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Nazi Monster Jagers: Dick in the Orient

by Zachary Swanson

The year is 1972 and our heroes, Hans and Herman, are working to avoid catastrophe. A plot to throw the world into war is being hatched by unstylish hybrid. Our heroes encounter reptilians, Soviets, Maoists, and Richard Nixon on their mission to save the world.

Preserved: A Dystopian Sci-fi Adventure (The Manzi Series Book 1)

by Judith Fine


Amazon Reviewer:
“…I can’t wait for the sequel! If you enjoy dystopian stories like the hunger games or the divergent series this is definitely a good book for you to try.”

Manzi guesses she’s seventeen and is fairly certain she’s awake. It’s hard to know when you’re medically preserved on Earth one day and wake years later in a bizarre alien world where humans are used as lab test animals. Clues to explain her presence in this place come in the form of terrifying dreams that Manzi must sort out before her former lab doctors can silence her forever.

The final pieces to the puzzle can only be found inside another secret testing lab, and will force Manzi to decide whether to remain hidden in relative safety with her newly found friends or to plunge herself into a hostile alien world where humans are a second-class species.

Galaxy Man

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

“Ridiculously cool science fiction — A vivid world of intrigue and violence … R.J. Wright”

The year is 2117. In the farthest reaches of Earth’s territorial space, a spree of depraved murders has local cattle ranchers fearing for their families. A fear, they will soon discover, that is more than justified.

Apparently, John Gallic’s reputation proceeded his arrival to the fringe-world of Muleshoe. A reputation suggesting he be given a wide berth. As the new Territory Abettor, commonly referred to as a Frontier Marshal, Gallic would be there for the long haul.

Formally titled Detective Chief Inspector of the Spatial Colonial Policeâ??District 22â??he’d investigated only the highest profile murders and was a rising star within the department. But that life was in the past. Gallic now provided an assortment of backwater law enforcement services to the burgeoning deep-space frontier territories. Sure, there was an occasional smalltime crime to investigate, but more often than not Gallic spent his daysâ??commissioned by the big Interstellar banksâ??repossessing billionaire ranchers’ high-priced spacecraft. A glorified repo man. He was fine with that. It gave him spare time to do the one thing more important than anything elseâ??find the murderer of his wife and child.

Piloting his voluminous spacecraft, the Hound, Gallic arrives on Muleshoe expecting his latest assignment to be no different than the hundred other repo jobs he’s performed. Typically, no one gets in his way. Then a Vid-Message call comes in from D-22â??the Hammer and Nails Killer is at it again. Right there within the frontier worlds. Soon, Gallic would be chasing the very same cunning serial killer who, mercilessly, stole his once-perfect life away from him. The line between prey and predator becomes blurred and the Galaxy Man will have no problem sacrificing himself to kill a killer.

Outpost Omega

by Marc Landau

One man. One robot. One dog. And a strange alien rock. Can they save the universe?

Life’s not going as planned on Earth Prime. Wil’s lost his job, his living quarters, and the love of his life. Now all he wants is to get as far away as possible from his problems.

But like the saying goes, you can’t run away from yourself.

He takes a sub-level military job as a night watchman patrolling the farthest end of the galaxy. He sits, watches, and waits. Alone, except for a robot and a contraband dog. Nothing ever happens at the farthest reach of the universe.

Until it does.

What starts out as an escape from life ends up thrusting Wil into the middle of war, an alien invasion, and mysterious lifeform as powerful as a God.

Click and teleport to Outpost Omega!

Hunger (Jane Thornton Book 1)

by C.E. Black

“‘Have you seen the girl?’

I was the only girl here. The only living soul in this whole damn town. It had been almost a year since the beginning of the end, and I’d been here the entire time. It was my hometown, where I’d grown up. And where I thought I would die. Eventually. But I wasn’t ready. Not yet.”â?©â?©

A year ago, Jane Thornton watched quietly as the world fell apart. Like a thief in the night, something took over humanity, leaving behind only the dead and the flesh eaters. Or so she thought. â?©â?©

Being born mute was a weakness in the old world. Now she used it to her advantage. If there was one thing she was good at, it was hiding. Until they found her.

â?©â?©Kaden and Mason were two of the biggest, most threatening men she’d ever seen. And she was now their captive. But if they were holding her against her will, where were her chains? Why were they so concerned about her safety and her empty stomach? And how could her heart survive if she ran now?

Warning: This is book one in a ménage trilogy and may end in a cliffhanger. This book contains strong sexual content, violence, and adult language. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.

The Reach Between Worlds (The Arclight Saga, Book 1)

by C. M. Hayden

“A love letter to Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson. A detailed world, a thrilling pace. If you’re looking for a new fantasy universe to immerse yourself in, look no further.” -Cristina Mull

Posing as a sorcerer was never a smart idea. Now, it may cost Taro his life.

Sixteen-year-old Taro lost his right leg years ago, but with a family to support, he doesn’t let it slow him down. For years he’s worked for a notorious crime lord named Victor Mathan; Mathan deals in stolen magical artifacts, and trusts Taro to finish his work with as few questions as possible.

