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Copycat Appetizers Cookbook, Volume 1: Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants

by JR Stevens

Volume 1 of a two volume set, Copycat Appetizers Cookbook includes more than 50 copycat restaurant appetizers from some of your favorite restaurants. Stop spending hundreds of dollars a month on restaurant meals and fast food! With this book, you can easily indulge in your favorite restaurant appetizers at home and at a fraction of the cost. You can also take the opportunity to tweak recipes to make them even more delicious using favorite ingredients. Discover the secrets behind some of your favorite dishes from places such as Applebee’s, BJ’s, Bucca de Beppo, Cheesecake Factory, Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, Chipotle and more.

Introducing Emotional intelligence: Mastery the Modern Psychology to Control Emotions, Improve Self-Awareness, Boost Your EQ, Master Social, Communication,Empathy, … Intelligence and Soft Skills Book 1)

by Daniel Anderson


Did you know that emotionally intelligent people are better leaders, and great masters of emotions and communications? Also, did you know that Now-a-days companies view emotional intelligence as being incredibly important, and perform EQ testing before hiring?

“EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Mastery the Modern Psychology to Control Emotions, Improve Self-Awareness, Boost Your EQ, Master Social, Communication, Empathy, Conversational and Leadership Skills” is a book written to help you with your emotional intelligence needs!

One of our greatest possessions on this earthly plane is emotional balance. To live a better and happier life, you must take charge of the natural instinctive state of your mind arising from circumstances, moods or relationships with others.

Daniel Anderson wrote this book to help you develop your cope capacity, create and be in-charge of your favorable emotional state 24/7.

With this book, you can now handle situations more than you ever thought possible by taking full control of your emotions in your daily activities.

Inside this book, you’ll find:

  • How to Crush Stress with Emotional Intelligence
  • Principles that Underlie Emotional Maturity  
  • Improving your Level of Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Lifestyle to Emulate
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • How to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children
  • Improving your Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
  • Mastery of Emotion as well as Understanding the Emotions of Others
  • How to Master Social Communications like a pro
  • Tips to be Extraordinarily Productive in your Workplace
  • Application of ABCDE Theory of Emotions
  • And more!

Now you can change your life by taking charge of your emotions instead of being taken over by them and held in their grip.

Knowing the fact that once emotional guidance is heeded, it subsides. Get this book to train your emotions!

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Dear Diary

by Queen Lawless

Ever felt like you wanted to say something but just couldn’t find the right words? Hopefully my diaries can give a few of you a chance to do just that. These were written at an unexpected time in my life and have helped me tremendously. Here’s to wishing they do the same for you.

Survive! Apple Cider Vinegar: A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

Apple cider vinegar is a kitchen staple that has several impressive health benefits. Interestingly, it also has a ton of different beauty, household and cooking uses. If you are a prepper or a survivalist knowing all of the many uses of apple cider vinegar will be important! This book will show the many uses and at the end of the book is a short tutorial so you can make your own apple cider vinegar at home and also save a lot of money!

41 Valentineâ??s Day Crafts: Valentineâ??s Day Cards, Gifts, and More

by Prime Publishing

With 41 patterns to choose from, 41 Valentine’s Day Crafts: Valentine’s Day Cards, Gifts, and More, is a must-have free eBook for anyone looking to add a little handmade touch to their Valentine’s Day festivities. Filled with homemade cards, DIY Valentine’s Day clothing, adorable heart-shaped accessories, this eBook will become a go-to resource for crafters at any skill level. These patterns are easy enough for beginners but still so fun and exciting to make.


by Jeremiah Karrasch

At thirty-three, I finally became a daddy. I was about as prepared for this as a kindergartner going for their SAT. No book could ever prepare me for the roller coaster I was about to go on. My life as I knew it was about to change forever. My social life ceased to exist, my wife went through changes that occur in exorcisms, my mustang turned in to a suburban and I found my hair growing grey faster than a tween can upload a selfie.

Now, do not let this scare you. No no no! This is supposed to be the most exciting experience of your life, bro! You have done the only thing you were purposefully put on this earth to accomplish. You had only one solemn task and you finally did it. Who said you would never accomplish anything in life?

