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Those Ducks Look Aggressive: A Look Inside Military Life

by Rachel Stephens Showman

There are hundreds of books discussing war, the politics behind battles, and the heroic actions of soldiers. Those books start at the end, the combat. Often times those stories are the last book civilians, parents, siblings, and significant others are able to read or want to read.

Behind the war, behind the soldier, behind the gates, lies a community with its own story. This is one of those stories. This is a chance for civilians to see inside a private population through a narrative that is hilarious, tragic, challenging, infuriating, slightly irreverent, and above all, honest.

“She informed me that anything handwritten would remain private, but anything typed – newspaper, cartoons, magazine articles – were to be read aloud by the receiving soldier. Each envelope garnered her ten push-ups, so I was to be concise in my messaging. Immediately I went shopping for romance novelsâ?¦. A couple of times a week, I dutifully scoured my stack of romance novels and
ripped out the pages I found particularly energetic. In individual envelopes, I sent off a couple of dozen sex scenes during the course of her basic training. During the months following her basic, I hid from her and her massive biceps.”

“I met spouses who introduced themselves as only â??the first sergeant’s wife’ or â??the captain’s wife’ or, better yet, didn’t even give introductions because I was just supposed to know who the hell she was married to. I introduce myself as Rachel Showman, or more often just Rae, because that’s who I am. For once I would like to go to a military function and not have to say, â??I don’t give a shit what your husband’s rank is. What’s your name?'”

“It took me ten years to figure out that I am the weird cousin who means well but talks too loudly and tells inappropriate storiesâ?¦. These soldiers are mine to protect and support. They are kin, and I will love them even when, sometimes, I dislike them. They are my family, albeit a dysfunctional, maladjusted, exasperating, admirable, extraordinary family. And who doesn’t secretly love the weird cousin?”

With This Click, I Thee Wed ( Series Book 1)

by Bonnie R. Paulson

“Uh, oh, what did I do?”

Mail order bride with a contemporary twist!
A lonely divorcee and a rancher who can lose everything with one website that matches them for marriageâ?¦
They have to learn about the importance of decisions and family or lose their one shot at love.

Stuck in a town where everyone knows her and her ex-husband, Rachel is distinctly aware of who chose his side – everyone – and who chose her side – no one. Even her hairstylist won’t schedule her.

But when she finds herself alone with a bottle of chianti and the internet, Rachel stumbles upon The survey is easy and clicking “I Do” seems to be the magic button she’s been searching for.

Before she can snap out of her decision, she finds herself packed and flying across the country to meet her new husband.

Would her new life be better or worse than the hell she left behind?

***Books by Bonnie R. Paulson***

***Books by Bonnie R. Paulson***

Contemporary Romance
With This Click, I Thee Wed (book 1) (book 2)
DIY Vows (book 3)
eHoneymoon (book 4)
Keyword: I Do (book 5)
Let US-B Wed (book 6)
The Right Click (book 7)

Made for Me (book 1)
Made for You (book 2)
Made for Love (book 3)

Downshift (book 1)
Full Throttle (book 2)
Block Pass (book 3)

Love Notes Series
Love Notes
Love Chords

Clearwater County Romances

Spurs and Lace
Secrets and Lace
Sorrows and Lace
Romancing Redemption
Riding for Redemption
Resisting Redemption
Regretting Redemption
Rewarding Redemption
Broken Trails
Forbidden Trails
Unbridled Trails
Hidden Trails
Forgotten Trails
Endless Trails
Forsaken Trails
Lonesome Trails
Lost Trails
Untamed Trails

101 Questions for Humanity (Coffee Table Philosophy Book 1)

by J Edward Neill

101 Questions for Humanity – The supreme coffee table book for armchair philosophers. Designed to provoke, question, and challenge. Crack the cover open during big parties, small gatherings, or lonely nights on the couch. Once you taste one question, you’ll want to devour them all.

