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Stickyrice and Sourmangos: American Undercover Agents in S.E. Asia

by J. Matton

Mark and John quickly learn that things aren’t the way they seem while working in Thailand, Cambodia, and China. Using the code names Stickyrice and Sourmangos, they risk their lives hunting for dangerous fugitives while experiencing new and exotic cultures. Based on a true story.

The Beginner’s Guide to American History: Illustrated Edition: Columbus, John Cabot, Henry Hudson, King Philip, William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln

by David Henry Montgomery

Object of this book is to present clearly and accurately facts and principles in the lives of some of the chief founders and builders of America which would be of interest for everyone interested in history.
John and Sebastian Cabot
Balboa, Ponce De Leon, and De Soto
Sir Walter Raleigh
Captain John Smith
Captain Henry Hudson
Captain Myles Standish
Lord Baltimore
Roger Williams
King Philip
William Penn
General James Oglethorpe
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
Daniel Boone
General James Robertson
Governor John Sevier
General George Rogers Clark
General Rufus Putnam
Eli Whitney
Thomas Jefferson
Robert Fulton
General William Henry Harrison
General Andrew Jackson
Professor Samuel F. B. Morse
General Sam Houston
Captain Robert Gray
Captain J. A. Sutter
Abraham Lincoln

God of The Storm:: A teenage boy’s battle with cancer

by Randy McDonald

How do you tell a child they are dying? That’s hard to imagine much less having to actually live out such a task. I have read books that focused on the child as they battled terminal diseases and it is truly heartbreaking to read. I have sort of went in a different direction here I am focusing on the parent and how the events affect them. The story is about my battle of making decisions in a world I never dreamed would happen to me.
The entire experience of having a child terminally ill affects everyone in the family, siblings, friends, relatives, and especially the parents. My sons and I were happy with where we were at in life when the tragedy hit then I was faced with decisions that “I thought” would never have to be made by me, yet there I was making them on a daily basis. There is no book, and there is no video to prepare a parent for this type of situation. One day everything is normal, and the next is a battlefield of emotions that can’t be explained.
I didn’t think I could write a book about these events but as time went by it was something I felt led to do. For years I could not look at a child that was sick or watch commercials advertising cancer centers especially those that involved children. After Ben passed some parents wanted to discuss their experience, and all I wanted to do was blame God for what happened. I get personal in the book about the anger issues I faced and what all it cost me by doing so. It took years to heal, and even today I have to pray to understand my feelings. It is not easy to focus on life when the child you once knew is sitting in heaven. I know this day he is watching over me and there will be a time that we will be reunited with one another once again.
The book is the type of book that will make you want to love your child a little more and think about what is in the world a little less. I had a parent to tell me after reading the book that she kisses her child every morning before her daughter gets on the school bus. Many things in life we take for granted, we think about the future more than experiencing the present which is right in front of us. I want to see people open up their heart to their children instead of one day realizing what all they missed in life.
Ben my son who passed away has got a brother that was affected as well, the experience put stress on our relationship during the battle that ‘s hard to explain. This is where I say the disease affects more than just one person in the family. When a child is getting all of the attention then the other child we create negative attention to get others to notice them. I address this as well with David, my other son. I tried to look at every angle I could see so you could get the entire picture and how it affected the family, the community, and the close friends that surrounded us. I went back and discussed my past and what decisions I faced before Ben was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.
The book is about more than cancer, my family also was in a major car accident, and we faced many challenges after the crash as well. I made several poor decisions at an early age which affected me the rest of my life. Then I focus on my drug addiction as well, at one point in life I depended on prescription drugs for survival.
I hope you find the book touching and inspirational.
“God Of The Storm” A teenagers battle with cancer.

Somehow I Survived: Memoir Of A Lost Soul

by Steven Jordan

The story of a young boy named Stephen Smith growing up in Maine who survived many dangerous situations. Born with partial deafness, he tries hard to overcome his shyness with girls. He learns everything the hard way and finds himself surrounded by very negative people. But eventually he overcomes extreme hardship and finds true happiness and love.

Pieces of a Fish

by G.E. Lacquement

This is a short memoir about the spiritual dimensions of adventure. Encounters with ravens, mountains, and three-legged bears. Mystical encounters in the present moment, clearly observed. It all started with a deep questioning; with all the problems in this world, how am I to live? What is my place in it all? Pilgrimage to high mountains seemed like a good idea. Then the adventure and the mystery began.

