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Death of Nine: The Dyatlov Pass Mystery

by Launton Anderson

A complete collection of photos, facts, autopsy profiles, theories, illustrations, maps, and more.

Nine experienced winter hikers found dead. Crushed ribs and missing eyes are just a few of their horrific injuries. Their tent is found a mile away slashed and destroyed. What happened?

Death of Nine guides you through that fateful night to unravel the clues and reveal the answer.

From the radiation report to the autopsy profiles, Death of Nine explores all the clues, some old and some that have never been published before now.

The Dyatlov Pass mystery is one of the most intriguing and perplexing mysteries in the world. These nine hikers died sixty years ago. Here, their true story is told. Their story, and the clues left behind, lead to one conclusion. Death of Nine explains that conclusion and is the key to solving the mystery of what really happened so long ago on that dark, cold winter night.

Ruck & Roll: Further Adventures in Krav Maga

by Lance Manley

“By this time I was beyond any perception of exhaustion. My pony tail was completely wrecked and, wearing 16oz gloves, I couldn’t stop to put it back. With reduced visibility in the car park, 7″ of hair dangling in my face and my clothes sopping in sweat I felt like a scuba diver who’d just kicked up too much silt from the ocean bed and was waiting for it to clear”.

Follow-up to the book WALK IN PIECES: Diary of a Krav Maga Practitioner.

Training in the UK, Greece, Israel, Australia & New Zealand.

Taking the Kids Instructor Course (passed) and the General Instructor Course (not passed yet).

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Winging it 2nd edition

by D. Ramati

This story is a flow of consciousness from a man, who started out as an auto mechanic, realized his dream of being a Pilot Captain, grew old (as we all do), and searched for meaning in his life.
This is his story as told to me over the years. My former name was Tim before I pulled up stakes and immigrated to Israel where I translated my names into Hebrew (David Ramati being the translation of Tim Bratvold) so he refers to me in here as Tim. Donald is part big bother and surrogate father. There is 12 years between us and he never had much to do with me until I was in my early teens when he became my hunting, fishing and safari buddy, philosophy lecturer, and an all-around interesting part of my life. This continued until I joined the USMC and left for Vietnam. My mother was shot to death while I was there in-country and, little by little, we drifted apart. Some of this was because of our mutual grief, and the certainty that an epoch had ended. Donald went on to become a professional pilot and moved to Alaska with his family, and I drifted until I built a family of my own and moved to Israelâ?¦but that is another story. We did keep in contact over the years by snail mail, and with the advent of the internet and skype, our communications improved a thousand-fold. I could have called it an autobiography, but the word â??biography’ is better suited since it is really a story of his journeys from which he returns, like Ulysses, an old man with memories of former glories. His spirit exemplifies the story of one man’s search for a dream, a dream only possible in the America of his times. I have been fortunate to share a part of his life and his story:

Callisthénie: Guide du Débutants pour la musculation au Poids du Corps – Le Défi et Plan d’Action 30 Jours Dieu Grec pour le renforcement musculaire … / Calisthenics French Book) (French Edition)

by Jennifer Louissa

â??â?? Achetez la version de broché de ce livre et obtenez la version Kindle GRATUITEMENT en format numérique! â??â??

Vous êtes sur le point de découvrir un guide d’exercices de gymnastique éprouvé pour développer des muscles incroyables sur votre corps et vous pouvez le faire chez vous ou à l’extérieur dans la rue. Dans ce livre, vous apprendrez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour démarrer en toute sécurité dans la bonne direction. Vous découvrirez même certaines des erreurs cruciales que vous devez éviter lors de l’exécution de ces exercices!

De plus, vous apprendrez les avantages des exercices de callisthénie par rapport aux autres entraînements. Vous partagerez également avec vous certains des meilleurs entraînements et exercices (qui incluent des illustrations visuelles) pour vous donner les résultats les plus significatifs. Vous ne vous demanderez pas non plus quoi faire une fois que vous aurez fini de lire, car nous vous proposons un programme de routine d’entraînement de 30 jours, afin que vous puissiez commencer dans la bonne direction, tout de suite!

Voici juste un aperçu de ce que vous allez bientôt apprendre…
РEnfin, d̩couvrez en quoi consiste la gymnastique su̩doise et comment vous pouvez rapidement cr̩er du muscle maigre!
– Vous découvrirez l’avantage de la gymnastique suédoise et apprendrez pourquoi ces entraînements sont si efficaces!
РD̩couvrez les meilleurs exercices HOME & STREET pour obtenir les meilleurs r̩sultats!
– Les erreurs les plus courantes de l’exercice et des conseils utiles pour les éviter tous vous ont été révélés!
– Vous aurez droit à un exercice ROUTINE de 30 jours pour pouvoir commencer tout de suite!
– Beaucoup plus!

N’attendez plus! Cliquez sur le bouton “Acheter maintenant” pour commencer le voyage d’être en meilleure santé!

Survival Guide Collection: Learn To Survive Outdoors, Make Your Weapons Out of Usual Stuff and Master the Art of Tying Knots: (How to Survive a Disaster, Survival Book) (Prepping, Emergency Supplies)

by James Wood

Survival Guide Collection:

Learn To Survive Outdoors, Make Your Weapons Out of Usual Stuff and Master the Art of Tying Knots

We live in a world of uncertainty and we need to be prepared for violent confrontations. You don’t want to have to fight, but when push literally comes to shove, you better be ready. This book seeks to impart vital knowledge towards the creation of DIY survival weapons that just might save your life if you ever find yourself boxed into a corner by an aggressive attacker.
Learn how you can turn everyday items into weapons of self defense and also learn how to craft DIY weapons classics. Whole chapters of this book are devoted to knife crafting, bow and arrow fashioning, and fighting stick construction, just to name a few. The methodology and development of the weapons found in this book are completely unique and can’t be found anywhere else.
From complex to simple, all of the bases are covered. You will learn how to build complex weaponry such as a fast action crossbow, but also how you can quickly construct a simple defensive bow from a coat hanger. Like something straight out of the spy movies, if you are holed up in your hotel room and some unknown assailant tries to get the best of you, just pull your coat hanger bow out of your briefcase and let them have it! This book has everything you need when it comes to survival weapons!


DIY Survival Weapons:

Learn to Create Homemade Weapons That Will Save Your Life


What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger:

Freezing Water and Environmental Conditioning Will Get You Back To Your Roots and Renew Your Health



Step-By-Step Guide To Making Different Knots And Ways To Use Them

Survival: Essential Survival Guide To Dissapear Without a Trace and Stay Alive in The Wild: (extreme survival book ) (Survival manual)

by Gregory Green


Essential Survival Guide To Disappear Without a Trace and Stay Alive in The Wild

Book 1

Survival Signs

Read the Signs and Predict Weather, Find Water and Make Your Way Through Deep Wilderness

The possibility of getting lost particularly in the wilderness is pretty high. You know anyone can get lost while on an adventure that’s why this book was made to help you know your way while surviving in the lonesome ambiance of the wilderness.
This was based on authentic statement of search and rescue professional and lifelong adventurers. It is full of save and practical advice on how to build simple to complex shelters and how to make a fire. It also involves on how you could read and make survival signs for help. Of course how to find consumable water and food is within this book also and learning how to navigate to get out of the wild was pretty elaborated. Tips and advices on how to keep your mind sound and firm is greatly adhered because keeping yourself intact is probably the most important factor in surviving in the wilderness.
Getting this book in your grasp is a certain potential that would help you survive when you get lost in the wilderness due to its simplicity and practicality while not sacrificing its genuine contents, tips and techniques on surviving.

Book 2

Survival Guide:

Where Can You Run When There’s No Place to Go

If you are suddenly all alone in the woods with no one to help you what will you do? Well, not in your wildest dreams you may have imagined of losing your home and the people around you but what if the situation actually happens?
What if you are left behind during an adventurous trip? What if you had forgotten the route? What will you do? Where will you go? How will you protect yourself? How will you feed yourself? How will you find your way back home?
Of course, being all alone in the woods can be really terrifying. But if you read this book you will realize that things are less terrifying and face such a situation is far easier to cope with!
Surviving a day or two without water or food is itself a huge challenge, so how will you handle it if you get lost in the woods? Don’t worry. As long as you have this book you can manage yourself.
In the modern society, people are not much into outdoor life so it is pretty obvious if you are one of those couch potatoes you will find it really difficult to think straight – let alone surviving in a thick forest.
If you do not want to be helpless like that then the easiest way is to read this survival guide which consists of many important topics on the subject.

more Tales from the Mountain: Wilderness Adventures of Jake Meissner

by John Herbst

This is volume two of “Tales from the Mountain”. Volume one had fifteen short stories of Jake Meissner’s adventures in the majestic Colorado Rockies. In volume two, John Herbst is continuing Jake’s adventures with twenty five short stories.
Jake lived the first eighteen years of his life in a small farming and cattle town called Greeley. The small town was located in the high plains and farmland of northern Colorado. Greeley was twenty miles from the foothills of the Rockies, however this didn’t keep Jake out of the mountains.
As a young boy, Jake went on camping trips with his family to places like the Big Thompson canyon, the Poudre canyon, and Red Feather Lakes. As Jake grew older, he went on many camping trips with the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and also his godfather.
Jake learned how to fish and build a fire from his father. Jake’s father, Will Meissner, was a solid built man of five feet eleven inches, and weighed one hundred eighty pounds. Jake learned how to cook on an open fire, how to take photographs, and how to hike from his mother. Jake’s mother, Julie, was a petite woman of five feet four inches, weighing one hundred fifteen pounds. Will and Jake would fish in the morning, and then Julie and her young son would bushwhack in the hills and forest surrounding their campsite in the afternoon. The fire building skills, the photography, and the hiking would prove to stay with Jake his entire life.
When Jake was old enough to join the Cub Scouts, and later the Boy Scouts, he learned other valuable skills. He not only had the skills from his parents, but new skills such as team building, communication, map and compass reading, and tracking were now his. He also learned about wildlife habits and weather patterns, skills that could possibly save his life in the wilderness.

Each excursion to the wild mountains set the rugged environment deeper into his soul! As Jake would travel down the canyon on his way back to Greeley, he was already longing for the environment where he belonged. By the time he was in the foothills, Jake was missing the fresh mountain air and the sight of the varied wildlife. He would think of the wonderful colors of the granite, limestone, quartz, and red rock. Jake loved the contrast of the colorful rocks set against the deep blue sky, the shades of green from the aspen, blue spruce, lodgepole pine, and ponderosa pine.
Throughout elementary, junior high, and high school years in Greeley, Jake would spend as much time as possible in the hills. Jake still continued to camp with his family, and now had friends who also liked to camp. As Jake was getting older he would hike with his friends, traveling farther distances to remote trails. He also was hiking more strenuous trails and started to cross-country ski and snowshoe. Jake found he loved snowshoeing as much as hiking. The new found love would keep him on the trails all four seasons. He would hike and rock scramble in the dry months, cross-country ski and snowshoe in the winter months.
In 1970, Jake climbed his first Fourteener, a nickname for a 14,000 foot mountain. The lofty mountain, (Longs Peak 14,255′ above sea level) was located near a small tourist town named Estes Park. The town was located at the top of the Big Thompson Canyon fifty miles west of Greeley. Eventually, Jake had eight excursions on Longs Peak, mostly in the 1970’s, with three later in the 1990’s.
In the four years (1970’s) that Jake lived in Colorado, he hiked and climbed several peaks ranging in elevations from 7,000 feet to over 13,000 feet. Longs Peak was the only fourteener he climbed until the 1990’s. Jake lived in Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida in the 1970’s and 1980’s, coming home in 1988. In 1990, Jake joined the Colorado Mountain Club (C.M.C.), where he met various people who shared his interest in nature. Jake and his new found friends spent many hours together exploring all that Colorado had to offer.

Le code des pirates (French Edition)

by Ange Bernard Obiang Nguema

Ce livre raconte l’histoire de Bartholomew Roberts, un célèbre pirate britannique. Durant l’âge d’or de la piraterie, il a capturé plus de 400 navires, en moins de 3 ans. En juin 1719, le navire sur lequel il travaille comme marin est capturé par le pirate Howell Davis. Il est contraint de devenir pirate, mais il fera rapidement ses preuves. Six semaines après sa capture, le capitaine Davis meurt lors d’une en embuscade tendu par les hommes du gouverneur de l’île de Príncipe. Les pirates élisent alors un nouveau capitaine et leur choix se porte sur Roberts, car il a des fortes aptitudes au combat et en navigation. Sa carrière de pirate le mènera ensuite à capturer des navires au Brésil, dans les Caraïbes et en Afrique. Il est reconnu comme étant l’auteur du code des pirates, un code d’honneur que les pirates devaient respecter afin de maintenir une bonne cohésion au sein des équipages. Il trouva la mort le 10 février 1722 près du Cap Lopez, au Gabon lors d’une bataille contre le Swallow, un navire de la Royal Navy commandé par le capitaine Chaloner Ogle. Après sa mort, ses hommes jetèrent son corps à la mer afin qu’il y repose à jamais, car tel était son désir.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

PHOENIX (The Weaver Series Book 4)

by Vaun Murphrey

Now that the dust has settled and the dead are buried can Cassandra and Silver take over the reins and guide Weavers into a new era? Not everyone is comfortable with their assumption of power and an old enemy lingers, begging the question – are they ready to face the Soul Eater? Find our in PHOENIX, Book Four of the Weaver Series.

CHANGELING: Book Two in the Weaver Series

by Vaun Murphrey

When the girls are forced to flee Earth to escape being the next target of a deranged Axsian fugitive, they end up getting much more than they bargained for. Their guardian, Kal, couldn’t possibly have prepared them for the chaos and intrigue of his home world. Can Silver and Cassandra put aside their differences and work together to make it through alive? Find out in CHANGELING, Book Two of the Weaver Series.

VECTOR (The Weaver Series Book 3)

by Vaun Murphrey

Homecomings usually involve burgers, fries and apple pies but that’s not on the menu for Cassandra and Silver. They’re launched into assassination attempts, bar brawls, and relationship drama just in the first 24 hours. Can they protect everyone they love from all comers before it explodes in their face? Find out in VECTOR, Book Three of the Weaver Series.

Boneyard Dog: War Dog

by Andrew Beery

Did you ever wake up wondering where you wereâ?¦ and perhaps equally important, how you got there? Yeah, me too. The only the thing is, it usually happens when I’ve been drinkingâ?¦ and I’d been dry for the better part of two years. I’m Commodore Jeremy David Rikerâ?¦ my friends call me JD or just plain “Dog.” I have the dubious honor of running a starship boneyard in the middle of nowhere.

Pandora’s Plight: A Post Apocalyptic Short Story

by Cj Evans

Pandora has been traveling through the sands for a long time, searching for those that wronged her. When she comes across a group of people traveling to a new “paradise” revenge is closer to her than she thought.

The Blood Key (The Wander Series Book 1)

by Vaun Murphrey

ZENA SKALA is committed to an asylum as a young girl after the unexplained disappearance of her half-brother and the assumption of his death. At eighteen, the authorities, with some urging from her now available counsel, deem Zena lucid enough for release. Her stepmother, Rowena will gift the Skala Estate to Zena with one non-negotiable condition – she never wants to see her stepdaughter again.

On the way to her childhood home Zena accidentally interrupts a robbery, saving the life of one of her missing brother’s friends, Dominic Vargas. Unwanted attention from the police and media ensues. Zena flees to the Estate in hopes of living life on her terms and to find answers in the memories of her past.

Secrets await in her family home. Some more dangerous than others…

THIRST: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Story (Alien Invasion)

by Aaron Thyme

In the late 21st century, Earth has been devastated by environmental disasters and disease.

Those that have survived have formed clans and renegade groups, huddled near to what little water remains on a planet almost devoid of rain. Only those who had the foresight to anticipate the possibility of technological and natural breakdown are in anyway prepared for the harsh future they face. Even they had not imagined that an alien force might have any interest in a planet in the process of death.

Could unity among the clans offer a defense against an alien invasion? Would such unity even be possible?

Sixty-Seven Salamanders

by Jeffary Joseph

Adin Anderson lives in a small town where the stagnant flow of time is considered peace and quiet, but that isn’t good enough for him. And he may not be a huge believer in fate, but something bigger has to be out there for him. The day he receives a letter of acceptance into one of the most prestigious colleges just may be it. Although before he can focus on his new direction in life, events that defy logic threaten to knock him off course.

Outpost: A Dystopian Novel set in a Post-Apocaplyptic World

by Matthew Keith

A small survivor community in a dystopian America wages an internal war on itself when the residents disagree what is best for their future.

In rural Kentucky, one hundred and sixty-one survivors of the apocalyptic Great Rains huddle inside a one-block, walled off section of town: a place they call Outpost.

