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Just One Night (About the Baby Book 2)

by Kathryn Shay

What does an unexpected baby bring? A marriage of convenience? A reconciliation? A rejection like no other? NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn Shay delivers an emotional series, About the Baby, filled with sizzling romance, heartfelt pregnancy and baby scenes, and a unique look at the healing power of forgiveness.

High-powered architect Zach Sloan only ever loved one woman and when she left, he hardened his heart and concentrated on climbing to the top of his profession. But when one of his designs collapses, and Annie is there to help, he rushes her headlong into bed. Which changes everything.

Annie Montgomery is a social worker, the total opposite of her ex-husband Zach. Non-materialistic, with simple tastes and unselfish goals, she divorced Zach. The problem is, she still loves him. And when they’re thrown together in a crisis, she can’t resist consoling him. The consequences must be dealt with.

Annie’s pregnancy brings them closer, but their differences surface once again. This time, will Annie and Zach overcome them, for the sake of the babyâ??and themselves?

If you like stories about secret babies, reunion of lost loves, and wounded heroes, follow the full series, which can be read in any order: A TIME TO GIVE, Book 1, JUST ONE NIGHT, Book 2, BE MY BABIES, Book 3.

*Originally published in 1997, this book has been revised, updated and modernized.

Reviewer’s Praise for JUST ONE NIGHT:
“Kathryn Shay is a star who shines brighter than most of the big name romance writers today.” Affaire de Coeur Magazine

“Ms. Shay has once again gifted us with a beautiful love story filled with hope, healing and the pursuit of happiness.” Rendezvous Magazine

“With an irresistible blend of warmth and sizzle, award-winning Kathryn Shay sets our hearts aglow with wonderfully tender emotion readers won’t want to miss.” RT Book Reviews

“A thoroughly engrossing readâ?¦grab a box of tissues, cover yourself with a warm quilt and get set to be swept away to another world.” An Amazon Reader

Our Options Have Changed (On Hold #1)

by Julia Kent

Having it all is a fantasy, right?

Chloe Browne knows all about fantasy. Fantasy is her job.

And she’s very, very good at what she does.

As director of design for the O Spa chain, a sophisticated women’s club that is trending its way into being the Next Big Thing, Chloe’s ready to take on the world.

One baby at a time.

Her home study’s done, and she’s about to adopt, a thirty-something single mother by choice. Who needs to put her life on hold for the right guy when the right baby is waiting for her?

Besides, talk about fantasy.

The right guy?

Pfft. Right.

And then in walks Nick Grafton, with those commanding sapphire eyes and wavy blonde hair and a sophisticated mouth that only smiles for her.

He’s perfect.

But the last thing Nick wants is to start fresh with a new baby as his college-age kids fly the coop. A single father for more than fifteen years after his wife walked out on her family, Nick finally tastes freedom.

But he likes the taste of Chloe more.
* * *
Our Options Have Changed is a full-length standalone contemporary romance, the first in the On Hold series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julia Kent and journalist-turned-fiction-writer Elisa Reed. It is a loose spinoff from Julia Kent’s Shopping for a Billionaire series, with cameo appearances from favorite characters.

The Viscountâ??s Mistress

by Claire DuLac

Lawrence Sutherland, Royal Navy Captain and the Viscount of Glenrith, has just struck a devil’s bargain. To save his family from financial ruin, he needs the help of his closest childhood friend, Violette. They must work together so he can gain the hand of her wealthy but spoiled heiress cousin and make a mutually beneficial marriageâ??a sound business arrangement for them both. In return for her help, Lawrence offers Violette the one thing she covets mostâ??freedom. With his help, she can leave England and her cruel family behind.

But there is a vital flaw in this near-perfect plan. Violette Pélet de Castelmarou is secretly in love with Lawrence and has hidden it for years. Yet now she finds herself feeding him lines and coaching him through sticky social situations in order to win over her cousin. But when emotions get involved, hearts become inextricably entangled.

When the time comes, will Lawrence be able to say goodbye to Violette or will he compromise her virtue and make her his forever?

If he cannot have her for his wife, then he’ll make her his mistressâ?¦

YouTube Marketing: Advanced Features and Advertising Techniques to Win the Social Media Warfare

by Mark Gray

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Win the YouTube Warfare with The Advanced Features

In the third installment of this series, we will jump head first into the most powerful advanced features YouTube offers to online marketers. Whether you are building your channel’s viewership, or whether you already have thousands of subscribers, there is something here for you.

In this manual, we will be taking the lessons that we covered in the first two installments so that we can build an incredible and fully integrated online marketing strategy that will revolve around your YouTube content. In this integrated strategy, you will be able to share your content across various social media platforms without duplicating content or running the risk of driving away your followers and subscribers. Best of all, you will be able to use these tactics to generate “free” advertising.
That’s right! You can use these advanced features to generate free advertising.

What This Manual Includes

Boost Your Channel
Let’s get started on how you can turbocharge your channel’s growth by capitalizing on the advanced features that YouTube has to offer. Now is your chance to uncover these features and see how YouTube can help your brand grow to unprecedented heights. You can make the most of this opportunity to make your advertising count.