When an absurdly well-paying job comes up, Taro is quick to volunteer. Mathan wants him to break a powerful sorceress out of her magical prison, but her cell is under the control of an ancient military order called the Magisterium. To get to her, Taro must pose as a Magisterium recruit.

The courses are grueling, the tests drive students mad, and the magic they teach can be as deadly to the caster as it is to the target.

All of the works below share the same story universe.

The Arclight Saga (novels)
Book 0: Why Dragons Hide
Book 1: The Reach Between Worlds
Book 2: The Stars That Form Us
Book 3: All the Gods Below
Book 4: Kingdom of Light

The Corelight Expedition (novels)
Book 1: Concordance
Book 2: Fathoms

Dragonlight (comics)
Volume 1: Birthright

Zombie Theorem: Dark Times Book Five

by James Wallace

Brian has stood by Dan’s side as they have battled the dead, Ridder, and the Initiative. He has been loyal to his friend and fought his way through hell. Now as Dan becomes cut off from Angel, Brian must accept his destiny and leave his brother’s side to embark on a journey to save kidnapped friends. As Brian calls in the Posse of former SWAT and Delta friends, the zombies continue their deadly attack on the living as Ridder does the unbelievable. Can Brian do what needs to be done before the world is awash in ashes?

Awakening: Ancient Purge Book 1

by MC Bass

“Awesome book!!! Had me from the first.”   “On the edge of my seat from page one.”

History is wrong! The bubonic plague, smallpox, and many other diseases aren’t what we think they were. It’s something far worse!

An evil Russian billionaire seeking immortality steals an ancient chest lid from a secret society, and unknowingly unleashes hell on earth.

His chief scientist watches in horror as her patient transforms into something otherworldly. She fights for her life as the creature goes on a killing spree and escapes the laboratory.

Can the ancient evil be stopped before it destroys humanity?

If you like the books of great authors like Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Greig Beck then you’ll love M.C. Bass.

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life!

To Remain After Time

by Khalil Ghibran

To Remain After Time is an exhibition of the rose that never wilts.

Khalil-Ghibran’s 6th installment is a continuation of his legendary style of prose. To Remain After Time is a compilation of songs dedicated to the revelation of natural philosophy…or the science of how art can be used to help the human body.

Alchemy, according to esoteric writers, is said to be the invention of an ancient Egyptian sage called Hermes Trismegistus. The “Father of Alchemy” lived in an unknown age of Egyptian history, though he is thought by some Rosicrucian schools to have lived during the time of Moses and the Exodus of the Israelites. If true, being an Initiate of the mysteries of Isis and Osiris, Moses must have been tutored by Hermes himself, which later enabled him to carry out his mission and to realize his I AM Presence symbolised by the burning bush. The various precepts and the Ten Commandments of the Lord of Hosts revealed to the Israelites by Moses are the first alchemical steps of purification and putrefaction. Further steps were later added to the Mosaic revelation by the Nazarene Master. Indeed, the Christ declared that he came not to abolish the previous revelation, but to fulfill it.

It is thought by some that “Hermes Trismegistus” constituted a title assumed by distinguished hierophants of the Mystery Schools, in a somewhat similar manner that Zoroaster, the founder of the “Fire Religion” is regarded by certain scholars. Incidentally, alchemy may also be considered a Fire Religion, or at least a philosophy, because of its symbology of fire related to the alchemical principles, its prerequisite in the art of transmutation, and to the respect and honor paid to it by alchemists.

Jewish mystics identify Hermes as the antediluvian prophet Enoch, or Idris, as the Muslims call him; while ancient Egyptians see Hermes as Thoth, the god of Wisdom, Learning, and Writing. He was given this apotheosis along with Imhotep, the great architect under the reign of King Zoser of the Fourth Dynasty. It would appear that both men were overshadowed by the archetypal figure of Thoth, and were acknowledged as such by both the inner and outer circles of initiates of the Mystery Schools. Thoth, or his Greek counterpart, Mercury, was a messenger of the gods; and as an archetypal incarnation of this god, Hermes lived up to his name by his literary productiveness. Ancient writers declared that the “Trice Greatest” wrote thousands of books on what later became known as Hermeticism and Alchemy. It is unfortunate that very little of Hermes’ works survived the conflagration and destruction of libraries and books by Roman and Christian zeal in the early dawn of the Piscean Age. The world as a whole is still ignorant of the great loss, and it will take some time before the invocation is made by the masses for the Greater Light, for disclosure of eternal principles that would shine upon the paths of men, and consequently, for a full restoration and establishment of an occult library of the world, with an archive and database of every known system and tradition of the metaphysical side of life. Although little is known of Hermes, it is evident through the works attributed to him that he was an intermediary of the Wisdom Ray of the Supreme Being.