Memoirs of an insane Christian: The Short Story of Mental Illness and its place in Faith

by J. Jo.

J. Jo battles with mental illness firsthand. She dives into the characteristics, symptoms and warning signs of mental illness from a personal perspective. This book points out that there are different forms of Bipolar and other mental illnesses while proving the point that all who suffer from mental illnesses are not completely incapable of leading normal lives. This book breaks down the stereotypes and false beliefs of mental illness and explains it in a way that is easy for all to understand. Mental illness is no laughing matter, very real and should be taken seriously. Many people jokingly diagnose themselves as “bipolar” when they become upset about something, not realizing that bipolar is much more than that. For those who suffer from mental illness, there are periods of high elevated moods and low episodes of depression that “normal” people experience, but on a different scale. There are even individuals who suffer from mental illness that are more “normal” than those who don’t have one because you are more likely in tune with yourself when you know you have a problem. Not all mental illnesses cause someone to be completely dangerous and irrational. In order to tell the full story, the author explains life events for others to determine if mental illness is induced or inevitable. She ultimately explains that some of those who have mental illnesses are Christians actively using their faith for stability in the Lord. Some of the things discussed in this book, can also apply to those without mental illnesses that are working on their faith.

The Eye Drop Killer : Lana Sue Clayton: An anthology of True Crime

by Jessi Dill

An anthology of True Crime headlined by the story of Lana Sue Clayton…

When Lana Sue Clayton’s husband, Steven, was found dead July 21, 2018, in the foyer of his expansive South Carolina mansion, authorities initially assumed he’d died during a fall down the stairs.

Everyone knew Steven adored his wife – even after she’d “accidentally” shot a crossbow at his head while he was asleep, none of their friends or neighbours suspected that the incident had been intentional. After Steven had survived the bizarre shooting with a fairly minor surface wound, he even managed to convince the local police investigating the incident that it was completely by accident, likely related the chronic sleeping disorder Lana Sue had been diagnosed with.

And she’d played the role of grieving wife perfectly after her husband was found dead in the couple’s lakefront home. She told investigators that for days before his death, Steven had been complaining about vertigo – dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Lana Sue, a 52 year old nurse who worked at the VA in nearby Charlotte, seemed devastated by the loss of her husband.

Little did they know she had systematically killed the man she made vows to…with eye drops…

à l’intérieur du porno: mystère du porno (French Edition)

by hots trendings

dans le porno et le mystère du porno. Quelles sont les luttes à faire face aux stars du porno et au marketing des films pornos dans le monde? le porno est le plus grand divertissement au monde.

Dancing with Air: WWII love story (Still Life with Memories Book 4)

by Uvi Poznansky

Fooling Nazi espionage may cost Lenny the trust of the girl who captured his heart. Will Natasha discover his secret D-Day reports, disguised as love letters to another woman?

In these letters, Lenny gives the enemy misleading information about allied plans. Once Natasha arrives in London, he takes her for a ride on his Harley throughout England, from the White Cliffs of Dover to a village near an underground ammunition depot in Staffordshire. When he is wounded in a horrific explosion, she brings him back to safety, only to discover the other woman’s letter to him. Will love survive the test of war?

In the past Natasha wrote, with girlish infatuation, “He will be running his fingers down, all the way down to the small of my back, touching his lips to my ear, breathing his name, breathing mine. Here I am, dancing with air.” In years to come, she will begin to lose her memory, which will make Lenny see her as fragile. “I gather her gently into my arms, holding her like a breath.” But right now, she is at her peak. She is ready to take charge of the course of their story.

Dancing with Air is a standalone WWII romance, as well as the 4th volume of the family saga series Still Life with Memories, one of family sagas best sellers of all time. If you like family saga romance, wounded warrior romance, military romance or romantic suspense, you will find that this love story, twisting and turning through its marital issues, is a unique melding of them all.

Aloha Joe in Hawaii – A guided journey of self discovery and Hawaiian adventure

by Joe Holt

“Vivid and touching, Aloha Joe in Hawaii is a rare type of book
that not only educates, but also moves.”
Any Subject Books

This book is the sunny and inspiring tale of someone who refuses to be defeated by the adversities in his life. Scarred by a childhood of abuse, by injury and trauma as a Sergeant in the U.S. Marines and by a totally fortuitous hit-and-run accident, he finally takes his life into his own hands and moves to the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii which has a reputation for offering a healing lifestyle.