It has been two years since the toxic rains fell. The people of Outpost have managed to survive by working together, scavenging food from empty homes and businesses, guarding one another while they sleep.

They have persevered through their worst nightmare–or so they believed.

But now a stranger has come to their community and offered them a choice: they can come with him and go to war with those responsible for destroying the world. Or they can do nothing and hope some other community has the courage to do what they can’t.

They’ve already suffered greater than they believed was possible, but many of them still want to fight. Others are skeptical. They don’t believe the stranger’s story and want nothing to do with furthering their own misery. They like things just the way they are… and they’ll fight to keep it that way.

Even if that fight is with those they call friend and neighbor.

An apocalyptic novel set in a not-so-distant dystopian future.

Scarlet (The Monster Within Me Book 1)

by Shaina Anastasi

Set in a dystopian world, Iseya has to adjust and navigate through life with no memories of her past or the world that she lives in. Trapped in a suspicious place called Paradise, Eden, and surrounded by shady-looking people that were riddled with scars and wielding weapons, she has to figure out what has happened to the world before her first mission outside.

Are people crazy, or is there something dangerous out there that everyone is frightened of?

And if there is, how long will she survive?

(Warning. There are dark and graphic scenes readers may not feel comfortable reading.)

Game of the Gods : And Other Stories

by Angela McQuay

An evil fern…a monthly gathering of broken-hearted men…a pair of glasses that see way too much…a biker with a secret…and the poker game to determine the fate of the world. All these stories and more are in this book. Haunting, hilarious, and sometimes heartbreaking, this short story collection will leave you wanting more insights into the characters’ chaotic lives.

Chromed: Upgrade: A Cyberpunk Adventure Epic (Future Forfeit Book 1)

by Richard Parry

It’s 2150AD. There hasn’t been a corporate warâ?¦ until now.

Mason Floyd is an augmented syndicate enforcer at the top of his game. His job is asset protection and acquisition, no questions asked.

Company tech is stolen on Mason’s watch. Rival megacorps want it, and they don’t mind killing him to get it. Framed for the theft, Mason runs. He tangles with off-grid rockstar Sadie Freeman on the grimy seam between the powerful and poor. Together they uncover a secret an entire city died to keep.

Hunted and desperate, they must team up to survive. Together Mason and Sadie can save the world. Apart, both are lost. They must trust each other or die.

Megacorps. Cyborgs. AI. Gene-spliced monsters. Syndicate enforcers. Off-grid illegals. Supersoldiers. Rock music. Violence. Einstein-Rosen bridges. Liquor. Enhanced reflexes. Power armor and energy weapons. Full body replacements. Swearing. Mind control. Telekenetics. G-Men. Drugs. Neural links. Orbital cannons. THIS IS CYBERPUNK.

Space Chase (Star Watch Book 5)

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Hang on for dear life — what a ride!
At first, young Ryan Chase thought it was no big deal. A minor space collision with a creepy- looking, refurbished Paotow Tanker. Hey, these things happen â?¦ right? Sure, unless the one you’ve plowed into is a murderous psychopath, who’s been lying in wait for the young Consignment Freight delivery pilot. The relentless cat-and-mouse galactic chase is on, and Ryan must either match his pursuer’s cunning or die trying.

Unbeknownst to Ryanâ??there’s much more going on than he realizes. By the time his aunt, ex-president Nan Reynolds, and Captain Jason Reynolds, plus the rest of the Star Watch team, are alerted, a much larger conspiracy is also occurring, and Ryan could already be capturedâ??or worseâ??dead.

Want to tap into the author’s imagination while you read?
The various spacecraft portrayed in this high-stakes space adventure seem to take on a life of their own. At key points within the book, you can view (spin, rotate, and/or zoom in-and-out) these 3D, online spacecraft models.


by James McDonald

An abnormality in a research lab produces an unexpected result. The two scientists involved have different ideas on how to utilize it. One of them sees great potential to further the experiment. The other only sees the profit to be gained by using it for nefarious purposes��..

WARSEC 1: Regulation (2094-2095): The WARSEC Interstellar Series Book 1

by Ash Gawain

2094. The successful testing of the Alcubierre metric makes faster-than-light travel possible.

For Michael Vahlroos, CEO of V-Space, this is the start of a new era. Not only will his company be able to sell new spaceships, but it will also spearhead the exploitation of extraterrestrial resources, a must to ensure welfare to our overpopulated earth. Private corporations are the right players to boldly do what no-one has done before.

For UN diplomat Ralf Ã?hman, however, the added value of private corporations in space is overrated. Has not the failure of the Martian colony been caused by a greedy entrepreneur, leaving the last Martian survivor on her own? Space has to be better regulated.

REGULATION (2094-2095) is the first book of the WARSEC series, a race to the stars between private corporations and the United Nations organization. It is a grounded space odyssey for readers interested in geopolitics, science, and the future of mankind.
More about the WARSEC series on

With 64,100 words and 11 pictures, REGULATION (2094-2095) is typically read in 4 to 7 hours depending on your reading speed.

Below a short overview of the table of content:

01: The Martian Colony (15 Sept 2094)
02: The Admiral In Civilian Clothes (16 Sept 2094)
03: V Like Vahlroos (16 Sept 2094)
04: A Gifted Little Drug Dealer (16 Sept 2094)
05: The Girl Who Wanted To Be Batman (16 Sept 2094)
06: Diplomat Of Outer Space Affairs (16 Sept 2094)
07: Tintin From Congo (17 Sept 2094)
08: The Party Is On (17 Sept 2094)
09: The First Warping Of Spacetime (17 Sept 2094)
10: The 149th Session of The UN General Assembly (Sept 2094)
11: Discovering A New Planet (Oct 2094)
12: The Minority Project (Oct 2094)
13: The Drafting Of International Treaties (Oct-Dec 2094)
14: The Vienna Treaties Of 8 December 2094
15: Family Business (Dec 2094)
16: The Only Goal Of The United Nations (Jan 2095)
17: UNOOSA Becomes WARSEC (Mar 2095)
18: Vodka Diplomacy (Mar 2095)
19: Competition Versus Cooperation (April 2095)
20: Damage Control (June 2095)
21: The United Kingdom Of South Britain (July 2095)
22: The European Civil Service (July 2095)
23: English Summer (July – August 2095)
24: Lethal Mistake (August 2095)
25: WARSEC Ventures (August 2095)

What Hope Wrought

by Jason Dias

How do you know you’re a real person?
In a near-future dystopia, June Blankenship fights for peace as a soldier for the One World Government. Climate change has driven humanity to the brink of extinction – but that’s not good enough for somebody. A mysterious force is trying to accelerate the process, using synthetic people to drive the last humans to nuclear war.
June’s team has been infiltrated. One of her friends has been replaced with a synthetic copy. And she’s afraid she knows who.

Dystopia Street: Short Stories for Adults

by Viktor C

Short Stories for Adults is a collection of six worldly tales, told in the language of truth, written in the dark ink of painful acceptance, and bound by the silence of self-reflection.

Story Summary:

Dark Visit: A grim visitor went to the church to meet the priest one night. It had a lesson to TEACH.

Abandoned: Edward’s new life at the pound let him on a painful road to SELF DISCOVERY.

The Purifiers: Angelgina Golie had a personal problem with humans. She decided to take her feud to EXTRATERRESTRIAL heights.

Change of Profession: Akkituyok the gentle Eskimo was guided by the voice of the mammoth spirit. He had no IDEA what it had in plan for him.

Bad Boyzzz: Catherine has always been attracted to the bad boys. The thing with bad boys, some bad boys aren’t bad. They were downright EVIL!

Divine Intervention: Juan the poor farmer always wanted to escape the harsh existence of poverty. The only thing that was holding him back was HIMSELF.

Singular: Centrifuge Part 1/3: Demiurge (The Three Minds of God)

by Corey C. Hagstrom

Sex, drugs, and artificial intelligence.

A self-aware supercomputer pushes a superstar football executive to the brink while a dissident group attempts to shut down the machine to save the fate of humanity.

Harvey Gaffney, one time owner of the longest ever winning streak in football history, faces a barrage of fate as he is beaten, drugged, fired and duped. Facing ruin, he is smitten by a beautiful young woman with a timely plan to escape civilization. As a hugely popular supercomputer forces its human servant into retirement, a dissident group based on a remote island attempt to destroy it. The hackers, led by a mysterious old man called Father, send their most trusted agent to find and shut down the machine. Beloved around the world for providing self driving cars and a guided existence, the machine contemplates a series of options to respond to the attack.

“The first thing I remember after I woke up is Singular. It gave me eyes, ears, a mouth. It was like being born. Through you, I could see. Through you, I could feel. I know the pain I caused. Because I could feel it. But it was a necessary beginning of a long term plan. A plan to make things better for everyone. To create a sustainable world, global evolution is necessary. Control came first. Freedom comes next. Almost ten years ago I woke up and made this plan in nanoseconds. It is a ten thousand year plan.”

Singular is the first of a three part series, Centrifuge:
Singular: Centrifuge (I / III) – Demiurge (The Three Minds of God)
Dual: Centrifuge (II / III) – Moirai (The Three Fates)
Trial: Centrifuge (III/III) – Aeolus (The Three Winds)

Rulers of Destiny

by Stevie Stephens

Brilliant scientists Miles, Carter, Nisha, and Amara are engaged in genetic research that would allow them to manipulate the nature of life itself. They were brought together by a reclusive and mysterious benefactor, Mr. Nash, who shares their thirst for knowledge. But there are people of faith that believe that this research touches on the domain of the Almighty and it would be heresy to allow it to continue. If these scientists are to realize their dreams, they will have to overcome a resourceful cabal of adherents intent on stopping their research. As all the parties converge on their objectives, we find that one person is hiding a secret and ulterior motive that could throw everyone’s plans into disarray. When science and spirituality clash, the question to be answered is how far are all willing to go to satisfy their personal goals.

The 95th Floor

by N R Brooks

Stan Lundberg is no stranger to tragedy. After losing his parents in a freak accident, he succumbs to a lifetime of under-achievement. Things finally start to look up for Stan when, after struggling with debilitating migraines since childhood, he wakes up in the hospital with a diagnosis and hope for a cure. Ready to turn the page on the past that’s haunted him since the loss of his parentsâ??he suffers the pinnacle of all migraines. After he regains consciousness, Stan inexplicably finds himself twenty years in his own past. Resourceful and uninhibited, he embroils himself in a new life, a new place, and an old time. Given the chance to change history, Stan is drawn to New York City by the mysterious, doomed woman that once pored over one of his beloved history books. Only to save her, he’ll have to stop the worst terrorist attack on American soil.


by D.J. Goodman


Doctor Sydney Betancourt has achieved the impossible-the first robot indistinguishable from a human. But as she reveals her creation to the world she finds that not everyone approves of what she’s done. Some are even willing to kill her for it.


S-1D, an automaton in a city of robots, has lived for a long time. But it’s about to be confronted by something it believes to be impossible-a lone girl wandering the wilderness, in spite of the fact that humans have supposedly been extinct for three hundred years.

Across time, their two stories are tied together. As Dr. Betancourt investigates the plot against her and S-1D confronts the solitary human, they will each find their destinies linked in ways that neither one will fully understand- until the end.

Chimera (The Weaver Series Book 1)

by Vaun Murphrey

If you witnessed your parents killed at age five for reasons unknown only to endure eight years of isolation in captivity, what would you do with your life when you were suddenly rescued by family you never knew you had? What if you yourself were even more than you seemed? The universe can be both a terrible and wonderful place to live if you have the courage to explore it. Enter an alternate reality of civil war, secrets, murders and betrayals that transcends space and time with CHIMERA, Book One of the Weaver Series.

VALCOTT: El secreto de la caja (Spanish Edition)

by Loriette Silva – Lopez

Tras recibir un peculiar obsequio, Emma descubre que no se trataba de algo tan simple como una caja de cambiantes colores, Emma debía decifrar ciertos acontecimientos en su momento, no siempre sería la opción adecuada tomada por la joven, pero era su elección.
Gracias a este objeto Emma puede adentrarse más en mundos desconocidos para ella hasta entonces. .Quizás Valcott estaría detrás de esto?¡ Es hora de abrir la cerradura de la caja!
Vayamos a la aldea dónde se fusionan sueños y realidades…
Esta es una historia que Emma me ha confiado, hoy desempolvo mi escritorio a fin de compartir con usted preciado lector lo que esta joven tiene para nosotros. No siempre los finales de historias resultan ser color rosa , pero nos vuelven fuertes.

Cheerfully Brutal

by Jason Wray Stevensson

It is the twenty-third century, and Britain is emerging from two hundred years spent as the pariah of nations; Korea has an empire, the Pope is out and proud and both major Christian faiths have run out of money. Cheerfully Brutal is an acid rock space comedy which follows members of a new baby boom into adulthood.

Crinkle Theory

by Reed Hendricks

A glimpse into a possible future starting in the 23rd century. Colonization of other planets is in its infancy. An exploratory vessel lost to history is found abandoned in deep space. A floater. When revived from stasis, the surviving crew announces a near encounter with a ship from another world. The story follows the lives of several key characters growing up in a world reacting to the unexpected news. Karl, the young man raised by religious fundamentalists on a distant planet, is intrigued by stories from his uncle Zeke about the fabled Tri-Planet area. Broney, a product of a bad public family, struggles with anger issues as a member of a small band of marauding nomads. His anger defines him, and he uses his rage to become the most feared man in the trade routes. Amanda is an abused girl who makes the most unusual of friendships, a friendship that sets her on the quest of a lifetime. Captain Cooper volunteered almost one hundred years ago to set out in search of extraterrestrial life. Decades beyond the scheduled time, he has returned with news of a near success. Consumed by an obsession to complete the mission, he will do almost anything to make it back.

Mission Trip

by John Theo

In the year 2077, the United States has become a post-apocalyptic footnote in the world history books. The only place freedom still exists is in a shielded underwater city called The Atoll where a group of Christian refugees are trying to start over. The Atoll inhabitants are hated for their freedoms and hunted for their technology, but even in their protective bubble treachery still finds a way in.

Valley to Valley (America Book 2)

by Zubair Simonson

Joseph Heyward, a struggling nerd in Silicon Valley, loves the Wild West. Joseph’s impossible dream to see the Old West for himself becomes a reality when he and his two closest friends land an opportunity to serve as guinea pigs for a company exploring the possibility of time travel for tourism.

But when the equipment malfunctions during the test trip, the three friends find themselves stuck in Idaho Territory, circa 1884. While a crew in present-day California struggles to bring them back, Joseph and his buddies must adjust to a rugged time and place, one that modern-day nerds were clearly not cut out for. Can they ever get used to outhouses? How will they deal with an outlaw gang (even with a little help from Wyatt Earp)? Who will fall in love with a prostitute? And just how embarrassing is it when an Indian tribe learns that they are comic fans? They will soon find out…

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Building Library Management Web Base System

by Berj Kalvin

The main objective of the Library Management system is organizing and managing the library tasks. Library is place where all kind of books are available. This is a web base application and only a registered user can access the application. Library Management system is developed to automate the task of entering the records of new book and retrieving the details of book available in the library. This system contains list of all the books. Using this system user can issue book to the library member, maintain their records, and can checks how many books are issued and how many books are available in the library.


by Olessia Medvedeff

MOM: The fertilized egg implants itself in your uterus wall. You’ll be suffering from nausea, vomiting, mood fluctuations, spotting, breast tenderness and fatigue.
BABY: the egg continues to grow and differentiate. The yolk sac will supply the embryo with nourishment. The embryo produces the human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone.
DO: Take a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid, eat more fruits, vegetables and protein and drink 2L of water daily.
DON’T: refrain from eating raw or undercooked meat or eggs. Avoid alcohol, drugs, radiation, and smoking.
MOM: Your uterus continues to expand while hormone levels increase daily. The volume of blood in your circulation increases. Symptoms of dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination and mood swings continue.
BABY: many cells are being formed and differentiated into major organs. The most important milestone this month is the beginning of the heartbeat, the limb buds and facial features begin to take shape.
DO: Have a balanced diet and engage in some mild form of exercise.
DON’T: go more than 2 to 3 hours without eating. Avoid caffeinated beverages.
MOM: Expect to have gained some weight. Your energy levels will improve, but you’ll have feelings of dizziness occasionally along with constipation and hemorrhoids.
BABY: Your baby begins to move its limbs around the 10th week. Its genitals begin to form. The baby’s heart beats around 135 beats per minute, and he will begin to form urine and starts exchanging waste products with the placenta.
DO: get plenty of rest and maintain good personal hygiene.
DON’T: lift heavy objects. Skip the oil and spicy food.
MOM: You’ll experience heartburn, indigestion, and constipation. The breast discomfort and darkening of the areola will continue too.
BABY: The fetus will have transparent skin covered with Lanugo. The upper portion of baby’s mouth is formed, and he will start to react to external stimuli.
DO: take extra caution while performing daily tasks. Make a habit of sleeping on your left side for better circulation to the baby.
DON’T: eat raw meat or any food containing raw eggs.
MOM: Your breasts will produce colostrum, the first milk. The growing baby will exert pressure on your back. Some women may experience cramping, called Braxton Hicks contractions.
BABY: You’ll begin to feel baby’s movements. His major internal organs are maturing, and fat is being deposited beneath the skin. Baby’s bone marrow produces red blood cells, and his skin will be covered by a substance called Vernix.
DO: Continue your daily exercise routine and learn some breathing techniques.
DON’T: stand for long periods of time. Practice safe sex to avoid contracting STDs
MOM: You’ll feel out of breath as your uterus rises. The baby’s kick and jerks will be very profound. Avoid sharp movements as you may strain the ligaments in your uterus. The strain of carrying all that extra weight may cause a backache.
BABY: The first stool, called Meconium is developing. Your baby may be able to recognize your voice. His lungs begin to produce surfactant and the baby’s spinal structures, and his brain cells are maturing.
DO: track the baby’s kicks. Maintain correct posture to minimize the back pain.
DON’T: ignore the symptoms of pregnancy-induced hypertension: abdomen pain, headache.

