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Matchmaking for beginners: The Guide for happiness: Find your best matchmaking in your life and be happy

by Susan A. Olson


First Crush (In the Garden Book 2)

by Heather Tullis

Maddie has loved Ben since they were kids. He never saw her the same way. Until now.

Third-grade teacher Maddie McCormick was thrilled when her dream of a greenhouse classroom actually came to fruition. She hadn’t expected to anger the local street thugs, or that their threats would make it more difficult to use the new structure.

Police officer Ben Belliston hadn’t planned on fatherhoodâ??everâ??but gaining custody of his orphaned niece had him rearranging all of his priorities. His niece, Felicia, and Maddie, her new teacher, bonded right away, so he was happy to provide a little off-duty security in the greenhouseâ??it was more than a fair exchange for the way Maddie helped his niece emerge from her shell. He hadn’t expected to begin seeing his best friend’s little sister in a new light, or the way Maddie would make him question all of his future plans.

Read all of the In The Garden romances!

1. Hello Again

2. First Crush

3. Not In The Plans

4. Last Chance

Lessons on Parenting: What Parents in the Bible Can Teach Parents Today

by Mark J Musser

Have your parenting transformed!

The Bible is full of parents. Throughout the pages of Scripture, Moms and Dads are found making choices and decisions that impact their children and those around them. The blessings or fallout from those choices and decisions most definitely can apply to our lives as parents today.

So what can parents today learn from those parents of old? What could happen in our families if we applied the lessons taught through these Scriptural accounts? Those are the questions this book seeks to answer.

In his typical engaging style, Mark J. Musser leads his readers through ten stories–each one involving Old Testament parents whose words, actions, and attitudes still echo through the generations.

Through each thought-provoking chapter, discover:
-You are qualified to parent, regardless of the doubts that Satan throws at you.
-You are called to be a super-model, not on the runway for spectators, but in daily life for your children.
-You must guard against compromise in your life and in your family.
-You can be a chain-breaker and end any family history of dysfunction.
-You are the rock your children need to feel safe and secure.
-You are called to exemplify selflessness and sacrifice.
-Your life and choices today will affect the lives and choices of your grandchildren fifty years from now.
And much more!

So what are you waiting for? Pick up that number two pencil, flip open your notebook, and get ready. Class is now in session!

The Hidden Demon Within

by Billy Sheeley

The tale of an American Horror story. Trials of a child, told through the eyes of a man. Traumas, most would refuse to talk about. This is an epic quest of understanding, battling the upheavals of Evil. Written in the first person, to maximize the personal intimacy, of an all to common, untold story, of many American homes.The Inkwell of blood, I dip my quill, Nightmares I write.

He Actually Left. Now What?

by Jenna Whitehead

Here you are, facing a divorce you didn’t ask for and did not want. Your husband has become a person you do not recognize, cold-hearted and distant. You have so many feelings and realizations, so many decisions to make and obstacles to overcome, as you go through the process of ending a marriage you had no intention of ever ending. How do you even begin?

When she went through her divorce, Jenna downloaded many resources to help understand how her marriage got to this place and how to get through the pain of being abandoned, but none of these resources fully captured what it felt like to be in this experience. She became a member of multiple divorce help groups and noticed all women in her situation were experiencing the same things: these men left without much explanation, they said and did the same things on their way out the door, the grief for each woman was identical, and none were prepared for how painful this experience was going to be. Jenna wrote this book with these women in mind. While in her own self-reflection and therapy of going through her divorce, she captured the collective experience, stage by stage, that women feel during this time. Each chapter is a stage in the process; the reader can read it as a whole book, or each section can be read on its own when it is needed the most.

Ch 1: Read This Chapter in the Beginning
Ch 2: Read This Chapter When You Are Asking How He Could Do This To You
Ch 3: Read This Chapter When You Find Out About the Affair
Ch 4: Read This Chapter if You Have Kids
Ch 5: Read This Chapter When You Have to Redefine the Relationship with Your Ex and the Other Woman
Ch 6: Read This Chapter When You Think There is Something Wrong with You
Ch 7: Read This Chapter When You Are Called Vindictive or Bitter
Ch 8: Read This Chapter When You Are Feeling Guilty or Angry
Ch 9: Read This Chapter When You Feel Hopeless
Ch 10: Read This Chapter When You Are Suffering
Ch 11: Read This Chapter When You Can’t Stop Thinking About the Other Woman
Ch 12: Read This Chapter If You Have Questions About the Bible, God, the Church and Your Divorce
Ch 13: Read This Chapter When It’s Time to Accept Reality
Ch 14: Read This Chapter When It’s Time to Stop Engaging With Your Ex
Ch 15: Read This Chapter If He Says He Wants You Back
Ch 16: Read This Chapter When It’s Time to Rebuild Your Self-Worth
Ch 17: Read This Chapter When It’s Time to Discuss the Legalities of Divorce
Ch 18: Read This Chapter When You Think It’s Time to Start Dating Again
Ch 19: Give This Chapter to Your Friends and Family

She realized this isn’t just about the men and the pain they cause, but about how the women left behind can grow in their self-worth, stop blaming themselves for the ends of their marriages, and become whole again. This book validates so many feelings women have during this time and identifies the pain all women feel, but also helps women find hope. Women can take control back over their lives and can move forward with a healthy outlook for a bright future!