This is by no means a self-help book. These are simply observations of an overwhelmed and overly sarcastic stay at home dad. Do not take it literally. I will not be held responsible for any injuries to yourself or others while you are using this book.

DIY Kitchen Backsplash : Great Design Ideas

by Lorayne Miller

This book is all about the kitchen backsplash. It is the area above your counters and below the cabinets. If you love having a gourmet kitchen, having a very cool backsplash is going to be a very important detail. If you plan to remodel your kitchen this book will show you some great design ideas and at the end of this book is a short DIY tutorial so you can see how easy it is to do.

A Brexit survival guide to growing your own food: Step 1 Preparation

by Becky Mason

Are you worried about Brexit? Interested in growing your own food? Are you new to gardening? Are you worried about food shortages or price rises?
If you’ve answered yes then this book is for you. No politics, just learn how to grow your own food and save money.
This book is step one in a series of short e-books aimed at the beginner gardener. In step 1 we’ll be focusing on setting you up with growing space, be it pots on a balcony; a small vegetable patch in your garden or an allotment. This e-book is aimed at the absolute beginner, someone who hasn’t grown anything before or is very new to gardening.
If you think you would kill a plastic plant or that you need green fingers, you don’t. All you need to know is where to start. I can show you where to start and how to prepare in this easy to follow guide.
This book is written by me Becky Mason, who runs a You Tube channel about gardening called Becky’s Allotment. This book runs alongside the channel and as the growing season starts I will be releasing books to prepare you for what to buy and how to start planting while the channel will show you what to do.

This book covers the basics of setting up growing in pots, bags and baskets or a growing space in your garden. It also covers starting an allotment.

Body Language: Secrets of Body Language – Female Body Language. Learn to Tell if She’s Interested or Not!

by James Beckett

Who Else Wants to Know What She’s REALLY Thinking about RIGHT NOW?

Did you know that we say far more with our bodies and faces than we ever do with our words? Body language is a huge part of human interaction – but it’s often completely ignored or misunderstood.

If you want to know how to read the signals she’s giving you and find out if she’s looking at you as more than just a chance meeting, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Lionel, a body language expert with a career spent researching, examining and analyzing the human behavior and psychology. As you can understand, I’ve been studying body language for a very long time and I can literally tell at just a single glance exactly what’s going on in her mind.

Would you like to be able to do the same?

Just like you, I’m frustrated that all the books, resources and courses out there on body language focus on exactly the wrong thing: what a facial expression or a gesture means in isolation. That’s not how it works – our body parts work in harmony to create an overall message.

That’s why I’ve written this book – because I know that the secret of finding out whether she’s interested in you lies in more than just one pout or a flick of her hair. I want to show you how to understand her body so that she can finally get that message across to you. That message that she’s been sending all along…

Give me ONE day and I’ll hand you the keys to her mind

And I’ll do it for less than the cost of a cosmopolitan. Even if you’ve never heard a single fact about body language before, you’ll find out in this book what a powerful tool it can be both for you and for her.

Knowing whether she’s interested or not in just a few moments IS possible, even if you’re a complete beginner

You’ll learn how to spot the most important signals and weigh them up in the right context to tell what she’s trying to say.

Within this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why her eyes really are the windows to her soul
  • What she’s telling you through her gaze
  • The secrets behind her smile
  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she’s touching you
  • What it means when her gestures are exactly the same as yours
  • How to use her body language to tell if she’s interested now
  • How to tell if she’s still interested in you when you’re in a relationship
  • And a whole lot more…

This guide will save you over $500 on a useless course

You’ll find plenty of courses out there for people who want to learn body language, but why would you risk wasting at least $500 and hours upon hours of your time on something that may or may not work? It’s a no brainer – This proven guide to understanding female body language has EVERYTHING you need, for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t just take my word for it…

I’ve been sharing my knowledge about body language for years. Here’s what just a couple of people who have read this book had to say:

“It is concise, well-structured, and gives valid information that a purchaser of this book would be looking for. There is no wool over the eyes here – my smile says I like it, my lips say it is a must read! A++”

“I would highly recommend every guy reading this book so they can understand their girlfriend, wife, or any women in their life”

100% Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

If you finish this book and you still feel like you don’t know if she’s interested in you, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money back. That’s how confident I am that this book really WILL show you how to beat the dating game and win that woman once and for all.

