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Mail Order Bride: Rescuing Katie (Mail Order Brides of French Gulch Book 1)

by Emily Woods

From #1 Bestselling Author Emily Woods

It’s 1852 and Katie is trying to escape a life of servitude in French Gulch, California.

Katie flees her life as an over-worked, under-appreciated nanny in New York only to learn there are things far worse.

Homer’s life is the epitome of married to his work but when his new bride is in danger, he has to choose between his job and his new love.

This book is a sweet, clean, western, historical, romance novelette. It is a complete story, but it is also part of the Mail Order Brides of French Gulch series. Be sure to read them all – in any order!

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The Cedar Chest: A Modern Christian Romance

by Julianne Munich

Carrie Hughes is a widowed mom, living in a rural Michigan town and raising her children, Nora and Gabriel, alone after her firefighter husband Tim dies on duty. As she grieves, she reaches out to meet new friends, including an older widow, Judy. Carrie takes a trip to visit Judy’s small Wisconsin town, and goes to shop for a cedar memory chest for her late husband. David Hensel, a salesman at his family’s quaint Amish furniture shop, lost his wife Sarah to cancer two years before. He works long hours, still paying off her medical bills while raising his young son. When Carrie and David meet, they share an immediate bond. Both are trying to live out their Christian faith after losing a spouse, dealing with the pain of loneliness. They soon begin a long-distance correspondence, learning to laugh again- and love again. But after David commits a sin he regrets, can he still become the loving man of faith Carrie needs? Can teenage Nora accept her mother’s need for love again? A story of love, loss and forgiveness.

Pulling Down Strongholds: Learning How to Wage War Against Spiritual Darkness

by Hector Torres

IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK.Ever feel like there’s an invisible force blocking you from stepping into your destiny? Like you advance two steps forward toward the life God has for you, only to have something “happen” that throws you three steps back?Maybe you’ve seen this pattern repeat – in your personal and professional life, in your church, and in your community. That’s because there’s an unseen war being raged against you. You are not imagining things. The unseen realm is real; it’s high time you learned how to fight back… and WIN.Let Dr. Hector P. Torres show you the exact strategies to victory. It’s all laid out for you, step-by-step, in the no-nonsense, co compelling style that’s made him one of the most influential apostolic leaders in the world today.

Hallelujah Men (Single)

by Sean Chandler

From the beginning of time, the spiritual fabric of Earth has been teased, ripped, and pulled asunder by what man has come to call evil.Now, the world is on the verge of transition as a new age approaches, as man realizes that they no longer live under the law but under grace.However, during times like these, the Almighty, the God of the Heavens above and the earth below has chosen a select group to lead His people down the lighted path.This is but one of their stories. May their adventures lead you down your own lighted path to enlightenment.

The Strength of Family: Amish and Doctor Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

A newly widowed wife, Abigail Bontrager was devastated by the tragic loss of her husband, Jacob. He died in a freak accident while on his tractor. The orthopedic surgeon tried to save Jacob, but his body failed. Abby was left with debt, a farm to manage, and two small children as lost as she was. Relief came from an unexpected source when the good doctor showed up in her Amish community to purchase some quilts for his newly acquired home. She soon became the housekeeper for the house he turned into an inn. Abby found meaning away from her angry father and the Amish community she had grown up in.

Would this be the best choice for her budding search for meaning? Would Aidan Connolly, the charming Catholic doctor help her to redefine her life? Or would she be lost in the English world, trapped by her own stubbornness and need for independence?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

If Only It Were Yesterday (A Season Passed Book 1)

by A.M. Heath

Liz Cooke has two problems in life: Her social media is filled with brewing political conflict and her idea of a perfect man seems to have gone extinct a century ago. Inspired by the contents of an antique trunk, Liz dreams she time-travels to 1885. As she sets out to enjoy the Victorian era in all its glory, armed with knowledge gleaned through historical novels and period dramas, will she find the past to be all that she thought? And does the right man for her exist only in her dreams or has he been in her life all along?
Loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland, A.M. Heath brings you a fun read chock-full of humor and whimsy with a special message for the avid reader in all of us.