This book also provides journaling exercises at the end of each chapter for personal reflection, with a game plan the reader can incorporate into their daily routine to help as they move through the process of the divorce. Focusing on feelings and processing them is what leads to healing!

How to Talk to Your Child about Sex

by Alen Hosman

Sex, for some parents, is a taboo topic. But, it is important for these people to realize that it is better that their children would learn about the birds and the bees from their parents than from other kids their age.

This book will help parents on they can speak to their kids about sex; build a stronger relationship with their children, and to ensure that their kids are getting correct and accurate information about sexuality.

I hope that this book is able to help you understand your kids.

Good luck !

All Things UnDefined: 1st Edition

by Sheba Mullings

inspirational quotes and poems
A story of a woman struggling with divorce

Kochen mit Kindern: Von einem Nichtvater, der auszog, Kindern den SpaÃ? am Kochen zu vermitteln (Neues Wissen 3) (German Edition)

by Andreas Sommers

Wunsch und Wirklichkeit: Haben Sie Ihr Kind schon einmal in einem Kochkurs â??abgegeben”? Und sich vorgestellt, wie sich die oder der Kleine mit anderen Kindern zusammen für gesundes Kochen begeistert? Dann wird es Zeit, dass Sie Ihr Kind richtig kennenlernen …

Jedes Kind ist das Produkt seiner Familie, der Freunde, des aktuellen Zeitgeschmacks. Und so umgänglich die oder der Einzelne auch sein mag – in der Gruppe werden aus Kindern schnell kleine Monster.

Andreas Sommers, Ernährungsberater und Buchautor, berichtet von seinen langjährigen Erfahrungen als Kursleiter. Was in den Köpfen der â??Kleinen” vorgeht. Was Kindern schmeckt – und wofür sie niemals zu haben sind. Und wie es dennoch möglich ist, sie für gesundes Essen zu begeistern.

Wie immer räumt der Autor dabei mit allerlei Vorurteilen auf, die Medien und Ã?berlieferung bei uns hinterlassen haben. Dazu gibt’s viele erprobte Rezepte, die den Kindern auch zu Hause wirklich SpaÃ? machen.

Abuse: Healing and Recovering From the Trauma of Emotional Abuse Caused by Parents and Relationships (Emotional Abuse Recovery, Emotional Abuse in Childhood and Relationships)

by Kimberly Ruby

You May Believe You Are Alone, but its More Common Than You May Think….

Just updated with more content! Free Bonus Ebook Included!!!

Our world does not focus enough on emotional abuse and the trauma that it causes. Instead, the court systems around the world, including in the US, are set up to only assess physical trauma as a type of abuse.

Unfortunately, many children living in troubled homes face emotional abuse every day, doing their best just to survive, feeling that no one has the power to stop it. Even with clear evidence of emotional trauma caused by a parent or both parents, the legal system rarely intervenes because the laws are not strict enough to make it happen.

If you have suffered emotionally due to a parent or a past relationship, you know you must seek information to help you heal and recover from the trauma.

It will take strength. You may experience setbacks. But, in the end, you are already on your way to recovering and healing from the trauma of emotional abuse because you are seeking information to help you.

You can find your way to a healthy life, no matter the damage that others may have done to your self-esteem.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Exploring Emotional Abuse
  • Signs that a Person is Abusive
  • Parental Abuse
  • Discovering the Cause of the Parent’s Reaction
  • Relationship Abuse: Spouses
  • Exercises to Heal
  • And Much More!
  • Make the Decision Today to Begin Your Journey Down the Path to Recovery!

Free Bonus Ebook – Avoiding Abusive Relationships: Recognizing the Signs

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn in this Free Bonus Ebook…

  • Avoiding Abusive Relationships
  • Dating Abuse is Not a Loving Relationship
  • Dating Abuse – Types of Dating Abuse
  • Dating Violence
  • Dealing With a Stalker
  • Don’t Pick Up a Stalker Online
  • Emotional Blackmail in a Relationship
  • How You Can Tell If You Are in a Toxic Relationship
  • Knowing the Signs of a Dangerous Relationship
  • Recognizing an Abusive Relationship
  • Teenage Relationship Abuse – Growing Problem Among Teens
  • And Much More!

