonable amount of scientific and literary background on the eclipse phenomenon, and how it has been experienced by people through the years.

The story is about 12000 words, about 60 to 90 minutes at typical reading speeds.

Japanese 100 Great Mountains Vol.2: Episode 006-010

by Hodaka

Hodaka, a Japanese mountaineering photographer, has restarted from scratch the challenge to conquer “Japanese 100 Great Mountains” since 2017. This record, the second volume of the series, includes five (the 6th to 10th) mountains.

– Mount Aizu-Komagatake features grand moors on the mountaintop. He enjoys sky-walking in the picturesque scenery.

– Mount Hotaka has been a worshipped mountain. He climbs up steep cliffs with chains.

– In the “Panorana Ginza” of the Northern Alps, he traverses several mountains while savoring magnificent views.

– Mount Utsukushi-ga-hara is too easy for him to climb, but he is fully satisfied with an excellent hotel.

– After climbing Mount Ryokami, he is fascinated by an impressive “Waraji-katsu” (cutlets like straw sandals).

Montaineering, hot springs, local cuisine, breathtaking sceneries, memorable encounters with amiable climbers â?¦

You will witness Hodaka’s exciting challenge!

Egito – Guia de Dicas do Viajo logo Existo: Viajo logo Existo (Portuguese Edition)

by Leonardo Spencer

Se você ama história, quer conhecer melhor a origem da nossa civilização e vivenciar a sensação de ser transportado(a) no tempo, o Egito é um país obrigatório na sua lista. Conheça uma terra cheia de mistérios e tesouros arqueológicos.

Um país do nordeste da África, numa região predominantemente desértica, que inclui a península do Sinai, na Ásia, tornando um Estado transcontinental, com uma cultura rica e exótica, possui uma das civilizações mais antigas da humanidade.

Aproveite nosso guia gratuito de dicas de viagens do Egito, são mais de 100 países visitados e muita coisa para contar!

boa leitura, grande abraço
leo e chel spencer

How to be COSMOPOLITAN by Angelika Bolliger

by Angelika Bolliger

How to be cosmopolitan is a journey in to my past and a window in to my future. What makes one cosmopolitan? Is it a state of mind? Can anyone be one? With the world shrinking, people being interconnected, travel being affordable and the social media you may think you are truly a citizen of the world. It takes more than taking a lovely photo on a famous beach to feel that you have concurred the world. It is about understanding and respecting the many different cultures, languages, rituals and religions. Its about becoming one with every place you go to, about blending in yet staying visible..I want to show you the cosmopolitan way of life, how is it to live out of your suitcase, be a jet setter and internationalist. This book is also filled with fashion advice, beauty, health, fitness, philosophy of life. Advice on how to live a full life and not waist a beat. Travel, getting in depth with some key cities, food made at home, love, sex, passion, money, work, motherhood, imagination. It takes a look at art, cultural events, movies, shopping, attitude, politics, commitment, ageing, wonders of the mind, depression in the the modern age, hope and more about fashion shoes and bags. It is what we girls truly love after all..

Play in Namibia (PLAE)

by Natasha Alden

There is no country more stirring than Namibia for desert landscapes. Its name comes from the world’s oldest desert that covers much of the country. You can find towering sand dunes, dead tree valleys preserved in time, and unique wildlife.

Ð?Ñ?ага. Ð?нсÑ?Ñ?Ñ?кÑ?ия к посеÑ?ениÑ? (Russian Edition)

by ФÑ?доÑ?ов Ð?адим

Ð?Ñ?аÑ?кая инсÑ?Ñ?Ñ?кÑ?иÑ? к посеÑ?ениÑ? Ð?Ñ?аги. ТÑ?анспоÑ?Ñ?, паÑ?ковки, Ñ?оÑ?говÑ?е Ñ?енÑ?Ñ?Ñ?. Ð?де обменяÑ?Ñ? денÑ?ги? Ð?ак заплаÑ?иÑ?Ñ? за паÑ?ковкÑ??

52 Sleeps


52 Sleeps is an e-book from showcasing an amazing hotel stay for every week of the year.

We’ve handpicked a collection of the UK’s most inspired and original hotels and tied them in with local events, quirky festivals and seasonal happenings, to give you a year’s worth of short breaks that are a little less ordinary.

From castles, spas and cosy inns to country manors, boutique B&Bs and even a boat hotel – discover 52 fabulous hotel stays spread all across the UK.

Whether it’s a stunning view, beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food or an award-winning spa, these properties are all special in their own way. And we hope you’ll use 52 Sleeps to find some great inspiration for your short breaks throughout 2014.

Dicas de viagem da Noruega: Viajo logo Existo (Portuguese Edition)

by Leonardo Spencer

A Noruega é um dos países mais bonitos do mundo, simples assim! Ja visitamos mais de 100 deles e amamos cada pedacinho deste país. Nesse guia de viagem da Noruega você vai encontrar de tudo um pouco, quando ir, onde ir, o que comer, atrações principais, fotos, vídeos, experiências�

Estamos na estrada desde 2013 e já vimos muita coisa pelo mundo. Espero que este guia gratuito seja útil para vocês!

Grande abraço
Leo e Chel Spencer

5 noites na Coréia do Norte: Viajo logo Existo (Portuguese Edition)

by Leonardo Spencer

O e-book “Nossa visita à Coréia do Norte” relata as quatro noites que ficamos na Coréia do Norte e foram escritos de uma forma nova: em dois textos, um pelo Leo e outro por mim, Rachel.

Vocês verão como duas pessoas, viajando lado a lado, podem ter versões completamente diferentes de uma mesma história.

Se ajeite na cadeira e boa leitura.

Leo e Rachel Spencer

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