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Backyard Bird Guide: Attracting Wild Birds to Your Yard

by Brian Grant

Create a Place in your Backyard to Attract Wild Birds!

Wild birds play an important role in our environment and ecosystem. And there are over one-thousand different species of birds in North America alone.

Discover how you can create a habitat that will attract wild birds to your backyard. Inside you’ll learn about birds, their importance to our environment, the decline in species from land development, climate change and predators.

Find out what you can do to create a backyard habitat that wild birds will love.

Enjoy native bird species in your newly created backyard habitat, as well as migrating species who may stop by while on their journey.

An Exciting and Experiencing Hobby that Everyone in the Family can Enjoy Together.

Learn about the bird patterns over time with our helpful guide to tracking your visitors with a journal.

Inside you will get the details on designing a bird-friendly backyard habitat, with tips that apply to any size garden space. The different types of bird feeders available, how they provide food to certain birds. How to keep your feathered friends safe from predators, as they come to your garden.

A selection of North American bird species are discussed with details on bird diets, water and nesting area needs. We provide details on the types of natural food sources that should be provided through shrubs, fruit trees and flowers.

Useful and easy to digest information that will keep you entertained for hours when your new little bird friends start visiting your yard!

Grab your copy of Backyard Bird Guide: Attracting Wild Birds to Your Yard Today!

Your First Triathlon Guide: Do Your First Triathlon in 100 Days or Less

by Von Collins

This book was written to take the mystique off of triathlons. It is geared toward beginner and newbie triathletes, and is written to share with you everything that seasoned triathletes wish someone had told them when they were starting out.

Your First Triathlon Guide: Do Your First Triathlon in 100 Days or Less will introduce you to the sport of triathlon, and distill the things you really need to know into one, compact guide. It also includes exclusive coupons and discount codes on triathlon gear that will pay for the book many times over.

Your First Triathlon Guide will share with you:

— Why you should commit to doing a triathlon
— How to overcome the most common obstacles new triathletes face
— Ways to get past a fear of open water swimming
— What gear and equipment you really need as a new triathlete, without breaking the bank
— What common triathlon jargon and terminology means
— How to train for a triathlon in 100 days or less, including a training plan
— What types of workouts you should incorporate into your training plan
— How to prepare for your first real race
— What your race day will be like, start-to-finish

The book is geared to athletes who plan to do a sprint or mini triathlon, but is also useful for those who plan to do an olympic-distance range. The training plans are useful for people who have already done a triathlon, in addition to those who might be curious how to start out in the sport.

If you are considering the sport of triathlon, or have committed to do your first one, this book is a must-read. For less than the price of two cups of Starbucks coffee, you can have the advice of seasoned triathletes at your side throughout your triathlon journey.

Fit Foods: 21 Nutrition Rules for Getting More From Your Training, Runs, and Workouts

by Von Collins

Do you want to get more out of your training, runs, and workouts?

The kitchen is just as important to your fitness as the gym. In this book, Von Collins explores the rules of workout nutrition and provides guidance for you to use diet to get more from your workouts.

Learn more about how food and nutrition impacts your training, recovery, and racing. Fit Foods explores the role of protein and hydration, examines popular diets on the market today, looks at the common supplements athletes take and whether you need them, and outlines 21 rules for athletic nutrition. In addition to the 21 rules for you to follow, Fit Foods features 35 athlete-friendly recipes for you to try.

This is a great book to reach for if you want the simple basics of fitness nutrition. Help yourself break through the plateau and get to the next level of fitness and conditioning with the lessons provided by Von Collins.

Sweet Sue’s Golf Instruction for Women: A Book of Revelations

by Steffy Sota

I am a ghost writer.

In life, I became one of history’s first female sports stars by mastering everything from basketball and track and field to softball, tennis, and even bowling. I broke records as a golfer, winning an unprecedented 82 amateur and professional tournaments before my untimely death at age 45.

After spending my youth beating the neighborhood boys in pickup sports games, I became a standout performer on my high school’s basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and swimming teams. At age 18, my skills caught the eye of the Employers Casualty Insurance Company who convinced me to quit school and play for its women’s basketball team in the Amateur Athletic Union. It wasn’t long before a brash and boastful “Sweet Sue” staked a claim as the league’s top forward. I led my team in scoring during my debut game and was selected as an all-American for three straight years from 1930 to 1932.

