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Getting From Hello To Forever Together: Wisdom and Workbook To Achieve Your Long-lasting, Expressive and Exhilarating Relationships

by Yvonne Finn

Expanded and Enhanced Second Edition:
Whether you are dating, falling in love, or in a committed long-term relationship, this intuitive and easy to read book will delight and inspire you with its fun, practical and interactive wisdom.

It will help you:
-Discover who you are, your desires and needs
-Continually learn who your life partner is, and their desires and needs
-Be honest with yourself and each other and stay best friends
-Stay romantic and passionate lovers
-Learn the power of words, and how to listen and speak with mutual respect
-Make each other a priority and know when to give each other space
-Learn how to compromise and collaborate for positive outcomes
-Fall back in love and overcome obstacles together
-Reawaken the love and keep it sparkling and evergreen

The insightful case studies and easy quizzes will help prepare you and your partner to deal with obstacles. With this book you will gain, or rediscover, the deep bond with your life partner and infuse enthusiasm, fun and joy into your lives together.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Over the past twenty-five years Yvonne Finn has used her business and relationship coaching expertise to help couples find solutions to achieve fulfilling and lasting relationships. Well-travelled, born in Jamaica and brought up in Canada, Yvonne Finn embraced many diverse cultures and family dynamics. Passionate in her commitment to help couples rediscover and rekindle their love for each other, Yvonne has tirelessly and empathically worked with couples to create and maintain loving and enduring relationships. Yvonne writes prolifically on her popular blog on her website, sharing her insights and expertise. She helpsâ??and savesâ??many marriages.

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70 Relationship Breakthrough Conversation Starters for Partners Who Refuse to Listen: Save Your Relationships, Build Deeper Connections and Rekindle Intimacy in 1 Month or Less

by Patrick Bradley

Want to build deeper relationships and rekindle intimacy within 1 month without another heated argument?

70 Relationship Breakthrough Conversation Starters for Partners who Refuse to Listen will share with you proven insightful conversation starters you can easily and subtlety engage without awkwardness.

Inside this book you will discover:
-Proven ways to detect and address relationship red flags to avoid being hurt
-70 meaningful conversation starters to help you enjoy a more intimate relationship and ensure your inner most needs are met.
-How to enjoy engaging conversations with your partner and enjoy a more satisfying relationship.
-How to save your marriage from painful blowups if there are red flags or you did a regrettable action
-And much much more!

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Pregnancy: How to get pregnant now!

by Andrew P Segujja

This book was written as a guide to encourage and prepare anyone considering parenthood.
Whether your wondering how to conceive or have recently conceived and are wondering to expect, all your questions will be answered. The book covers a multitude of topics on pregnancy such as, How and when to conceive, How to prepare your body for conception, Monthly step by step guide, Causes and solutions to infertility and many more.
Any time spent reading this book will be time well spent.
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Positive Discipline: 2-in-1 Guide on Positive Parenting and Toddler Discipline (Supermom Series Book 5)

by Christine J. Carter

Welcome to your 2-in-1 guide to effective, positive discipline for children and toddlers.

Tired of tantrums and behavior problems? Want to make the process of parenting positive and create a truly happy family?

The purpose of this book is to help you teach your toddler safe, growth-promoting behaviors and save you some of the stress and headaches that come with poor discipline. As you move through this book, you will find tips and strategies to help you through some of your child’s toughest moments, along with real-world examples and practical advice on staying calm in the face of frustration.

Parts I and II were originally published as Positive Parenting: Essential Guide for Parents and Toddler Discipline: Essential Guide for Parents. Now, for the first time, these two guides have been adapted to create this new, more comprehensive overview of positive parenting that’s got you covered for every age and stage of childhood.

NINE Manly Questions: A Guided Look at YOU

by Jake Smith

This book will walk you through Nine questions and quotes that are intended to make you take a deeper look at who you are as a man, and how you are showing up for those around you. If you work your way through this book and actually DO THE WORK, then I am convinced that you will have learned some pretty important things about yourself and have created a plan to show up better for yourself, your family, and the people in your cirlcle.

10 Ways of Preventing Domestic Violence

by Carol Jones

Domestic violence

Domestic violence against women remains a major concern in today’s society. The problem is so severe that it affects people from all ways of life regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, age and religion.
That is why I’ve decided to create this book. It’s not the cure or great solution, but all the advices were used by me for many years. Even for those happy families my book will be useful as it shows the real thread in family life and it helps to prevent such problems in future.