No risk, nothing to lose!

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Survive! How To Make Pumpkin Beer Ale : A Prepperâ??s Guide

by Lorayne Miller

If you are a prepper or a survivalist, knowing how to grow your own food is important. Pumpkins are easy to grow and you can make more than just pumpkin pies! This book will show you how to make an alcoholic beverage called pumpkin ale. Jack â??O Lanterns may come and go on Halloween but truly after you taste this brew you will want more! This book will show you step by step how to make pumpkin beer ale that is out of this world!

Tucker’s Story

by Bobbie Asad

A Children’s Story:
Tucker, a German Shepherd mix, has a great home, up until he finds himself homeless. This is his journey from homeless to a business logo.

Comdrades, Mistakes Were Made

by Ferenc Z. Varadi

1948 – 1956 was one of the saddest periods in the history of Hungary. The communist state’s machinery of terror functioned perfectly but the introduced centrally directed incredibly bad functioning economic system did not. The communist party functionaries explained this: “Comrades, on the socialist road to communism some mistakes were made.” The real stories described in this book were horrible but today, more than 50 years later, the stupidity of the system is quite amusing.
In that scary world, the terror touched everybody. On the other hand the interesting thing was that in those fearful and insecure time oases existed in the midst of terror. Oases were those places, smaller or larger, where everybody preserved human dignity, and facing the terror around them they stayed united. These oases probably existed because they were not detected by the terror system, or the system needed the people working in the oases. This book is about such oases.
After the 1956 Hungarian revolution was crushed, 2% of Hungary’s population fled from the country. The news of the Revolution caught the writer in East Berlin, he returned to Budapest to pick up his wife and his three year old daughter and in an ancient automobile escaped to the West. Such adventure needed first of all luck, boldness, above average organizational skills and a good dose of humor.

A Shot in the Bark: A Dog Park Mystery (Lia Anderson Dog Park Mysteries Book 1)

by C. A. Newsome

A grieving artist, a smitten detective, a devious killer: You never know who you’ll meet at the dog park.

Would you recognize a killer if you talked to one every day? Artist Lia Anderson doesn’t. Neither do her friends at the Mount Airy Dog Park. When the apparent suicide of Lia’s deadbeat boyfriend draws the attention of Detective Peter Dourson, he decides to adopt the dead man’s dog to infiltrate the tight group he’s certain conceals Luthor Morrissey’s killer. As his investigation uncovers secrets, a grieving Lia fights her growing attraction to the laid-back detective. Meanwhile, Luthor’s killer lurks, desperate to stay ahead of the investigationâ??no matter who has to dieâ?¦

If you like believable characters, a multi-layered plot, and a compelling sense of humor with your intrigue, pick up this can’t-put-down whodunit for a romp through the dog park with Lia and the gang.

This extended edition includes new and expanded scenes.

(69,000 words)

Gym workout program for beginners: Full one-week exercise program for every muscle group.

by Lewis Clarke

Full one-week gym exercises workout program for beginners. *Suitable for both males and females!*

-Full program( three separate days workouts for each muscle group.)
-Information about the exercises (sets, repetitions etc.)
-The name of every exercise (so it won’t be hard to master it).
-Some very useful tips/pointers for beginners.

E-commerce Success Mastery 2019: A successful internet millionaire proven blueprint to building a six(6) figure profitable empire selling anything online in any niche

by Derek Ed Wilson

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Are you in search of an online business where you can earn over $100k/month without investing any time or money whatsoever? Are you looking for a business where you can multiply your income rapidly in just a few weeks, collecting twice of what you were previously receiving? And then, generating thousands of dollars passively for you while you sleep from the comfort of your bed?

Then, unfortunately, this is not the book for you. I know what you’re thinking, weird right? Hang on, Keep reading!…

Please don’t get me wrong here, E-commerce businesses are a goldmine to begin with and a great business to hit the curve rolling, but hey, I’m going to be really honest and straightforward with you here, you think you know a thing about ecommerce marketing and how to operate ecommerce stores like Shopify, woocomerce, or even affiliate marketing for a guaranteed six (6) figures monthly? You’re wrong. Not even close! You know absolutely nothing.

