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Mata Hari: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Women in History Book 9)

by Hourly History

Mata Hari

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The original international woman of mystery, Mata Hari is maligned as a spy and a traitor. Having seduced a number of the most powerful men in Europe, she was accused of spying for both Allied and Central Powers during the First World War. Mata Hari’s biography tells a different story. From her remarkable transformation from a captain’s wife and mother in the Dutch East Indies to the most celebrated stage presence in Europe, Mata Hari fought for what she believed in. Yet what she believed in was neither France’s independence, nor Germany’s superiority, but her own personal quest for luxury, adventure, and love.

Inside you will read about…

â?? A Wife and Mother
â?? The Night of Horror
â?? Code Name H21
â?? Becoming a Spy
â?? The Trial and Execution of Mata Hari
And much more!

A Categorised List of 1000 Irish Memoirs and Autobiographies (Irish Reading Lists Book 1)

by M.C. O’Callaghan

This book consists of a short essay on the value of reading memoirs, followed by a bare bones categorised list of 1000 Irish memoirs and autobiographies. Individual memoirs and autobiographies are listed in 32 categories, and other books about Irish memories are listed in a final category.

The list will hopefully be useful for academics and journalists. Hopefully too the general public will find it useful. For instance, someone who is interested in sport might want to look up memoirs and autobiographies by Irish sportspeople. For some people, the memoirs and autobiographies might be particularly important. For instance, if someone has cancer, other people’s cancer memoirs might be comforting and useful.

This list of memoirs and autobiographies is not yet complete. The author hopes to keep adding to it over the coming months and years. This is a Fluid Resource Book, a resource in book form, which changes over time. The author believes this to be the first ever formal Fluid Resource Book.

The Book Of David:God, Life, and Recovery

by David O’Meara

This book is about my drug addiction and my struggle with mental health and how God is moving in my life. This book contains my writings from when I was 18 to date. This kinda my life through my eyes and the daily struggles I wreastle with. so enjoy the ride to see the world through my eyes.

Becoming;: a memoir of growing up in a gold town

by Greg Hoey

An intimate, powerful, and inspiring memoir by & for the average man or woman -gracie anderson

‘An inspirational memoir that also rings true’ Daily Telegraph

“Bloody Brilliant read! Thoroughly recommended” -5star review since deleted

“The old out-back town of Kalgoorlie has never before been so richly-strangely transcribed by way of prose as it has indeed been done in this wonderful memoir of a child’s awakening!” -Terry Conway 5stars
From the author;
…This is a somewhat tragi/comical memoir a book of Becoming, though for all of that it has no agenda like so many who use their own personal accounts to implore their readership into some kind of political activist mentality usually related to some minorities entitlements or rights. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!! It is meant to be read purely from a literary perspective none other.

“Bloody Brilliant read! Thoroughly recommended” -5star review since deleted.

“Do not under any circumstances read such a book if you happen to be a born and bred pretentious snob. Go read somebody else’s book , maybe a book on knitting or gardening or other gentile stuff, even a Barbara Cartland epic!” -Ty Cobb.

‘Bravo monsieur Hoey, votre livre est éveillé plus superlative et le plus bel exemple de la littérature moderne. Je suis désolé que vous n’êtes pas un Français, car alors je serais facilement rccommend ce livre pour un prix littéraires français de paris. vraiment grand. Encore bravo!’ – Thomas Hilloc.

“An interesting if not provocative little read”-Gunter

“Bloody Brilliant read! Thoroughly recommended”

“Being an Englishman with a distinct lack of taste for the general stereotype of your typical sports-loving boorish Australian, I must say I undertook the reading of this book with a certain amount of trepidation. To my surprise it surpasses anything by any other writer I have read so far [at least within the last five or so years]. And written by an ‘aussie’. It is a fine thing then to find out that this nation of the sports obsessed buffoon actually has at its core a much richer life behind the ugly stereotype. Your book reveals these hidden depths of a nation far too well known for its sporting achievements at the expense of other more nuanced options. Beautiful.” – Owen Etheridge.

The Oldest Woman in the World and Other Stories from Haiti

by Kirk Colvin

I spent two years (1984-86) as the Coast Guard Attache to the U. S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Looking back all these years later, I realize that those two years were the the most intense, most moving, most heart-wrenching years of my life.