A Wise P**p: Enriched by interesting and random facts

by Facts Venture

Did you know that on average, a person spends about three years of life in the bathroom? A recent study revealed that 9 out of 10 people use their smartphone in the toilet. Also, surprising to note, but the average time spent in the bathroom ranges from 15-45 min with a phone, while without one no more than 10 min. So why don’t you take a real break and make the most out of the time spent in the bathroom? This book consists of 500 uncategorized facts that appear in a random order. A wide variety of subjects include history, science, geography, sports and many more. Did you know that India became the world’s second-largest English speaking country after the USA? While in the early 2000s Blockbuster passed up the opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million? Find out more interesting facts in the book and spend your time wisely as well as relaxing! A Wise P**p enriched by interesting and random facts is a must read for curious people and trivia fans.

DIVORCE: living a life in quiet desperation

by veronika zyss

Imagine a successful surgeon, married thirty plus years, now in his sixties, finding out at a dinner party his wife is divorcing him as he was never man enough for her. How does he feel? How can he respond to a robbed life, a false life, a stolen life?

At a time when he is ready to retire to live the life he dreamt of, he faces a new reality; one of financial destitution, or a life of quiet discontentment.

Which life would you choose? Do personal happiness and fulfillment trump finances? Do you start over? How? Where do you even begin?

A MUST READ for anyone contemplating divorce.

Ms Zyss is the author of two books, DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, A JOURNEY THROUGH END STAGE DEMENTIA and END GAME, both narrating life-changing difficult topics. This narrative evolved as a result of listening to friends, who in their golden years, found themselves alone and compromised both emotionally as well as financially.

Ms Zyss began her writing career just before her 58th birthday, after a family tragedy and inspired by her late husband. Writing proved to be a therapeutic outlet. She is currently busy working on NINE MONTHS AT THE SINGAPORE HILTON, chronicling her time in Singapore during the Trump-Kim Summit in 2018.

Hypocrisy is in the air

by Savneet Singh

Science calls us Homo-sapiens-sapiens, and this is done to celebrate the â??super intellect’ of modern-day humans. But the question is: do we justify being worthy of this nomenclature?

We talk about equality of the sexes but we hardly talk about violence against men.
Talking about sex is a taboo, yet we are the second most populous country in the world.

We cry our voices out against corruption but we bribe a policeman to escape the fine after jumping a traffic light. Wrongdoing is a crime when pulled off by others, but if committed by one’s own flesh and blood, it’s just an unfortunate mistake.

We raise a hue and cry about inflation only while buying tomatoes and onions, but we jovially spend more than Rs 200 crores in a week on a Bollywood flick.

…and the list of our ironical adventures is quite drawn out.

Shouldn’t we be better professed as homo-hypocriticals? Don’t you think we are just society with loads of double standards?

Read author’s anecdotal narratives, which combine tragedy and humour to illustrate that modern-day humans’ route to virtue is paved with pebbles of hypocrisy.

What’s Different – Fun for all ages

by Kirsten McDowell

Find what’s different between the two pictures. Fun family friendly game.

Speak Loudly and Carry a Flamethrower

by Jarvis Cutter

Mike McKillican has had enough. He’s tired of the idiots, sick of the fools. His town’s being overrun by people who don’t look like him, think like him, or drive a big, yellow Hummer like him. They, with their “facts” and “empathy” and “sense of right and wrong,” are a scourge on society. They’re bringing arugula, they’re bringing e-scootersâ??and some, he assumes, are good people. But they have to go, if Tired Oaks is ever to be made whole again. That is why, driven by a grudge over a parking space, Mike McKillican is leading a movement to take his town backâ??and he aims to bring his less-than-righteous indignation all the way to the Mayor’s office at City Hall.

Amy Cole has lost her mind: The feel-good comedy of the year (The Amy Cole series Book 1)

by Elizabeth McGivern

A feel good read to make you laugh-out-loud - Misfits Farm

What if rock bottom was the perfect place to change your life?

Amy is a stay-at-home mum and a woman on the edge.

After a very public breakdown and failed suicide attempt, she finds herself trying to make it through her everyday life as a high-functioning zombie.

Elle is a force of nature ready to shake Amy back to life whether she likes it or not.

After a fortuitous meeting, the two embark on a hilarious and touching journey together, which will change them both and help them find out exactly what they’re capable of when rock bottom is just the beginning.