There’s a whole infinite number of possibilities and potentials in starting an ecommerce business today, and I’m talking multiple digits here for months and months to come and the truth is, you need inside information on how things are done and how to leverage on all the free tools the internet has given us to scale your online brand. 

As a six (6) figure millionaire with over two hundred (200) students across the world learning from me from the web and earning from the comfort of their home, I’m pretty confident when I say that this book is the real package for everything you want to know about E-commerce or any online business out there.

This book will guide your every step, telling you what to do to get started in building your own empire with full information on:

  1. Everything E-commerce and how to get started
  2. The ultimate guide to choosing the perfect niche selection
  3. How to find the right customers who will buy whatever products you have for sale
  4. Choosing suppliers with mouth-watering, evergreen and affordable products
  5. Analyzing what the demand is in the market to tailor your products
  6. Completely Destroying your competition by doing this secret technique no one else is doing
  7. The incredible pricing strategy customers cannot resist

Are you still here? Seriously? Haven’t you clicked on the order button yet? The secrets and hidden techniques this book has to offer are simply INSANE!! Put this book to the test today! Buy this book today and see your online business take a lift high enough you could never have imagined.


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by Ella Stevenson

Change Your Life and Get Healthy with Essential Oils!

What is aromatherapy? How does it work? How can you use it in your everyday life?
When you read Aromatherapy: Essential Aromatherapy and Oil Guide for Health, Happiness and Stress Relief, you’ll learn all about the history of aromatherapy, its roots in ancient medicine, and how many cultures have used plant oils to cure illnesses. These powerful substances are extracted from plants in a number of methods that you can try at home!
When you practice Aromatherapy with essential oils, these powerful potions can help you:

  • Reduce Pain and Stress
  • Sleep Better and Have More Energy
  • Get Younger-Looking Skin and Hair
  • Improve Your Digestion and Immunity

Essential oils even have antibacterial and antifungal properties!
Why should you use essential oils for healing?
These amazing, aromatic oils are safe, have zero side effects, and have multiple benefits. Essential oils are easy-to-find, inexpensive, and powerful. You can use them via inhalation either directly or with a diffuser, a humidifier, or steam. You can also apply essential oils to your skin – especially in massage oils!
This book even explains how you can safely and responsibly consume essential oils!

Read Aromatherapy: Essential Aromatherapy and Oil Guide for Health, Happiness and Stress Relief right away!
You’ll be so glad you did!

The Effective Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate 5-Week Meal Plan for Sustainable Weight Loss

by Chef Effect

The Effective Ketogenic Diet for Beginners


The ketogenic diet offers this premise: eat 60-90% of your calories from fat, adapt to metabolizing fat quickly as energy, gain better appetite control and regulation, and lose weight as your body easily burns fat stores. It sounds like the complete opposite of everything we’ve been told about weight loss for the past few decades, but strong research backs up the science behind the ketogenic diet. As you replace most of the carbohydrates in your diet with fat, major physiological changes occur that make it easier for many people to lose weight. In most cases, they also see lower blood pressure and cholesterol and other health benefits!

This book is a complete guide to beginning the ketogenic diet.

It will teach you about:

· Ketogenic Diet

· Who Should Follow the Ketogenic Diet

· Ketosis

· What to Eat

· How to Begin the Ketogenic Diet

· Possible Side Effects

· 5-week Meal Plan

· Over 90 Delicious and Healthy Recipes

Some of the recipes include:

· Chocolate Hazelnut Smoothie

· Golden Coconut Smoothie

· Anti-Inflammatory Spice Smoothie

· Coconut Almond Porridge

· Peanut Sauce

· Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms and Brie

· Salmon Salad with Rich Balsamic Dressing

· Creamy Spinach Soup

· Steak Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

· Chilled Summer Soup with Asiago Croutons

· Turkey Burgers with Sage

· Chicken Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

· Baked Arctic Char with Sour Cream and Chives

· Beef Chili

· Keto Irish Beef Stew

· Salami Cheese Roll-ups

· Kale Chips

Get your copy and start your Ketogenic Diet Journey today!