I was your typical middle-class white American when I arrived in Haiti–I’d grown up in the comfortable suburbs of the San Francisco Peninsula. I’d attended private schools, universities, and become a Coast Guard aviator. It was an easy, privileged life. Then I arrived in Haiti. Poverty and despair were everywhere. Garbage littered the streets; sewage ran in the gutters; naked children stood along the roads, their bloated bellies and reddish hair announcing their malnourishment; the corrupt government, led by Baby Doc Duvalier, stole money from the peasants, siphoned U. S. aid money into Swiss accounts, and lived a life of decadence made all the more obscene by its blatant disregard for the plight of the people who made it possible. The country was a living nightmare . . . only 600 miles from our shore, near enough to tempt thousands of desperate boat people to risk their lives trying to reach there. Thousands died in the attempt. Haiti was (and still is) a horror story.

Now, nearly thirty years later, Haiti is in even worse shape, and I’m still unable to fully explain how deeply my short stay there affected me. These few stories are my attempt to give you some idea of what it was like to live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Somewhere deep inside, a part of me is Haitian. Perhaps after reading these stories, you’ll have a sense of what that means.
PS: If you liked these stories, you might like my novel “Bloodless Coup,” also available as a Kindle Book.

Being Transgender: A personal journey of one life in two worlds

by Emma Preston

My name is Emma Jane Preston and I am 52 years old from Blackburn, Lancashire. I am not a transgender celebrity, transgender actress, model or socialite. I am just Emma, a shop keeper down the road in Burnley with two beautiful children. I am a person who happens to live and breathe with red blood. I decided to start writing a diary which soon turned into a couple of chapters. Over time this turned into 8 chapters and then sat doing nothing for a long time. Then one day I started writing again and in the space of 74 days I wrote around 63,000 words. Forewarned – I have had to proof read the book myself as I do not have the money to get it done professionally.

Being Transgender is not a science or text book on the world of transgender. It is not a book on the medical process, nor is it a book about the brain and whether it is male or female. You will find no percentage rates of â??this or that’. There are no explanations of all the nuances of LGBTQIA+ or the terms under the umbrella of â??trans’ OR â??transgender’.

My book is about my journey; an ordinary person with an extraordinary story. Sometimes the book is funny – not in a belly laugh funny but in a comical way. Sometimes it is sad, to the point that I am pretty certain you will feel like crying. Sometimes it is thought provoking and sometimes I just ramble on about life in general.

The book is pretty much a diary with the first half talking about my life living on the opposite side. The rest of the book talks about the last four years of my transition.

Chapter 101 (purposely named) is a read in itself and shows you just how your moral compass can be tested & affected by your mind-set, others mind-set and all of the curve-balls that life throws at you.

Diversity, equality and inclusion are the cornerstone of my values and I try to portray this throughout the book. I am a member of the LGBT community. I am proud of how the community comes together in times of need but I show another side too. This is a side that highlights the beauty of all-human nature; where complete strangers rise up to become fierce friends.

I have met some wonderful people in my life but I have also met those that would do harm to me and others in the minority communities. I try so hard in life to judge no-one, though I will explain how I am judged every day of my life. There are people out there who seem unable to treat fellow humans with respect, care and (let’s be honest) appropriately. I will talk about having to go to court and two individuals who were sentenced following such an incident. I will talk about running flat out of money and a suicide attempt.

However it is not all bad. There have been some great times and I would not walk away from being transgender. However I would not wish it on anyone.

You may be reading this and be in staunch opposition to the LGBT community and especially transgender people. That is fine. I would love you to buy my book, have an open mind to reading and understanding my journey. We all have journeys in life, mine is just one. Some of my good friends have breezed through with few (to no) issues, others struggle to even walk out their door. I am in the public eye in so much as I am a retail manager so I see hundreds to thousands of people a day.

Imagine if you will, going to work knowing that you will be laughed at, talked about, insulted behind your back and in some cases, right to your face. Imagine knowing that each day you are going to feel the wrath of someone or their ridiculing of you simply because of who you are. I feel that anyone in the minority communities (whether race, religion, creed, sexuality, disability or gender) will know what I mean. I am highly visible on social media, especially Linkedin as well as 3 TV appearances on game shows so I do tend to put myself out there.

