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Becoming His Mate: Douglas Mountain Shifters

by Lillian Danté

He was the best mistake she ever madeâ?¦

â?¦and he might just be the death of her.

Many years ago, Heather threw a coin into the old fountain and made a wish. She wished that the man of her dreams would come and sweep her away, far away from the home where she’d always felt ignored and unwanted. Now, she’s grown up, and she’s learned better. You can’t count on anybody to make your future better. You can only build it yourself.

And you especially can’t count on Cole Jackman.

It’s been nearly a decade since their tumultuous high school romance, but Heather can’t quite shake the memories. And when Cole stumbles back into her life, she learns that she still can’t control herself around him. But she’s no naive little girl anymore, and now, Heather sees something she missed before: Cole’s hiding a great big whopper of a secret. Something dark. Something dangerous. Somethingâ?¦furry.

As Heather uncovers the truth, she finds herself caught in a centuries-old conflict that puts her on center stage. Her dual destinies – one as Cole’s mate, and one as his sworn adversary, have made her enemies on all sides. And to make matters worse, she just can’t seem to keep her hands off of him. Can she find a way to tame his wolfish nature, and bring peace to the Douglas Mountain clan before it’s too late?

A steamy, standalone HEA romance of over 40,000 words. No cliffhanger.

Omega Teacher’s Baby (Men of Meadowfall Book 2)

by Anna Wineheart

Divorced and shamed for his infertility, Professor Dale Kinney has spent the past ten years proving his worth: by building a solid research lab in his field. With his tenure two years away, everything’s finally going right… except he also has a secret.

Dale has a crush on his studentâ??Greg Hastings. Sweet, straight-A alpha, and also the college president’s son. Greg has been asking Dale out for coffee since semester began. And it’s been taking all of Dale’s self-control to turn him down.

Four years ago, Greg lost his best friend in a fire. At eighteen, he’d had ambitious plans: build a home, drive fast cars, live his life. At twenty-two, he’s lost his courage to believe. How can he be there for an omega when he couldn’t save his best friend? How can he promise anyone a future? The only things keeping him afloatâ??college basketball, and the cute, awkward professor in his classes, who sneaks glances at Greg when he thinks Greg isn’t looking.

When Greg stumbles on Professor Kinney in heat, the spark between them explodes into an inferno. And despite countless failed attempts at pregnancy… Dale conceives. Dale refuses to abort the child. Greg refuses to abandon this omega. With the pregnancy an increasingly difficult secret to keep, will their slow-burning love cauterize their wounds, or burn them down?

Omega Teacher’s Baby is a steamy 100,000-word May/Dec Teacher/Student romance, with paper cranes, rabbit onesies and a young alpha who wants to stay by his omega no matter what. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, but definitely a happily ever after.

Light Up The Night (Searing Saviors Book 1)

by Weston Parker

Reckless. That’s what they call me.

I rush into burning building to save lives, and I wish it was for a just cause.

It’s not. It’s to prove that I’m worthy of love.

A messed-up knee, and my dreams of being in the NFL are gone.

I’m fearless when it comes to fighting back death. That’s not what messes me up.

It’s living that gets me.

The last thing I need in my life is a woman, no matter how bad I want one.

And yet, this one has me pacing the floor.

The single mom who owns my crew’s favorite restaurant is sweet, loving, and hot.

It’s not that easy, though. She’s lost too much in her life to give out free chances to men like me.

But I’m not asking for a chance.

I’m taking it.

Every Good Girl Deserves a Bad Boy. ~ Weston

This is a stand-alone story in a series of firefighters at the same firehouse. Enjoy the HEA!

Taze: And the Chick He Couldnâ??t Forget (Taze Prequel Novella) (MC Biker Romance)

by Eden West

They call him Taze. Why? Because he can stop a girl in her tracks with just a look.

That’s right, a biker so drop-dead sexy, his glance is more dangerous than a taser.

But even though Taze could have any girl he wants, he’s never found one that keeps his interest for more than a night.

That is, until he meets Micah.

Micah is a girl-next-door waitress who doesn’t look twice at Taze and his gang when they first pass through her Texas diner. After all, she wouldn’t think about ever dating some vagrant biker.

But Taze can’t get this special lady out of his head. 

So he returns to officially meet her.

Then again to impress her.

The again to sweep her off her feet and take her on the ride of her life. 

When Micah and Taze are finished, they both know they’ll never be returning to their old way of life again.

This steamy romance novella is a standalone prequel to the full-length novel Taze: The Bad Boy Biker Next Door.

Precious Things

by Stephanie Parent

PRECIOUS THINGS is a new adult title that contains adult language and explicit sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.

“I inhaled this book. I can’t wait to read what Stephanie writes next.”–Carey Heywood, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of HIM

Isabelle Andrews isn’t supposed to be here. She isn’t supposed to be a freshman at Hartford Community College, she isn’t supposed to be living at home and working at her dad’s failing bakery, and she definitely isn’t supposed to be taking Intro to Electronic Music Production, a class that will get her nowhere toward her goal of an English Lit Ph.D. by age twenty-five. But when her dad’s latest business fiasco eats up her college fund, Hartford Community College is exactly where Isabelle finds herselfâ??and thanks to her late enrollment, she doesn’t even get to choose her classes. Stuck with Electronic Music and way-too-easy English courses, Isabelle is determined to wallow in all the misery she feels entitled to.

But community college brings some unexpected benefitsâ?¦like the fact that a certain overworked, over-scheduled Electronic Music professor hands over most of his duties to his teaching assistant. His tall, green-eyed, absolutely gorgeous teaching assistant. When TA Evan Strauss discovers Isabelle’s apathy toward electronic musicâ??and, well, all musicâ??he makes it his mission to convert her. The music Evan composes stirs something inside Isabelle, but she can’t get involvedâ??after all, she’ll be transferring out as soon as possible.

Still, no matter how tightly Isabelle holds on to her misery, she finds it slipping away in the wake of all Hartford Community offers: new friendships, a surprisingly cool poetry professor, and most of all, Evan. But Evan’s dream of owning his own music studio is as impractical as Isabelle’s dad’s bakery, and when Evan makes a terrible decision, everything Isabelle has gained threatens to unravel. Soon Isabelle discovers that some of the most important lessons take place outside the classroomâ?¦and that in life, as in Evan’s favorite Depeche Mode song, the most precious things can be the hardest to hold on to.

The Ego Trip (King’s Harbor Book 1)

by Madeline Olson

Lori Cooper is The Love Doctor, a TV psychologist whose star is on the rise. Ten years ago, her detective father was murdered by the mob. When she learns he might not be dead after all, she follows clues that lead her to the coast of Maine.

Acting Sheriff Beau LaCombe isn’t a political animal. But after an inept and possibly crooked cop announces his candidacy for sheriff, Beau must throw his own cap in the ring. To win, he needs a high-profile arrest to overcome his opponent’s well-funded campaign.

From their first meeting, they’re on a collision course that pits romance against duty.

Which one will prevail?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The Ego Trip is a contemporary romantic suspense novel set on an island off Maine’s central coast. It’s a “sensual romance” with sexual situations between the characters, but very few graphic descriptions. The book contains a limited amount of profanity, in keeping with the plot (a law enforcement hero and a handful of hardened criminals).

Fans of Brenda Novak or Robyn Carr might enjoy the King’s Harbor Series.

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