See You on the Effective Side!

-Chef Effect

Anxiety Workbook: Anxiety Cure and Overcome Panic Attacks For Better Life, Stop Worrying, Stop Stress and Eliminate Negative Thinking

by Lee Shandor

Does Overwhelming Anxiety Keep You Up At Night? Do You Suffer From Panic Attacks That Just Won’t Go Away? Then This Guide Is For You.

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses affecting people in America today. Many adults today, regardless of age and background, often succumb to this condition which has only grown worse in our modern, fast-paced world of today.

If you’re tired of just having to learn how to “manage” or “live with it” and are looking for a permanent solution without having to resort to prescription drugs, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, Lee Shandor shares powerfully effective techniques to deal with extreme anxiety and debilitating panic attacks by showing you how to calmly observe your internal wiring and responses to stressful situations and how to change your reactions to them and break the vicious cycle.

Here are some of the things you’re going to discover in this guide:

  • Getting a grip: Understanding anxiety disorders
  • Seven types of anxiety disorders and how to recognize each one
  • Common symptoms associated with anxiety disorders
  • How to understand the triggers that cause anxiety
  • How to effectively use the AWARE technique to blast through self-doubt
  • Putting an end to anxious and intrusive thoughts
  • …and much more!

Deeply insightful, highly practical and full of actionable strategies, How to Cure Anxiety and Overcome Panic Attacks is a valuable guide that will help you get your life back.

Ready to start your journey to a more confident version of yourself and take back control of your life? Scroll up and click the button to buy now!

Nate (A Fated to Love Series Book 3)

by Brooke Parker

Can one-time enemies really fall in love?

Paige and Nate grew up despising each other. Now they’re in their twenties, and with their best friends married, things are looking different. A first date turns into two, and eventually the couple is on the road to commitment. Nothing about the pair is very conventional so when they surprise their longtime friends with a sudden engagement and even bigger announcement, everyone is off to the city that never sleeps with one celebratory event in mind!

Getting out of the Grime of Bad Habits: Change your Mindset, Control your Life

by Julia Keller

Do your bad habits and actions bring only trouble? Do you often grab your head muttering what am I doing?

Do you have habitual procrastination that leaves you feeling depressed and anxious?

Are your tired of your life? Do you want to change?

Why do we develop habits? And how can we change them?

Julia Keller ( PhD in psychology ) will help you declutter your life and help you to love yourself.

“Getting out of the Grime of Bad Habits”: the key to closing doors for bad habits and opening doors for the right habits.

The solution for your bad habits is here!

-    Learn the golden rule of overcoming temptation.

-    Stop hurting yourself and start embracing  yourself.

-    Improve your relations with everybody.

-    Bring positivity and become happier.

-    Improve your beliefs, self-confidence and social etiquettes.

-    Change your mindset and become more successful.

-    Control your life and start creating the life you always wanted.

-    Say goodbye to bad habits and start living with the right habits.

We can always change. Bad habits aren’t destiny. They are science, on which can transform our lives.

You can too control your temptation and master your mind!

Your time is now!

Take  your first step to getting rid of  your bad habits, and move forward on a path of happiness, joy and a fulfilled life.

By downloading this book you join  the 1%  club who wants to change his/her lifestyle.

From the Podium: The Cause of BP’s Macondo Blowout

by J. A. Turley

The authorâ??J. A. (John) Turleyâ??is a retired petroleum-engineering professor, drilling manager, and oil-and-gas executive. He wrote mysteries for ten years before BP’s April 2010 Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico, after which he fully committed his research and writing time to the real-world disaster. Looking for answers to an often-repeated questionâ??”What happened to that rig in the Gulf?”â??he studied publicly available depositions, well data, and investigative reports; ignored finger-pointing, pontificating attorneys, and hearsay evidence; and assessed the cause of the disaster from engineering, operations, and management perspectives. Defining the cause of the blowout and applying results to future wells became: (1) the subject of his widely acclaimed book, THE SIMPLE TRUTH: BP’s Macondo Blowout, and (2) the basis for his professional speaking platform, with seventy-five presentations in eleven countries and across the US to operating companies, professional societies, technical conferences, and petroleum engineering universities. He was named a Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Distinguished Lecturer for 2015-2016, through which he made his last 30 presentations to SPE sections on a global basis. The Simple Truth is written as narrative-nonfiction, with surrogate characters representing the 11 men who died as well as those who survived. Turley’s presentations consistently garner audience interest in his research findings and recommendations.