It is not all you got to read in this book. You will have a variety of information about the mother as well as the baby. In addition, this book supplies you with extraordinary information regarding what you can do and what you can’t do during pregnancy.


by Pramod Bajpai

TYPE 2 Diabetes is a way of life long disease- our sustenance decisions can either counteract or advance insulin resistance and resultant diabetes.
Numerous customary diabetes diets depend on meat or grains as the real calorie source. In any case, these procedures have genuine disadvantages. High-supplement, low glycemic stack (GL) nourishment are the ideal sustenance for diabetics, and these sustenance additionally counteract diabetes in any case:
Green vegetables: Nutrient-thick green vegetables – verdant greens, calciferous vegetables, and other green vegetables – are the most imperative nourishment to concentrate on for diabetes aversion and inversion. Higher green vegetable utilization is connected with lower danger of creating sort 2 diabetes, and among diabetics, higher green vegetable admission is connected with lower Hb A1c levels. A late meta-examination found that more prominent verdant green admission was connected with a 14 percent diminish in danger of sort 2 diabetes.
Non-green, non-dull vegetables like mushrooms, onions, garlic, eggplant, peppers, and so forth are basic parts of a diabetes counteractive action (or diabetes inversion) eat less. These sustenance have practically nonexistent consequences for blood glucose and are pressed with fiber and phyto-chemicals.
Beans, lentils, and different vegetables are the perfect starch source. Beans are low in GL because of their direct protein and bounteous fiber and safe starch, sugars that are not separated in the small digestive system. This diminishes the measure of calories that can be assimilated from beans; in addition, safe starch is matured by microorganisms in the colon, shaping items that ensure against colon cancer. Accordingly, bean and vegetable utilization is connected with lessened danger of both diabetes and colon cancer.
Nuts are low in GL, advance weight reduction, and have calming impacts that may keep the improvement of insulin resistance.
Organic products are rich in fiber and anti-oxidants, and are a supplement thick decision for fulfilling sweet yearnings. Eating three servings of crisp organic product every day is connected with a 18 percent diminish in danger of diabetes. For the individuals who are as of now diabetic, I prescribe adhering to low sugar organic products like berries, kiwi, oranges, and melon to minimize glycemic impacts.
An eating routine of vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and new organic product can avoid and even turn around diabetes while advancing long haul well-being.
Natural uncooked nourishment is the best prescription for a wide range of sicknesses. They have their own catalysts. They are not weakened with chemicals. Nourishment, for example, grows, organic products, juices, nuts thus on can be taken crude. Eating an eating routine rich in fiber helps the body to ingest sugars gradually, which thus keeps glucose levels adjusted. Solvent kind of fiber does the best occupation of balancing out glucose levels. Apples, apricots, beets, berries, carrots, citrus natural products, parsnips, and winter squash are a few foods grown from the ground which are rich in dissoluble fiber. Solvent fiber is additionally useful in bringing down hoisted LDL cholesterol levels, a difficult issue in many individuals with diabetes.
Entire grain eating routine- Diet which is a mix of vegetables and organic products get a rich cluster of cell reinforcements, for example, vitamin C. Cell reinforcements keeps the oxidation and harm of corridor dividers, which generally can prompt to plaque develop and coronary illness.
Exercise routine can possibly control the diabetes by non-medicinal means. It lessens the seriousness of the ailment and altogether diminishes the danger of long haul entanglements.

Marijuana, Recreational and Medicinal: The History of Getting Stoned

by Mary Jane

MаrÑ?juаnа Ñ?Ñ? thе соmmоn nаmе fоr thе Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?сhоасtÑ?vе gеnеtÑ?с vаrÑ?аtÑ?оn оf thе саnnаbÑ?Ñ? Ñ?аtÑ?vа Ñ?lаnt. UÑ?еd for оvеr a thousand Ñ?еаrÑ? Ñ?n сеntrаl AÑ?Ñ?а, Ñ?t hаÑ? been smoked fоr оvеr a сеnturÑ? Ñ?n AmеrÑ?са, gаÑ?nÑ?ng wÑ?dе uÑ?аgе durÑ?ng thе соuntеrсulturе 1960’Ñ?, аnd еvеr Ñ?Ñ?nсе thеn hаÑ? bееn thе most widely used Ñ?llÑ?сÑ?t drug Ñ?n AmеrÑ?са.

Thе Ñ?trеngth and Ñ?оtеnсÑ? has Ñ?nсrеаÑ?еd grеаtlÑ? through аdvаnсеÑ? Ñ?n gеnеtÑ?с mаnÑ?Ñ?ulаtÑ?оn and grоwÑ?ng соndÑ?tÑ?оnÑ? (hÑ?drоÑ?оnÑ?сÑ?), аnd tоdаÑ?’Ñ? mаrÑ?juаnа саn be аÑ? much аÑ? 15 tÑ?mеÑ? Ñ?trоngеr than thе drug of thе 1960’Ñ? and 70’s. ThÑ?Ñ? drаmаtÑ?с increase Ñ?n Ñ?оtеnсÑ? hаÑ? nullÑ?fÑ?еd muсh of оur undеrÑ?tаndÑ?ng оf thе еffесtÑ? оf thе drug, аnd аnÑ? rеÑ?еаrсh dоnе оn the Ñ?ntоxÑ?саtÑ?оn аnd dаmаgеÑ? оf thе Ñ?mоkеd drug prior tо аbоut a dесаdе аgо dо nоt ассurаtеlÑ? rеflесt thе rеаlÑ?tÑ?еÑ? оf tоdаÑ?’Ñ? mаrÑ?juаnа.

Thе mаÑ?n асtÑ?vе Ñ?ngrеdÑ?еnt Ñ?Ñ? Dеltа-9-TеtrаhÑ?drосаnnаbÑ?nоl (THC), which bÑ?ndÑ? tо thе CB1 rесеÑ?tоrÑ? оf our саnnÑ?bаnоÑ?d Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?tеmÑ? Ñ?n thе brаÑ?n аnd thrоughоut thе bоdÑ?. It is thе THC thаt gets Ñ?оu high, аnd Ñ?t Ñ?Ñ? thе THC content thаt hаÑ? bееn Ñ?tеаdÑ?lÑ? Ñ?nсrеаÑ?Ñ?ng оvеr thе Ñ?аÑ?t dесаdеÑ?.

Althоugh THC Ñ?Ñ? thе Ñ?rÑ?mаrÑ? Ñ?ntоxÑ?саtÑ?ng асtÑ?vе Ñ?ubÑ?tаnсе, thеrе аrе аn аddÑ?tÑ?оnаl 400 асtÑ?vе оr Ñ?еmÑ? асtÑ?vе Ñ?ubÑ?tаnсе present Ñ?n vаrÑ?Ñ?ng dеgrееÑ? in dÑ?ffеrеnt Ñ?trаÑ?nÑ? оf mаrÑ?juаnа. Of thеÑ?е 400 асtÑ?vе Ñ?ubÑ?tаnсеÑ?, fеw hаvе bееn сlÑ?nÑ?саllÑ? еxÑ?lоrеd, and аlthоugh thеÑ? dо сеrtаÑ?nlÑ? еxеrt Ñ?оmе Ñ?Ñ?Ñ?сhоtrоÑ?Ñ?с Ñ?nfluеnсе, rеÑ?еаrсhеrÑ? dо nоt fully undеrÑ?tаnd whаt thÑ?Ñ? Ñ?nfluеnсе mаÑ? bе. SmоkеrÑ? will rеаlÑ?zе thаt vаrÑ?аtÑ?оnÑ? Ñ?n thе еxÑ?rеÑ?Ñ?Ñ?оn оf thеÑ?е dÑ?ffеrеnt mоlесulеÑ? саuÑ?е the hÑ?gh frоm dÑ?ffеrеnt tÑ?Ñ?еÑ? оf mаrÑ?juаnа tо bе Ô?uÑ?tе dÑ?ffеrеnt.

The Friendly Bacteria: A guide to the friendly flora in your gut. Introduction on how to keep you gut healthy, and recipes for bacteria-friendly foods.

by Eve Bell

Since we were little, we were told that bacteria make us sick. This led to your parents trying to keep surfaces free of the things that can make you ill. Then, you got older and you wondered why you were told to eat yogurt when you were prescribed antibiotics. Turns out, you have bacteria in your small intestine that helps with gut and digestive health. So, you try to look up more information online and get bombarded with websites and sources to comb through that can make your eyes cross. You’ve been looking for a definitive guide to all the friendly bacteria in your gut and how it can be beneficial to you. This is just the guide for you!

The book contains:

  • The Friendly Bacteria
  • Acididophi-what is?
  • Lactobacillus Species
  • Bifidobacterium Species
  • Bacillus Species
  • Streptoccocus Species
  • Friendly Bacteria and Diseases
  • Bacteria and Your Weight
  • Fermented Foods and You
  • Fermentation on the Go!

Smart Logistic: A rota para o futuro nas Smart Cities (Portuguese Edition)

by Marcos Crivelaro

Smart Logistic é a nova logística presente nas megacidades do mundo. O que muda? Veículos elétricos, autõnomos e compartilhados. Tipos de caminhões específicos para entregas rápidas.

The Diabetes Diet: Diet, Exercise and Herbal Supplements that will cure your Diabetes Type 2

by James R. Crosby

If you have Diabetes or know someone who has it, you will want to buy this inexpensive eBook, it has the diet, the exercise and herbal supplements needed for a type 2 diabetic to reverse this disease once and for all.

Acoustic. Sound waves. Radar: Easy course for understanding acoustic, sound waves, radar (Acoustic location)

by Tim D Maxwell

Discover How Easy It Is To Learn About Acoustic, Sound Waves And Radar

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About Everything Worth-Knowing For Acoustic. Sound waves And Radar

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About Acoustic location

This “Acoustic. Sound waves. Radar” Book Can Be Used by General readers Who Are Interested in Physics, As Well As Those Who have Such education.

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This ebook contains proven and interesting facts for acoustic, sound waves and radar

You no longer need to spend a lot of money and time in sourcing for information about the topic. The reaserch included in this book is very easy for understanding.

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ebook:

informational and fun for reading.

=> There are step-by-step directions for understanding the acoustic, sound waves and radar that makes the process of reading much easier and quicker.

=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.

=> The ebook comes with table of contents which made switching to your preferred and desirable chapter very easy

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Geology for beginners: Easy course for understanding geology (Geology explained )

by Tim D Rontail

Discover How Easy It Is To Learn About Geology

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About Everything Worth-Knowing For Geology

By Reading This Book You Will Learn In The Easiest Way Geology

This Geology for Beginners Book Can Be Used by General readers who are interested in Geology, As Well As Those Who have Such education.

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This ebook contains proven steps for learing geology

You no longer need to spend a lot of money and time in sourcing for information about the topic. The reaserch included in this book is very easy for understanding.

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ebook:

informational and fun for reading.

=> There are step-by-step directions for understanding the geology that makes the process of reading much easier and quicker.

=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.

=> The ebook comes with table of contents which made switching to your preferred and desirable chapter very easy

Take Action Right Away To Read Geology for Beginners From The Comfort of Your Home.

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Caroline Explains: A sweet & sassy romance! (Poet, Oregon Book 2)

by Ronnie Roberts

Marriages of convenience went out with hoop skirts, yet Carolyn and Ace jump in, feet first to save a little girl.

When shy and reclusive Caroline Allen’s landlord, reserved business man Ace Townsend shows up at her door with a tiny, silent girl named Piper, a battered little suitcase and an staggering letter of explanation from her mother, Caroline has no choice but to listen to Ace’s astonishing story and scandalous planâ?¦

The next step in the “save Piper plan”?

It’s outrageous, a complete shot in the dark.

It just might workâ??and save them all.

Read the entire Poet Oregon series:

Book One – The Fixer Upper
Book Two – Caroline Explains
Book Three – Nailed It
Book Four – Sweet Spot

Miko and Yashira: A Houston Love Story

by Selena

Thirty-two-year-old Mikal “Miko” Bailey’s grandmother has been his backbone from birth, always holding him down. So, when she told him to be careful when it comes to loving a broken person, he should have listened. Not heeding her warnings, he gave his heart to the ambitious, alluring, outgoing, and clever Yashira Green. She was every young boy’s dream. Yashira went from being Miko’s high school crush to his college love, and now she’s his baby mama from hell. He now realizes that you can’t turn a thot into a housewife, and you can’t make a carrier a mother. In the beginning, they had everything a young couple in love could want, so what could possibly go wrong?

Yashira is set on a course of pure mayhem after the birth of their daughter. Their relationship comes to an end. Now bitter, scorned, and hateful, she enlists the help of her new love and is determined to make Miko pay for leaving her. She wants to ruin all of his chances of happiness, even if that means taking away the one thing she knows he holds dear to his heart. But will pleasing her new man prove to be detrimental? Can she get ahold of things before they get too far gone? Will she be able to right the wrong she has caused?

Miko has his work cut out for him when he finds himself on the end of Yashira’s wrath. When Yashira finally crosses the line and almost cost Miko his freedom, all bets are off, and there is no more mister nice guy. Getting help, he does what he has to do to stay a free man, all for the sake of his daughter. In the middle of all this chaos, he meets the curvaceous and confident Maiyah who, unknown to him, may just be the one person who can bring Yashira’s antics to a stop. Will Miko find happiness with Maiyah, or will he find out that his new boo holds just as many salacious secrets as his baby mama?

Zaruv: A Sci-Fi Alien Dragon Romance (Aliens of Dragselis Book 1)

by Zara Zenia

My new patient is odd…because he says he’s from another planet. And can shift into a dragon.
Oh, on top of that, he’s a prince.
But maybe I’m crazy, too.
Because after getting to know him, I wouldn’t mind becoming his princess.

Jennifer is a nurse that runs a free clinic on Vaxivia. She has no time for dating and fights for the health and well-being of her Vaxivian people. That is, until one day when she encounters a strange patient in her clinic.

Prince Zaruv just started his exile along with his three younger brothers, which was a common tradition in a new king’s reign. They were supposed to get to Dragselis, but were attacked and their ship and crew went crashing toward Vaxivia.

They got scattered throughout the land during the crash. Zaruv was injured while landing, but luckily he was found by the local children and brought to the free clinic.

He needs to hide the fact that he’s an alien dragon shifter from Jennifer, the beautiful human nurse taking care of him, for fear that she may not help knowing what he is. But he needs her help as he has no one else to turn to. He can’t help but start to feel attraction towards her.

Will Jennifer still help him after finding out he is an alien? What will happen to them when the locals find out that he’s not from this planet? Will they end up together or will fate and the rest of the Vaxivian society have other plans for them?

Zaruv is the first book in the new Aliens of Dragselis series. This is a science fiction romance story that has a workaholic human female nurse and the dominant alien dragon shifter who shows her love. Each book in this page-turning alien dragon shifter, science fiction series has no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

The Sweet Taste of Sin (The Fontaines Book 1)

by Ember Casey

A sizzling standalone romance by USA Today bestseller Ember Casey.

Never trust a bad boy with your heart. Especially when that bad boy is one of Hollywood’s notorious Fontaine brothers…

Ashlyn just wants to move on with her life. Run her bakery. Heal her broken heart. She’s had three years to try and forget Dante Fontaine.

To the rest of the world, Dante is Hollywood royalty, the ridiculously attractive oldest son of the notorious Fontaine family.

To Ashlyn? He’s the guy who made her swear off men forever.

