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Homeschool Made Easy: Homeschool Your Way

by Lea Ann Garfias

I encourage anyone considering homeschooling to read this book…and read it first! — homeschool reviewer
Is homeschooling hard? Do you feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated?

Do you feel like you’re working overtime in your homeschool … but getting little results?

Or are you thinking about homeschooling in the future, but it seems too difficult and time-consuming?

No matter what your homeschool style, how long you’ve been teaching, or how old your students are, you can make homeschooling EASY!

You need this book if you are…

  • a seasoned homeschooling parent looking for fresh ideas,
  • unsure how to homeschool older children,
  • wondering if you are “doing enough” with your homeschool students,
  • frustrated with the busy-work and ready to simplify learning,
  • afraid your homeschool student isn’t adequately prepared for college,
  • a parent just thinking about homeschooling.

Author and long-time homeschool columnist Lea Ann Garfias is a homeschool graduate and has homeschooled her four children for the last fourteen years. She is currently homeschooling one elementary student, one middle school student, one freshman in high school, and one choosing from his scholarship options for college. It’s an exciting time.

Lea Ann has been a working homeschool mom nearly the entire time â?? working full and part time, from home and out of the home. She knows how hectic it is with homeschooling, work, church, and community. Keeping things simple is the only way to go. In this easy-to-follow book, Lea Ann shares what she has learned from two decades of homeschooling â?? as a student and as a mom. She also gives you real-life tips for keeping learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.

You can do it! Let’s take it easy.

Evidence of Practice: Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning

by Adam Geller

With the right plan, video observation and video coaching can be a high-impact lever for accelerating teacher growth. This playbook draws from researcher and practitioner advice to offer 12 video-based strategies that readers can implement in their own context for facilitating professional development:

– Classroom Tour
– Self-interview
– Example Analysis
– Pre-teach
– Self-Reflection
– Partner-Supported Reflection
– Skill Building Sequence
– Video Learning Community
– Virtual Walk-through
– Video Rounds
– Longer-Range Reflection
– Iterative Investigation
– Online Lesson Study

Plus, read about putting video evidence at the center of professional learning, focusing techniques for analyzing video, and guidance about recording and sharing video, and a framework for facilitation of video-based discussion. Afterword by Jim Knight.

Praise for Evidence of Practice:

“Educators will appreciate that the authors tackle the issue of trust building while at the same time providing best practice and practical examples that promote successful implementation. An important tool that belongs in every school’s professional library.”

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director at Learning Forward

“This book fills a sorely needed gap in professional practice literature when it comes to best practices for video coaching, and it answers the important questions any educator might have when using video to improve teaching in the classroom. A nice balance between theory, practice and application.”

Cary Goldweber, Executive Producer of Digital Products at ASCD

“Evidence of Practice clearly shows how video in observation and coaching can further strengthen our teaching practice. It belongs on the shelf of all administrators, coaches, and leadership teamsâ??no matter your current level of expertise in the use of video for professional development.”

Elena Aguilar, Author of Art of Coaching and Art of Coaching Teams

“We gain so much from being able to see on video what works and what doesn’t in classrooms. It’s absolutely critical to have a video component in any professional development we do, and this book provides a concrete set of strategies for video coaching that any school or district can act on.”

Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist, Google

“The authors expertly identify and explain a set of concrete strategies to support the use of video to study and improve teaching practice. This is a resource that teachers, teacher educators, and district administrators should consider as they begin or expand their use of video analysis to support teachers’ professional preparation and ongoing development.”

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, William H. Payne Collegiate Professor and Director of TeachingWorks at University of Michigan

How To Build A Website: WordPress step-by-step tutorials with screenshots

by Teach Wise

HOW TO CREATE SITE OR ONLINE STORE with WordPress for less than one day!

Read, apply and succeed! Only a few hours are separating you from launching your first successful site

Learn how to make a professional website or e-commerce store on your own for less than one day! Save thousands of dollars as you build it yourself.

Learn how to lunch your site with our step-by-step tutorials. You will be fully ready once you read our eBook.

With the lessons taught in my book, you will be able to create any type of website that you want with any kind of look that you want, from personal blogs to professional business websites to e-commerce websites.