I did my best to highlight the next things

  • Chapter 1 – You cannot be transformed unless you are informed – ignorance is so costly!
  • Chapter 2 – Watch the weather pattern – the tale tell signs
  • Chapter 3 – Charity begins at home – talk about it
  • Chapter 4 – Empower Women to be Economically Stable
  • Chapter 5 – Create a user-friendly environment -deterrence
  • Chapter 6 – Iron is sharpened by Iron – Engage Professionals and support groups for training/seminars
  • Chapter 7 – Instill a sense of respect for others – be consistent and do not laugh at demeaning jokes
  • Chapter 8 – Let permissions be sought and granted
  • Chapter 9 – The earth is still rotating – if you can run for your life, please be on the move!
  • Chapter 10 – Partner with relevant authorities/institutions
  • Risk Factors of Domestic Violence

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10 Ways of Preventing Domestic Violence

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Toddler Discipline: Essential Guide for Parents: The Most Effective Strategies to Eliminate Tantrums, Behavior Problems and to Raise a Happy Child

by Christine J. Carter

Has your little one gone from adorable, cooing infant to overly emotional, unpredictable tyrant overnight? Are you tired of tantrums, yelling and behaviour problems?

Raising children and parenting a toddler is not an easy task. With terms like â??the terrible twos’ coming into play, it’s no wonder that many new parents feel overwhelmed during this stage of their baby’s development.

Christine Carter gives precious advices and describes most effective strategies how to solve behavior problems and eliminate tantrums! Her toddler discipline strategies will prepare parents for the challenging toddler years, will help raise a happy child and build a happy family. There are no bad kids, you just have to learn few discipline basics.

Some of the questions that will be answered in this book include:
-    How does brain development relate to toddler discipline?
-    What kinds of limits does a toddler need or not need?
-    How can you develop healthy communication patterns with your little one?
-    What are the best ways to help toddlers learn to deal with conflict?
-    What discipline strategies are most effective in helping toddlers through this crucial stage of development?
-    How can you as a Supermom stay calm in the face of toddler frustration?

As you move through the book and the answers to these questions, you’ll find numerous tips and tricks to help you apply what you learn in real-world situations.

Break ups and MEDIATION: [email protected]

by Lacy May

When your relationship breaks down your brain doesn’t function as it should and remember to negotiate all it should. Family disputes, neighbors cross with you, sibling rivalry, and child arrangement agreements. SaVe yourself thousands on solicitors who sit there and agree with the judge while it a,k get taken out both mum and dads hands OR try mediation at a fraction of the cost!

The Foolproof Potty Training System: 3 Day Potty Training Boot Camp that Will Make Your Child Say Goodbye to Diapers for Good! (Suitable for Boys and Girls Alike)

by Jessica Ross

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Potty training has an almost legendary status among parents as the moment to be dreaded above all others. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that it was the one developmental stage they wished would never come.

But here are some GOOD NEWS: You’re going to learn how to kick start the process with a potty training boot camp that lasts just THREE DAYS. You’ll have your child go from diapers to underwear in one short leap – and it will be a whole lot easier than you think.

3 DAYS Is all It Takes to Get Rid of the Diapers!

Give me just three days and you’ll be able to pack those daytime diapers away for good, if you choose to. It really is possible to get to that stage completely from scratch in just one dedicated boot camp – and I’m going to show you how to do it.

 In this book, we’ll cover:

·         How to tell when your little one is ready for potty training boot camp.

·         How to prepare for the big day and make sure both you and your child are comfortable and confident.

·         A practical guide to potty training boot camp, from the first morning to the final sleep.

·         And much, MUCH more.


This guide has been proven to work – scores of times over! I’m going to show you that getting your child used to using the potty is not nearly so tough as you’ve been told.

All it takes is for you and I to walk through the process from start to finish together – and all for less than the cost of a couple of packs of diapers.

See the Difference in Three Days… or Your Money Back!

If you follow the chapters in this guide and your child has made no progress towards being potty trained, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. As simple as that! This Guide has the solution to your problem. It WILL help you get your little one through this vital developmental stage easily and effectively.

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Twilight Meditations: One Woman’s Thoughts of God as Alzheimer’s Advances

by Irene L. Bjorck

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Jeff Bjorck, is glad to introduce you to his mother through the pages of this book. Twilight Meditations is a tribute to her journey of faith through the valley of the shadow of Alzheimer’s disease. In spite of her severe illness, Irene Bjorck has continued over the past several years to offer her occasional spontaneous comments regarding the God she has loved throughout her life. These quotes are sure to encourage Christians from all walks of life, and those who do not share Irene’s faith are still sure to be deeply touched and inspired by her pervasive sense of gratitude.

