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Familiar Betrayal (An Elemental Witch Trials Novel Book 4)

by Lucretia Stanhope

Still reeling from the loss of Shane and with their twins due any day, Gwen is willing to ally with any force needed to put her family enemies in the ground, before they can touch her children. The strength of her vampire keepers is no use when Fannie and Lewis remain in the between, waiting to strike, and Dmitry seems resistant to helping as he is distracted with royal affairs that have him rattled.

As the web unravels, Gwen has to face that Lewis is not the only one who betrayed her. The list of creatures she needs to deal with in her quest to avenge Shane and save her children, as well as the monsters in her corner, grows in unexpected ways. Again, she must draw on strength beyond anything she anticipated, while hoping the means to her vengeance doesn’t put an end to her light.

�வியப்பாவ�: �ாதலும் தி�ிலும் �லந்து பின்னப்ப�்� �த� (Tamil Edition)

by Srija Venkatesh

�வியப்பாவ� �ற்ற� மாறு ப�்� �ரு நாவல். ஸ்வ�தா �ளம் ப�ண். �வள் தன்னு�ன் �ப��ில் வ�ல� பார்�்�ும் ரா�ுல��் �ாதலி�்�ிறாள். �னால் �ரு நாள் தி��ர�ன ஸ்வ�தாவ� ��்�� வ�த்து த�்�ள் ம�ன் பார்த்ததா�வும் �வள�ய� திருமணம் ��ய்து ��ள்ள �வன் விரும்புவதா�வும் �றிவி�்�ிறார்�ள் த�ழிலதிபர் ரா�லி�்�ம் �ு�ும்பத்தினர். ஸ்வ�தாவு�்�ு தர்ம ��்��மான நில�. �னால் �தன் ந�ுவ� �ில வி�ித்திரமான �ம்பவ�்�ள் ந��்�ின்றன. �வர்�ளது வ��்�ுப் ப���யற�யில் �ரு�்�ும் �ரு �வியப்பாவ� �ண்�ள� ���ப்பது ப�லவும், �ிரிப்பது ப�லவும் த�ன்று�ிறது. தன்ன� தவறா� நின�ப்பார்�ள் �ன யாரி�மும் ��ல்லாமல் மற��்�ிறாள். �ந்த நில�யில் ரா�லி�்�த்தின் ம�ன் �ருண் ஸ்வ�தாவ�ப் பார்த்தத� �ல்ல� �ன்ற �ண்ம� த�ரிய வரு�ிறது. ஏன் ரா�லி�்�ம் �ப்ப�ி �ரு ப�ய்ய��் ��ன்னார்? �ருண் ஸ்வ�தா �ல்யாணம் ந��்�ாவி�்�ால் �ன்ன ��ும்? ரா�லி�்�த்த� மிர�்�ுவது யார்? �வியப்பாவ��்�ும் �ந்த நபரு�்�ும் �ன்ன த��ர்பு? �வற்ற� �றிய ப�ியு�்�ள் �வியப்பாவ�. பல திருப்ப�்�ள் நிற�ந்த திரில்லர் �த�. �ாதலும் தி�ிலும் �லந்து பின்னப்ப�்� �த� �து.

Death Of A Psychic: A Culinary Cozy Mystery With A Delicious Recipe (A Murder In Milburn Book 8)

by Nancy McGovern



It’s time for the town of Milburn’s annual gala and Nora is honored to have been asked to cater the event. But, while she certainly expected an exciting time, the last thing she anticipated was for the evening to end in murder! Ironically, it’s the local psychic, Rosemary Worth, who’s been killed…despite not having seen any sign of the impending danger.

Shockingly, the killer appears to be Nora’s sweet, old landlady, Mrs. Mullally! And, after being found at the scene of the crime with blood on her hands, it seems to be an open & shut case against her. But, despite the mounting evidence against her, Nora is convinced she’s innocent and will do everything in her power to find the real culprit before he or she strikes againâ?¦

Can Mrs. Mullally actually be the murderer? If so, why would she want to kill the psychic? If it wasn’t her, who was it? And is anyone else in danger?

Find out in Death Of A Psychic, the 8th installment of Nancy McGovern’s bestselling series, “A Murder In Milburn”!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Nancy McGovern’s books & series on her Amazon Author Page (AuthorNancyMcG)! And be sure to visit her website where you can join her mailing list to receive a FREE PREQUEL to the “Murder In Milburn” series! The links are inside any of her books!