What you will learn in this eBook:
1) Why you need a website
2) What we need for our website
3) What is hosting and how to use it
4) Why we will use WordPress and how to install it
5) WordPress – how to use it
6) WordPress Themes
7) WordPress Plugins
8) How to optimize the speed of our website
9) SEO of our site
10) How to deal with WordPress Issues

This book will teach you to build a professional website on your own in less than a day and teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!

How to make money in binary options?: The Guide of Trading in binary options

by Tony Xie

In this book,I will teach you how to take the big profit in binary options step by step.
There is a 95% winning ratio strategy inside.

Beginner’s French Lesson Part 4: Be Understood by ALL French Speakers!

by The French Guru

Welcome to my fourth French class! What?! You mean I’ve missed Parts 1, 2 and 3 ?! No worries- you can find links to them at the end of this lesson or just search for lessons by “the French Guru”. This class is meant for those who already have a grip on the language and preferably those who have completed Lessons 1 to 3 and would like to know about the articles ( such as le, la, les, l’), adjectives to describe people, the parts of the body, directions and other important components of the French language. Bonne chance! (Good luck!) in your studies!

Going Green Construction: An Insider’s look At The Trend In Green Construction

by Ramzi Diab

Green construction practices aim to cut back the environmental effect of buildings, so the very first rule is: the greenest construction is the construction that doesn’t get constructed.

ADVANCED TECHNIQUE FOR THE MODERN SINGER.: The sound construction, with clear and understandable explanations

by Riccardo Tasselli

This book will provide you with techniques and knowledge about singing so that it will be easy for you to understand and follow.
I will offer you a way to sing through the conscious use of posture, respiration, larynx, and resonators.
As in the construction of a building, we will start from the foundations to the final finishes.
There will be explanations, as simple as possible, and also of the insights so that you can understand the theoretical bases.
I will discuss advanced techniques, some of my rework. The fundamentals are shareable in general with the Bel Canto Italiano, a method that I have tried to revise in my new key.
The book can be read and understood by singers of all levels who can benefit from it.
Once you put the techniques into practice, you can then personalize them, choosing whether to use all the configurations or only in part.
I think that initially the figures that I propose may seem complicated, but over time they will be assimilated with relative ease since I will explain them in detail.

Mataexcusas Mindset: La mentalidad mataexcusas nos permite superar los retos para transformarnos en nuestra siguiente mejor versión. (Spanish Edition)


La mentalidad mataexcusas nos permite superar las situaciones que llamamos excusas, pero no son más que retos para convertirnos en nuestra siguiente mejor versión. Es una propuesta de transformación personal partiendo del conocimiento, los hábitos, habilidades y de las competencias. Se aplica el plan de vida, la angustia, la inspiración, el agradecimiento y la motivación para la transformación personal. Se plantea la existencia de un ganador y un perdedor dentro de cada persona y la forma en que se puede debilitar al perdedor. Se explica la relación entre el valor agregado y el ingreso monetario de las personas. Se comparte cómo la anticipación nos ayuda a desarrollar la claridad de pensamiento ante situaciones angustiantes, de la importancia de empezar a realizar lo que planeamos y de terminar lo que iniciamos. Se establece una forma diferente de negociar, de aprender a comunicar y de celebrar para cerrar proyectos.

Study Notes: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Selected Poems: For OCR A-Level

by Chris Webster

These study notes were written for the OCR syllabus H472, Version 1.3 (September 2018), but as they include notes on all his major poems, they may also be useful for a range of other intermediate and advanced syllabuses. The print edition includes the full text of the poems, and special â??lite’ versions of the longer poems. In this Kindle edition, the text of the poems and the â??lite’ versions have been omitted due to problems of formatting, for example, the glosses in The Ancient Mariner. However, all the glossaries, commentaries, questions and essays have been retained.