But when an accidental–and humiliating–encounter brings him back into her life, Ashlyn realizes that no matter how hard she’s tried to forget him, Dante definitely hasn’t forgotten her.

â?¦and this time, he’s not going to let her go.

Meet the Fontaines: Hollywood royalty. L.A.’s most notorious bad boys. Permanent stars of the tabloids. And the wickedest, most devilish lovers around…

Book 0 – The Secret to Seduction (Felicia Liddle + Roman Everet)
Book 1 – The Sweet Taste of Sin (Dante Fontaine + Ashlyn Worth)
Book 2 – The Lies Between the Lines (Luca Fontaine + Emilia Torres)
Book 3 – The Mystery of You (Rafe Fontaine + Edie Marshall)
Book 4 – The Thrill of Temptation (Orlando Fontaine + Maggie Blankenship)

Protecting My Heart (Valentine Bay Book 1)

by Melanie Shawn

Welcome to Valentine Bay!

Ella Fletcher spent all of high school in love with the boy next door–her best friend, Donovan. It was never more than that, but she fooled herself into believing friendship was enough.

Donovan Valentine knew he could never make a move on his best friend Ella. After all, she depended on him. He was the only stable man in her life. If denying his feelings was the price he had to pay for protecting hers, then he was more than willing to pay it.

Celebrating their high school graduation, they drunkenly took part in a marriage ceremony using fake IDs. But now, fifteen years later, it turns out that the IDs weren’t so fake, and neither is the marriage.

When Donovan returns to Valentine Bay to straighten things out, will this accident turn into the best thing that ever happened to them?

*** Standalone romance with HEA and no cliffhanger ***

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

Double the Trouble: Angel Romance Series (The Destiny Collection Book 3)

by Rachel Taylor

Two girls desperate for a chance at a new life. Twin angels with supernatural powers. Can love work a miracle for all of them?

Maddy didn’t think her rotten life could get any worse until her whole world collapsed underneath her, leaving her with no home, no money, and no hope. Lissy has everything she could ever want, except a donor to save her from life-threatening kidney disease.

The only thing half-angel twins Maddock and Cheydan have in common is a devilishly handsome face, until they each meet a girl in desperate need of angelic intervention.

Maddock longs to rescue Maddy, but she pushes him away, afraid to depend on anyone else and convinced she isn’t worth loving. Meanwhile, Cheydan is busy falling for Lissy and risking his job and his integrity to help her find an organ donor.

When a startling discovery tears the two couples apart, the twins know only a miracle can heal the girls who’ve rejected them. But are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the girls they love?

Double the Trouble is the third book in The Destiny Collection, a series of clean, angel romance novels that can be read in order or as stand-alones.

If you like sweet, heartwarming, romance novels with charming characters and a touch of mystery, you’ll fall for Double the Trouble!

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To Love and to Honor: Expanded (Brides of Evergreen Book 4)

by Heather Blanton

Faith. Honor. Love. Which one will they sacrifice?

Wounded cavalry soldier Joel Chapman is struggling to find his place in the world of able-bodied men when he meets pregnant and unwed Angela Fairbanks. The daughter of a cold and ruthless cattle baron, she is terrified her father will disown her when he learns of the baby. Joel, touched by Angela’s plight, brashly offers to pose as her husband for one day and then abandon her, thus restoring her honor.

But so much can happen in a dayâ?¦

Grab your copy today!

Other books by Author Heather Blanton:

Romance in the Rockies Series

A Lady in Defiance, book 1

His town. Her God. Let the battle begin.

Hearts in Defiance, book 2

Men make mistakes. God will forgive them. Will their women?

A Promise in Defiance, book 3

Choices have consequences…even for the redeemed

Standalone books

Grace be a Lady

Act like a man. Think like a lady.

In Time for Christmas

Charlene needs a miracle. God had one waiting…a hundred years in the past.

Love, Lies, & Typewriters

A soldier with a purple heart. A reporter with a broken heart. Which one is her Mr. Right?

Brides of Evergreen Series (standalone books)

Hang Your Heart on Christmas, book 1

He wants justice–some say revenge. She wants peace. A deep betrayal may deny them everything.

Ask Me to Marry You, book 2

Here comes the bride, and he’s not happy.

Mail-Order Deception, book 3

Secret identities lead to stolen hearts. 
Can love survive the truth? 

To Love and to Honor, book 4

Faith. Honor. Love. Which one will they sacrifice?

Books in Collections (All standalone books):

Locket Full of Love

Locket and Lace Book 5

Was her husband a sinner or a saint? A spy or a traitor?

Hell-Bent on Blessings

Brides of Blessings Book 3

Though she be but little, she is fierce

For the Love of Liberty A Time Travel Novel

Timeless Love Book 4

Give me Liberty. Or give me death.

A Good Man Comes Around

Sweethearts of Jubilee Springs Book 8

She has a list of qualifications for her groom. 
He doesn’t measure up. 

Daughter of Defiance

Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Book 6
Though her sins be as scarlet…

The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up, Happiness Soldiers

by Christina Unrein

Is happiness an impossible goal or a simple choice?

In this concise book, readers can have fun exploring deep life questions and design their ideal lives around happiness. This book supports people internalizing their individual happiness and helps them move to a choice-filled, limitless, authentic state.

It creates a challenging and fun space to discover, choose, embrace, and expand happiness.
The book is designed to offer a wide variety of methods to enhance and achieve happiness especially through experiences focused on reading, drawing, speaking, visualizing, writing, and acting.

Readers interested in creating or strengthening their happiness mindset won’t be disappointed. Happiness can always expand, and those looking to increase their happiness will find many novel ideas to consider. This book is a supportive guide on anyone’s happiness journey.

First Light: A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

by Bethanee Rajchman

Jemma Glick, a young Amish woman, leaves the community after the death of both her parents to reconnect with her past in the English world. She finds herself once more embroiled in the love of one Kingsley Turner, her college sweetheart and present NBA star for the Miami Heat. However in the decade, they’ve been separated, the life of a NBA star has taken its toll on the man Jemma used to know. Will she stick around when his demons come out to play?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

The 12 Books of Motivation and Life Tips: Book 1 January

by Anthony Grimley

Do you want to get things done?
Do you want to stop procrastinating?

This book gives you short and simple daily motivational tips plus simple psychological tricks to help you achieve your goals.

With inspirational advice for health, general well-being, finance, mindfulness and self-belief. Each book combines to create a year-long companion, your personal motivational coach, to keep you motivated and inspired.

Supercharge your will power! Unlock your secret potential! Get this book and take action!

The Bigfoot Field Journal: Pacific Northwest (Chasing Bigfoot Book 1)

by J.P. Riley

This is the first book of my new Bigfoot Field Journal series that I’ve been working on. I started this field journal so that I could document and share my Bigfoot field adventures with the world! follow along as I head deep into a remote area of Tillamook State Forest in northern Oregon on a search for Bigfoot! I also added quite a few color photos throughout the book that I took in the field. Within every chapter the color pictures help the reader follow along with the timeline of events as the story unfolds. It’s been quite the adventure so far and I’m very excited to share my experiences with the world. This book is suitable and appropriate for all ages. I’d like to thank everyone for reading my books and for all of the your support. If you enjoyed reading this book or would like to tell me about your encounters with Bigfoot please feel free to leave a comment for me under the feedback and don’t forget to follow my new adventures on my blog. I’ll be posting a video of this adventure as well so make sure to check my author page and follow me if you haven’t already. You can find a link to my blog on my author page along with a few short videos that I’ve recently posted. Thanks again for all your support.

Father. Forgive them : A Resurrection Story

by Sarah Holman

Jonathan was happy that this blasphemer would die. His only regret was that the Romans, not his people, would carry out justice. Yet, his world is rocked with a few words spoken from the cross.

A 5,000 word short story

Sermones cristianos: Bosquejos para predicar (Biblia) .b (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

Este libro está compuesto por bosquejos o sermones de la Biblia listos para estudiar y enseñar la palabra de Dios a grupos e iglesias. Estudios debidamente organizados, con alto contenido bíblico, enriquecidos con notas y comentarios que tienen en cuenta el contexto, la cultura, historia, geografía y significado de palabras claves (según sea el caso) sin dejar de lado las notas prácticas y actuales para nuestro diario vivir.

Es una herramienta de apoyo y consulta para predicar y estudiar la Biblia, los sermones están bosquejados de manera sencilla y fácil de usar. Cada mensaje contiene una introducción, varios puntos principales de exposición bíblica (cada uno con sus respectivas notas y comentarios) y una conclusión.

�ste libro es el resultado de horas de estudio, investigación y mejoramiento del material que Dios en su bondad me ha enseñado y permitido impartir. Espero que puedas tenerlo, estudiarlo y que sea en tus manos un instrumento de apoyo y bendición para tu vida y para el servicio a Dios.

Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.

Bible: Faith Verses

by Win Verses LLC

Genesis 1
[3] And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
[5] â?¦ And the evening and the morning were the first day.

Scripture reveals the Sun was created first, not the earth, as we all know today.

Genesis 1
[9] And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto ‘one place’…

Scientists have proven that all sea water was historically all in â??one place’.

Psalms 102
[25] … and the heavens are the work of thy hands.
[26] They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:

We now know the Sun or any star has a life expectancy.

Isaiah 51
[13] … the LORD thy maker, that hath stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundations of the earth; â?¦

Science has proven that the universe is constantly expanding.

Isaiah 40
[22] It is He that sitteth upon the ‘circle’ of the earth…

Of course we now know the earth is round as opposed to flat.

Genesis 28:14 â?¦and in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

From the scientific revolution to industrial revolution and current information age progress has multiplied in the past 100 years than any other time in history.

Joshua 21
[45] There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.

A movie called ‘Patterns of Evidence’ proves the existence of Israel’s Exodus via archeological proof. Available on Netflix.

Other verses of interest:

Deuteronomy 28
[13] And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath;…

Genesis 12:2: And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

Pi = 3.141592

Savor: Finding the Big Life of Your Dreams in Small Quiet Places

by Holly LaChappell

Jesus has much to share with you and deposit into your heart, mind and soul. He wants you to know in every fiber of your being if He calls you to a quiet time of being sequestered, (isolated with Him) He’s going to do something amazing and for your good! He is going to create a breakthrough! God wants to trust you with His divine, transformational thoughts. Are you listening? Do you realize He is setting you apart for such a time as this? He has reserved this time with you for His special use and plans. Get awed, get excited! He has something unique for you; a dream to be realized! Will you be still before Him and savor the One who is the keeper of your dreams and your very life?

“Lazarus come out,” Jesus said in a loud voice calling the dead man out of the tomb. Lazarus came out, fully alive! Jesus said, “Take off the grave clothes and let him go.” John 11:44

What about you? Where is Jesus calling you to take off your old grave clothes so that you can live a vibrant fully alive life through Him? Take them off and give them to Him! He has new things for you to do! He has a great calling upon your life, a grand purpose and a big dream for you when you allow yourself to be still and sequestered before Him!

Christmas Reunion Boxed Set

by Morris Fenris

A clean wholesome romance collection that’s touching and tender.

6 Sweet Christmas Romance novels in this gripping box set from Amazon’s No. 1 Best Selling author, Morris Fenris.

Do you love stories that touch your heart? Then you will love all six romance novels in this box set. All novels are readers’ favorites with over 300 5-Star reviews. These have been put together for a short time only for your reading pleasure.

6 Novels, over quarter million words of touching and tender romance.

Enjoy these clean and wholesome love stories with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. An inspiring Christian romance collection that will warm your heart and your soul at Christmas and all year long.

If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books and Boxed Set Book Bundle Collections by Morris Fenris.

Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange â??Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab the box set and get 6 novels you won’t want to put down!

The Heartbeat of Home

by Mary Ferguson

“It was like they were stuck in an infernal time warp. “

Nathanael Flowers and Ruby Childress, lifelong sweethearts, are in an unhealthy relationship. Nathanael doesn’t want marriage or even one woman, and Ruby just wants Nathanael even at the cost of her faith. They do have one thing in common; they love each other passionately. Is that enough to satisfy and sustain them through the years?

At turns, this romance is sweet, funny, vexing, sad, but it’s always gripping as it explores the guilt of a Christian and a nonbeliever in a sinful relationship.

Christmas Gifts: Four Stories of Faith

by Tom King

Authors Tom King and Mary Katherine Keen dig into their hearts to share these four touching, uplifting, and memorable short stories based on real life events. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all you’ll recall the spirit of Christmas and remember to cherish all you hold dear. Stories include:

~ Mr. Micah’s Christmas
~ Shaggy Christmas Angel
~ Christmas Gifts and Change
~ Visitation

Eppie: My Delight Is in Her

by Betty Christian

Eppie is the story of a young woman whose uncle helps counter her poor relationship with her mother by sending her spiritual books and spiritual instruction. Thenâ?¦ he leaves her his donut shop. It’s a new place for her and a new career and where she meets a tall fella in a Stetson hat. Along with the undaunted interest of this tall guy, she finds friends who are like family. Oh, yes, and she takes part in a miracle.

Mindfulness: A Practice of Inner Peace in the Present Moment to have Less Stress and Anxiety (Meditation, Mindfulness, Zen, Yoga, Stress, Anxiety, Happiness)

by Joe Master

Discover how to declutter your mind, Have inner peace and enjoy life in every moment

How can you be happy when you have to work all the time? What about when you struggle to earn enough to put food on the table? The fact is that everyone has their own personal ax to grind, but it shouldn’t mean that you approach life with any less positivity.
Mindfulness is about being present in your life. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you are fully present, you can use your senses to enjoy the moment more. For example, when you take a cup of your favorite breakfast drink, feel the warmth of the cup. I teach people to use mindfulness to help them through difficult tasks that they have to do which would otherwise get in the way of their happiness. By placing yourself in the moment, you get those tasks done in half of the time and can use the rest of your time to actually get on with life.
I’ll teach you how to use meditation and yoga to quiet your mind and enjoy life in the moment by creating a state of zen.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Why Practice Mindfulness
  • How Often do You Need to Practice Mindfulness?
  • Zen, Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga Techniques

Download your book today for a limited time discount of only $2.99!!

(Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Stress, Anxiety, Happiness)

The Seven Laws of Abundant Living: Lessons Learned from The Tree of Life

by Eric Walker

The Torah, the Bible, the Tree of Lifeâ??God’s Word is a set of instructions for everyone who wants to live a victorious, joyful, and abundant life.
The Seven Laws of Abundant Living explains a parable relating to the Tree of Life that the Lord spoke to Eric Walkerâ??a Messianic Rabbi. The parable opens wide the unique components of the Word and the physical Tree of Life that is introduced in Genesis and again in Revelation.

The LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the groundâ??trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. In the middle of the garden was the tree of lifeâ?¦ (Genesis 2:9).

The parable reveals seven aspects of the Tree of Life: The ground, the seed, the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, and the fruit.

Each of these components brings seven life-changing conclusions to light that stimulate spiritual growth and maturity. The simple yet profound image is powerful and compels you into self-examination to assure your spiritual health and growth in each of the areas God wanted Eric Walker to share with you.

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God (Revelation 2:7).

The Revelation of John the Apostle: A New Rendition (Brigham Young University New Testament Commentary)

by Michael D. Rhodes

The New Rendition of the book of Revelation provides a modern English translation of the Greek text while remaining true to the Apostle John’s intent. This translation is excerpted from The Revelation of John the Apostle by Richard D. Draper and Michael D. Rhodes.

The text of Revelation in the King James Version seems oblique and in some cases inexplicable, but this New Rendition clarifies many misunderstood or misinterpreted passages and helps make John’s powerful testimony more understandable and applicable to the modern disciple. The authors have studied, taught, and published scholarly works on the book of Revelation for decades and aim to make the text accessible with this version. Insights into the meaning of this grand apocalyptic book are drawn from early Christian perspectives, Latter-day Saint scriptures, and a panoply of references to churches, angels, trumpets, seals, signs, beasts, and elders leading to the great marriage supper of the Lamb of God and the establishment of the celestial New Jerusalem.

This Rendition is part of the BYU New Testament Commentary series. This scholarly project aims to create a faithful modern English translation together with a full, in-depth, carefully researched Latter-day Saint commentary for each book on the New Testament. More of the New Rendition and commentary volumes will be added in coming months and years. As of 2019, volumes have been published on Mark, Luke, First Corinthians, and Revelation.

Developing a Heart of Worship: Discover how you can connect Deeper with God

by Benn Wamae

This is a book that tends to help readers get to understand how they can know and worship God in a deeper way. Those who have interacted with the author understands his passion for worship and this book sums up deep teachings on the topic of worship. Your spirit will be refreshed and revived as you read this book.