If you decide to buy my book I thank you with all my heart.
Please will you leave a review as soon as you can


The Last Straw: Anna’s Story

by Brandy Teschner

A novella

“That’s okay sweetheart, just don’t do it again,” Bill said softly. He brought his rough hands up to Anna’s face and cupped her cheeks, pulling her face close to his. “Because you know what will happen if you ever doubt me again.” Anna’s eyes searched his, realizing that it wasn’t a question that he had asked, it was a statement. A sense of panic overcame her, and she slowly tried to pull out of his grasp. Bill felt her move and gripped tightly, digging his fingers into her soft cheeks. “I’ll show you what will happen if you ever doubt me again!” He held on tighter and dragged her to the other side of the trailer. Anna dug her feet into the carpet and screamed as she tried to pry his hands away.

This story is based on the actual events of Anna, an abused woman who had suffered mental and physical abuse since childhood. Anna had just escaped from an abusive marriage when she met Bill, a handsome man who eventually wooed her into marrying him. She thought she had found the perfect husband, but the honeymoon was soon over when she realized that Bill wasn’t a gentleman at all, but was an abusive drunk who would subject her to mental abuse and physical beatings. Out of embarrassment she hid her bruises from her family and suffered his abuse in silence. But one night when Bill came home drunk and boasted of an affair, something clicked in Anna’s mind. She decided to put an end to his abuse forever, a decision that led to her committing the ultimate sin.

I have a dream (Big Ideas Vol. 8) (Italian Edition)

by Bebe Vio

Ogni atleta sperimenta una crisi nel corso della carriera. Ma perdere gambe e braccia, gli “strumenti” del proprio lavoro a causa di una malattia in età giovanile, è un trauma che molti rischiano di non superare mai.

Bebe Vio invece non ha abbandonato il sogno di diventare una schermitrice, nonostante le amputazioni subite quando aveva solo undici anni a causa di una meningite fulminante.

Invece di sognare le Olimpiadi, ha iniziato ad allenarsi, in carrozzina, per le Paralimpiadi.

La sua instancabile determinazione, a dispetto della disabilità, l’ha portata a essere una campionessa mondiale di scherma. Ha fondato anche una propria associazione: art4sport, per incoraggiare i bambini amputati ad avvicinarsi allo sport e ad apprezzare la vita attraverso lo sport.

Questo è il settimo essay della serie Big Ideas, ideata dalla Banca europea per gli investimenti.

Das Geheimnis der 12 Apostel: Was ist aus ihnen geworden? (German Edition)

by günter.f. schmitz

Nach dem Tod von Jesus Christus zerstreuten sich seine Jünger in alle Winde.
Sie hatten den Auftrag, diese von Pharao Echnaton erfundene, neue Religion des einen Gottes, von der Jesus so begeistert war, der ganzen Welt zu verkünden. Aber niemand wollte diesen jungen Männern zuhören. Es waren, egal wo sie versuchten, schon jede Menge Götter und noch mehr Priester vorhanden. Und keiner wollte seinen lukrativen Job verlieren. Niemand wollte etwas von ihnen wissen und so wurden sie alle umgebracht. Was bis dahin mit ihnen geschah, lesen sie in diesem Buch.

The Story of My Self: How to survive trauma and overcome anorexia, shame and depression. 2017 edition.

by Nell Flowers

A true story that tells of a life-long struggle to overcome the effects of childhood trauma, an underlying sense of shame and an addictive need to control the world.
It is a story based on diary extracts dating back forty years. It details successes and failures; one step forward often followed by two steps back. But it is ultimately a story of hope, strength and awareness achieved through absolute honesty.


by James welcome

I’m a married father of 9, 6 girls 3 boys. From Ocala, Fl, raised in Ocklawaha, Fl. My book is about me coming up in a less fortune place. It’s basically about the different things I went through as I grew up. How my mom and grandma struggled to keep food, clothes and a roof over me and my sister’s head. How we lived in an old wooden house my granddad built that was about to fall apart. With no hot water, and a Pvc pipe for a shower head. You could see through the floor between the toilet and the bath tub from the water leaking. Sitting on the toilet was like a roller coaster ride, hoping you don’t fall through. But, hey, grandma and ma pulled through they did the best they could. We never went hungry or did without. I was young and wanting to help. So, what to do, I thought, all that’s around me is drug dealers, nobody going to school. They are thinking school’s just another way of slavery. Just a way to teach me away to work for another man, build his dream. So, 9 times out of 10 if you are around something long enough, eventually you’re going to want to try it. I watched these people make quick easy money. My family needed it, so I went in and since my dad is already in it, just being on the other side made it easier. So, I started making money and taking care of my family. A typical kid with a hard head, I was. I summed it up, if I told you everything I would have never finished this book. But my going to prison changed my outlook on my life, made me want to do more in life. I hope you guys enjoy my story and share it with family and friends.