Emerge For Real
The time has come to face your competition on the social media battlefield. With these strategies, you will be ready to emerge victoriously!

Killer Content
We will go over how you can utilize the Three Pillars of your brand’s identity in addition to the development of user stories in the creation and development of killer content and engagement.

Key Topics

  • The benefits and pitfalls of live streaming
  • How you can run Fan Finder ads and how these can help grow your viewership exponentially
  • Why you need to allow video embedding on your content
  • What you need to watch out for when allowing video embedding
  • The power of YouTube cards
  • How to use YouTube cards as a means of integrating your entire online marketing strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your video content
  • How to use captioning to boost your SEO rankings

Learn YouTube the Smart Way, Get Your Copy Today!

Her Captor

by Lindsey Hart

Cameron Spade. Billionaire Bad Boy. Absolutely ruthless.

Underground reputation: The Black Hearted Devil.

His only soft spot: His younger sister Veronica.

He is prepared to do anything for her, even if it means kidnapping Sarah Redden, the sister of Veronica’s ex-boyfriend.

The deal was fair. Sarah Redden in return for those racy pictures of Veronica.

It was supposed to be an easy trade-off. He would keep his little captive on his private deserted island until the pictures were in his hands.

But what he never expected was to have a wildcat bent on escaping at each and every turn.

And what was even worse was that he could not resist her.

The more she fought him, the more attracted he was with his fiery little prisoner. But she was so damn off-limits â?¦ he did not sympathize with the enemy. EVER.

Warning: It’s the kind of HEA that you will love.

YouTube Marketing: Tips and Tricks to Start Advertising, Avoid Mistakes and Win the Social Media Warfare

by Mark Gray

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Win the YouTube Warfare with Tips & Tricks

This is the fourth installment in this series on YouTube marketing and how you can get the most out of your advertising budget, however big or small it may be. Once you are able to establish your brand’s presence in the marketplace, you will be able to adjust your social media marketing strategy according to the shifting market conditions. Plus, the tips and tricks covered in this book will enable you to carefully craft your online advertising plan well into the long-term.

So, come on in and find out how you can take the guesswork out of building a successful brand through savvy social media marketing. I know that you are anxious to get started! If you are new to this series, please check out the first three installments in this series. They cover the foundational principles discussed in this book as well as building a solid social media marketing strategy. Navigating the waters of the modern social media marketing world is no easy task. Many try their hand at becoming the next social media hit, but often has a lack of success.

What This Manual Includes

Luck Not Needed
When you uncover the hidden gems in social media marketing, you will be able to build on your brand’s momentum and achieve success. Therefore, your success in social media marketing won’t depend on luck, but on understanding who your customers are and what they really need.

Be An Artist
Social media marketing is more art than science. This means that there are no secret formulas or magic bullets. But there are good ideas and sound principles which can help you make the most of your brand’s value proposition.

Drawing Attention
Have you ever wondered why the pros know exactly how to engage their audiences? Well, in this manual, you will find out exactly how they do itâ?¦ and how you can do it.

Key Topics

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) across the various platforms you have presence.
  • The use of analytics in assessing your strategy’s performance.
  • How to choose which content you can use on which platforms.
  • How to avoid spreading your content too thin.
  • Linking your content across all of the social media platforms you use.
  • The use of trial and error in testing your strategies.
  • The importance of starting off small.

Learn YouTube the Smart Way, Get Your Copy Today!

Shine: Nice People Negotiate Best: Juha Effect

by Juha Effect

What is the Negotiation? 

What will be improved in your life if you develop the skill of negotiation?  You can get what I want more easily, but suprisingly, your personal relationship and communication skills have also improved. Moreover, life itself is a continuance of relationships and communications, and business is also a combination of both. Successful people are already masters in the areas of communication and relations. Then shouldn’t we share same the psychology and mindset with those who are known to have succeeded? How unfair it is to live in the same age and not to have the skills they possess.

For this reason, the author shared many examples in this book and try to explain the secrets of how and why they became successful.

What impresses or inspires people is all created by a kind of agreement made through communication, a negotiation. In that sense, negotiation is not a hard concept at all. Rather, it’s a very warm and sensitive word that makes life easier and produces qualitative personal growth.

             We are all wise. Let’s hope readers can get an important hint of a happy life through this book.

Colorado Cabin in the Pines (Peakview series Book 3)

by Jill Haymaker

Author, Jill Haymaker brings you back to Peakview, Colorado, in this third in her series or western romances set in the small, fictional town of Peakview, high in the central mountains of Colorado. You’ll fall in love with the residents of this close-knit community.
Luke Walker loves his childhood home on the Walker Horse Ranch. Now he is building his own cabin on a hillside overlooking the entire spread. He’s avoided romance ever since his high school girlfriend left four years ago, taking his heart with her.
Penny Anderson couldn’t wait to get out of isolated Peakview, Colorado where she was born and raised. At college in Chicago, she found her true passion in working with underprivileged children.
When Penny returns home for the summer after graduation, sparks fly between these two former lovers. While Luke struggles to overcome his fear that she will leave again, Penny tries to find a way to have the man she never stopped loving and a career that fulfills her.
Come home to Peakview, Colorado where everyone has a chance at love.