Miss Main Street The Complete Series: Books 1-3

by Angela Castillo

The town of Wimber is full of stories, and three young women are out to discover their own.
Clean, Christian fiction with a hint of romance.
Includes all three books in the Miss Main Street series:

Secondhand Secrets:
Every small town has its secrets. Darcy’s have been locked up inside her since that last summer when she left Wimber, Texas, and the boy she loved, for a glitzy life in Los Angeles.
Seven years later, her gran’s passed away. Darcy’s been named as the sole owner of the Tangled in Time antique store. Darcy can’t wait to get back to the place where she’s always felt she belonged. But owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. And sometimes the past is better left alone.
But Darcy is determined to push forward, despite the obstacles that cross her path. And maybe even have another chance for love with the man who stayed behind.

Blessed Arrangements

Lila’s Flower shop and wedding business keep her plenty busy. Add in a handsome firefighter and crazy hits the fan.
When Lila’s sister and nephew move back in and a terrible disaster threatens her tiny Texas town, Lila realizes she might not be able to fix everything on her own. Will God send the miracle she needs to help her out of this mess?

Inn Dependence

For two years, Sammi Morretti has cared for her home-bound grandfather. Now he’s gone, and she’s left with no place to go.
Then a mysterious aunt invites her to work at a tiny bed and breakfast in the town of Wimber. Can the Main Street women and a kind youth pastor with a dangerous history pull Sammi out of the darkness she’s lived in for so long?

The Order of God: A Study of Divine Design

by Sterling Davidson

Without order nothing works. The ability to function depends on order, whether it be an automobile, a computer, an electrical grid, or, a nation, city, or family. Even our bodies depend on order to function. Job said that in death “there is no order”, consequently all function ceases. In the beginning God took the raw material of a chaotic universe, applied His order to it, and produced an amazingly functional place of habitation. The agent by which He applied His order was His Word. On each of the six days of creation the Bible records God speaking the words “let there be”. Through those words chaos was changed to order and from that order there was function. When things work like they are designed to frustration and anger are eliminated and life is pleasant (if the design is benevolent). God has a design and it is goodâ?¦ very good. The order of God is good, and it functions for the good of man. The sin in the ordered garden of Eden was the sin of leaving God’s orderâ?¦ sin is not part of God’s order and it has plunged mankind back into a state of chaos. Life is not always good because the order of God is not always in place. The closer we can get to the designed order of God the better our lives become. Dysfunction is a result of disorder. Having a better life (and eternity) depends on us ordering our lives after the plan of God. Understanding the order of God is imperative to having a functional life as we can’t order our life if we don’t understand the order. All scriptural study is really a study of the order of God and, when understood and applied, will cause things to work like they are intended to work. Life is good!This book is a study of a sampling of God’s order and is intended to cause the reader to desire to further explore God’s ways. But there will be challenges as Isaiah states, “His ways are not our ways”. As the order of God is understood and implemented into our lives improvement is the result. It is my hope that reading The Order of God will bless you with that understanding and facilitate a better life in the ways of the Lord.

Encounter the Father: Intimacy with God and how to get closer to him

by Sarah Fischer

Encounter the Father – Intimacy with God and how to get closer to him

The Author reveals unknown truth about the genuine love of the Father. You will find answers to these questions: Does the Father have emotions? Would he talk to you, and would he show you, what his emotions are, he has for you? Will he respect your will?

The new insights and revelations about biblical grace, history and our imagination will give you a new confidence, that there is a creator and Father, full of love, waiting for you.

The Author uncovers one of the biggest misunderstanding between mankind and God; when he seems to be far away, is he disinterested in you? No, he is not. There is another reason you will discover in this book. You will find solutions, how you can reach out and find him.

You find proven tools
– How to find the gold in the well, get free from the past and find solutions you have been waiting for
– How to encounter the Father in a new way and find relationship with him
– And how to find new horizons

The Father is seeking for a relationship, where he respects your will. You will discover this amazing truth, that his love is mindful and tender.
The Father has a dream; he is longing for a delightful relationship with his creation.

Sarah Fischer was working successfully as a coach for over 15 years and helped many to find an inner home with the Father, changed lives for good and helped them to develop their potentials and find a meaningful life with destiny.
After an important time of seeking the Father, she had her first encounter, that changed her life. Her passion for the Father and his love that sets free has made her done over 10 years of studies and researches in that field.
She developed easy to apply tools, how to get free from the past and how to find a delightful relationship with the Father – each one in his uniqueness.
She loves to bring out the saving message of Jesus Christ, with the encouraging consent that the Father â??sees you, did not forget you and loves you’.