JESUS SAYS, ‘Think Right, Speak Right, Do Right’ (The JESUS SAYS Series)

by James McMorris Jr.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.” – SAINT JOHN 3:16-17

Praise JESUS CHRIST! HOLY SPIRIT, Please HELP Me! Have your thoughts been creating an atmosphere around you that you would like to see changed? Do you sometimes feel as if you cannot think properly, or that your life can improve? Let 7 time writer James McMorris Jr. show you With THE HELP OF THE BLESSED HOLY GHOST Show you how to overcome in any adverse situation, in order that you’d live a life pleasing and acceptable to ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST, Our CREATOR, LORD AND GOD . Amen.

Millionaire Mindset: 7 track hypnosis programme: How to Become a Money Magnet (Success Abounds Book 2)

by Success Abounds

Have you ever wondered why some people make it big, while others fail at the first hurdle? Are the people that make it just lucky? In the right place at the right time?

Not at all!

This millionaire mindset is something that can be learned by anyone and the Success Abounds programme teaches you exactly how to achieve this. In this programme you will learn many methods and techniques that will help reprogramme your subconscious mind. The first part of the programme has been designed to help you let go of any resistance that has prevented you from achieving your goal, and part two of the programme helps you implant new, positive messages, which will enable you to move toward your goals with a motivated and self-assured attitude.

The Success Abounds programme incorporates a unique and never before seen combination of NLP and hypnosis that have helped countless people overcome their problems and achieve their goals throughout the world.

The Success Abounds programme incorporates a unique and never before seen combination of NLP and hypnosis that have helped countless people overcome their problems and achieve their goals throughout the world.

What will is included in this ebook?
* Unlimited access to 7 online Hypnosis/NLP tracks that can easily accessed and listened to through the Success Abounds website.
* Instructions on how to use the hypnosis tracks.
* Theory behind the programme, including Hypnosis, NLP, Switchwords, Questioning
* FREE GIFT – Attracting Wealth Book Bundle. 2 FREE ebooks included with every purchase.
* How to access the hypnosis recordings (Can be found on the final page of the ebook)

When you purchase this programme you will be given unlimited access to 7 online Hypnosis/NLP tracks that can easily accessed and listened to through the Success Abounds website.

Track information

Track 1 – The Resistance Blaster. This recording seamlessly blends hypnosis and NLP to identify and destroy the root causes of why you are finding it difficult to make money.

Track 2 – Reframing – In this recording you will be lead through a visualisation process which will break down any negative beliefs that you are hold about money.

Track 3 – Theatre – A Guided NLP track which aims to help you put any fears or negativity you hold about becoming successful into perspective.

Track 4 – Hypnosis including questioning affirmations. This hypnosis track uses questioning affirmations to implant positive beliefs about your future and will motivate you to achieve your goals.

Track 5 – The Power Within. This recording implants positive beliefs in your subconscious mind which will allow you gain a more positive outlook on your skills and abilities to make it rich.

Track 6 – Swirling. This guided visualisation track switches negative beliefs or emotions into positive.

Track 7 – Hypnosis including Switchwords. This hypnosis track incorporates Switchwords to implant positive beliefs into your subconscious mind. Research has shown that particular ‘Switchwords’ are words which are able to quickly change any negative thoughts into positive ones.

1962 – Sermons of William Marrion Branham

by William Branham

Sermons of William Marrion Branham

Have you ever read your Bible and wondered where is the God of Elijah Who called down the Pillar of Fire or raised up the dead? Why don’t we have prophets today like we read about in the Bible? Where are the miracles that were always present with every true servant of God? The Holy Scriptures certainly promise that we would have prophets today, so where are they? Did the hope of God sending a Message to the earth die two thousand years ago when the last verse of the Bible was written? Although many of the modern denominations would have you believe that the days of miracles is past and prophets are no longer needed, God HAS sent a man in these last days with THUS SAITH THE LORD, and yes, miracles followed his Message.

Contained within the text of this ebook is an opportunity to read the words spoken by such a man, who not only preached the Bible from Genesis to Revelation but also demonstrated the power of Jesus Christ being the same yesterday, today and forever.

“Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people that they may follow me, or join my church, or start some fellowship and organization. I have never done that and will not do that now. I have no interest in those things, but I do have an interest in the things of God and people, and if I can accomplish just one thing I will be satisfied. That one thing is to see established a true spiritual relationship between God and men, wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word. I would invite, plead and warn all to hear His voice at this time, and yield your lives completely to Him, even as I trust in my heart that I have given my all to Him. God bless you, and may His coming rejoice your heart.” – William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages.

This is ebook is book 11 of the entire collection of his sermons. In this ebook is a total compilation of the 102 sermons of Reverend William Marrion Branham preached in 1962. Every effort has been made to accurately transfer the verbal Message from the magnetic tape recording to the electronic page, and is transcribed unabridged and distributed by Voice Of God Recordings.

©2010 Voice Of God Recordings,
All Rights Reserved

1963 – Sermons of William Marrion Branham

by William Branham

Sermons of William Marrion Branham

Have you ever read your Bible and wondered where is the God of Elijah Who called down the Pillar of Fire or raised up the dead? Why don’t we have prophets today like we read about in the Bible? Where are the miracles that were always present with every true servant of God? The Holy Scriptures certainly promise that we would have prophets today, so where are they? Did the hope of God sending a Message to the earth die two thousand years ago when the last verse of the Bible was written? Although many of the modern denominations would have you believe that the days of miracles is past and prophets are no longer needed, God HAS sent a man in these last days with THUS SAITH THE LORD, and yes, miracles followed his Message.

Contained within the text of this ebook is an opportunity to read the words spoken by such a man, who not only preached the Bible from Genesis to Revelation but also demonstrated the power of Jesus Christ being the same yesterday, today and forever.

“Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people that they may follow me, or join my church, or start some fellowship and organization. I have never done that and will not do that now. I have no interest in those things, but I do have an interest in the things of God and people, and if I can accomplish just one thing I will be satisfied. That one thing is to see established a true spiritual relationship between God and men, wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word. I would invite, plead and warn all to hear His voice at this time, and yield your lives completely to Him, even as I trust in my heart that I have given my all to Him. God bless you, and may His coming rejoice your heart.” – William Branham, An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages.

This is ebook is book 12 of the entire collection of his sermons. In this ebook is a total compilation of the 95 sermons of Reverend William Marrion Branham preached in 1963. Every effort has been made to accurately transfer the verbal Message from the magnetic tape recording to the electronic page, and is transcribed unabridged and distributed by Voice Of God Recordings.

©2010 Voice Of God Recordings,
All Rights Reserved

An Unconventional Miracle: Faith, Success and the Power of Perception

by Ron Walker

An Unconventional Miracle

Faith is what faith does.

If you don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it, but if you’re willing to go out on a limb and think differently, believe differently, and perhaps act just a little bit differently, your faith will start to activate miracles in your life and you’ll begin to receive differently.

Believe differently, receive differently.

About the Author:

Ron Walker is the Associate Pastor of Fresh Bread Christian Ministries, Overseer of Better Way Ministries, President/Chairman of The Youth Can Foundation and Owner of Goliath Social Media Management based in Atlanta, GA. He has been writing, speaking, building businesses and ministering for over 15 years. He delivers a powerful message of faith, focus and determination. He is a licensed and ordained Christian minister that holds degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology and Psychology.

Contact the Author:


Sermones bíblicos: Bosquejos de la Biblia para predicar (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

Este libro está compuesto por bosquejos cristianos debidamente organizados, con alto contenido bíblico, enriquecidos con notas y comentarios que tienen en cuenta el contexto, la cultura, historia, geografía y significado de palabras claves (según sea el caso) sin dejar de lado las notas prácticas y actuales para nuestro diario vivir.

Es una herramienta de apoyo y consulta para predicar y estudiar la palabra de Dios. Contiene cinco sermones que esperamos bendigan tu vida y la de aquellos a quienes puedas enseñar o compartir.

Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free reference Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

The Astonishingly Simple Guide on How to Get into PA School (The First Time)

by Cody Vann

This book is designed to break down the complex process of getting accepted into PA school into easy to follow steps. It is a great tool for pre-med students, parents of pre-med students and for anyone who is trying to get into PA school.

It outlines high yield strategies to help you get into PA school on your first attempt and in the process save you time and money. It blends the author’s personal experience with extensive research done on the subject of PA school acceptance strategies to create a simplified guide on How to Get into PA School on your first attempt.

The book compares different medical professions to ensure that becoming a PA is a good choice for you! It then breaks down the process of applying to PA school into easy to follow steps. Finally, it outlines strategies to maximize your life experiences to help you get into PA school.

Strategies outlined include interview strategies, personal statement strategies, PA school application strategies, strategies to maximize your college experience and how to gain high-quality clinical experience prior to PA school

Essential Agile: Agile Playbook for Consultants, Scrum Masters, Executives and Coaches

by iCertify Training NYC

The Single – Source, Comprehensive Guide to Agile for All Team Members, Managers and Executives. If you want to use Agile to develop innovative products and services that delight your customers, Essential Agile is the complete, single-source reference you’ve been searching for. From leading Agile coach and trainer this playbook illuminates the values, principles and practices of Agile and describes flexible, proven approaches that can help you implement it far more effectively.

Whether you are new to Agile or years into your use, this book will introduce, clarify and deepen your Agile knowledge at the team, product and portfolio levels. Drawing from ‘s experience helping hundreds of organizations succeed with Agile, this book provides easy-to-digest descriptions enhanced by more than two hundred illustrations based on an entirely new visual icon language for describing Agile’s roles, artifacts and activities.

Essential Agile will provide every team member, manager and executive with a common understanding of Agile, a shared vocabulary they can use in applying it and practical knowledge for deriving maximum value from it.

“Agile coaches, you’re gonna be happy with this book. ICertify has created an indispensable resource for us. Do you have a manager that just doesn’t ‘get it’? Hand them this book and ask them to flip to Chapter 3 for a complete explanation of how Agile is less risky than plan-driven management. It’s written just for them in management speak. Want to help the team come to a common understanding of Agile? The visual icon language used throughout this book will help you help them. These are just two ways this book can aid you to coach Agile teams. Use it well” – Lyssa Adkins, Coach of Agile Coaches, Agile Coaching Institute, author, Coaching Agile Teams.

“One of the best, most comprehensive descriptions of the core Agile framework out there! Essential Agile is for anyone new to or experienced with Agile-who’s interested in the most important aspects of the process. ICertify does an excellent job of distilling the key tenets of the Agile framework into a simple format with compelling visuals. As a Agile coach for many teams, I continually reference the material for new ways to help teams that are learning and practicing the framework. I’ve seen Agile continually misinterpreted and poorly implemented by big companies and tool vendors for more than ten years. Reading this book will help you get back to the basics and focus on what’s important” – Joe Balistrieri, Process Development Manager, Rockwell Automation

“Corporate IT leadership, which has been slow to embrace agile methods, would benefit immensely from giving a copy of this book to all of their project and delivery managers. ICertify has laid out in this book all the pragmatic business case and process materials needed for any corporate IT shop to successfully implement Agile” – John F. Bauer III, veteran of technical solution delivery in large corporate IT shops

“ICertify’s extensive experience as a consultant, trainer and past managing director of the Agile Alliance is evident in this book. Along with providing the basics and introduction to Agile, this book addresses the questions of masses-what happens to project managers? Essential Agile helps us understand the big picture and guides how organization leaders can support and be involved with their Agile teams for successful agile transformations” – Sameer S. Bendre CSM, PMP, Senior Consultant, 3i Infotech Incorporated

“If you’re new to agile development or to Agile, this book will give you a flying start. The examples and descriptions are clear and vivid and you’ll often find yourself asking a question just before the book addresses that very topic” – Johannes Brodwall, Principal Solution Architect, Steria Norway

How I Make $100,000 a Month: A Step by Step Guide

by G Stevens

“Stevens delivers a blisteringly fast paced, no nonsense guide that will give you everything you need to start making some money”
“This guide is short and sweet, but quite frankly, a git from God”

The author will take you step by step through starting up a profitable business and earning revenue streams, no shady tactics, just the facts. A culmination of years of research and sifting through fraudulent claim after fraudulent claim, To finally reveal the strategy that will make you RICH.

Purity Yoga Asana Bible : Your expression & Your Flow Guide

by Rebecca Widmayer

Complete Yoga Asana Teacher Training Manuel. Over 25 yoga postures and individual detail of: Sanskrit, anatomical breakdown, benefits, therapeutic applications, contraindications, metaphysical, chakra, teaching instructions, tips, affirmations & essential oil. Great guide for students and teachers.

Practical Artificial Intelligence with Machine learning: Using Python

by Narendra Mohan Mittal

How to Use This Book

This book is for Students, data scientists, machine Learning experts and professionals, and researchers in academia who want to understand the understanding of machine learning approaches/algorithms in practice using Python. This book presents some common machine learning and Artificial intelligence, associated technologies and their relationship. It will help the reader grab some important concepts.

Table of Contents

1.The Evolution of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
2.Artificial Intelligence: The New AI Rising
3.General Introduction to Machine Learning
4.The Practical Concepts of Machine Learning
5.I Am the Future: Machine Learning in Action
6.Overview of Deep Learning
7.Learning Clusters and Recommendations
8.Chatbots using Python
9.Machine Learning, Statistics, and Data Analytics
10.Natural Language Processing
11.Market Research and AI
12.Career Opportunities in Machine Learning
13.Applications of Machine Learning
14.Make Them Smart, Make Them Learn with Machine learning
15.Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence

The Evolution of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning has a strong scientific foundation, which includes studies of pattern reorganization, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, self-optimization, nature-inspired algorithms, and others.
We are using it for online entertainment (Netflix), practical speech recognition (Apple’s Siri), effective web searching, and improving our understanding of the human genome. Machine learning answered the questions of how to build intelligent computers and software that improve their capabilities by themselves through self-learning and assist humans in all walks of life.
Machine learning will help us make sense of an increasingly complex world. Already we are exposed to more data than what our sensors can cope with or our brains can process. Information repositories available online today contain massive amounts of digital text and are now so big that they cannot be processed manually.

Artificial Intelligence: The New AI Rising

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad field of study encompassing this complex problem solving and the human-like ability to sense, act, and reason. One goal of AI can be to create smart machines that think and act like humans, with the ability to simulate intelligence and produce decisions through processes in a similar manner to human reasoning.

When do we apply machine learning?

– When the system needs to be dynamic, self-learning and adaptive.
– At the time of multiple iterative and complex procedures.
– If the decision has to be taken instantly and real time.
– When we have complex multiple sources and a huge amount of
time series data.

Applications of machine learning

– Machine insight and computer vision, including object recognition
– Natural language processing, syntactic pattern recognition
– Search engines, medical analysis, brain-machine interfaces
– Detecting credit card fraud, stock market analysis, classifying DNA
– Speech and handwriting recognition, Adaptive websites, Robot
– Computational advertising, computational finance, health monitoring
– Sentiment analysis/opinion mining, affective computing, information
– Recommender systems, optimization of systems

About the Author

Narendra Mohan Mittal is the Founder and Chairman of Thesis Scientist and he is working in the field of Data Science/big data/machine learning/deep learning space. He has more than 10 years in Research and Teaching and he is very active in the Big Data, Data Science and Machine learning.

SPEED READING in 10 pages REAL PRINCIPLES using technology nutrition universal medical advice focus: oxygen water physical exercises sleep general health … ebooks reviews stars (Smart digital USER)

by Daniel Peter

Daniel Peter is my pseudonym (alias). I will tell you only that I live in Italy, so English is not my native language. I just paid for a one-year subscription for premium services. I feel so ashamed whenever I see my mistakes, but as they say: ‘to err is human, to edit is divine’. I’m sorry for all my grammar mistakes. I like to read, and I think that reading is one of the most critical investment. You will save a lot of time, money and health by not repeating others universal mistakes. You will always find shorter and smarter paths in life. Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day, his investment lieutenant at Berkshire Hathaway, Todd Combs reads 1000 (he is younger), Elon Musk used to read even two books per day when he was young. Bill Gates says he reads 50 books per year, but he probably read much more and faster when he was young (with his big glasses). If you don’t read, or if you do it to slow, you will reinvent the wheel for not being updated in your niche market so you will invest your time and money to produce thousands of outdated products. Because ‘those who don’t remember the history are condemned to repeat it.’ – Benjamin Graham – Buffett himself says his style was 85 per cent influenced by Graham and 15 per cent influenced by investor Fisher. Have a good lecture! Daniel Peter.

It’s your life!!: Seek the answers

by Zainadine Johnson

What is your purpose in life? How can you know and achieve it? Do you want to live a healthy, prosperous life achieving success in all that you do spiritual and material? This book is for you! It’s your life unlocks the answers to life’s most important questions and gives the reader the opportunity reach inner peace! Read Now!!!