This volume begins with a brief photo essay chronicling Irene’s amazing life. Thereafter, each page features one of her quotes, with backdrop photos of her stunning artwork and/or colorful images of her Heavenly Father’s creation. The perfect companion for a quiet afternoon, this book will provide hope for everyone, but particularly those who are also slowly saying good-bye to loved ones whose lives are being tyrannized by Alzheimer’s.

Healthy Kids Now: How to Get Your Child to Eat Right, Move More, and Sleep Enough

by Lori Savery Hinze

Do you have a family of picky eaters or junk food junkies? Maybe you have a child who only wants to play video games and who stays up late playing them. You know things have to change, but you don’t know where to start. What if we could empower our children to develop healthy habits now that will last a lifetime? Even better, what if we could improve our relationships with them at the same time?

In this book, you will feel encouraged to find that despite your worries, you still know your children best. Lori Savery Hinze offers numerous approaches for dealing with children’s various food issues as well as ways to motivate them to be more active and get more sleep. As a mom to three teenage boys, she brings her own experience and humor to the table, sharing her family’s frustrations from her boys’ early eating habits and inactivity, as well as their growth to eating healthier foods and pursuing their passions.

Healthy Kids Now offers the common sense keys to helping your kids feel better: eat right, move more, and sleep enough. After reading this book, you’ll gain some insight to your child’s unique personality strengths and quirks. With some brainstorming, conversation, and a sense of humor, you and your child can find some common ground that will strengthen your relationship, as well as your family’s health. If you’re looking for improvement rather than perfection, and a lifestyle that will be realistic for your family’s sanity, read Healthy Kids Now.

Me First!: A Modern Day Fable about Service, Scouting, and Self-Esteem

by Will McNeil

Me First! tells the story of Baden, a selfish eagle who annoys friends, family, and neighbors as he always demands to be first. Baden’s behavior makes others reject him, so that he ends up feeling sad and lonely. He is helped by a group of glowing, golden eagles who serve others in the School of the Woods. These scouts help Baden to discover the rewards of putting others first through cheerful service. Baden goes on a personal journey that leads him to help others and feel good about himself.

Me First! was written by two brothers, one who recently achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and the other who currently is working on his Eagle Scout project. As the boys were born and raised in West Virginia, images of Appalachia are evident throughout the story, along with symbols representing the principles of scouting. Me First! is an excellent gift for young girls and boys (ages 5 to 9) who are starting their own scouting journeys. Parents, teachers, church volunteers, and scout leaders will enjoy the included “Search and Find” activity where children look for scouting images hidden in the beautiful illustrations. Within this colorful and humorous fable is a touching message about values, particularly the importance of serving others.

Unbelievably Humorous Chapters

by Michael Jones

I hope you like Part 2 of these chapters from 6 of my 12 books? A lot of people loved Part 1 so I decided to do another. Pick your favorites which are easy to purchase as paperback or e-books on my website link to Amazon. You can download them to any device. I assure you, you will enjoy the endings.

first night : 3 mens 3 womens

by karthikeyan k

first night 3mens and 3 families struggle for their life …suddenly the 3 mens around the problem and 3 womens were died .. police arrested the 3 mens and lost their jobs ..first night shift job leads to jail…

Booby Trapped

by A E M

Big Knockers. It’s time to be real about life with them strapped to your chest. Do they have magic powers? Do they lust after other women’s husbands? Can you exercise them away?

Told with honesty and humor, this is a short memoir of having large breasts from an early age, a breastfeeding journey, and life as a woman with big balls. Strapped to her chest.

Butt On A Pillow: The Things I Had To Do To Get Pregnant

by Sienna Vilette

A personal story meant to encourage those struggling to conceive. Not meant to be a tip or trick book.

Isn’t it ironic how we spend a big portion of our young lives trying to NOT get pregnant, only to find out later that we might not even be able to get pregnant in the first place? As a woman in my early twenties I never expected that getting pregnant would have been an issue for me, but it was. Spoiler alert: I eventually got pregnant, but it wasn’t easy. It took three years of negative pregnancy tests and multiple fertility products before I found what made our little miracle happen. I hope my story can give someone hope who is trying so hard to get a little miracle of their own.

It’s Not All About You : Breaking the Cycle of Selfish Parenting

by Jamie Pancake

This book takes a unique look at parenting through the eyes of someone who was raised by parents that did not make their kids a priority. Take a look at ways to break the cycle and be the parent that your parents were not. Kids are the center of their parents’ universe and should be treated as such, they are walking and eventually, talking miracles, an extension of ourselves. Our kids depend on us to prepare them for adulthood, we can’t let them down.

