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Burning Sands: My Brothers Keeper Volume 1

by Al B. Quarles II

Dynamic author, Al B. Quarles II takes us on an extremely realistic journey and illuminates the reason that pledging an African American college fraternity in the 1980’s was revered as one of the toughest yet most rewarding periods known to man for pledging and hazing. This is the era that ultimately led to all of these grand organizations in “The Divine Nine” to eliminate the word “pledging” from their organizations all together. This is a coming of age story in which a rite of passage leads an extraordinary journey.

This story is an offbeat adventure with all of the makings of a thriller and a comedy, rolled up into a realistic and unforgettable look at two young black men that grow up together in suburban Philadelphia, became enthralled with the concepts and magnitude of black fraternal organizations, and then embark as college freshmen upon a historic black college campus in the mid 1980s. Amidst the parties, romance, fraternities, sororities, freshman initiation rituals, and the infancy of hip hop music, their inevitable rite of passage begins.

Let’s be clear, this book is not a spin-off of Spike Lee’s “School Daze” from the 1980’s, and there is no “Big Brother Almighty” making them go “coo-coo for coco-puffs”. Big Brothers like “Big Bill”, “Black”, and “Scooter Destroyer” were true fraternal beasts. And the word “hellacious” is the only way to describe pledging in the “Bloody Triangle” during this period. Add two dashes of romance, three more dashes of comedy, a hyped HBCU campus and a good smoke. Voila!

Why are many called but few chosen? You will know soon.

*There are nine historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLOs) that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. These organizations are referred to as “The Divine Nine.” Each of these fraternities and sororities make up the who’s who of African American society and began when the inclusion of African Americans in universities proved to be a trying time for black students in the early 1900’s.

LEGEND of the DAWN: The Complete Trilogy: LEGEND of the DAWN; AFTER the DAWN; BEFORE SUNDOWN.


Having been drawn to the wild for a number of years, young Luke McKinney is forced to leave 1839 St. Louis for the North Country even sooner than he expected to go. At seventeen, along with a female companion and an elderly father figure, he is literally running for his life.

With the Law pursuing him and the wilderness unforgiving, he finds himself caught up in a survival system that has nothing to do with civilization or laws.

Then the unthinkable happens, the love of his life is taken from him. It is during the pursuit of her captors that Luke finds a strength and determination that will shape his moral existence for the remainder of his life.

This is a trilogy of books that spans the lives of Luke McKinney and Breanne Bruyere, their undying love, through hell and high water, for over fifty years.

Daring, thrilling, romantic, historic… What else is there? UNFORGETABLE!

Spring’s Fury (The Seasons Series Book 3)

by Denise Domning


Nicola of Ashby stages a daring escape to avoid marrying the man who killed her father. To no avail. Even trained to the sword, she cannot elude marriage to this knight who is as much her match as her mate.

Until Gilliam FitzHenry besieged Ashby and claimed it as his own, he had no hope of home and family. Now Nicola’s home and hand are his, but if he is to ever own her heart it will take every bit of his natural talent for taming wild creatures.

Sinister Goings-on in Room Seven: A Jane Carter Historical Cozy (Book Two) (Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mysteries 2)

by Alice Simpson


Jane investigates a series of mysterious disappearances from a small hotel, a stolen houseboat, a bunch of counterfeit paintings, and a jewelry salesman on the lam.

About the Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mystery Series:

This charming historical cozy mystery series is set in the fictional American city of Greenville during the 1920s and features Jane Carter, a young widow who returns home to live with her father after the tragic death of her journalist husband.

Jane’s father owns a local newspaper and wants Jane to take it over someday, but Jane is adamant that she has no desire to be a reporter. Instead, she turns her talent for writing to concocting melodramatic romances for fly-by-night rags who almost never pay on time.

Jane claims that she’s holding out for a millionaire before she marries again, but the only man who makes her heart beat faster is Jack, a reporter on her father’s staff. Not only has Jane vowed she will never become a newspaperman herself, she’s doubly insistent on never again marrying one.