Idea Capital Development: The 5 Pillar Formula of How to Move From Idea to Reality

by Mapalo Lukashi

Idea Capital Development is birthed from a passion to see people bring to reality their dreams. To make their ideas move from the intangible to the tangible, abstract thought to physical reality. In this book based on research and experience a 5-pillar formula is brought to light that when correctly applied empowers one to convert their ideas into reality.
We live in a time were many motivational speakers have emerged and inspired many people to dream big and think big. While this is a great thing, the challenge remains that very few of these inspired and great ideas get to be conveyed into reality, the process of conversion is where it has been missed and the Idea Capital Development system described in this book solves that problem. After reading this book it is hoped that the reader armed with the wealth of information and secrets that this book unveils will go out into the world and make it a better place by bringing their ideas to fulfillment.

Gopen’s Reader Expectation Approach to the English Language: A New Tweetment

by Gopen George D.

For as long as writing has been taught, the subject has always been approached from the perspective of polite society. The central questions were all writer-based: What can, must, ought the writer to do? What cannot, must not, ought not the writer to do? Mistakes were corrected; awkwardness was chastised; bloat was deflated. We were urged to avoid (the passive) and contain (the number of words in a sentence). But far less often were we told how to go about building a sentence; and almost never were we told why all this advice was supposed to work. The whole perspective was wrong: Instead of looking at the writer, we should have been looking at the far more important person where writing is concernedâ??the reader.

George Gopen’s radical new take on the language, his Reader Expectation Approach, explains how readers go about the act of reading. If we knew how readers make sense of a text, then we could tell the writers, who in turn could then structure their sentences to control most of the reader’s interpretive process. The core of Gopen’s new approach, and the reason it is a radical change, is a single discovery: Readers of English know where in the structure of a sentence or a paragraph to look for the arrival of certain kinds of crucial information. What’s going on in a sentence? Whose story is it? How does it connect to the sentences that surround it? Which words should be read with the greatest emphasis, because they are the stars of that sentence’s show? All of these questions are answered primarily by location: Readers know where in a sentence to look for what. If writers know about these locations, then writers can fill them with the appropriate information and become completely accessible to their readers. Gopen’s longer books explain all this in detail; in this volume, he sets out the essences and high points of his discoveries in tweet-length, almost proverb-like distillations.

Gopen’s Reader Expectation Approach to the English Language is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AhaMessages. Increase your influence by picking up the Aha Amplifier to easily share George’s quotes on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Awaken children’s ability to read Chinese: book 1 for photographic characters about animals and plants

by Zhang Hao

Do you believe that a foreign child has the ability to read Chinese at the age of 5? The answer is: Yes. Every child has this ability and you just need to wake it up. This may be a kind of Chinese study book you have never seen before. Just read it slowly before you can pronounce it, and you will find its magical effect.
If you downloaded this book, please feel free to leave a review, any feedback is my motivation to continue writing this series, thank you!
Chinese is a very old language, but it is actually easy to learn. The whole Chinese language system is derived from ancient Chinese Oracle Bone Inscriptions that are graphical and can be easily remembered by children .According to the method of this book, a child can master it like his mother tongue, and maybe even better. All the pictures in this book have been carefully selected and arranged to show the whole evolution of Chinese characters, and a large number of Chinese Oracle Bone Inscriptions is used inside.
If you want to teach your baby Chinese, or want to master Chinese completely rather than speaking one or two everyday sentences, take this book, it is probably your best choice.

ABC Animal Alphabet : Book for kids: English Alphabet Letters from A to Z with cute animal

by Kara B.

Kid’s Animal Alphabet Book

Don’t Shine: The Surprising Science of Workplace Performance and Why Doing Your Best Work May Be Hazardous to Your Career

by Christophe P. Yerling Ph.D.

Your Career May Be in Jeopardy

Aggression. Hostility. Intimidation. You’ve seen these behaviors at work, but you may not know there are a group of employees who are routine bullying targets: great employees. Great employees are good at what they do, friendly, and hard working. Unfortunately, these same traits make them ideal targets for bullies.

High performance is often correlated with workplace abuse. And the result isn’t just a bad day for these bullied employees. They may experience chronic stress, job loss, and even hospitalization.

Should You Do Less Work at the Office?

“Work hard.” “Do your best.” These sayings have shaped the lives of millions of workers. But there may be a downside to doing your best. Science reveals the very act of doing great work may not bring success, but the opposite. Your boss and coworkers may target you with vindictive performance reviews, gossip, and even work sabotage.