Power AirFryer Oven

by Eric Theiss

124 Easy-to-Follow Recipes with Full-Page Color Photos for your Power Air Fry Oven
From Appetizers, Pizza, Bites & Calzones, Entrées, Potatoes & Veggies, Burgers & Sandwiches, Rotisserie, Dehydration, Desserts
Includes Eric’s Favorite Rubs
Perfect addition to the Power Air Fryer Oven and Power Air Fryer Oven Elite
Mouthwatering Air Fryer recipes to get that beloved fried food taste with up to 70% less fat and calories from fat

Star Riders

by Rick A. Allen

“…a roller coaster of adventure…”

“…truly fresh and original…”

“…held me captivated from the beginning to the end.”

A mysterious alien artifact beckonsâ?¦

A peaceful community of planets shatteredâ?¦


When astrophysicist Bacary Swift arrives at Earth’s first colony outside the solar system, he is devastated to discover his brother Matt missing and presumed dead. And Bacary’s first assignment is to investigate an enormous alien construct endangering the colony.

Soon, he finds himself transported light-years away into the midst of an alien civil war. Pursued by ruthless aliens with little regard for life, he hops from planet to planet, searching desperately for his lost brother.

Can Bacary weave his way through this bewildering maze of politics, intrigue, and betrayal to rescue Matt and find a way home?

Star Riders is an edge-of-your-seat galactic adventure not to be missed!

Ride Me Dirty (Bridgewater County Book 1)

by Vanessa Vale


They’re going to claim her. Together.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

Catherine’s life is in New York. The property she’s inherited is in Bridgewater, Montana. Going back to the town she visited every summer as a child stirs up long forgotten memories and a girlhood crush, on not one teen-turned-hot-cowboy, but two. Cousins Jack and Sam Kane. Fortunately for her, in Bridgewater, one cowboy’s never enough.

Catherine is forced to choose the life she really wants: the big-city lawyer or the small town cowgirl with two men who want to take her for a very dirty ride.

Warning: Panty melting! Ride Me Dirty is a wildly dirty romance with two obsessed alpha cowboys and a Type-A heroine. This HEA is all about her – no m/m.

Elite (Elite Doms of Washington Book 1)

by Elizabeth SaFleur

Christiana will be billionaire Jonathan Brond’s greatest loveâ??or greatest scandal. He’ll risk it.

Congressman Jonathan Brond has mastered his work, his reputation and the art of domination while keeping his family’s political legacy intact. A chance encounter with college student Christiana Snow promises something he didn’t think was possibleâ??meeting someone honest.

When the charismatic man proposes a summer of sensual pleasures, Christiana leaps into his worldâ??the antidote to her bland life. But Washington, D.C. is an unforgiving place that feasts on gossip and scandal. In a town of players introducing a new game is the only way out. Who knew love would be the winning plan.

Stand-alone and part of an interconnected series. Not a cliff-hanger. If you have the title, Lovely, on your Kindle, you do not need to purchase this book.

YouTube Marketing: Detailed Approach to Practical Advertising to Win the Social Media Warfare

by Mark Gray

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Win the YouTube Warfare with a Practical Approach

This is about getting your feet wet in a practical approach which can help you build on the skills discussed in the first installment in these series. If you haven’t read the first book in the series, please check it out as well. You will learn about the underpinnings of the topics discussed in this installment. Yet, we are certain that this installment will help you hit the ground running in your marketing efforts.

Whether you are new to online marketing, or well-versed in this topic, we are sure that you will find a trove of useful and valuation information which will help you gain a leg-up in the social media warfare. The strategies you will learn in this book will help increase your marketing arsenal. So, you won’t have to worry about going to war with your competition unprepared.
You will soon develop an edge over your competition in such a way that they won’t know what hit them. Best of all, you will be able to cater to your core customers focusing on their specific needs. This will give your brand laser-sharp focus.
So, let’s get down to business.

What This Manual Includes

The Answer
Your customers’ pain points are there; alive and kicking. But you have the answer to those pain points in your value proposition. What could be better?

High-Conversion Campaigns
You will learn about some of the most powerful online marketing tools known to date. Best of all, you will learn about them in a practical approach which will enable you to take the guesswork about building a successful online marketing campaign.

Ready To Fight
There is no time to waste. Your competition is certainly making the most of their opportunity to capture as much market share as they can. So, it’s up to you to fight them and plant your own flag.

Key Topics

  • YouTube ad formats.
  • Google ad options.
  • In-stream and discover ads.
  • Targeting options.
  • Remarketing.
  • User stories.
  • Customer pain points.
  • Developing killer content.

Learn YouTube the Smart Way, Get Your Copy Today!

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