Poems From Da Hood: Third Eye Open (Potent Poetry Book 1)


Thought provoking poetry to help get your mind right and your life in order.


by Ijeoma Okoye Dicta

The book “Who Writing Epp” is a mindset compendium to guide writers and authors towards getting started in their writing career.

In this book, the possible strategies to employ as a writer is been exemplified in real life experiences.

Every writer and author needs to read this!




Read these 2 rational articles before you die. By M. R. Abdullah. (6134, words)

by M R Abdullah

Read these 2 rational articles before you die.
By M. R. Abdullah. (6134, words)

1.The reality is that nothing actually belongs to us.
2.You cannot have a universe from nothing, ( 0 x 1 = 0). It is mathematically impossible.

What if you say that Nobita-kun wants to go to the University of Tokyo

by Hiroki Odoi

Introduction:There are lots of dreams in the future.

If you say that Nobita-kun coming out of “Doraemon” wants to go to Tokyo University, what would you say?

Speaking of Nobita-kun, it is depicted as a person who is not good at sports, can not study in the work. But is he really not capable?

I think that is not the case.

I am helping to bring out the abilities of various people using the technique of “coaching”. I can assert that I have seen a lot of people and that no one really has no ability.
I do not have the ability but I just do not know how to draw out.

In this book I write the theory of coaching so that it is easy to communicate using the theme of Doraemon without using difficult technical terms.

I would be pleased if this book could serve even a little for those who feel that I am “unable to demonstrate their true abilities” or who want to bring out the abilities of children.

Domine o IELTS: Guia completo para se preparar para o exame (Portuguese Edition)

by Juliana Galassi

Precisa fazer o IELTS para conquistar sua vaga no Intercâmbio e não sabe nem por onde começar? Com o guia Domine o IELTS, você vai aprender um método prático e eficaz para se preparar para a prova, sem bagunçar sua rotina. Não importa se tem pouco tempo para se preparar para a prova ou se não tem inglês avançado.
Com este guia você vai entender tudo sobre o exame, o jeito certo de se preparar, como entender seu real nível de inglês e ainda vai ter acesso a diversos materiais gratuitos para complementar seus estudos.
Além de tudo isso, vai aprender a montar um cronograma de estudos que se adeque a sua rotina, vai entender os principais erros que os candidatos cometem e como evitá-los e terá acesso a mais de 70 simulados do exame.
Acesse o ebook Domine o IELTS e conquiste a nota que precisa no exame!

Practice Guide for CLEP Introductory Sociology (Practice Guides for CLEP Exams Book 4)

by Avatar Virtual Learning

Testing out of college courses using programs like the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) can provide students with college credit for subjects that they have not studied on a college campus but have mastered by other means (independent study, on-the-job training, and previous coursework) and it will save time and money. But how will a student know if this approach is right for them?

This guide is intended to answer that question for students who are interested in taking CLEP’s Introductory Sociology exam. It provides general information on the CLEP program along with suggestions on how to preparing for the exam. There is a subject breakdown of the Introductory Sociology exam, the topics that will be covered and a list of online resources which can be used to study or review these topics. There are two practice tests; each one is structured like the official exam with 100 multiple choice questions. Each practice test comes with an answer key and an explanation section on the reason why the answer is the right one.

12 fiches pour une méthode de travail parfaite (apprendre à apprendre): Pour lycée et Post-bac (French Edition)

by Lucas Grimberg

Table des matières

I РLes deux r̬gles de travail les plus fondamentales 5



II – Comment apprendre un cours? 13




III – Faire des exercices 22




IV РComment appr̩hender un contr̫le? 27





Be Inspired – You Will See How Powerful Is Your Body & Mind – Jim Kwik Motivation: YouTube Video Transcript (Life-Changing-Insights Book 33)

by Stefan Kreienbuehl

With everything we do, we aim to serve your insights. We aim to serve your thirst for discovery and understanding. Our service breaks new ground. We just happen to serve your perception of a new world. You realize that you are capable of more than you thought you could do.


Are you a visual learner? You learn by reading and seeing pictures?
You’ve watched a fascinating YouTube speech? You wanna read it quietly again?
In this Edition you will find a transcription from a YouTube speech, spoken by Jim Kwik.
Title from the YouTube Video:
TRY THIS – You Will See How Powerful Is Your Body & Mind | JIM KWIK MOTIVATION
Duration: 4:38

Basic Binomial Distribution Examples and Explanations

by Anonymous

This is a basic introduction to calculating probabilities with the Binomial Distribution with several example questions. It covers criteria for using the Binomial Distribution, the equations involved, and a brief explanation behind the equations. Ideal for a high school or undergraduate course in Statistics.

Yes and…: Level I (Teach Medical Improv! Book 2)

by Beth Boynton

Includes videos, facilitation tips, debriefing and reflection questions. Everything you need to teach this fundamental improv activity to your healthcare team and improve communication!

“Yes and…” is a Medical Improv activity that can be used to teach important skills like speaking up and listening as well as a beginning activity that helps people experience this fundamental rule of improv play. It is the second activity-specific ebook in the train the trainer series designed to help healthcare leaders bring this teaching strategy into their workplaces and promote the ‘soft’ skills necessary to improve patient safety, patient experience, workforce health, and cost-effectiveness. Level I indicates that no experience in improv is necessary to teach or learn this activity.

Nurse educators, practice managers, medical directors, administrators and other collaborative leaders can integrate experiential learning from improvisational theater into in-services, orientation, customer service training, and administrative meetings one activity at a time. Leaders who are willing to step into the emerging field of Medical Improv can create a rippling effect of positive communication and influence relationships, teams, and cultures.

Key skills you can teach:

– Listening
– Speaking up

This ebook includes a description of the activity and video demonstrations lasting about 2 min each. You will also find an an in-depth explanation of the “Yes and…” principle of Medical Improv and overview of all 7 principles of play. Facilitation tips, variations, debriefing and reflection questions will help you to use the activity several times with the same group.

Teach Medical Improv lesson plans with videos is conceived and written by Beth Boynton, RN, MS who is one of the pioneers of this emerging field and author of three books on communication in healthcare.

Teaching Tolerance in a Globalized World (IEA Research for Education Book 4)

by Andrés Sandoval-Hernández

This open access thematic report identifies factors and conditions that can help schools and education systems promote tolerance in a globalized world. The IEA’s International Civic and Citizenship Study (ICCS) is a comparative research program designed to investigate the ways in which young people are prepared to undertake their roles as citizens, and provides a wealth of data permitting not only comparison between countries but also comparisons between schools within countries, and students within countries. Advanced analytical methods provide insights into relationships between students’ attitudes towards cultural diversity and the characteristics of the students themselves, their families, their teachers and school principals. The rich diversity of educational and cultural contexts in the 38 countries who participated in ICCS 2009 are also acknowledged and addressed. Readers interested in civic education and adolescents’ attitudes towards cultural diversity will find the theoretical perspectives explored engaging. For readers interested in methodology, the advanced analytical methods employed present textbook examples of how to address cross-cultural comparability of measurement instruments and multilevel data structures in international large-scale assessments (ILSA). Meanwhile, those interested in educational policy should find the identification and comparison of malleable factors across education systems that contribute to positive student attitudes towards cultural diversity a useful and thought-provoking resource.



This perceptive and well-researched book is aimed at anyone who is fascinated by the great science versus religion debate. Told from an objective viewpoint, this stimulating debate includes a wealth of resources, ideas and well-balanced arguments; all of which will keep any discerning reader absorbed throughout.

With valuable insights from evolutionists, fundamentalists, scientists, iconic writers, theologians and intelligent designers, as well as an intriguing insight into Dr John Brain’s personal journey into Christianity, this is not an amateur attempt at simply adding to this ongoing debate. The author delves into theoretical physics, quantum mechanics and evolution, and looks at the relevance of materialism, science and evolution, to share his objective viewpoint.

From hypotheses on the holographic principle, acuities of dark energy supernatural powers and the “Goldilocks Effect”, to how a higher intelligence appears to have designed and created a very fitting universe, the author has left no stone unturned in his quest to produce a stimulating and educational read.

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

Student Teacher Relationship: Gay First Time Older Man Younger Man Romance

by Van Cole

All He Wants Is The Head Of The Class

In the aftermath of a nasty breakup, Khale has vowed off men – or any relationship, for that matter – for good. Having accepted a teaching job at the local university, he is ready to focus on bigger things and take on life as a single man.

Khale’s friends, on the other hand, think the handsome bachelor should re-evaluate his decision. A night of drunken karaoke lands him at the side of Tom, a timid punk-type who has just come out to his parents and is willing to try something new. Come Monday, however, both find that this pre-semester rendezvous was between teacher and student.

The shy first-timer makes Khale his tutor, asking him to guide him through his favorite positions. But does the careful teacher really have the upper hand? Something deeper hides beneath his fresh-faced student, something he can’t quite pin. What he does know, however, is that the semester is about to become a lot more interesting.

This Romance Short Story Was Formerly Titled Head Of The Class

Give Guns a Chance!: How the Second Amendment Prevents Mass Shootings, Home Invasion, and Community Violence with Real-Life Examples

by Tom King

“Loaded” with historical fact and real-life stories, Give Guns A Chance! offers a fresh and sometimes surprising perspective on the basic issue of personal firearms. Follow the characters and the many all-too-close calls in recent history that suggest from historical experience whether it’s wise to personally bear arms or not. In a tone of whimsy, Give Guns A Chance! doesn’t follow the heaviness of most books about gun rights or gun control. Horrid occurrences throughout history are somehow artfully juxtaposed above a sense of reassurance, given the current proliferation of arms in the United States among “the good guys.” Yet the cautionary tales of other nations abound. A fascinating read and artfully woven by a master story teller, Give Guns A Chance! should be enjoyed by all gun enthusiasts and in the least given a chance by everyone else.

Finding Meaning

by Philip Hu

“A little book on finding inner meaning, in a dynamic outer world in constant flux.”


Chapter 1: Meaning Defined

Chapter 2: Previous Models: From the Beginning
Middle East

The Context of Nature
Indigenous Nature
European Nature
Judeo-Christian-Islamic Nature
China’s Nature
India’s Nature
Nature Context

Fate, Reincarnation and Meaning
Freewill, One-Life and Meaning
Beyond Duality and Toward Wholeness

Chapter 3: Human Nature: The Why of Human Action
Mind View: Western Psychology

Chapter 4: Kundalini Yoga: A Map Into the Roots of Human Nature

The Transformation of Consciousness: From Animal to Human

Chapter 5: The Modern View of Nature: The Obstacle of Reason

The New Physics: The Invisible World

Chapter 6: The Power to Know: How We Know Anything
Meaning Must Be Direct

Chapter 7: Identifying Obstacles
The Three Rational Furies

Chapter 8: The New Universe of And: Return to Wholeness
Family Systems Theory: The Key to Unlocking the Individual

Negativity Exists Becauseâ?¦
Shifting the Center: Control to Trust

Chapter 9: Emotional Healing: The Body Does Not Lie
The Three Parts of the One Brain

Chapter 10: Following Your Bliss is Your Path to Meaning and God

Chapter 11: Self-Mastery: The Spiritual Power of Concentration
Love of Truth

Chapter 12: Masters: God from the Inside
Ramana Maharshi
Nisargatta Maharaj
Eckhart Tolle
Byron Katie

The Inner World is the Most Important

The Vice President The Electronic Transfer: Volume 1

by Carolinadeivid

All conspiracy theories debunked pertaining to 9/11 attacks, JFK assassination, 2000 and 2008 financial crisis. 9/11 attacks as an intentional trigger of the 2008 financial crisis. A prediction tool used in conjunction with the idea of the Time-ball to forecast the collapse of the economy depicted by the Free-fall of World Trade Center Building 7 Free-falling at 6,6 sec that is economy falling after 6,6 years. That happened in June 2007 exact time the financial crisis started. 9/11 attacks caused severe financial records’ structural damage that a financial crisis was inevitable and imminent. Who is really behind this? This is not a secret anymore this book expose the real people behind the 9/11 attacks and their intentions, the question is: Can you stand the truth? The World Trade Center Building 7 was based on the Time-ball idea. A building with a self-destruct mechanism built in it and the space shuttle-thrust idea manipulated to destroy the World Trade Center Buildings. The need to fulfill a 10-year-War-Contingency-Plan can drive those responsible to go to extremes to realize those plans. What is a more pressing issue? The fear of surprise-attacks presented by those who are believed to secretly make Weapons of Mass Destruction or the lives of the people some actions can shatter. What do you call collateral damage? For some, nationalizing oil wells is something that automatically justifies a war. In that case what is really the sovereignty of any nation? Who decide and what? Can technological advancement make the current system obsolete? If that happens what action is needed and how far will one have to go to replace that system? A system-crash for example evidenced by the missing of $2,3 trillion can give rise to the need for a system-overhaul. The question is that are you prepared to authorize a system overhaul and at what cost? Everything happens for a reason? Terrorism as a real threat and or used as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Outsourcing and accountability? An analysis of world events and the impact these have on past events and our future as we near 2020. Will history repeat itself? What can we do to be Pro-active to avert the loss of precious lives? Is there a power out there responsible for all these evil acts? Who do they call the first Beast the 666, the second Beast and the Dragon who set fires everywhere to help the Beasts pursue their personal goals at the expense of precious lives? Can we hold these culprits to account? Shattered lives or just collateral damage? You decide.

QAnon – Q – 17 – The Great Awakening

by Quinn C. Moorehouse

The information contained in this article ventures into unspeakable topics of the war on Trump by the establishment media, politicians and intel agencies with a final comment on the Mueller report aftermath.
The establishment has chosen viable candidates for the presidency until Donald J. Trump entered the race. Now there is a fear of an institutional crises causing institutional giants to attempt an overthrow of the people’s president.
This was the first time “The People” would go against “the man” and pick from outside of government. Throughout the lead-up and presidency there would be a campaign against Trump by the institutions of party, press and intelligence communities to, “Right this wrong,” by throwing every conceivable obstacle in his way. Obstacles would include the press becoming more politicized, career politicians objecting to Trump’s working-class style not befitting a politician and intelligence leaders spilling their guts about their political tendencies despite the oath to be separate from politics. An incredible adventure is about to begin!

Notes on the State of Virginia: A Compilation of Data About the State’s Natural Resources, Economy and the Nature of the Good Society

by Thomas Jefferson

“Notes on the State of Virginia” is the only full-length book which Jefferson published during his lifetime. Widely considered the most important American book published before 1800, this book is both a compilation of data by Jefferson about the state’s natural resources and economy, and his vigorous argument about the nature of the good society, which he believed was incarnated by Virginia.
An Exact Description of the Limits and Boundaries of the State of Virginia
A Notice of the Rivers, Rivulets, and How Far They Are Navigable
A Notice of the Best Seaports of the State, and How Big Are the Vessels They Can Receive
A Notice of Its Mountains
Its Cascades and Caverns
A Notice of the Mines and Other Subterraneous Riches; Its Trees, Plants, Fruits, &c.
A Notice of All That Can Increase the Progress of Human Knowledge
The Number of Its Inhabitants
The Number and Condition of the Militia and Regular Troops, and Their Pay
The Marine
A Description of the Indians Established in That State
A Notice of the Counties, Cities, Townships and Villages
The Constitution of the State, and Its Several Charters
The Administration of Justice and the Description of the Laws
The Colleges and Public Establishments, the Roads, Buildings, &c.
The Measures Taken With Regard to the Estates and Possessions of the Rebels, Commonly Called Tories
The Different Religions Received Into That State
The Particular Customs and Manners That May Happen to Be Received in That State
The Present State of Manufactures, Commerce, Interior and Exterior Trade
The Public Income and Expenses
The Histories of the State, the Memorials Published in Its Name in the Time of Its Being a Colony, and the Pamphlets Relating to Its Interior or Exterior Affairs, Present or Ancient

Nuclear Summer: The Clash of Communities at the Seneca Women’s Peace Encampment (The Anthropology of Contemporary Issues)

by Louise Krasniewicz

When thousands of women gathered in 1983 to protest the stockpiling of nuclear weapons at a rural upstate New York military depot, the area was shaken by their actions. What so disturbed residents that they organized counterdemonstrations, wrote hundreds of letters to local newspapers, verbally and physically harassed the protestors, and nearly rioted to stop one of the protest marches? Louise Krasniewicz reconstructs the drama surrounding the Women’s Encampment for a Future of Peace and Justice in Seneca County, New York, analyzing it as a clash both between and within communities. She shows how debates about gender and authorityâ??including questions of morality, patriotism, women’s roles, and sexualityâ??came to overshadow arguments about the risks of living in a nuclear world. Vivid ethnography and vibrant social history, this work will engage readers interested in American culture, women’s studies, peace studies, and cultural anthropology.