Faith Brought Us Through The Story of My Life Part 1: Walk with me through my journey

by Lakesha Whaley

This profound and excellent book was written to help you cultivate a bold faith capable of overcoming the storm the world throws your way.
This powerful book is very practical challenging to exercise your faith. Moving from impossibilities to Possibilities! Believing in the things that you hope for will soon come to pass. With faith no boundaries, no obstacles but without faith, it is hard to please God… According to Hebrews 11:6
God wants us to live lives marked with possibilities, create a life of productivity by setting yourself free through this inspiring book
Let your faith come alive as I share a personal experiences of how my life took a different direction to bring me closer to GOD you will be equipped to make the important changes to have a more fulfilling and joyful life.
If you want to have a deeper relationship with God, or you have a friend/family member, you would love to see move toward believing, this book has an excellent record of changing people’s lives
Discover the deeper truths of God
Grab a copy today!

A Bible Study of Proverbs Chapter 20–Book 2

by Julia Audrina Carrington

A look at the fact that God wants us to avoid laziness and that it is necessary to work in order to have the things that we need, including food, shelter, clothing, etc.

A realization that there are those who lie in order to use people. Then they boast. This is wrong and we as Christians are to avoid this kind of behavior.

And more…

Julia Carrington shares real life stories to illustrate the importance of these verses in this Bible study.

Highly recommended! Get the book now!

This book makes an ideal gift. Get the book for family and friends now!

“Julia Carrington draws from the depth of her relationship with God to connect her readers to His heart and His voice. She knows the language of God and writes encouraging her readers to know His voice and follow Him.”–T.C.

“Thanks be to God. I read one of her books, which was very good. She is a Christian first and foremost, and an awesome writer. If you have never read one of her books, let me encourage you to do so. Amen.”–R.C.

We are so pleased to have writing for us our lovely author Julia Audrina Carrington, who is a best-selling international Christian author of many Christian books and Christian novels that are sold around the world. And we believe that this book and all her books are sure to bless, challenge, inspire, entertain and bring Christian value and Biblical truth. Julia specializes in Christian fiction, personal growth, kindle books, books, Christian suspense, Christian inspirational, romance, and a wide variety of books and topics. It is Julia’s desire to glorify God in all things.–God’s Glory Publishing

Awake I: by an elephant in the room

by Greg Hoey

From black books comes a powerful memoir of a child’s recollections of growing up in a gold mining town. A must read family drama highly recommended written by an elephant in the room who few were aware of, even his friends and family. A really great read. A remarkable tragicomedy highly recommended to put on your top shelf collection.

“Being an Englishman with a distinct lack of taste for the general stereotype of your typical sports-loving boorish Australian, I must say I undertook the reading of this book with a certain amount of trepidation. To my surprise it surpasses anything by any other writer I have read so far [at least within the last five or so years]. And written by an ‘aussie’. It is a fine thing then to find out that this nation of the sports obsessed buffoon actually has at its core a much richer life behind the ugly stereotype. Your book reveals these hidden depths of a nation far too well known for its sporting achievements at the expense of other more nuanced options. Beautiful.”

The old out-back town of Kalgoorlie has never before been so richly-strangely or so poignantly transcribed by way of prose as it undoubtedly deserves to be, and indeed has been so done in this wonderful memoir of a childhood once lived! -The Age

-“Powerful. Compelling. Great prose, Great story-telling abilities, Dramatic. Complex and acutely intelligent are the words best used to convey the breadth and majesty of this undoubted classic!” -Carey Holbourn-Armfield, editor of Atlantic Times Monthly.

A memoir headed for the best seller list about a largely uneducated young single mom struggling to raise a family in an old rough gold town.

The old out-back town of Kalgoorlie has never before been so richly-strangely or so poignantly transcribed by way of prose as it undoubtedly deserves to be, and indeed has been so done in this wonderful memoir of a childhood once lived!-The Age

-“Powerful. Compelling. Great prose, Great story-telling abilities, Dramatic. Complex and acutely intelligent are the words best used to convey the breadth and majesty of this undoubted classic!” -five star review by Carey Holbourn-Armfield.

American Elegy: You Can’t Go Home Again

by J.S. Salk

Based upon journals from the 1980’s: This candid book explores the struggles during the outset of a culture in crisis. Dark disclosures are revealed with plans to travel in search of independence, opportunity, and escape. This deeply affecting story reveals the trials and pressures a young man faces, until the decision is made to “fly the coop.”

Imagine what it is like to be struggling with “coming of age” – seeking independence at age 20, while living with a family that does not have much hope. This story explores the pressures faced until the decision is made to “fly the coop.” Crossing the country to live in California, alone. Later, boomeranging home with the support of a returned missionary.

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