One of the most famed works on Hermetic doctrine written, and in concise form, is the Smaragdine Tablet attributed to the authorship of Hermes. Its discovery is traditionally believed to have been made by Alexander of Macedonia in a cave near Hebron. This conqueror of nations who had Aristotle for a Master, was in search of immortality. Although he failed to attain his personal immortality, Alexander did uncover a philosophical jewel that would have given him what he had sought if he had only applied the principles that the Emerald Tablet contained. Tradition relates that the Tablet was wrought out of artificial emerald, as a result of transmutation, with the Hermetic doctrine embossed on it.

Lost Pages of an Old Book

by Carlos Marin Delgado

For Mallory, an idealistic private eye with a passionate love for the Truth, the business of saving humanity gets more personal every day. As the bodies and the mysteries keep piling up, his heart and his mind are torn in opposing directions by the ghosts of his past and his hopes for the future.

Venganza natural Culpable Julia (Spanish Edition)

by B. L. Rámiz

El mundo no va a volver a ser lo mismo.

La familia Smith buscan un cambio de vida. Para ello deciden irse a vivir a Añora, una localidad rural del sur de España. Allí llevan una vida ecologista lejos del consumismo y los agentes contaminantes.

Pero cuando se separan un fin de semana para realizar cursos relacionados con la protección al medio ambiente, una serie de sucesos les lleva a pensar que algo no está bien con la naturaleza. Pronto descubrirán que nada volverá a ser como antes. El ser humano comienza a pagar la factura, pero ellos tendrán que luchar contra lo que tanto protegen para salvarse.

The Survival Strain

by Robert Loyd

America, now called The Colony, has become a failed state. A violent place populated by psychopaths and their victims. Walls have been erected along its northern and southern borders to keep the violence from spilling over. World Peace outside the walls of The Colony has been achieved and, the single remnant of the old world contained but still a threat. A bold plan, brought to fruition by Doctor Heinrich Amsel, the world’s foremost epidemiologist seeks to use a genetically modified parasite to quell the violence beyond the walls. When Amsel receives a plea for help from an old friend still living in the Colony, he realizes the error of his ways and seeks to aid his friend and a small group in an escape that could mean death for them all.
The parasite decimates the Colony’s human population, leaving few unaffected, and many turned to something driven more by animal instinct than human rationale. Called Hunters by the remaining survivors, these cannibalistic humans now stalk the once great country along side the worst The Colony has to offer.
A small group of survivors make contact with a covert group outside The Colony and begin making plans for a daring escape. But both must navigate vastly different dangers; one the prying eyes of the United Nations and, the other roving bands of Hunters and psychopaths.

In the Face of Death (The Exanimate Series Book 1)

by Jamey Casillas

In the Exanimate series, the dead have walked among the living for years. The government has created facilities to house them. SK, a mental illness, has indiscriminately ravaged the world, afflicting over 60 percent of the living.
In book 1 follow Alex, a streetwise and mature for his age 11-year-old in a world on the razor’s edge of economic collapse. With an estranged father and barely there mother, he must do whatever it takes to care for himself and his little sister Anjie.
 His already fragile existence becomes hell on earth as a new illness infects the living and the dead, turning them into raging psychopaths.
  Barricaded in the apartment with his possibly infected mother, Alex must decide if he should stay and hope she doesn’t succumb, taking him and Anjie down with her, or risk going outside to face the legions of the infected?
  What would you do in the face of death?

Awakening: Alien First Contact Cyberpunk Space Opera (The Hyperspace Project Book 1)

by Donald Swan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Highly recommend this book for lovers of sci-fi!!!” -Nathan Merceron
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Love this book. Funny and witty. A must read!” -B. Keith

Enemy activity had fallen into an eerie calm, but everyone felt the coming storm–a terrible storm, poised to unleash its fury upon the galaxy. It seemed as though the entire universe was holding its breath. Waiting. Whether waiting for the salvation of mankind or its demise was yet unclear. -Prophecy of Isa

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Two groups of bad aliens. Several groups of good aliens. A smart ass Earthman.What more do you need? Well written and fast paced. Really fun reading.” -Charlie Thurman

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “5 star sci-fi adventure – this book is FUN. The start of a new series, Book 1 : Awakenings does not disappoint. It has all the elements I desire in a good space adventure story – a reluctant hero fumbling his/her way through new alien space, interesting and unique aliens, exciting twists and turns, a good overall plot and a whole lot of fun. Book 1 gets the OMGMOAR 5 star award from Tracing The Stars.”

Every species in the galaxy is in danger of total annihilation and it may take one man’s greatest sacrifice to stop it.

He set out to prove a theory. Now he’s racing to save the galaxy from his mistake.

Nick is flung to a distant world when his hyperspace experiment goes awry.Along with his newly found, rag-tag band of alien friends, Nick Bannon battles to keep his devastating technology out of the hands of the biomechanoid race known as the Mok’tu.

First Contact, Space Fleet, Hard Science Fiction, Alien Invasion,Technothrillers, Genetic Engineering, Paranormal & Urban,Metaphysical & Visionary, Cyberpunk, Adventure, Alien, Artificial Intelligence, Aliens, Mutants, Robots, Mystery, Romance, Metaphysical,Invasion, Contact, Empire, Genes, Fleet, Extraterrestrial, Action. SG1

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