  • MAKE YOUR SKIN FRESH AND GLOWING: Strategies For Grooming a Healthy Skin

    by Nicholas Tyler


    The human skin is very important in building up our health because it forms the largest organ which serves as a protection to the rest of the body; the skin protects the body against infectious agents and germs and often times we want a healthy skin because of the attractiveness it provides. Our skin defines our personality, healthy skin shows that you care about yourself and this can likewise portray the fact that you care about things that happen around you. Most people spend a lot on cosmetics products and skin care treatments, but the truth is there are simple care and measures to maintain and sustain a healthy glowing skin without actually spending so much or use products that may adversely affect our skin on a long-term basis.

    This book gives you a wonderful guide to achieve a glowing and ever young skin.

    About the Author
    Nicholas Tyler is a health practitioner who has a passion for quality healthcare delivery. He has worked in the healthcare department for several years with vast experience in healthcare delivery services.



    A guide for the newly minted or the experienced divorced man who wants to stay that way. Learn how to survive and thrive as a born again bachelor, with tips and tricks from a bachelor lawyer. Any divorced man can benefit from the advice given. Why not you? Get this e-book and start being the VIP Bachelor you are.

    Solución Para La Infertilidad: ¡Maneras Naturales Sencillas Para Revertir La Infertilidad Y Quedar Embarazada! (Spanish Edition)

    by Carolina Oliva

    ¿Te gustaría quedar embarazada de forma natural?

    ¿Qué pasaría si hubiera una forma de mejorar la fertilidad de forma natural … le gustaría saber?

    ¿Has probado tratamientos de infertilidad convencionales que han fallado?

    Luego lea este libro de tratamiento de infertilidad y aprenda sobre una solución natural segura que hará que su útero sea capaz de quedar embarazada.

    NO DEBE someter su cuerpo a los químicos agresivos que empujan en el consultorio del médico.

    ¡NO tienes que poner en riesgo tu salud … y tu vida …!

    Tu cuerpo PUEDE llegar a la solución.

    ¡PUEDES quedar embarazada!

    ¡PUEDES ser una mamá!

    Este libro hace un tema complejo absolutamente claro.

    Incluso si tiene un problema con la fertilización de óvulos y los médicos le han dicho que hay poco que puede hacer … HAY esperanza.

    Este libro te enseña formas naturales y seguras de quedarte embarazada.

    Es posible que ni siquiera necesite las Tecnologías de Reproducción Asistida si sigue los consejos de esta guía.

    En poco tiempo notará enormes diferencias en su cuerpo y ciclos y su cuerpo comenzará a actuar como lo hizo cuando era más joven.

    Incluso si has pasado años siendo infértil …

    Incluso si ha tenido una IUI fallida o una FIV fallida …

    Incluso si no puede pagar costosos tratamientos …

    ¡PUEDES quedar embarazada de forma natural!

    Este libro te mostrará cómo.

    ¡Conseguirá tu cuerpo donde debe estar para concebir y te dará la información para llevarte por el camino correcto!


    Daughters Book 6: She Went Back (Some Do)

    by James W Nelson

    Book 6 will likely be the last book in the fictional human trafficking “Daughters” series. Why? Because it’s too hard on me to try to tell the stories of those trapped girls. It requires research, meaning reading many true stories, watching videos, and then creating fiction. In other words, in a way, reliving what those girls went through. Even worse when I create a story from a girl I actually met, heard about, and then never saw again…like…well, what the hell happened to her?
    Book 1 was inspired by a young girl I deeply cared about. She ran away, came home again, but I thought, “What might have happened to her?” So began the series.
    As a sailor in the United States Navy submarine service, early 1960s in the Orient, mostly Japan, I participated as the so-called john. Of course, then, nobody I knew had ever heard of that word. I also would like to make it very clear that even though the women I met were prostitutes, I always thought of them as ladies and treated them as ladies.
    Anyway, writing about how women and young girls are treated and used by the worldâ??men and women both, mind youâ??drains me. It’s heartbreaking. I’ve had enough.
    There possibly will be one more book in the series.
    One of my readers contacted me and asked me to write her true story. It’s taking a while. The nightmare she experienced happened thirty years ago. In order for her to tell me her story, by email, she has to reliveâ??so to speakâ??what happened to her, put it in her own words and then send to me. It’s hard for her to relive it, and hard for me to write it.
    Gabriella, the trafficked girl in this story, of course, is fictional, but the young girl who inspired her was real. Most of what Gabriella went through in the first pages the real girl went through in that half hour pornography video. Yes, a half hour. It has been many, many, months since I saw it, but I cannot forget that young girl’s face. Most porn videos are 3-5 minutes. I suspect this video really was this girl’s first time. They all have to have a FIRST time.
    (Yes, I’ve watched some online pornography, and for a short time it became nearly obsessive.)
    She was never hurt by the woman character I named Moira. Of that I am glad. In the fiction I made Moira nice for the most part, and later not quite as nice, but not exactly mean either. You see, the video ended, but I suspect this young girl did not leave the life, not for a while. I’m also suggesting through her fictional thoughts, her viewpoint, that she comes to like what she’s doing.
    It has to be an absolute fact that some girls come to like that life, stay voluntarily, even enter it voluntarily. In the back of this book is a discussion of the many modeling agencies dealing in pornographic modeling; I listed a few. Young girls come to these agencies by the hundreds, and come voluntarily. And some actual agencies I suspect pick and choose what girls will get the bona fide modeling jobs and what girls will get guidedâ??or soldâ?? into prostitution.
    Do some end up like the fictional Gabriella? I suspect some do.
    For those of you who have read this series from the beginning, you know that Emmaâ??now 22, trained in social workâ??is the main character throughout. In this, what likely is the last book of the fictional series, Emma appears late. She and Jacey, her attorney partner, have done well enough financially. Their human trafficking clients mostly don’t have money to pay. The lucky ones have daddies, but most don’t have daddies who can afford to pay, and then there’re the daddies who are not in their daughters’ lives.
    Donations cover the ones who can’t pay. In the past year since Book 5, Emma and Jacey have come across a small acreage. The rancher donated it. At any one time there are up to 12 young women living there and helping the new arrivals, plus training in horseback-riding, self-defense, firearms-handling, and growing stronger than they’ve ever known.

