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An Army of the Dead

by E. G. Castle

The scattered remnants of the Cynian army find themselves up against the wall, desperately trying to save their city from a force that vastly outnumbers them.
But no matter how hard they fight, they’re doomed.
Their only slim chance to make a difference lies on the shoulders of their captain… who has a little plan up his sleeve.
Still doomed though.

China:The Aztlan Protocol

by Aldéric Au

The PLA protects its artificial intelligence computers under the Himalayas, and powers and cools them from the waters of the Yarlung Tsangpo river. China is spending millions on advanced artificial intelligence. China already uses it in their diplomatic, economic, and military strategic planning. China’s system uses AI learning, and data mining connected with uncertainty theory. It uses observable data to learn; the West is open with its big data pool, and this feeds its knowledge base. China’s AI develops incomplete, imprecise, and noisy forecasts of any complex real-world situational interplay. Beijing’s planners use forecasts and predictions to develop likely economic, or diplomatic, and military outcomes. Then they appear to add label semantics and fuzzy logic algorithms, for modeling the predictability of outcomes and responses. Artificial intelligence is the single biggest military project in China. Professors from the School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beihang University, and the College of Computer Science at Zhejiang University complement a large PLA team, at the China National University of Defense Technology. Genus machines used for war gaming simulation are due for delivery in 2019. A precursor machine appeared at the Hefei Science Island facility in 2018. Intelligence reports it delivered Beijing victory in the South China Sea.
A populist Republican presidential candidate defies the polls to take the election. His radical agenda upends economic and trade policies of the past. He intends to build a wall along the Mexican border and deport millions of undocumented immigrants. A nation divided holds its breath. It reminds the neighbor to the south, long ridiculed and insulted, as election rhetoric intensifies, of its unhappy history with the giant neighbor to the north. A sizable Spanish-speaking electorate in the United States see the writing on the wall. A threat to deport millions is divisive. Anti-immigrant sentiment and the construction of the wall characterizes Mexico’s relations with the United States?
A resurgent China, its economic and demographic dominance in Asia established, sees an opportunity to topple a tired and divided peer competitor. Will the United States deep in industrial and economic malaise pick itself up and fight back? Does it have a strategy? Does it know it needs one? We are witnessing the reordering of the international hierarchy, the yielding of global hegemony? Is this fictional account of a clash between the United States and China, with its unsettling echoes from history, a harbinger of future events? Recent history suggests truth can be stranger than fiction.
China spends more research dollars on quantum supercomputers, chasing the elusive superposition, and entanglement advantages of quantum devices, than the rest of the world, combined. If China are constructing a qubit machine, the West know nothing about it. Publications on war gaming simulation using uncertainty modeling have disappeared. And those on data mining and quantum computing are already on restricted circulation. China absorbs most of its western educated computer scientists and mathematicians for the program. By re-examining student records and interviews with faculty staff, intelligence services have been able to piece together what might be the current capabilities of China’s artificial intelligence computer systems.
North East China has suffered severe water shortages for centuries. China’s water has to come from somewhere. The construction of twenty-seven dams on each river on the Plateau is the solution. Linked to a huge network of canals, they transform China’s agricultural position. The largest dam, on the Yarlung Tsangpo river, has a fifty-seven-gigawatt capacity. That is twice as big as the world’s next largest, the Three Gorges Dam. It also powers and cools China’s most closely guarded military secret, the Tianhe-25-M a machine comfortably capable of seven yottaflops.”

The Salient: A Novel of the Great War

by Kim Kinrade

Called the “Thermopylae of Canada,” the Second Battle of Ypres – in Belgium – was the coming-of-age for Canada’s fledgling army when a small force of the Canadian Expeditionary Force withstood two weeks of vicious onslaughts by a powerful and yet-unbeaten German army. To compound this David vs. Goliath story was the German use of poisonous gas, the first in modern warfare. This determined defence by the small Canadian force and their allies successfully prevented the collapse of the Western Front and the German domination of Europe. The protagonist, Private Charlie Kringle, meets the actual timeline in one of the greatest underdog stories in history.

The War of Hearts Episode 1: Soldier and Nurse Love Story

by Valencia Amir

The War Of Hearts
The war is something that Samuel never really understood or wanted to contemplate as a reality. When he leaves his mother behind who reminds him that it can be a lonely place out there, he finds her words in infertile when he never really thought of solitude as an emotion that would ever hit him in his side.
It’s a nasty business the war, and a young Samuel never thought that his sense of humour would be lost in the trenches, and out in the frontlines when he gets his first taste of the brutal action, no matter how short lived it may be.
He finds himself injured, losing friends, and stuck in a hospital with a photograph of a beautiful pin-up model that keeps him warm at night. As the days go on, he spots a beautiful nurse who surely can’t be the woman who he sees in this photograph? And yet, as time goes on, he finds the courage to ask her and finds an unusual response.
This girl becomes a figment that’s more than just a fantasy, and he follows her without knowing why he can’t leave her alone. She is unique, the more he gets to know her. And Samuel finds more than he bargains for with Abigail, to the point of chasing her when her trail goes cold.

The Run : Episode 3: Soldier and Nurse Love Story

by Valencia Amir

With Marie in their grasp, Samuel and Abigail find themselves racing against the clock to not only get the girl to safety, but with the help of their friend William, to a new town altogether. The race is on when Samuel loses an old friend to the mishaps of the war that claims boys into traitors.
The Germans are persistent in their pursuit, and Samuel, Marie, and Abigail, go into hiding when William must find out what more can be done in the ways of helping them move to safer grounds.
During this time of introspection, Samuel learns more about Abigail and her ways, and finds that she cannot bring herself to accept this child who more than ever, wants to get to know her because she is keen to learn about her mother who is the woman in a photo that her father gave to her.
The famous photograph, is all she has. And Samuel can’t help but question the authenticity of Abigail’s identical sister. He ponders the constant irregularities in Abigail’s stories.
Abigail hints to Samuel of more important matters as he tries to let her know that he’s fed up with her lies, and when he discovers what that is, it forces him more and more into complicated decisions.

Choices-EP4: Soldier and Nurse Love Story (Soldier and Nurse Love Story )

by Valencia Amir

The Silent Choices
The end has come, and the chase that Samuel and Abigail must beat is now marred with an extra addition that changes the course of their direction. With the help of family and friends like June and William, it becomes apparent that escape from the Germans and their British accomplice who seek to get their hands-on Marie just can’t happen.
Samuel sees Marie in a new light. He sees that his responsibility is no longer just being a soldier, but to protect all that is around him with the realization that he is no longer a boy, but a man. It shifts him into an overdrive or making decisions that will save them allas they wait for the correct escape plan from Edward who is right on their tale and dealing with his own guilt that plagiarizes him.
With time closing in, the real factor is the decisions that one makes when faced with a barrel of choices and responsibilities. Samuel can see that the finish line won’t be easy to reach without the possibility and sacrifices that must be made. Samuel will pursue to the end, because perseverance really does pay off when there is little else left.

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