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The MY CRIME SERIES presents to the world books written on inmates by inmates.

Each book of the MY CRIME SERIES was written in 2018 by the presently incarcerated about the presently incarcerated.

Each book of the MY CRIME SERIES has been dictated, read, and reviewed by the subject.

Go to WWW.CRIMEBIOS.COM to listen to interviews recorded off of the prison phones.

Buy the paperback for someone else and receive the eBook free for yourself.

The books of the MY CRIME SERIES grant citizens insight into the lives of unknown felons in the California prison system. YOU become the judge. YOU will read about each subject’s interactions with family. YOU will get a sense of the subject’s neighborhood and school.  YOU will come to know each subject’s motivations.  YOU will move from childhood, youth, and adulthood with each subject.  YOU will get a sense of the why’s and how’s of what makes someone choose crime.  

The MY CRIME SERIES books have been produced so we better know each other, including the felon.  The ultimate goal is to create a better system, a system that lives up to our own standards of justice.   

All books are written on inmates, by inmates. Welcome to BOOK TWO of the MY CRIME SERIES.  

HOLLER AT YOUR GIRL is riveting, candid, and true as life expose of a transgender prostitute, working the ugly streets of Los Angeles.  Identity, addiction, and selfhood dominant the pages.  Go to  WWW.CRIMEBIOS.COMto hear the audiobook.

All books are written on inmates, by inmates. Welcome to BOOK TWO of the MY CRIME SERIES: HOLLER AT YOUR GIRL

Cjay is a transgender woman of color, housed in San Quentin, the San Francisco Bay Area’s internationally known California state prison.

Cjay has been in nearly as many prisons as she has fingers yet nothing in her upbringing predestined her for crime.

Addiction does that to people, turns good to bad. Cjay loved and hated drugs. Drugs allowed her mind to rest but her mind could not rest without drugs.

Her mind, in fact, was spinning with pain, guilt, and rejection. Being transgender, especially in the 1980’s and 1990’s, was the life of a pariah. Fortunately for Cjay she had her fellow trans-sisters.

Holler at Your Girl is a one of a kind account of a presently incarcerated transgender woman who from an early age knew her identity yet suffered immense trials before finding her soul.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and learn about HOLLER AT YOUR GIRL and the MY CRIME SERIES. 

Subject Content Includes:

Family Life – Neighborhood Life – Sibling Relations - Religion/Spirituality – Extreme Drug Use – Racism – Adult Incarceration – Prostitution – Murder – Rape – Beatings – Property Theft – Prison Culture – California Culture – Adult Sexuality – Transgender Themes – LGBTQ Themes –

Surviving Schizophrenia: A Memoir

by Louise Gillett

What you are about to read is a true story. I am an apparently normal happily married mother of four, living the humdrum existence of an ordinary housewife. And I have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, something that I have always felt a deep sense of shame and embarrassment about, and kept hidden for many years.

I have agonised for many years over whether to make my story public – I have written this book, re-written it, changed the names, changed them back again, written it again under a pseudonym, tried to change it into a novel… Finally, last year on a writing holiday at the wonderful Arvon Centre in Totleigh Barton, Devon, matters became clear. This is my story, and I am ready to stand by it. It is a true story and any value that it has for others lies in that fact. I have, however, changed the names of a very few people within the text to protect them from any repercussions of my tale.

Wolfman : The True Story of Serial Killer Robert Howard

by Robert Webb

In October of 2015, a decrepit old man named Robert Howard died of natural causes in his cell. In jail he’d led a solitary existence and spoke rarely; indeed he could have been any criminal counting down his time to release except for the fact he never stood a chance of ever getting out of prison. He was serving a life sentence for murder and simultaneously under investigation for the disappearances of other young girls that he would have had access to during a horrifically brutal life of sexual crime. Robert Howard led a gruesome life of crime, rape, brutality and murder.

He called himself The Wolfman.