While trying to turn out enough column inches of overwrought romantic bilge to keep her old car on the road, and herself in shoes, Jane runs into the most extraordinary circumstances. In Jane’s madcap world, it’s a constant round of kidnappings, curses, stolen jewels, counterfeit paintings, and hidden stashes of gold. There’s plenty of crime to go around, but nary a murder.

Accompanying Jane on her adventures is her best friend, Florence. Jane and Flo may get into one perilous situation after another, but they are never damsels in distress, because, as Jane puts it, “A real lady always carries her own pocket knife.”

All this getting into harm’s way alarms her father’s housekeeper, Mrs. Timms. Mrs. Timms believes it’s her mission in life to turn motherless Jane into a proper lady, but seeing as Jane has just turned twenty-four, Mrs. Timms considerable efforts appear to have been in vain. However, the housekeeper won’t give up trying, just as Jane won’t give up on seeing Mrs. Timms and her father center-aisling it to the altar and saying, “I do.”

This series is adapted from Mildrid Wirt’s Penny Parker mysteries, which have fallen out of copyright. The author has made extensive alterations and additions to both the characters and plots of the original novels, but readers familiar with Ms. Wirt’s stories will notice many similarities.

These are murderless mysteries. Despite a constant crime wave, there seem to be no murders in the city of Greenville. There may be plenty of peril in the form of kidnappings, heists, and the occasional assault, but nobody ever dies, and justice is always served.

If you like light-hearted historical mysteries with quirky characters and a bit of zany humor, this may be the series for you!

Of Guardians and Angels

by Thomas Oliver

John Sexton IV’s retired parents spend two years assembling a book of John’s genealogy and present it to him on his fortieth birthday. But strangely missing from the old letters, official documents, and newspaper clippings, is information about John’s namesake, the first John Sexton.
A family legend does tell a vague story of John’s great-great-grandfather having married an unnamed Choctaw Indian woman, but there are no records of the marriage, only proof that they bore a son. In an attempt to complete his family tree, John begins a search for his mysterious ancestors.
Months of research eventually lead him from his home in Washington to a restored plantation mansion in Mississippi. There, the current resident takes John on a journey back in time and reveals an extraordinary truth that will change the Sexton family name forever.
Of Guardians and Angels is a story of humanity in a time of war. It is a story of great courage, love, and faith, and how, even in the darkest days of our nation’s history, dignity and compassion prevailed.

and along came SPIDER ( A Martina Spalding Thriller ) (Spider Series Book 1)


When it comes time for Martina to change up her life, she abruptly quits her job as a night nurse at a small local hospital, climbs into her old car, and leaves home. From all outward appearances, Martina Spalding is an attractive young lady looking for love and a new life. But underneath is a spitfire with a pistol she’s not afraid to use, which surprises even her, when she discovers her best friends life is in danger. What transpires thereafter is a thrilling and suspenseful ride to unmask the killer, with a few wrong turns and bumps along the way. During the transformational journey that ensues, Martina earns her nickname in earnest: SPIDER.

Running to Her Future (Rescued…a Series of Hope Book 5)

by Elaine Littau

Just as things began to work out in Doris Grant’s life, ghosts from the past hunt her down. She must leave everything she knew and go into the unknown. The 1890s offered few opportunities for women who had to find their way alone in the world.
The country was experiencing great droughts and the worst economic depression to date. Even in this dire circumstance, many found hope with the chance to obtain free land in the Oklahoma Territory. Doris is intrigued with the challenge of claiming land on the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893. Perhaps this is an opportunity to begin anew.

Dalton for Hire (Dalton Series Book 2)

by Ed Law

When Dalton holed up in Yellow Creek he tried to put his past behind him. But for a wanted man there can be no peace and he soon finds himself as wealthy Raphael Huffman’s hired gun. Now, with a carpetbag bulging with money to guard in a town bristling with gunslingers, it isn’t long before somebody risks Dalton’s ever-ready gun.
But Dalton didn’t expect the money to be stolen from right under his nose and, even worse, for the prime suspect to be his good friend Ryan Foxglove. Despite the numerous killers standing in his way, Dalton must track down the missing money to prove Ryan’s innocence – and stay out of jail.