She is the founder and CEO of the “Fatherhouse and Healingschool” in Switzerland and she travels as an international speaker to many nations to bring the Father’s message.
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The Spirited Bride Finds a Family

by Nancy Jane Wyatt


Lucinda is livid. At a crowded afternoon tea party in Washington, her father suddenly calls for quiet and announces Lucinda’s surprise engagement to Harvey Tennant, a business associate. What is she to do? When she answers an advertisement, hope begins to flicker in her heart. Her path is determined, and she is bound and determined to head west.

Frederick Ryan is a successful thirty-five-year-old rancher in Wyoming. He is also a widower with three children and a controlling mother. He is motivated only to provide a mother for his children; he doesn’t believe he can ever fall in love again.

When Lucinda first arrives in Wyoming, she soon discovers that Fredrick neglected to mention his children, or his overbearing mother. This is not what she expected or is prepared for.

A trial period is agreed upon but when the time comes for her to make a choice, Lucinda’s heart is torn in too many directions. Can Lucinda and Fredrick overcome their obstacles to create a family they both desire?

Deliverance from the Power and Penalty of Sin [Annotated, Updated]: Biblical Answers for Those Willing to Admit That They Are Sinners and yet Truly Desire to Follow Christ

by Orson Palmer

Giving thanks unto the Father, . . . Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son. (Colossians 1:12-13)

Awake! Awake! slumbering church, and clothe yourself with the garments of your Lord’s salvation and righteousness. He waits to be gracious to you. Return unto your first love before the candlestick is removed. Purge the “leaven” of wickedness and dishonesty from your midst. Spurn the “honey” of the world, and let us cleanse our garments from the stains of seeking pleasure, commercialism, and worldliness. Let us refrain from the entertainment, moneymaking craze that is now resting upon us. Let us deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Christ.

Table of Contents

  1. The Wisdom of God in the Cross
  2. The Love of God in the Cross
  3. The Power of God in the Cross
  4. If Any Man Sin
  5. He Is Faithful to Cleanse
  6. God’s Faithfulness
  7. God’s Indwelling
  8. Whom are You Serving?
  9. Spiritual Laws
  10. In Dark Places
  11. Offenses
  12. Victory or Defeat?
  13. Pressing On for the Prize
  14. The Test of Faith
  15. Having Done All, to Stand
  16. The Coming of the Lord

About the Author
Orson R. Palmer was born during the beginning of the Civil War. His father enlisted in the war, and sadly never returned to his family. Palmer married Elizabeth A. Watkins in 1887, and they welcomed a daughter in 1895. Palmer started a business, was a superintendent of a Sunday school and taught Sunday school classes, became an author, founded and pastored a Berachah Church in Philadelphia, helped launch IFMA (now CrossGlobal Link), and served as director for AIM. Palmer died on June 5, 1939, from lymphatic leukemia and myocarditis.

The Overcoming Life (Updated and Annotated): But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves â?? James 1:22

by Dwight Lyman Moody

Are you an overcomer? Or, are you plagued by little sins that easily beset you? Even worse, are you failing in your Christian walk, but refuse to admit and address it? No Christian can afford to dismiss the call to be an overcomer. The earthly cost is minor; the eternal reward is beyond measure.

Dwight L. Moody is a master at unearthing what ails us. He uses stories and humor to bring to light the essential principles of successful Christian living. Each aspect of overcoming is looked at from a practical and understandable angle. The solution Moody presents for our problems is not religion, rules, or other outward corrections. Instead, he takes us to the heart of the matter and prescribes biblical, God-given remedies for every Christian’s life. Get ready to embrace genuine victory for today, and joy for eternity.

Inward topics include:
-The Flesh

External topics include:
-The World
-Our Children

Updated, Modern English Edition

About the Author
Dwight L. Moody, determined to make a fortune, arrived in Chicago and started selling shoes. But Christ found him and his energies were redirected into full-time ministry. And what a ministry it was. Today, Moody’s name still graces a church, a mission, a college, and more. Moody loved God and men, and the power of a love like that impacts generations.