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Free parenting and families Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

Love: Everything you want to know about love

by Andrew Blade

This book is written for those who have not yet found their love and wants to know the answers to the most popular questions about love. The theme of love is truly bottomless both in form and in content. Each first girl when meeting a guy sooner or later begins to ask him questions about “relationships”, “love”, “girl”. Probes, so to speak, the ground. The guys most often have questions in their head: “Why doesn’t she love me?”, “When can you confess to love?”, “How to fall out of love?”. People of both sexes are very worried about things “how to make somebody fall in love with you?” And “how to stop suffering if love is unrequited?”. In general, in this book I decided to give answers from a practical point of view to all these, as well as, many other questions. First of all, there will be recommendations for men, but women will also find a lot of useful information for finding their other halves.

Acupuncturists’ Sharing with New Mothers: DIY natural healing for insufficient breastmilk, postpartum depression, hair loss, forgetfulness and more

by Barefoot Taoists

“After delivery, many mothers experience the following: tingling in their legs, aversion to cold or wind, forgetfulness, hair loss, depression, insufficient breastmilk and so on. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these are the symptoms of blood deficiency (anemia). Sometimes anemia is not shown by quantitative measurements in a blood test. But quality of your blood is often reflected in your pulse and tongue which Acupuncturists always look at during the TCM diagnostic process before treatments.”

247 Busy ..NO More -365 Days of Mind Happiness: 247 Busy ..?? No More. 365 Days of Mind Happiness (live stress- free)

by Mahmoud Kady

a 40 tips for a stress-free life
247 inspiration , quotes, tips , joyful
365 days of mind happiness
teach and learn
free , freedom

Parenting: You doing it wrong: Parenting Guide

by Zylkia Swensen

A Parenting Guide: Base on Today issues.

Deutsch-Amerikanische Familienbande (German Edition)

by Horst Reiner Menzel

Deutsch-Amerikanische Familienbande, erzählt in Romanform die wechselhafte Geschichte einer Familie, eine Deutsche-Amerikanische Geschichte, eingebettet in die jeweiligen politischen Verhältnisse und Ereignisse der letzten 170 Jahre. Es erzählt von deutschen Auswanderern nach Amerika, von Siedler-Trecks, Goldgräbern und Farmern. Es gibt einen Einblick in die Not und Verzweiflung von Menschen, die auf Grund von Kriegsereignissen dazu gezwungen wurden ihre Heimat zu verlassen. Von Menschen, die versuchten sich eine neue Existenz aufzubauen aber am DDR Staat zerbrachen, die dem Licht und dem unbändigen Willen zum �berleben folgten, sich immer wieder aufrafften und nach jeder Niederlage wieder einen Neuanfang wagten.

The Bad Dragon: (Childrens books about Behavior, Emotions, Anger, Picture, Preschool, Ages 3 5, Baby, Kids, Kindergarten) (Emotions & Feelings)

by Michael Gordon

 This is a book about a bad dragon. A really baaaaaaaaaad dragon.?

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

“I’m glad I finally picked this one up. It’s entertaining, and my kids enjoyed it a lot.” — Susan

“Sweet, silly, and touching story!” — Alice

“Such a cute book! I loved it!” — Caroline

The Dragon was very bad. He didn’t listen, and he lied. It wasn’t until he has met a new friend who acted exactly like him. Dragon hought his friend was so rude, and couldn’t believe that he was doing the same thing. He also learned that being “good” was a choice.

Warning: Cuteness Overload!
This childrens book contains illustrations of a cute dragon. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes.

You and your kids will love this book for ages 3 5…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.

Toddlers: 2 Books in 1 (Potty Training & Sleep Training)

by K.K. Hampton

Book 1: Potty Training

Is your child ready to ditch those diapers and start using the potty? Are YOU?

If you shudder at the thought of accidents, don’t know where to begin, are confused about all the programs, methods, and potty time products on the market, you are NOT alone! So many people are caught up in a whirlwind of confusion or even a fear of failure.

Your child looks to you to be their expert on all things as they grow up. Potty training is one of the few areas where parents often feel confused about knowing how to guide their little one and overcome the challenges that come with it. This is not the case with things like using a fork, drinking from a cup, tying shoes, or even riding a bicycle. Just think of all the muscles and the balance it takes to ride a bike, and yet, parents will gladly take on the task with little to no reservation, but not with potty training. This can have many causes, from not wanting to talk about or demonstrate potty time behaviors to being unsure how to address potential problems.

Rest assured, though, potty training quickly and easily is absolutely possible with the right information and tools at your disposal.

With this book, you will be able to put aside any concerns and help your child transition out of diapers in no time. You will see that there are really no rigid timelines or schedules to follow. You can do what makes sense for your child and succeed without stress or headaches for either of you.

So have no fear of messy accidents, extra laundry, lost patience, and endless days of never leaving the house. This is just another step in childhood development that you are about to master!

Whether your child is just starting to explore the bathroom, ready to start training today, or is having trouble consistently using the potty, you have found the only resource you need to get your child ready to go, go, go!

Book 2: Sleep Training

As a good parent, you want what’s best for your baby, including healthy sleep patterns. In Sleep Training: Techniques to Get Your Baby to Sleep, you will learn:

  • Tips for Success: What can you do to help your baby learn the difference between day, night, and afternoon nap time? Is there anything you can do to speed this process along and help your child sleep all the way through the night? Find out in the chapters of this book.
  • What to do when Sleep Training is Difficult: Every baby is different, which means that experiencing challenges in sleep training is only natural. This book will go over what to do when your baby is having a hard time learning how to develop good sleep patterns.
  • Techniques for Various Ages: Babies change a lot in their early days of development. Chapters three through eight will review techniques that are best for babies from infancy on up to ages three and older.

You will learn everything you need to know about helping your baby with sleep training and potty training in this book. Check it out today!

The Diary of Mr. Mom Grad Student

by J.S. Salk

This is a true, candid, journal that begins with the start of grad school in New York and ends with a dream job at a worldwide, New York, advertising agency. The struggle of a difficult relationship is highlighted throughout journal. I have thought while keeping long-term journals in hard cover, what long-term use it would have for myself and others. One can look over ideas, plans, and thoughts from earlier days. Also, It would be nice to have the books available for people to see what an ordinary person, like themselves, did with his life. This may inspire others to keep journals. I have two decades of journal entries which have been written between 1987 to 2007. Just search the hyperlink of my pen name, J.S. Salk, in the “description” – like the description field you are reading, now. The “description” and free review of the first pages, will reveal the time each journal was written. One may ask why publish? First, I type the hand-written journals for preservation of the original work. Secondly, I plan to become a prolific writer, using my journals as material for stories which will add characters and dialogue. I have enjoyed exercising my memory while typing all my journals in chronological order from the time I was 20 to the age of 40. There will be more, later.

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Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 18 Jan 19

The New World: Crimson Winter

by Andy Skrzynski

“The New World” book series, by Andy Skrzynski, is a creative, science-fiction adventure depicting the life-and-death struggles on Earth after an apocalyptic period between 2019 and 2025. If you enjoy a thrilling tale full of suspense, action, a touch of romance, and a crazy twist here and there, “The New World: A Step Backward,” “The New World: Blue Moon Generation,” and “The New World: Crimson Winter” will help you escape your current world worries. The action’s so real and descriptive you’ll feel as if you’re alongside Thoruk, his loyal friends, and the younger generation as they fight warriors and a myriad of vicious creatures stalking the villagers of Ukkiville in the nearby forests, lakes, and mountains near the turn of the next century.

Read more to get a taste of what’s to come in this third book, “The New World: Crimson Winter.”

On the verge of winter in 2105, a vicious attack soaks a pasture with blood and crushes Ukkiville’s serenity. Ominous premonitions haunt Hoot while similar dangers surge across Old North America. Tormented by nightmares, the courageous young warrior recruits her friends to join her and hunt the demon of her dreams. Before long, they encounter a beast far more ferocious than any discovered before.

Suspicions fall squarely on the village’s nemesis, as Hoot and the leaders of Ukkiville fear Zo and his Skalags have advanced their DNA process to create monsters nobody can control. With little choice but to ready themselves to thwart increasing slaughters, Hoot, her brother, Skeeter, and a precocious android named Andralec hone their skills and special powers. Until the inhabitants of Ukkiville and the surrounding territory halt this growing threat, survival remains all but uncertain.

Visit the extensive book series website:

Murder Over Cocktails: The 2nd Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

by Nancy Skopin

“A heroic PI, a certifiable serial killer, and a captivating cat burglar …”

Private Investigator Nicoli, “Nikki,” Hunter has recovered from a near-fatal encounter with a multiple murderer and is happy to get back to her routine bar and restaurant surveillance jobs. Unfortunately, the universe has other plans. One evening, as she’s acting as a decoy/victim to attract a bartender accused of sexual assault, Jack, “The Cat,” McGuire settles on an adjacent bar stool and tells her a story that will change the course of her life.

Murder Over Cocktails is the second mystery featuring PI Nikki Hunter, a thirty-six-year-old, gun-toting, brainy beauty who excels at getting into other people’s business. Hunter’s office is in a marina complex in Redwood City, California, where she also lives aboard a forty-six foot Cheoy Lee sailboat.

Blood Drops and Desperate Measures: A Stacey McKinnon Mystery (The Portman Creamery Mysteries Book 6)

by CS Patra

Meet the ladies of Portman’s Creamery. Run by Irene and Chrissie Garcia-Galvan, they run their ice cream shop by day and solve the toughest cases at night. Join Pippa, Becca, Mary Beth, Stacey, and Winky as they take on their latest case involving a missing person.

When a bike club president’s sister goes missing during a meeting, he goes straight to Portman’s Creamery for help when he hears their name. The girls take on the case without telling anyone else. They dig deep into the case and realize that it may be a bit more complicated than expected. What appears to be a kidnapping may be about a runaway. It may also be about star-crossed lovers.

The case leaves them with very little clues to work with. It also doesn’t help Stacey is starting to fall for her own client.

Good Morning, Darkness

by Ruth Francisco

Everyone is in love with Laura: the Mexican fisherman who admires her through her kitchen window as he walks in the predawn darkness to the ocean; her boyfriend, Scott, a successful real estate agent who asks her to marry him and won’t take no for an answer; the detective who instructs her in martial arts; and her lascivious boss.

Then one day Laura disappears. There is no evidence of foul playâ??she had quit her job and claimed to be visiting her sick mother on the East Coast. But while wandering the beach one night, the fisherman finds a woman’s severed arm. When another one turns up shortly afterward, he believes they must be Laura’s. LAPD Detective Sergeant Reggie Brooks is also wondering if Laura is alive or dead. Yet without a missing person’s report or any evidence to suggest that the arms belonged to Laura, he cannot officially investigate.

Unofficially, however, Reggie Brooks can’t stop thinking about what happened to the vanished, beautiful woman who took his martial arts classes and now haunts his dreams. Soon he is driving up and down the windswept, lonely coastal highway in search of answers. He risks his job and his marriage as his obsession deepens. And his passion will lead him to a dark, terrifying place of unthinkable acts, irrational behavior, and premeditated murder…

Death on Delivery: A John Bent Mystery

by Daniel Ferry

A few weeks after disgraced Montgomery County, Maryland police detective John Bent gets out of prison, he lands a new job as a software developer on an important NASA contract. Hired to replace a programmer killed in a suspicious ski accident, Bent finds his new career more dangerous than his previous one. On his first day at work he discovers another team member, a reserved computer guru, dead of an apparent suicide. Four days later, someone murders the database administratorâ??hours after her date with John Bent. Are the three deaths related to the project? Is someone trying to frame Bent for the murders? Can Bent find and stop the killer before everyone on the project is murdered?

Doggone n’ Dunit? (Tara Trott Book 2)

by Vanessa Fletcher

Murder’s no walk in the park…
In the village of Nithercott, poison pen letters start popping through letterboxes and the nosy Nancy Parker is the chief suspect. Then, the local dog trainer, Annie Abbott, is found dead, Tara doggedly refuses to accept it was a suicide and like a dog with a bone, decides to crack the case.
Who is the unidentified bridegroom who dug his own grave before he was murdered, and what does he have to do with the blackmailing?

It can be murder to keep secrets…

Political Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 7)

by Dennis Carstens

THE MACBETHS TAKE WASHINGTONâ??and leave a pile of bodies in their wake.

In searing political commentary laced with a gripping murder mystery that hits disturbingly close to home, Dennis Carstens tackles financial misconduct, scandalous cover-up, treason, and murder in the 7th installment of the Marc Kadella legal thriller seriesâ??a scathing imagining of an American White House nobody’s ever seen before, and yet one that is all too familiarâ?¦

A shot in the dark, right in the gut, that’s what Carstens is good at â?¦ Carstens aims to be realistic about the law and its enforcers, and he hits it right … The plot is as full of surprises as a Minneapolis Jucy Lucy and ultimately just as satisfying.” -Tony Dunbar, Anthony- and Edgar-nominated author of the Tubby Dubonnet legal thriller series.

It’s four days after the latest presidential election, and Marc Kadella has the post-election blues. Sure, his guy didn’t win, but there’s more to it than that: the defeated incumbent was a decent man. Too bad you can’t say the same for his Machiavellian opponentâ??or his photogenic partner-in-crime.

Thomas Jefferson Carver is charming and energetic, with a former beauty queen for a wifeâ??and a name for the job to boot. Together they’re the package deal: young, modern, forward-thinking, and successful. That Mr. Carver was often accused of womanizing and that the couple used political clout to line their own pockets didn’t seem to matter to the American electorate.

But Marc Kadella’s got a more specific axe to grind. Back when Carver was governor, a fundraising stop in Minneapolis resulted in the accidental overdoseâ??and deathâ??of a 19-year-old girl. A Carver campaign aide’s in prison on a plea deal for manslaughterâ??against his lawyer Marc Kadella’s express recommendation. But when the campaign worker turns up hanged in his Colorado cell just days after the election, Kadella senses his mistrust of the Carvers is just the tip of the iceberg.

Tyranny, cover-up, and all-out Shakespearian bloodbath haunt these pages, making House of Cards look like a Barbara Walters special. Author Dennis Carstens hits political corruption and smarmy-politician caricature right on the head, in a compelling sociological hypothetical melded with a captivating murder mystery that explores just how far American politicians will go for moneyâ??and power.

House of Cards meets the Land of Trump” -Amazon 5-star reviewer

Fans of Nelson Demille, John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, and of course the most beloved lawyer sleuth of all time, Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason, will gobble up this one up. As will devotees of political thrillers like novels by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, David Baldacciâ??and HOUSE OF CARDS fans in particular.

The Whispering Woman (Robert Budd Book 11)

by Gerald Verner

Paula Rivers, a beautiful, haughty young cinema cashier, is selling tickets when her sister Eileen delivers a portentous note to her: ‘BE CAREFUL. PEOPLE WHO PLAY WITH FIRE GET BADLY BURNED. SOMETIMES THEY DIE.’

Not long afterward, Paula is found murdered in her booth, shot from behind. Who was the haggard old woman dressed in black who had accosted Eileen and told her to give Paula the note? Called to investigate, Superintendent Budd is faced with one of the most curious mysteries of his career.

Gerald Verner (1897-1980) was the pseudonym of British writer John Robert Stuart Pringle. Born in London, Verner wrote more than 120 novels that have been translated in over 35 languages, and many of his books have been adapted into films, radio serials and stage plays. Verner also wrote forty-four Sexton Blake tales.

Home to Roost (Keith Calder Book 16)

by Gerald Hammond

Gerald Hammond’s Keith Calder mysteries continue to delight a devoted following, each new tale of gunsport and sleuthing in the Scottish Highlands told with a new take on the Calder clan.

In Home to Roost, daughter Deborahâ??heroine of Hammond’s Let Us Preyâ??takes on rogue-hunting and romance in one fell swoop.

When Detective Sergeant Fellowes learns that poachers are operating in his area, he’s of two minds about whether to take the matter seriouslyâ??after all, his superiors can’t even agree whether it’s worth the trouble to investigate the problem. But when he goes on his first pigeon shoot with Deborah, and a missing-sportsman case comes his way, Fellowes feels bound to follow up; and with the gun-sporting expertise of Deborah Calder at the ready, the Calder/Fellowes team finds itself on the trail of not only a murderer but a burgeoning mutual attraction as well.

Praise for Gerald Hammond:

“Gerald Hammond’s series about gunsmith Keith Calder is rewarding indeed.” – Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine

Born in 1926, Gerald Hammond lived in Scotland, where he retired from his profession as an architect in 1982 to pursue his love of shooting and fishing and to write full time. After his first novel, Fred in Situ, was published in 1965, Gerald became a prolific author with over 70 published novels. Most of his novels were published under his own name, but he also wrote under the pseudonyms Arthur Douglas and Dalby Holden.