Billing myself as the “World’s Greatest Woman Athlete,” I toured Chicago and New York with a variety show that included singing, harmonica playing, and sports-related stunts such as hitting plastic golf balls into the crowd. During an era when most women were making mere cents an hour, my wildly popular performances earned me as much as $1,200 per week.

I faced jabs from reporters that believed women had no place in athletics. “It would be much better if she and her ilk stayed at home, got themselves prettied up, and waited for the phone to ring,” one sports columnist wrote in the New York World-Telegram. Other reporters demeaned me for being unladylike or claimed that I only excelled at sports because I couldn’t attract attention from men. A few even suggested that I was a man in disguise.

In 1934, I turned my attention to playing competitive golf that I described as “a game of coordination, rhythm and grace.” Four years later, I made history by entering the all-male Los Angeles Open, the first event on the Professional Golfers’ Association calendar. I struggled at the tournament and missed the 36-hole cut, but my appearance marked the first time that a woman competed in a PGA Tour event.

My outsized ego often grated on my fellow golfersâ??I was fond of informing them that they were all playing for secondâ??but I backed up my boasts with results. Between 1946 and 1947, I won 14 golf tournaments in a row, often annihilating my opponents in match play. The run also included a victory at the British Women’s Amateur Championship that had never been won by an American. To this day, my 14-tournament winning streak remains the longest in golf history.

In 1953, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and forced to undergo emergency surgery and a colostomy. It was reported that I would never play golf again, but I returned to my winning ways a little more than a year later when I trounced the field at the 1954 U.S. Women’s Open by a record margin of 12 strokes. My comeback saw me voted the Associated Press “Female Athlete of the Year” for the sixth time in my career.

My illness continued to intensify, however, and I passed away on September 27, 1956, at the age of 45.

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Fútbol B: Lo que me habría gustado saber cuando era futbolista, y nadie me contó (Spanish Edition)

by Jacinto Elá Eyene

Me nombraron mejor jugador del mundo con 14 años. Desde ese instante el fútbol se convirtió en parte importante de mi vida. A veces, más importante de lo que en realidad es. Tras años en el fútbol base del RCD Espanyol de Barcelona, firmé por el Southampton FC de la liga inglesa, siendo el primer jugador menor de 20 años en fichar por un club inglés. Tras un primer año de dura adaptación me fui cedido al Hércules de Alicante. Allí, con 20 años, sufrí una lesión de rodilla que me mantuvo casi un año apartado de los terrenos de juego. Fue el mejor periodo en mi carrera como futbolista.

SURVIVAL: DIY Survival Guide: The Best Tips and Strategies To Survive ANYWHERE (Survival Guide For Beginners, Surviving Natural Disasters)

by Adam Dvorscak




One of the most important skills that a survivor must acquire is the ability to prioritize. To stay alive in a survival situation, the very basic needs of the human body must first be met. This includes water, food, and thermoregulation.
This book will teach you how to meet all these needs even in the direst circumstances.
Within these pages, you’ll find useful knowledge on where to obtain and how to purify water whether you’re in the dessert, in a frigid environment, or stranded at sea.
Through this book, you will learn how to distinguish edible plants from non-edible vegetation. More than that, this book will teach you how to prepare edible plant food in ways which will make them more palatable.
When stranded in the wild, resourcefulness may mark the difference as to whether you survive or perish.
This book will teach you how to make use of the things that are available around you whether it’s for making a fire, for catching dinner, or for treating an infected wound.
This book has been specifically written for beginners who are interested in acquiring the basic set of skills for surviving in a crisis situation from dry land to sea. This book consists of easy-to-follow step-by-step guides designed to benefit the outdoor newbie.
If you are interested in the outdoors, if you travel a lot, or if you live in a disaster prone area, read on.
Read this book because the knowledge that could save you may be resting within these pages.
Read this book simply because your life and those of your loved ones’ are worth preserving.