For Heaven’s Sake

by John Edwards

For Heaven’s Sake is filled with amazing, even miraculous stories of how God moved in and through John’s life and ministry. Read about the incredible ups and devastating downs as he battled through cancer, hepatitis C virus and a liver transplant. Discover the price he paid whilst pioneering rehabilitation centres and the victories God wrought in the lives of many people.John says ” I pray that you too can learn to overcome all that life throws at you. Sometimes life is not fair, other times we feel that we just can’t go on…But, with God, the right attitude and with His strength we can do anything’

The Godfather of Fisherman’s Wharf

by Joe Holt

Tony is my appointed godfather. Over a period of time, he has relayed stories about himself and his family. To know him and to have listened to these stories, one realizes that these American people have undiluted Sicilian blood coursing through their veins. Tony is a man to be admired; To say that he is a simple man would be a conundrum. He is an imposing figure. A man in his seventies, showing determination and pride in his being. His physical appearance is most impressive, a well-dressed, good looking man with strong character lines etched in his face, exuding a commanding presence. His erect posture and carriage belies his seventy plus years.

Throughout the book I have tried to use Tony’s own words as much as possible. In the spirit of truthfulness, I will disclose the following fact. The first several chapters of this book are not entirely based on facts, but instead, historical probability. The Godfather’s Parents who are currently in their mid-90s in age, were being asked to recall stories from their childhoods, that their parents had told them. There tends to be too many salient details lost over time, to accurately portray second or third hand stories from over 100 years ago. As the family arrives in Monterey California, the stories are the Godfather’s. Although I can’t reproduce his strong Sicilian accent, I am hoping to impart the strong Sicilian essence in his story.

This book was written to preserve, if even in a small way, the legacy and incredible stories of one of the American immigrant families that came to this country via Steam Ship around the 1900s. They arrived at a time when this country was just beginning to bloom, and was then hit with two World Wars. They stepped up, served their country, and built lasting legacies here by hard work and grit. They paid their taxes and didn’t ask for handouts. They didn’t resort to a life of crime. They pulled up their sleeves and worked hard to build their own version of the “American Dream.”

I humbly endeavor to write this story to honor this man and his family and in doing so I am sharing with you, my readers, a part of American History.

Sharing Treasure: Lessons and Reflections from the Raw and Unspoken Parts of Life

by Kyle Nielson

Sharing Treasure is a self-help and motivational memoir which aims to teach reflection, self-acceptance, dropping the fear of failure, discovering inner passions, and recognizing the value in life.

Though, the title Sharing Treasure suggests a couple of different ideas, so let me be upfront about the treasures you will find here.

I am not with a band of pirates who recently found a hidden chest filled with gold.

I am not some famous pioneer who has found the next gold rush or diamond mine.

Instead, I am a guy with a sharp and honest history.

Think back to your childhood. Can you recall things you would not share with anyone? Those pivotal moments in your life which created the personality traits you have today. Maybe you would not share those memories because they hurt you.

Like the pirate or the pioneer, these treasures I share with you in the following pages were still found by navigating the perilous terrain that is life. I will share the stories from my childhood that, if you were me, you might be inclined to keep to yourself. I will share reflections from the embarrassing moments of my teenage years, from the lies I told but wanted to take back, to the mistakes I wish I did not make. Those memories that I wish I could forget, I share them too.

The people we look up to do not always share their failures in depth because failure hurts. The idea of sharing failures is an uncommon theme in our social-media society. We are connected more than ever through little moments in pictures, vlogs, and microblogging; attempting to solidify in our mind an idea of how success is created, how success should feel, and how success is lived.

Yet, we are more than the little moments we decide to share. We are also the growing pains of our personal history.

I hold nothing back. These stories embrace my authentic feelings and opinions concerning the events of my life. So, to ensure the anonymity of everyone included, I have changed the names of those involved. Some stories touch upon the best parts of my life. These same stories are also some of the worst parts of my life. They have broken me, built me up, and helped form who I am.

There is so much we can learn from our personal history. We can find out why we act and think a certain way, why we like and dislike different types of people, even where our behaviors come from. My history also makes me complex, filled with inconsistencies and ridiculous beliefs. History generates layers of a personality. As I peel back some layers from my own personality, you may notice the layers of your own.

By providing myself as an example for the thoughts and feelings we hide away – my treasuresâ??you may notice the treasures of your own life.

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