That said, taking away the audience; translating inflected dialog into ink, paper, and pixels; and preserving and further disseminating the message, became the driving force in putting together his follow-on book FROM THE PODIUM: The Cause of BP’s Macondo Blowout. Throughout the nonfiction book (no people, no dialog, just facts), he focuses strictly on the data-driven engineering and operating cause of the disaster, as if from a podium in front of an academic and professional audience. His presentationsâ??and FROM THE PODIUMâ??share a common goal: To assess the physical cause of the disaster and apply lessons learned to future wells. To this end, the book is a physical compilation of his slides, text, diagrams, conclusions, and recommendations, as well as key Q&A topics queried by faculty, students, environmentalists, and other technical experts from throughout the oil-and-gas industry.The author’s mantraâ??nested into his booksâ??has been and remains: Only if we understand and care about the cause of BP’s Macondo blowout will we know why it should not have happened and why it should never happen again.

How to analyze people:5 simple methods that will teach you how to instantly read, analyze and influence people through proven psychologist techniques to … Body Language, Patterns, Human Behavior)

by James Meldow

,,The key to successful leadership is influence not authority.”- Ken Blanchard

Have you ever wondered how it is that some people naturally can convince other people to do something?

That they can easily ease the conflict?

That they never waste an opportunity?

These people are the leaders, but were they born with it? Absolutely not. They just use simple psychological techniques that are based on reading, analyzing and influencing people

And I have good news for you. YOU too can be such a person thanks to this book which will present you with 5 simple methods of how you can become a person you always wanted to be and make the scenes you created in your mind become true

To succeed in life, you obviously need to have clear goals and work hard towards achieving them. The thing is though that to accomplish many of your goals including that of being happy, having a great job or company, having healthy relationships and finding true love, you need to have the ability to read, inspire and influence people.
If you observe all the successful people in the world, you will notice something unique about them; their ability to communicate effectively and influence others. If you wish to be successful and prosperous in life, it is time you work on inculcating the same ability
In addition to making people understand your viewpoint, there are times when you need to inspire and lead them so they can do what you want and agree with you willingly. While people do tend to agree with others at times, it is important they do it willingly without feeling as they are being coerced.
To ensure your loved ones, colleagues, superiors and business associates stay happy with you, you need to ensure they willingly agree with what you want. This is where reading and analyzing people comes in handy. When you can effectively read people, you know when the iron is hot and can strike it effectively.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why Bother With Learning How To Influence People
  • How to Read a Body Language
  • How to Read The Eyes And Voice Tonality
  • How to Notice Gestures and Why You Should Mirror Somebody’s Body Language
  • How to Enhance Your Listening Skills
  • How to Improve Your Speaking Skills
  • And Much, much more!

The only way You can make change in your life is commiting to change. I know that in the beginning it is hard to get out of Your comfort zone, but trust me, if You get through this You will become much better person and You will thank your former self for doing this
Take action and download your copy today!

Tags: How to analyze people on sight, dark psychology, proven influence techniques, body language, human interactions, social skills

Small Business, Big Profits: Create a New Internet Marketing Based Business Selling Affiliate & Physical Products

by David Parker

2 Business Ideas to Help You Start Your Home-Based Internet Marketing Business Today!

Treat this bundle as a school of business ideas and learn what it takes to finally make money online.

Inside you’ll discover:

– Create small websites that brings in big money
– Find the best niches to sell into
– Rank fast in Google
– How to write product reviews

– The 3 step process to make money via the AliEcom method
– How to find the best products for maximum profitability
– The exact criteria to follow when choosing your product
– How to create your FREE website
– How to set-up payment method so you can start accepting orders
– Real life examples of awesome products to sell (with reasons why they are perfect to sell online!)
– How to drive free traffic via Google SEO
– How to fulfill your products…pain free!

Shortcut Your Way to Business Success

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