    Letter To My Estranged Daughters

    by Jessica Croft

    A Mother’s true heartfelt letter to the daughters that really know very little about her life or who she really is. It is a letter than has been written but will never ever be sent for fear of being dismissed or disbelieved. These two girls will always be just two pieces of the jigsaw that are missing and would have completed this family picture.

    â??Leaving the Nestâ? @ 21: Pre-Internet â??Coming of Ageâ? Journal

    by Jack Salk

    Original Introduction:

    I unpacked a 32-year old journal with faded ink and a torn binding with pages coming loose from 1987 that I kept in storage – a young man’s journal. I wanted to see how life has changed since The Internet. I found a coming of age story of leaving the nest that sparked vivid memories. I learned lessons of social class and youthful ambition that were forgotten, and decided to type the pages for long-term preservation. Consequently, I typed journals from my 20’s through 30’s, beginning with this one.
    I am publishing this journal with added character development and dialogue to make it more like a 3-dimensional story. This is the first of many, hand-written, hard-covered, journals I have written, after deciding to continue preserving and sharing my journals through the millennium and beyond 9-11.
    This journal reveals an identity-crises as I pushed out of the crowded, family nest. The deeply affecting story of transition from a naïve, Utahn to a maturing adult in New York is just as candid as it was when first written by pen.
    The pre-Internet observations include the alienation of a young adult searching for companionship before social media tools were invented. The experience of being less-connected may be due to the lack of technology we have, today. For example, the fear of rejection from meeting someone face-to-face.
    Twenty-year-old’s may not be prepared for marriage on an emotional and financial level. Joining a religion that provided activities for a social life while adjusting to the shock of New York – dances and activities to attend – is explored with detail. I found there was a 10:1 ratio of girls for every boy, aged 16-22, due to the popularity of Mormon Mother’s helpers living in the area of my church. Each girl would leave after 18 months and replace herself. The New Yorkers felt the girls from Utah were safe around their children and willing to live with them.
    There is also a geographic struggle between growing up in what was considered a “redneck culture,” and the sense of sophistication adopted in New York. I experienced the intimate casualness of my old friends during a visit after a few years away. I felt that living in New York, despite the struggle, would provide a sophisticated lifestyle and future – until a series of events turns my interest to California and living on my own.
    There is a turning point when my mom says, “Everyone is working and he’s going to school. Why does he have savings while we’re all broke?”
    The story covers the fickle nature of being a 20-year-old having to make big decisions regarding social, collegiate and personal matters. The actions and plans I took, seemed at the time to be final, unchangeable, decisions to be made immediately. This is the story of running away.
    Author: Jack writes in his apartment located in the ‘burbs of New York City. That’s Long Island for people in the know. His day job is a marketing consultant which keeps him super busy.

    He doesn’t know how he finds the time to write but does because it’s in his blood!

    His readers are the most important people in the world to him and that means YOU!

    35 Reasons to look forward to retirement

    by Pardu Ponnapalli

    Americans are the hardest workers in the world. We have the least amount of paid vacation and very few benefits compared to other industrialized nations. As a result of this, I think a lot of people, including myself, look forward to retirement enthusiastically.
    I listed and provided some background for the top 50 reasons I’m looking forward to retirement.

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