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Arklight: Force Interdiction

by J M Myrick

Fight for yesterdayâ?¦ Hope for tomorrowâ?¦
The ancient Order of the Knights Templar hid pieces of Arma Christi all over the Earth, staving off disaster in their time. The locations to these weapons were documented in a cryptic journal, which remained a closely guarded secret for hundreds of years. In Operation Nightfall, Arklight’s Spear Team discovered the existence of the journal, and an epic mission unfolded, propelling a deadly event horizon. Powerful enemies have since emerged, intent upon bringing about the destruction of all things. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Spear Team must undertake a mission to secure a piece of the ultimate weapon, unfolding an incredible truth behind the legend.
Arklight and their predecessors, the Alsos Mission Team, fight an extraordinary battle across time, attempting to gain the advantage against a brutal foe. Paths collide when the history of their missions are shared, uncovering a multitude of secrets that span from the American Civil War, to World War II, and into the modern day. These ancient battlefields have forged a spectacular reality no one could have ever foreseen. A war of souls looms on the horizon; the showdown between good and evil explodes in this second installment of the Arklight series.

God’s Hand

by Samuel Driscoll

Crow was adopted by the Church at a young age. For many years Crow had been contemplating the best way to spread the word of God, unfortunately, his views differed greatly from those who raised him.
A story of revolution, glory, and sacrifice.

Unforeseen Circumstances: Rise of the ASA

by Ethan Newman

Erik Stone and the team are back at it to bring back the life they once knew. Now home, Erik is tasked with rebuilding his community with many different obstacles thrown at him – whether it be natural, or man-made. Read along and follow Erik through this action packed adventure of survival and see how much of their past life he and his team can claim for theirs. With technology virtually non-existent, they will have to get creative to overcome the progressively harder tasks at hand.

A book of shit.: (New year, new you)

by Jose Ruben Amador

The secrets of my president, a dictatorship in epic proportions.
And what does society do?
Nothing. Society, well, thank you.
The society is very calm that nothing disturbs them.

A simple example:
United States, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

Donald Trump says he will close the government shortly.
And society?
And the workers?
And the citizens?
Fuck them.

My president is silent before the corruption, before the criminality, before the insecurity.
And society?
And the citizens?
Fuck them.

Nicolás Maduro has enslaved Venezuela. That man represents a destroyed Venezuela.
And society?
And the citizens?
Fuck them.

Very well.

You see all this and you ignore it.
You know that all this is wrong and you ignore it.
You ignore all this because you assume that someone else should take care of that.
So there is imminent destruction over society, but everyone assumes that someone else should take care of that.
In this world there are only two positions, or you are part of the exact programming that guides the world today, or you look at everything and you set against it.
I represent the second.

Un livre de merde.: (Nouvel an, nouveau vous) (French Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Les secrets de mon président, une dictature aux proportions épiques.
Et que fait la société?
Rien Société, eh bien, merci.
La société est très calme que rien ne les dérange.

Un exemple simple:
�tats-Unis, République dominicaine et Venezuela.

Donald Trump dit qu’il va bientôt fermer le gouvernement.
Et la société?
Et les ouvriers?
Et les citoyens?

Mon président se tait avant la corruption, avant la criminalité, avant l’insécurité.
Et la société?
Et les citoyens?

Nicolás Maduro a asservi le Venezuela. Cet homme représente un Venezuela détruit.
Et la société?
Et les citoyens?

Très bien.

Vous voyez tout cela et vous l’ignorez.
Vous savez que tout cela est faux et vous l’ignorez.
Vous ignorez tout cela parce que vous supposez que quelqu’un d’autre devrait s’en occuper.
Il y a donc une destruction imminente sur la société, mais tout le monde suppose que quelqu’un d’autre devrait s’en occuper.
Dans ce monde, il n’y a que deux positions, ou vous faites partie de la programmation exacte qui guide le monde aujourd’hui, ou vous regardez tout et vous vous y opposez.
Je représente le second.

Un libro de mierda. : (New year, new you) (Spanish Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

Los secretos de mi presidente, una dictadura en proporciones épicas.
Y qué hace la sociedad?
Nada. La sociedad, bien gracias.
La sociedad está muy tranquila que nada los inquieta.

Un ejemplo simple:
Estados Unidos, República Dominicana y Venezuela.

Donald Trump dice que volverá a cerrar el gobierno dentro de poco.
Y la sociedad?
Y los trabajadores?
Y los ciudadanos?
A la mierda con ellos.