The Shepherd’s Trail (Trails Book 5)

by Sally Hull

Ten years after the American Civil War, Theresa returns to her Montana home after having spent most of her growing up years back East in a girls’ school. She returns to her father’s ranch as a young widow with a small son. The Quentin ranch, she immediately realizes, is not the solace she had hoped it to be. She finds herself thrust into the center of rancher-prejudice against farmers and shepherds, which could escalate into a full blown range war if a peaceful solution is not found. As she renews her childhood friendship with the shepherd, Amos Cyril, she is threatened by one of her brothers and ordered by her father to cut off the friendship. With a deep need for making friends with the people of the church, which Amos pastors, she further angers her family, since the church is made up of farmers. There she meets the “war veteran nurse” Florence Fielder, who is now the school teacher for the farmers’ children. Finding herself at the mercy of a family of farmers who have been treated badly by the Quentins, sheâ??a “rancher princess”â??learns what prejudice feels like from the receiving end. She is mystified over her brother’s intense search for their mother’s old diaryâ??a search that threatens Theresa and her son. Just what is in the diary? And who searched her room for it? Who poisoned the shepherd’s dog? Why is the sheriff doing nothing to bring those to justice who burned down the shepherd’s house? Is there no one that she can trustâ??except for God and the shepherd Amos Cyril?

and along came SPIDER IV (A Martina Spalding Thriller) (Spider Series Book 4)


In this final book of the SPIDER SERIES Martina find herself in Montana, of all places. And that isn’t all she finds…trouble seems to follow her everywhere…but true love finds her at last.

Sunset on Ramree: History’s Deadliest Crocodile Attack

by Robert Appleton

The Award-winning* novelette based on the deadliest crocodile attack ever recorded.

On February 19th, 1945, one thousand Japanese soldiers retreated into the fetid mangrove swamps of Ramree Island hoping to escape their British enemy. However, they soon discovered that the sixteen kilometre stretch of marshland that promised to offer safe cover had delivered them straight into the jaws of hell.

Inspired by true events during WWII, Sunset on Ramree follows young musician-turned-soldier Shigeatsu Nakadai and his best friend, Kodi, as they head ever deeper into danger.

15,000 words

*EPIC Award Winner 2011 – Best Historical Fiction

Anya’s Story and Moscow Dreams (Russian Historical Fiction)

by Julia Gousseva

As the Soviet Union is changing in dramatic ways in the early 1990’s, Anya clings to her desire for a stable and tranquil life. She’s in love with Victor and is ready to overcome the challenges of their long-distance relationship. To follow her dreams, she leaves her comfortable life in Moscow and moves to a small northern town. She believes that her destiny is to be a wife of a Russian submarine officer, but her fate is much more complicated than that. Anya’s Story is an insightful look into the dynamic and unstable period of recent Russian history, told from the perspective of a young Russian woman.

“Anya’s Story is an incredible insight into the lives of regular everyday people in Russia set in a time before the breakup of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s. Besides being masterfully written as a tale of a young girl through her journey in life in finding and losing love, the historical backdrop only adds to the flavor of the book.”
— Dennis Waller, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

“The Russian Northern Fleet, with its mysteries and submarine tragedies, has intrigued me for quite a while, and this story provides some insights.”
— Avid Reader, Amazon Reviewer

“Julia Gousseva offers a unique insight into Russian life during one of the most drastic political, economic, and social upheavals: the disintegration and ultimately the collapse of the Soviet Union. Set against this tubulent background, rife with confusion about Russia’s future, here is the quiet, lovely voice of Anya, as she goes through her coming of age.”
— Uvi Poznansky

and along came SPIDER II (A Martina Spalding Thriller) (Spider Series Book 2)


This is the continuing story of Martina ‘Spider’ Spalding. Wherever she goes trouble seems to follow. These books are best if read in the order written. This is the second book in the series of four novels..

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