Don’t Shine is a short book with strategies for doing great work so you can thrive. It reveals the science behind workplace performance so you don’t get bullied out of your job or career. Because everyone deserves the right to shine.

About the Author

Christophe P. Yerling, Ph.D. is a researcher and award-winning journalist whose career has spanned nearly three decades. He’s a graduate of Miami University and Columbia University and lives in Woodstock, New York with his wife and college sweetheart, Diane, and two teenage sons. The Yerling clan includes a moody cat named Otis and a sheep dog named Marble.

Calendario 2019: Covarrubias (Spanish Edition)

by Turismo Rural Arlanza

Foto Calendario 2019 del pueblo de Covarrubias, con codigos QR para tener información actualizada de cada mes.

Oscar Wilde Quotes…Vol.1: Motivational & Inspirational Life Quotes by Oscar Wilde

by Oscar Wilde

This book provides a selected collection of 204 quotes by Oscar Wilde, the artist’s background and further reading.

â??Quotesâ?¦’ is an original series from The Secret Libraries.

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Quotes… Vol.1 – Oscar Wilde – Published by The SECRET Libraries
Motivational & Inspirational Life Quotes by Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray / The Happy Prince and Other Tales / The Importance of Being Earnest) 1st Edition 2016

Related book subjects: (Interesting artists/ Biographical life about Wilde / The Life and Works of the World’s Favorite writers/ funny wit quotes / Interesting facts about Oscar Wilde / Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime/ A House of Pomegranates / The Canterville Ghost / The Sphinx Without A Secret / The Model Millionare / Lady Windermere’s Fan / An Ideal Husband/ The Ballad of Reading Gaol / De Profundis)

Thank you for your purchase! We hope you enjoy it.

Amazon Prime: Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out Of Your Amazon Prime Membership, How to Join Amazon Prime

by Mark Howard

I am sure that you have heard of Amazon Prime by now, but even many people who have a membership to the subscription service are not fully aware of everything that Prime offers and how to maximize their use of this service in a way that gets them great deals on quickly delivered products and a number of other benefits.

This book helps you understand the benefits of Amazon Prime along with some insider hacks, tricks, and tips so that you can make the most of your Amazon Prime membership and get the best value. Don’t miss out on any of your Prime savings and benefits. From choosing the right membership option at sign up to taking advantage of the free trial, this book helps you maximize your use of Amazon Prime.

  • Did you know that Amazon Prime Video offers many of the same television shows and movies as other video subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime for no additional fee?
  • Or that you can share an Amazon Prime Student membership with a college student in the family? This student membership includes a six-month free trial and a low monthly fee of $6.49 at the end of the six-month trial.
  • You can also get a substantial discount on the monthly Amazon Prime membership price if you have an EBT or Medicaid card.
  • And for gamers, you get a free monthly subscription to the Twitch channel of your choice plus a bunch of other free perks in Twitch for being an Amazon Prime member.

With Amazon Prime, membership really does have its perks. Amazon Family and Lightening Deals, along with Prime Day, can help you score some great items at great prices. Amazon also has its own brand of products which offer great prices to Prime members and they can save even more with subscribe and save.

And one of the best things about an Amazon Prime membership is that it guarantees that you receive your items quickly. In addition to two-day shipping, which does not have a minimum purchase amount to trigger the free shipping, many items qualify for one-day and even same day shipping at no additional charge with a minimum purchase of $35. This means that you can receive some items the day that you order them, even in areas which are not currently being served by Prime Now.

And Amazon has added even greater free features for its Prime members who love shopping for clothes. You can use Prime Wardrobe to order some items to try in your home for free and then use Prime Outfit Compare to ask a fashion expert which outfit looks best on you.

With all these benefits, features, and more for a very low monthly price, Amazon Prime can save you money and be a great service to you, especially if you know how to maximize your use of the service!

Questions and Answers for Christians of West African descent

by Richard Chrispin

Many People of West African descent were raised in Christian homes with images on their walls representing God, God’s Son, angels, and saints. However, none of the people portrayed in the images looked like them. All the images were depicting people whom self identify as white. Questions and Answers for Christians of West African descent deal with the introduction of these images and the overall religion to them.

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