Spoken For: A 30-Day Devotional for Single Women

by Debbie V. Mason

Tired of being “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”? Struggling with loneliness after divorce or death of your husband? Perhaps you just need some encouragement from someone who’s “been there” (forever single, or so I thought!).

SPOKEN FOR is a 30-day devotional written from experience, based in Biblical truth and wrapped in God’s love. Although written primarily for single (or single-again) women, it has ministered to married women as well. Let these words encourage you in your search for true love and meaning.

Law of Attraction: Secrets To Unleashing The Power From Within (money, happiness, love, success, achieve, dreams, visualisation techniques Book 1)

by Daniel D’apollonio

LIMITED TIME BONUS INCLUDED: You will receive FOUR FREE E-BOOKS, Outlining the latest Meditation and Crystal Healing Techniques, Essentials in the Practice of Reiki, and the Principles of the Law of Attraction.

Secrets To Unleashing The Power From Within!

The law of attraction is something almost everyone has experienced, on a conscious or subconscious level at one time or the other. Even as we speak, you have experienced the law of attraction at some point in your life.

Do you doubt this immutable fact? Consider this:
Look back to all those times when you were thinking about someone, your phone started ringing with the person you were thinking of on the other end of the line, or the time when you were thinking about someone, and out of nowhere, you bump into the person on the street.

You may choose to label these things mere â??coincidences,’ â??luck,’ or â??fate’ because a part of you finds it difficult to accept the existence of energy in sync with your thoughts, an energy capable of attracting the things you want.

This energy is the universal energy. You can tap into this energy to transform every aspect of your life and attract everything you desire. How do you do that; how do you tap into this power? Well, you use the law of attraction. What is the law of attraction?

This book will teach you everything about the law of attraction, how it works, and then detail how you can consciously begin to use it to get the things you want whether these things are the ideal relationship, a good job, better health, money, you name it.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Law Of Attraction Explained
  • Does The Law Of Attraction Work?
  • The Law Of Attraction And Negative Thinking
  • How To Use The Law Of Attraction
  • When The Law Of Attraction Appears Not To Work
  • And much, much

Check Out What Others Are Saying…

Breaks it all down pretty simply.

“This short book did a very good job of simplifying the Law of Attraction. The general positive attitude the book exudes makes me a believer.”

You are the energy you attract

“I’ve always been a universalist and i firmly believe in the power of the mind. This was an inspiring read that just helped reaffirm my initial beliefs. It mainly talks about the law of attraction and how you can unleash your mind’s capacity. I’ve achieved a lot of things in my life that I used to just dream about and i have law of attraction and reads such as this book to thanks for that.”

The secrets are real!

“This is a great book for learning the Law of Attraction and how to read all the signs that occur when you’re manifesting something. I was going though a difficult time. His books helped me in more ways than I can describe. He has such a positive. Even today if I feel down I read this book and changes my day.”

To Live Your Greatest Life, You Must Become A Leader Within Yourself. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE, And Begin Attracting And Manifesting All The Things You Want in life!

Tags: Law of attraction, positive thinking, health, love, abundance, affirmations, achieve success, mind, success, manifest, desires, power, unleash, secrets, money, happiness, law of attraction exercises, law of attraction relationships, law of attraction for beginners

A Life for God: A Rabbiâ??s Analysis of Life, the Cross, and Eternity

by Rabbi Greg Hershberg

“If anyone wants to come after me, let him say â??No’ to himself, take up his execution-stake daily and keep following me.” – Yeshua

To grasp the depth and height of the great I AM and to live life with the end (eternity) in sight is a believer’s most significant accomplishment. Within each of His chosen people, God has placed a desire to know Him, to worship Him, and to live victoriously for Him. He has shown us how to have the right perspective concerning this life and the one to come. And what God starts, He finishes.

Come, let Messianic Rabbi Greg Hershberg open the Torah and give you glimpses of the incredible love and character of our God. Let him point you to the Savior through the offerings of Leviticus and the mournful lament of Psalm 22. Let him guide you through the greatest commandment as you learn to say “no” to yourself, pick up your execution-stake, and follow the great I AM.

About the Author
Rabbi Greg Hershberg was born in New York City and raised in Orthodox Judaism. He graduated Pace University, Magna Cum Laude and later owned and operated an executive search firm in New York City, specializing in banking and finance. In 1989, he married Bernadette and while on his honeymoon in Israel had a visitation from the Lord that turned his heart to serving God.