HorrorScopes: Cancer

by P.W Hillard

Adversarial astrology and predatory precognition abound in Horrorscopes! A fiendishly dark collection of short stories about the darker side of the zodiac.

Cancer is one of a whole horrible years worth of terrifying tales, HorrorScopes, available soon.

A geological survey crew, board the submersible Karkinos and head off into the inky black. What they’ll find is more than they could of ever imagined.

Aj temblor

by Michael Morgan

Apache junction experiences an unusual phenomenon. Is it natural or artificial?

In the Shadows: A Limited Edition Anthology

by Heather Marie Adkins

Step into the shadows with six paranormal tales guaranteed to haunt you…
Join six authors from the Shadows & Sorcery collection for stories of vengeance, intrigue, bloodstains, and more – where magic can’t always save you and the gods are as vengeful as they are benevolent.

And if this collection isn’t enough to whet your appetite for dark paranormal novels, be sure to check out the Shadows & Sorcery collection!

Saffron by Heather Marie Adkins
Ball Gowns and Blood Stains by Dorothy Dreyer
Destiny’s Fire by S. Lawrence
Red Sky in the Morning by Brea Viragh
Spite by LA Kirk & Lyn Forester
What the Steam Brings by Lexi Ostrow

The Rock: Infotainment Novel

by Dr Ishwarbhai Joshi

It is a popular picture painted by media about men, that they are always in mood to seduce woman, which is wrong.
It is pictorial of a women that she is always gullible not aware while dealing with her sexuality, without any mental distortions.

It is necessary to see psychosexual behavior of humans at from different perspectives.

The psycho-sexual mentality of a woman and its effect on her marriage life. These topics have been presented here with an entertaining story.

The story time is from the late eighties to the whole of nineties till September 2018.

During this, the context of technological changes comes in the story allows readers to enjoy ,particular era of nineties.
Not only this, the government and administration’s view on farmers’ suicide has been depicted in a very horrific manner. There are some discussions regarding solutions also.

The depiction of a married couple, day to day sexual health of husband wife is discussed here. But this discussion is not obscene, it is gorgeous.

In Indian culture, it is a brave task to keep the routine personal life of a husband and wife in front of society. The author has succeeded in it.

An integral part of society and the problem is ‘prostitution’ it is also poignant descriptions here. This shows the profoundness of the author. Not limiting in descriptive style, the writer gives a philosophical touch here.
Generally there is a perception that, Mumbai, the city is engaged in a ‘cut throat’ competition, not caring about others.

But in reality this is not the truth. The common people help each other in Mumbai, so people here are promoted in small businesses. Mumbai has different ‘work culture’.

Perhaps this is the reason, that once a person comes to Mumbai, he settles down here.

There are two beautiful examples of this, first, when local trains had bomb blast in Mumbai and the second was heavy rain fall in Mumbai. In spite of being in trouble, no child or woman was seduced. No untoward exploitation happen. At that time not a single FIR was registered at any police station. On the second day, the city started running again.
In this story to get help from other person and to help others, shoes this zeal.

A very short description of, husband’s personal ‘sex life’ while in the process of, wife carrying a child, is much appreciated.

Indian society has strong foundation of â??idealism’. But after 1980s it transformed to individualism, this change is illustrated by an author at social, global and political background. This is really amazing!

This authors ‘narrative style’ is so fast that readers do not get a chance to stop and linger behind.

Due to the language style being extremely communal, the reader feels that this event is taking place in his life, live. The use of highly ornate words is avoided deliberately here.

The characters and events of this story have been shown in such a way, that in future, it can be transformed into film, drama or TV. serial. Therefore, the psychological development is expressed through dialogues.

This is the source of inspiration for all those people who want to start business with zero, and want to get huge success.

This writer claims that this will bring immense change in your marriage life and enrich you ; which is the Truth. There is some secret behind this.
The author himself is a psychologist. He has changed life of thousands of people through a positive approach.

HorrorScopes: Taurus

by P.W Hillard

Adversarial astrology and predatory precognition abound in Horrorscopes! A fiendishly dark collection of short stories about the darker side of the zodiac.

Taurus is one of a whole horrible years worth of terrifying tales, HorrorScopes, available soon.

Down on his luck and eager for work, Jack Richards applies from a job from his local paper. Getting the job was almost too easy, and his new boss seems a little odd…

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