What You Will Learn From This Book


  • How To Find Water
  • Basic Methods of Purifying Water
  • Identifying Edible Plants
  • How to Prepare and Eat Edible Plants
  • Different Types of Animals as a Source of Food
  • How To Start A Fire
  • Medicine
  • Finding Shelter
  • Clothing and Utensils

Tales from the All-Time Great Baseball Writers: A Book of Revelations

by Steffy Sota

I am a ghost writer.

I died in Inverness, Florida. I was 83.

The cause was cardiac arrest. I had a number of heart, kidney, vision, and mobility ailments since suffering a stroke in 1991. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital from my home in Hernando, Florida because I was having difficulty breathing.

Any stories you read about my head are pure bunkâ??fake news!

In life, my relationship with the Boston community was damaged by a long-running feud between me and much of the Boston media. The newspapermen didn’t make my life any easier, but I didn’t help myself with my legendary stubbornness. The same mind that ensured I could remember a pitch that struck me out three months before was not going to forget any slights inflicted by a hostile press.

I was a driven, obsessed young man. I thought the weight of the damn world was always on my neck, grinding on me.

I wanted to be the greatest hitter who ever lived.

Nobody ever worked harder at hitting. Hitting a baseball was at the core of my existence. My whole life was hitting.

Hitting is a correction thing. Every swing you’re changing. Every thought you’re correcting. Every time up, you’re thinking. If I was battling a slump, I stayed up all night thinking about what to change.

Before he died, Charley Lau ranked me as the greatest hitter in baseball history. You could look it up.

I have always thought of baseball as the best of all games: the most interesting, the most demanding, the most rewarding. I cannot begin to express the gratification I have felt in being part of the game of baseball with such a wonderful flavor and spirit. The game I love has produced such superb champions and attractive personalities as Merkle, Young, Stivetts, Arlington, Jackson, Wambsganss, Evers, Stengel, Piersall, Berra, Martin, Hobbs, McAvoy, and Al the Boss Angel.

Wherever I traveled at home or abroad, I found baseball to be a universal language. I enjoyed every moment spent in baseballâ??above all the many wonderful friends I have made. I loved playing baseball more than anything else in my life.

The prospect that there was going to be baseball in my day made me feel privileged and extremely happy. I could not wait for the sun to rise so I could get to the ballpark again.

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Breaking Out of the Rut: 30+ Fresh Workout Ideas for Runners, Cyclists, Swimmers, and Triathletes

by Von Collins

Any athlete or fitness enthusiast knows the feeling of fitting a rut — the dreaded plateau where workouts become routine and progress seems to stop. This book will give you more than 30 ideas on how to inject variety into your workout regimen, allowing you to continue on your journey toward your athletic goals. The book covers:

– More than 30 workout ideas for you to inject into your repertoire
– Swim workouts that can reduce the monotony of pool sessions
– Ways to add variety to your cycling workouts, even without changing routes
– Highly technical run workouts that top runners rely on
– Specialized workouts for triathletes
– Tips on how to make the most of indoor workouts

Von Collins applies a total body philosophy to these workout ideas. The best fitness state is one where your body is well-balanced and able to respond to many situations, staying healthy and injury-free in the process. Collins also focuses on the mental game, ensuring that training your mind is part of the long-term plan.

This book is a must-have in the reference file for anyone who is an athlete or fitness enthusiast. It has helped numerous triathletes, 5K runners, 10K runners, and even marathon runners inject some new workouts into their training. It is geared toward both beginners and intermediate or experienced athletes. The Resources section in the back of the book includes deep discounts on fitness gear and instruction that will offset the cost of the book many times over.

A Parrot in My Soup

by Andy Frazier

Imagine setting up a new life, in a warm climate, where everything is cheaper. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? But is itâ?¦?
Here’s a fact. No matter where you are in the world, there will always be something wrong, if you look hard enough.
Andy Frazier moved to France 5 years ago, exchanging his rat-race life in corporate business, for one in a big old farmhouse in a rural little village, along with his partner, a selection of interesting animals and some power-tools. By day, he earns a modest living as a writer. Generally, he is happy.
But often he complains. Sometimes he even rants. Because the whole world is crammed full of annoying things.
This hilarious book is a look at the world around him over a two year period, as Andy has a pop at everything from the red wine and red politics to the price of sandwiches.

This book has been updated and re-edited Feb 2012

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