Immersed in a jungle environment where geckos are his companions and he can forage for fruit every day to make his breakfast smoothies, he gradually slows to the pace of island life. He abandons tv, and instead listens to the sound of the rain on the roof. He learns how to greet and be greeted according to the beautiful customs of the island’s inhabitants, enjoys local food and allows serendipity to guide him.

Joe’s book is not just an account of his own life experiences. He is at the same time imparting his attractive and compelling philosophy of life which might be summarized in his words:

“Give yourself permission to live the life that you have always wanted to live.”

It may mean selling your possessions and moving to the place of your dreams to engage in a simple way of life, but following your heart is more important than anything else.

Some of the areas of the Big Island covered are Hilo, Ke’eau, Puna, Pahoa, Kalapana, Red Road, Vacationland, Volcano, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, South Kohala Coast, Waikoloa, Discovery Harbor, and more!

History’s Greatest Conquerors: Julius Caesar (World’s Conquerors Book 4)

by Walter J. Scott

Julius Caesar has been one of the most well-known conqueror of the World. Discover his incredible life, how he became a legend, and the incomparable boldness of this incredible ruler!

Julius Caesar is quite an enigmatic figure to contemplate. He is often viewed as an upholder of liberty, the hero of the Roman Republic, but in truth he died a dictator. In another strange turn of events his assassins were those that he had granted full pardons to in his famous acts of clemency. Caesar was a man who was often found to be a polarizing figure. He was loved by the general public but hated by his peers in the Senate.

He was also known for being a cold and tactical logistician, and yet he famously let his passions get the better of him when he encountered the beauty of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. The life of Julius Caesar was a complicated one to be sure, he has been denounced as a despot as many times as he has been hailed as a champion of justice. He was a man who practiced both mercy and vengeance. He crucified his enemies just as easily as he granted them clemency.

Just as sure as his greatest benefactor Pompey became his greatest enemy, Caesar was a man who could make and break alliances quite easily. Caesar was a man who strode across the world stage not only as a conqueror, and master statesman, but as a true virtuoso of the human condition. He knew exactly what made people tick, and he knew how to take advantage of it. Read about the life, the legend, and the unparalleled hutzpah of this incredible conqueror.

After reading this book, in an hour, you will know everything about the life and legacy of Julius Caesar!

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Teenager Pauline Parker together with her best friend Juliet Hulme (aka acclaimed fiction murder author Anne Perry), murdered her mother, Honorah in June 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
It is thought that the two girls killed Honorah because Juliet and her father were leaving New Zealand for South Africa and, Pauline wanted to go with them. However her mother forbade it. For this reason the two teenagers hatched a plan to brutally murder Pauline’s mother.
The girls both pleaded insanity which was rejected by the court and they were both found guilty. They were imprisoned separately and both served about five years before being released. This short book covers their friendship, murder and their subsequent lives since.

I have a dream (Big Ideas Book 8)

by Bebe Vio

All athletes experience setbacks. But to have your limbs – the very tools you use to practice your sport – taken away by an illness at a young age is a setback that many would never overcome.

Bebe Vio never gave up her dream of becoming a fencer, despite having her arms and legs amputated when she was eleven years old after suffering from fulminant meningitis.

Instead of abandoning her dream of going to the Olympics, she began training for the Paralympics from a wheelchair. Her unwavering determination to win, despite her physical challenges, made her a world champion fencer. She also established her own association, art4sport, to encourage other people to pursue the beauty of life through sport.

This is the seventh essay in the Big Ideas series created by the European Investment Bank.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Life

by Scott Zamek

“I’ve got a gun under my seat, so don’t try anything.” Such were the types of rides Scott Zamek encountered after chucking his job, donning a backpack, and hitchhiking 10,000 miles around the dusty roads of America. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Life puts us in the passenger seat, right next to the bizarre assortment of characters who pull over to offer a friendly lift–from movie actors, fading rock stars, and gun-toting criminals, to drug dealers and battle-hardened army lieutenants. And of course, none of them fail to offer their extensive views on subjects such as fire ants, Doctor Who, and Ghidorah the three-headed monster, or even a sure-fire way to survive a chemical attack if you happen to lose your gas mask on zero day.

Yet, we are constantly reminded that the nature of travel is also deeply philosophical. This story is about living a life without boundaries, about removing the chains forged by modern society; it is a poetic account of the hidden corners of America, a reminder that parts of this world have yet to succumb to the steel blade of a contractor’s backhoe. In the end, we are left looking inside ourselves, at the summits we can achieve by staying true to what lies waiting, dormant, within the limitless spirits of every human being.

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