Mi presidente es mudo ante la corrupcion, ante la criminalidad, ante la inseguridad.
Y la sociedad?
Y los ciudadanos?
A la mierda con ellos.

Nicolás Maduro tiene esclavizada a Venezuela. Ese hombre representa a una Venezuela destruida.
Y la sociedad?
Y los ciudadanos?
A la mierda con ellos.

Muy bien.

Tú ves todo esto y lo ignoras.
Tú sabes que todo esto está mal y lo ignoras.
Tú ignoras todo esto porque asumes que alguien más debe encargarse de eso.
Así que viene una destrucción inminente sobre la sociedad, pero todos asumen que alguien más debe encargarse de eso.
En este mudno solo hay dos posiciones, o eres parte de la programación exacta que guia el mundo de hoy, o miras todo y te pones en contra.
Yo represento la segunda.

Un libro di merda.: (Anno nuovo, nuovo tu) (Italian Edition)

by Jose Ruben Amador

I segreti del mio presidente, una dittatura di proporzioni epiche.
E cosa fa la società?
Niente. Società, bene, grazie.
La società è molto calma che nulla li disturba.

Un semplice esempio:
Stati Uniti, Repubblica Dominicana e Venezuela.

Donald Trump dice che chiuderà il governo a breve.
E la società?
E i lavoratori?
E i cittadini?

Il mio presidente tace davanti alla corruzione, prima della criminalità, prima dell’insicurezza.
E la società?
E i cittadini?

Nicolás Maduro ha reso schiavo il Venezuela. Quell’uomo rappresenta un Venezuela distrutto.
E la società?
E i cittadini?

Molto bene

Vedi tutto questo e lo ignori.
Sai che tutto questo è sbagliato e lo ignori.
Ignori tutto questo perché pensi che qualcun altro debba occuparsene.
Quindi c’è una distruzione imminente sulla società, ma tutti pensano che qualcun altro dovrebbe prendersene cura.
In questo mondo ci sono solo due posizioni, o sei parte della programmazione esatta che guida il mondo oggi, o guardi tutto e ti contro.
Rappresento il secondo

As Iron Sharpens Iron: A Shepherd’s Duty

by Ruth Alfred

Devoted to his faith, family, and country, Chaplain Jordan Ramonda fights emotional and spiritual battles as he does his best to navigate his way through raising two girls with his wife, Joanna, counseling services, family illnesses, and being deployed, yet again. Will Chaplain Ramonda be able to find balance and wait patiently for God’s perfect plan to unfold, or will the stress on his mental health prove to be too devastating?

As Iron Sharpens Iron submerges you in a behind-the-scenes look at the rigor and rewards of serving as a military chaplain and how necessary the support of home must be to protect against and cope with the post traumatic stressors that threaten spiritual, emotional, and mental warfare on those serving our country.



Numerous instances of western interference to scuttle India’s unprecedented growth in space and defense have been perturbing the country’s premier investigative agency and defense forces. A disturbing failure of a submarine at a very crucial moment sent shivers down the spine of the people at the helm of affairs in the country. What follows is an investigation with clinical precision by an intelligence head and a mercurial naval officer, who hunt in pairs for the nation’s enemy.

Storm Upon the Dawn: Immortality Shattered: Book 4

by Christian Warren Freed

The Hierarchy is in its death throes. The High Council has been destroyed. Meisthelm has fallen. Chaos rages unchecked across the Free Lands as armies of light and darkness clash. Killed in the ultimate act of betrayal, the Black Imelin no longer threatens the world. In his stead, a stronger, more powerful villain has arisen and continues the work he began.
Aron Kryte and his companions have occupied the burned ruins of Meisthelm and now struggle with deciding their next course of action. Armies of darklings and Rovers continue to plague the Free Lands. Only by combining the armies of Galdea and the Hierarchy does he stand a chance of defeating the rising evil. Those numbers are diminished when most of the Galdean army returns home to combat the flood of darklings from Suroc Tol.
Poros Pendyier and the remnants of the Free Rebellion, combined with the mighty of the Dagger Trolls, prepares to stop the evil growing in Morthus. It is here the traitorous Arlyn Gert has decided to build her empire from which to dominate the Free Lands. All she needs do is secure Mordrun Hath, the Forge of Wizards.
The land of Sadith Oom, forgotten by generations, has become a place of unrest. Armies of friend and foe converge upon the desolate kingdom, for it is here that the end of times will begin. If victory is to be achieved, Aron Kryte must destroy the Staff of Life in the wizard fires of Mordrun Hath. Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. The final hour approaches.

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