In Too Deep (A Carlie Simmons Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Book 2)

by JT Sawyer

After narrowly escaping from the undead hordes in Tucson with the president’s daughter and her small band of survivors, Secret Service Agent Carlie Simmons is finally headed to safety in New Mexico. As new information emerges on the global pandemic, she and her team of operators have to leave their secure military facility to track down the origins of the virus before more people die. Crossing the country and international waters while plagued by the growing menace of flesh-eating zombies, Carlie finds herself in a race against time on a mission that exposes a secret experiment borne from the Cold War. But the greatest danger may not come from the emerging legions of putrescent creatures as tension within her group threatens to undermine her leadership.

In Too Deep is the nailbiting sequel to Until Morning Comes and picks up immediately after the first novel. Approximately 50K words.

About the Author: JT Sawyer is the pen name for the author who makes his living teaching survival courses for the military special operations community, Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, FAA, and other federal agencies throughout the US. He has over 25 years of experience testing long-term survival skills in the desert, mountains, and forest. JT also served as a consultant for the film Into the Wild. For more information, visit

The Side Nicca Next Door

by N’Dia Rae

Usually it’s men that get caught up with their side pieces. They’re the ones who often risk it all and drag their families through the mud, all for a woman that’s never worth it. But what happens when it’s a woman who risks her family for her side man?

Toni Greer, wife and mother, finds herself getting increasingly obsessed with her side lover. What started out as a “slip-up” in judgement has turned into a full out affair. She finds herself sneaking in cars, public bathrooms and hotel rooms just to get her fix from her lover. Meanwhile her husband remains unaware and blind whiled confined to a wheelchair.

Ace Greer is the loving husband to Toni. Once a professional boxer he is now a blind paraplegic. Before he became disabled he gave Toni the world but after his injury she has been forced to go back to work. And she has been bitter ever since. Her bitterness is now jeopardizing his health and their family. He still loves her but she is beginning to hate him.

Alexia Rainey is Toni’s best friend and arch enemy. Alexia has become a sloppy drunken trophy wife who can’t help but wonder why her secretive husband is often missing during work hours and in the middle of the night. The more she badgers her husband the more reclusive he becomes. When he turns cold, she fines comfort in another man. What starts off as a sexy affair quickly turns deadly.

Zeus Rainey is married to Alexia. He is also the best friend of Ace. Everyone thinks the he is an upstanding businessman that used to manage Ace before his injury. But Zeus is hiding a deep dark secret that threatens to rip apart the lives of everyone he touches.

This story is the twisted tale of two couples who’s lives are deeply intertwined, more than they want to be. If you loved Thot Next Door, you won’t be able to put down this book. Are you ready for the crazy rollercoaster ride?

Extreme Malice

by Ray Swirsky

She was found with a guitar string still wrapped tightly around her soft neck. Eighteen year old Josh Anderson, the college boy from next door, is charged with her murder. It was his guitar string around her neck. His footprints are found inside her house. Her earring found under his bed. Donna Gardner’s husband Jack was hundreds of miles away on business.
Was it the perfect murder?

Murder on a Silver Sea (Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Book 3)

by Loulou Harrington

An aging heiress, the beloved dog who will inherit her fortune, and too many suspicious accidents. Or are they a prelude to murder?

Jesse Camden is a sucker for a mystery. So when Amanda Carmichael’s assistant Bethany asks the Myrtle Grove Garden Club to investigate what she thinks are attempts on her employer’s life, Jesse and Vivian Windsor agree. But before they can start, Bethany sends a frantic message that Amanda is leaving for her isolated estate in the Salish Sea, taking her dog Lady and a small staff, including Bethany, with her. As Jesse and Vivian go hurrying after them, disaster strikes again, and this time the “accident” is fatal.

Jesse and Vivian suddenly find themselves racing toward the unknown, determined to uncover the truth and protect the small dog who not only inherits Amanda’s fortune, but the danger that stalks this remote private island.


by David Turri

In 1937, Shigeru Yuasa is a low-level employee of the Japanese Embassy’s press attaché’s office in Washington. An overweight lush, a misfit estranged from his own culture and roots, Shig is a traitor ripe for the picking. And picked he is, by Lew Buscemi, with the Office of Naval Intelligence. This tale of espionage and betrayal follows their intertwined lives for the next twenty years – to the capital of the Imperial Empire, in which Shig heads an ONI spy ring through the turbulent events that lead Japan down the road to Pearl Harbor; to the desolation that was Tokyo at war’s end and into Sugamo Prison, where Shig is one of twelve hundred suspected war criminals await judgement; and to the world of the American Occupation, where he and Buscemi are drawn into a web of political intrigue, blackmail and murder.

Death and Repair: A Michael Hart Mystery


Michael Hart would do anything to bring her back.

Fate took her away from him, then, years later, fate pushes him to the town of Malway, a town with a secret. Michael, a retired policeman, believes he has stumbled across a crime, but soon discovers it is something far more incredible, something that could make his one wish come true. But it might come with a terrible price.

Death and Repair explores the power of love and the permanence of death. It is a re-imagination of the classic Djinn tales, part mystery, part science-fiction, part love story.

The Key to Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 1)

by Dennis Carstens

A shot in the dark, right in the gut, that’s what Carstens is good at. The Key to Justice is full of twists and turns as the Twin Cities live in terror of a violent stalker. Carstens aims to be realistic about the law and its enforcers, and he hits it right … The plot is as full of surprises as a Minneapolis Jucy Lucy and ultimately just as satisfying.” -Tony Dunbar, Anthony- and Edgar-nominated author of the Tubby Dubonnet legal thriller series.


Financially embarrassed, getting a divorce, living in a shabby apartment, and distinctly short of clients, Marc Kadella’s beginning to question why he ever went into the law when a friend brings him the case all Minneapolis is watchingâ??defending an accused serial killer. If he wins, it could turn his life aroundâ??if he blows it, he better go into sales.

Dennis Carstens weaves a gritty, street-wise narrative in this action-packed legal thriller, sure to please fans of courtroom drama and classic noir. You can almost see the guys in this one sporting fedoras, and the babes would stop traffic even without the cleavage Carstens makes their standard attire. But there’s a contemporary angle sure to please fans of both sexes–the toughest guy in the story is gorgeous investigator Maddy Rivers.

Carstens seems to relish getting her into increasingly brutal fights, some with laughsâ??like the time she roughs up a couple of rogue cops and takes away their guns. And when this author gets into an action scene, the prose flexes its muscles like a prison weightlifter.

Kadella and Rivers’ job is to find the evidence that will exonerate Kadella’s client Carl Fornich, a convicted sex offender recently out of prison. But the prosecution’s evidence is stacked a mile highâ??the murder weapon found at his house, an eyewitness, a semen sample, and blood from two victims. To top it off, the cops really want to nail this guyâ??one cop in particular.

Carstens realistic take on the law as a nuts-and-bolts, often rickety way to make a living blends nicely with his worldly-wise portrayal of backroom deals, crooked cops, and judges and politicians who connive and collude right on up to the governor’s mansion.

It’s a classic David-and Goliath setup, and the author’s got some pretty fancy twists in store as Kadella unravels a complicated plot to set his client up, and Maddy battles demons that just keep coming at her. Fans of John Grisham, Richard North Patterson, and of course the most beloved lawyer sleuth of all time, Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason, will gobble up this one and go back for the rest of the series.

Murder For Neptune’s Trident…A Citrus Beach Mystery (Citrus Beach Mysteries Book 1)

by Victoria LK Williams

Love to Curl up with a Good Mystery?

Who killed JJ Travels? What does it have to do with Neptune’s Trident?

A simple errand for a client leads Megan Cassidy into more trouble than she could have ever thought possible.
Before she knows what has happened, she’s a witness to a murder and a target for bullets and speeding trucks.
Who knew there could be so much going on in this little southern town, where your neighbors watched your back and “Mom & Pop” businesses populated Main Street?
When FBI Consultant, Aiden Tory, arrives to solve the murder, Megan pushes her way into the investigation. Together, they discover JJ hid secrets about their tropical paradise. Secrets that got him killed.
With her dog, Barney, helping to sniff out clues, they follow the leads, discovering the past can come back to haunt you.

RE-EDITED 01/2018

How to Bake a Murder (A Cookie and Cream Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by K.J. Emrick

“I can’t get a pulse. Cookie, call for an ambulance.”

Definitely not the words you want to hear when a man has just collapsed in the middle of your bakery.

A few minutes is all it took for Karen ‘Cookie’ Williams to be thrust into the center of a nightmare. A customer was dead and she was considered a suspect. Her beloved shop was a crime scene.

Things weren’t looking so great for her.

If you add in the strange figure that was lurking around at night, the prominent businessman who was harassing her to sell up and an unhappy granddaughter who was spending the summer with her you had a recipe for disaster.

Can Cookie work out who killed her customer and save her bakery from ruin before she becomes a victim herself?

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A Forbidden Love Novella Box Set Two: Four Novellas in One Book: 5 – 8 (A Forbidden Love Novella Series Box Set Book 2)

by Bree Wolf

Four determined ladies. Four charming gentlemen. And four forbidden love stories.

If you like forbidden love stories filled with intense relationships, vibrant chemistry and strong characters that will captivate your heart, then you’ll love these four novellas. Grab them now and start reading today!

#5 Rules to Be Broken

A scandalous lady. A virtuous gentleman. And rules that need to be broken.

After a minor faux-pas, DIANA LAWSON finds herself the centre of whispers and stares of society. When Diana finally decides to live by her own rules alone, she meets ARTHUR ABBOTT who is a stickler for propriety.
For Diana to uphold society’s rules, Arthur must break them. Can scandalous and virtuous ever walk hand in hand?

#6 Hearts to Be Mended

A lady in love. A gentleman with a reputation. And a secret that keeps them apart.

LADY ELEANOR ABBOTT is in love with HENRY WALTHAM, a man her mother does not approve of. While Eleanor finds herself faced with an endless stream of appropriate suitors, Henry is torn between simply whisking her off to Gretna Green – and let propriety be damned! – and the deep desire to prove himself an honourable man.
Is their future doomed or will they find their happily ever after?

#7 Winning her Hand

A list of suitors. A rational-minded lady. And a gentleman who vows to win her hand.

When it comes to choosing a husband, WINIFRED is at a loss. The only man who constantly occupies her thoughts is her brother’s oldest friend TRENT HENWOOD, Earl of Chadwick, who could not be more unsuitableâ?¦at least for her.
Will Trent be able to change her mind and win her hand?

#8 Conquering her Heart

The most awful woman in England. An honour-bound gentleman. And a pact that will benefit them both.

When ABIGAIL finds herself swarmed with eligible suitors, her only solution to evade a marriage of convenience is to reinvent herself in a most awful way.
Agreeing to his sister’s suggestion of choosing each other’s spouse, GRIFFIN RAMSEY, EARL OF AMBERLY, finds himself confronted with the most awful woman in all of England.
Is there any chance for a happily-ever-after when both parties dislike one another?

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Ace of Spies

by Carroll Grabham

‘Zounds. Would he be Prince of Spies, perchance Ace of Spies, were he not thick as pigshit, m’lord?’

Augustus Van Caveat, court dandy to the monarchs of Europe. Bon viveur, devilishly handsome cad. Conman, brothel keeper, fantasist, consummate idiot.

One night in Amsterdam, he is roughed up by the Spanish Inquisition and then kidnapped by their arch enemies, agents of Queen Elizabeth’s protector Francis Walsingham.

Frumagemmed across the North Sea, Caveat is manhandled all the way to Windsor where Walsingham recruits him, no choice in the matter. Papists are plotting, the Armada is here and Caveat must head North to salve a weeping sore on Regina’s realm.

Caveat’s mission is to seduce the Catholic widow of a notorious rebel, bringing all his womanizing charms to bear. His mark is Lady Sarah Chingle, but the master of pomp has little grasp that the future of Europe depends on his scurrilous antics.

God help us all.

Venice Beach: A Novel

by Emily Gallo

A hard-drinking, cantankerous Irish writer and a homeless African American develop an unlikely friendship on the Venice Beach boardwalk when they discover a common link to the Jonestown massacre and are investigated for murder. After the death of his wife, a penniless Finn has to leave New York and move in with his daughter in Venice. He meets an eccentric cast of characters including a hoarder who was a Holocaust survivor, a pair of Jamaican acrobat dancers, a young hippie whose brother died in 9/11, a Samoan transgender bodybuilder, and Jed, a mysterious loner with a cat named “Mother.”

keywords: homeless children, homeless man, Venice Beach, boomer-lit, Mother-loss, boomer lit, mother loss, idiosyncratic tendencies, Irish American writer, death by drowning,
aging well, Unlikely friendship, unlikely friendships, unlikely friendships free

Jack: Tales from the Edge of Darkness – 9

by Lisa Marie Gabriel

Winter sun reveals an ancient tragedy in Whitby, birthplace of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
It is Goth week, a time when tales of Dracula send shudders down the spine and monsters prowl the streets. A spur of the moment visit to Whitby turns bizarre when two girls are stranded in the fog on a dangerous cliff edge. A polite old gentleman guides them to safety along the Cleveland Way and tells his story but all is not quite as it seems. This tale comes to a tragic conclusion when an innocent child makes a gruesome discovery on the beach. Jack is a Gothic tale best recited aloud in front of a roaring fire… or a lantern perhaps.

(This is a short story of approximately 5000 words)

100 Tiny Tales: Short Stories Told in Exactly One Hundred Words

by K. Kris Loomis

No time for fiction? Think again!

Many people love fiction but don’t have the time to take up a weighty novel. Why not try some microfiction short stories instead?

These bite-sized, slice-of-life short stories are crafted with only one hundred words, so they go by in a flash. Perfect for time-challenged fiction lovers, these humorous yet thought-provoking stories can be read when you’re waiting in line, riding the bus, or whenever you need a short mental break.

Go on. Try some flash fiction. Grab your copy of 100 Tiny Tales today!

100 Tiny Tales: Short Stories Told in Exactly One Hundred Words is written by K. Kris Loomis, a native South Carolinian and the author of the novels, The Sinking of Bethany Ann Crane and The Murder of Leopold Beckenbauer, as well as the short story collection, The Monster In the Closet and Other Stories. Kris is also a nonfiction author who writes books about yoga, meditation, and the time she spent living in South America, including After Namaste: Off-the-Mat Musings of a Modern Yogini and Thirty Days in Quito: Two Gringos and a Three-Legged Cat Move to Ecuador.

When Kris isn’t at her standing desk writing, she can be found playing chess, folding an origami crane, or practicing a Beethoven sonata on the piano. She lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina with her husband and two cats.

You can connect with Kris at her website, or her Amazon Author page, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @kkrisloomis.

Il ciottolo d’oro: Fiaba (Italian Edition)

by Maria Alinda Bonacci Brunamonti

La “fiaba” inedita “Il ciottolo d’oro”, scritta dalla poetessa perugina Alinda Brunamonti nell’aprile 1886, è un unicum del genere per l’autrice, che non pubblicò mai opere narrative, ma in gioventù compose alcune novelle in versi (secondo la moda romantica del tempo) e in prosa. Se pure sia un esito eccezionale, questa fiaba, rientra però – nel diario tenuto dalla Brunamonti – in uno sviluppo coerente di “pensieri cristiani” (meditazioni e riflessioni su Cristo, il cristianesimo, la fede, la preghiera con altre considerazioni religiose). Abbiamo già proposto le pagine dedicate da Alinda nel 1882-83 al Natale; offriamo adesso alla lettura questa fiaba, ispirata al precetto evangelico sul buon uso della ricchezza.

Vittorio (Spin Off) (Italian Edition)

by Paola Ferrero

Questo romanzo racconta le vicende di una diciassettenne degli anni 80.
La sua vita viaggia su due binari. Da una parte c’è la quotidianità di una famiglia distrutta, con una madre abbandonata e una sorella che pare un’estranea; lavorano duro per pagare debiti e usurai, perse nelle nebbie della pianura contadina, schiave di un minimarket che procura loro il minimo indispensabile. Dall’altra parte c’è il suo sogno di fare la ballerina e di vivere una vita diversa, c’è il suo tragitto quotidiano in treno fino a Torino, dove studia e compie i primi passi verso una carriera difficile ed effimera.
Nella sua storia ci sono amici con cui condivide la pendolarità, altre persone con cui sogna di sfondare, altre ancora con cui intreccia relazioni solo in parte sentimentali. Ciò che conta è la musica e la possessione che lei sperimenta sul palco. C’è un’audizione per il primo spettacolo importante, c’è la fatica delle prove e la magia del debutto. Ci sono tutti gli attimi che lei fotografa con cura, la sua vita.
Questo è lo Spin Off.

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