In 1992, Rabbi Greg became involved in the Messianic Jewish Movement and was ordained through the International Association of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS). He became the leader of Beth Judah Messianic Congregation. In 2002, the Lord moved Rabbi Greg and his family to Macon, Georgia, to lead Congregation Beth Yeshua.

The ministry went global in 2010 and Congregation Beth Yeshua became Beth Yeshua International (BYI). What was a local storefront congregation became an international ministry/training center in Macon, Georgia, with congregations and schools in India, Kenya, Australia, Germany, Israel, and across America. In addition, Rabbi Greg’s messages are live-streamed throughout the world.

Rabbi Greg currently resides in Macon, Georgia, with his wife, Bernadette, and their four children. More about Rabbi Greg can be found in his autobiography, From The Projects To The Palace.

Bedtime Bible Stories David & Goliath Book 5: And exciting fun book for parents to read to their children at bedtime. A great way to teach young minds the wonderful stories of the Bible.

by Larry D. Hawkins

A great fact-filled storybook that brings the story of David, the shepherd boy, and the Philistine giant Goliath, to life in such a way as to create a burning desire to want to hear it again and again.
Creates interaction between the parent and the child. Helps to open up meaningful discussions about life itself.
Great teaching tool to demonstrate God’s love and mercy toward us.
Great opportunity for the parent to express thoughts and opinions about God and His love toward us.
Learn things that you never knew about David and Goliath

A Home for the Heart Louisa’s Journey West: A Historical Western Pioneer Romance

by Katherine St. Clair

The Civil War has changed the South forever, and the vultures are circlingâ?¦
Follow Louisa’s journey west from Georgia to Kansas and see her joys and hardships in this clean and wholesome, sweet historical pioneer western romance set in 1865. It will make your heart melt!
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Louisa has lost her parents and her home, and her siblings are scattered, divided amongst kind relatives. She is grateful for the shelter offered her by her friend Sarah’s family, and she works hard to show it. But they too have paid a heavy price ¬- their son Thomas is never coming back, Matthew has lost an arm, and Jamesâ?¦well, perhaps James will never quite recover. And the troubled times are not over. The winter has been hard, and under the new government, the taxes are more than many farmers can pay. They’re going to lose the farm.

There is no future in the South. It’s time to go.

Samuel Burke decides to sell his farm and move his family to Kansas. Over the objections of his Southern wife, he and his remaining sons, Sarah, and Louisa pack and begin the journey to a new life. On the way, each of them will face big challenges, from the physical hardships to loneliness, fear, and broken hearts. Through it all, Louisa is courageous and hardworking. With the help of her journal, she finds her way through betrayal and disappointment, on foot through the Kansas territory, and into the arms of the man she is destined to spend her life with.

Louisa’s story brings to life the conditions endured by the countless pioneers who made their way by wagon across the prairies in the 19th century, especially those who came from the South after the war.

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A Villain for Valentine’s Day (Hope Valley Romance Book 6)

by Tess Brennan

A dog named Villain who is doing his best to live up to his name.
An ultimatum from her landlord.
A business that’s struggling to survive.

Could things get any worse?

Edie Calhoun has always been a disappointment to her parents. She’s not fashionable enough, not talented enough, and in the forthright opinion of her successful father, is wasting her talents on her fledgling graphic design business.

It all becomes too much when her charming but feckless brother Alex begs her to look after his dog Villain while he takes his latest girlfriend to Hawaii for Valentine’s Day. Edie, always a pushover, finds herself trying to meet deadlines while coping with a pooch that seems determined to wreck her life as well as the house.

Then Jake Miller turns up at the door: a dog obedience trainer that her brother found for her just before he left town. Edie is suspicious of Jake immediately: handsome like her brother, he is just as charming — and there’s no way, she tells herself, that she’s falling for that!
She’s watched her brother leaving a trail of broken hearts, and she knows the type.

But Edie can’t help thawing as Jake works his magic with Villain. Before long, she’s just as enraptured with the dog trainer as her pooch — but then her world starts to disintegrate. Edie has no savings, an eviction looming, and now Jake seems to have fallen under the spell of a curvaceous blonde called Sherri…

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