Praise for Elizabeth McGivern & The Amy Cole Series

‘I just adore the character of Amy…a really cracking story’ Claire Allan, Sunday Times Best-Selling Author

‘Fantastically written characters & an engaging storyline…I couldn’t put this book down’ - Frasers Funhouse

‘I was in hysterics for most of the time I was reading it – Portable Magic

‘I’ve been in need of a good laugh & this book really did deliver’ – Goodreads Reviewer

‘Amy Cole is every wife, mother, daughter & survivor out there’ - Amazon Reviewer

‘Elizabeth McGivern is a gifted writer that takes a difficult subject matter and managed to mix it with wonderful dashes of humour’ - Reflections of a Reader

Books in the Amy Cole Series:

  • Amy Cole has lost her mind
  • Amy Cole is Zen as F*ck
  • Amy Cole has it all figured out (2019)

Choose Your Own Romance: College Secrets

by Katherine Pierce Chinelli

From the author of the addictive, standalone books in the contemporary CHOOSE YOUR OWN ROMANCE series for mature young adults comes the newest book: Choose Your Own Romance: College Secrets.
In the style of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, this romance brings the fun of adventure to a new, more adult level designed for your busy life. You can skim through one heart-pounding path in twenty minutes, or sit back and luxuriate in deciding which of the six steamy opportunities you like best.
Have fun jet-setting around the world with the rich, gorgeous, playboy senior who sports sexy stubble and pressed dress shirts. Party with the charming, single “daddy” rapper who has an incredible physique and an alluring romantic side. Follow your heart when the tempting football hero from high school reveals his long-standing crush on you. Satisfy your urges to uncover the irresistible flirtatious side of the movie nerd in your class who has interesting surprises of his own. Feel free to explore the intense depths of your vulnerable art professor and his intriguing ability to make you want more. Or probe the mystery of your secretive, bad-girl roommate who persists in playing with your heart.
Never wonder “What If?” again. Don’t let someone else decide your fate. Pick up Choose Your Own Romance: College Secrets now, and create your own epic happily ever after.

L’ho fatto per divertimento (Italian Edition)

by Antonio Fanelli

Un hacker, Lulz, crea un finto sito di astrologia per spiare Giulia, catturandone così la confidenza. Ã? un lavoro “sporco”, commissionato dal ragazzo di Giulia, ma diventa ben presto per Lulz un’intrusione, anche sentimentale, così estrema, da spingerlo a provocare i comportamenti della ragazza.

Giulia, alla maturità, incentra la tesina sul “senso della vita” da Leopardi a Beckett, trovando trasparenti analogie con ciò che sta vivendo.

Un thriller sentimentale, una riflessione sul potere manipolatorio della Rete, in cui i personaggi si muovono sul duplice palcoscenico del cyberspazio e del mondo reale.

“Molto attuale l’ossessione tematica giovanile per il potere della rete e della sua tecnologia” (Premio Solinas)

Fulvio Wetzl (Padova, 12 marzo 1953) è un regista, sceneggiatore, produttore cinematografico, montatore, attore e direttore della fotografia italiano. Tra le sue opere principali, ricordiamo:
– Rorret con Lou Castel, Anna Galiena, Massimo Venturiello, Enrica Rosso, Patrizia Punzo (Forum del Festival di Berlino 1988)
– Quattro figli unici con Valentina Holtkamp, Roberto Citran, Mariella Valentini, Ivano Marescotti (Panorama del Cinema Italiano – Festival di Venezia 1992)
– Prima la musica, poi le parole con Andrej Chalimon, Anna Bonaiuto, Jacques Perrin, Amanda Sandrelli, Gigio Alberti, Barbara Enrichi (Giffoni Film Festival in concorso 1999)
– Mineurs – Minatori & minori con Franco Nero, Valeria Vaiano, Antonino Iuorio, Ulderico Pesce, Cosimo Fusco, Dre Steemans, Walter Golia, Tiziano Murano (Giffoni Film Festival Panorama 2007 – Los Angeles, Italia, Film, Fashion and Art Festival 2007)

Antonio Fanelli è un ingegnere elettronico appassionato di informatica e letteratura. Ha collaborato come autore per una rivista internazionale di sicurezza informatica. Nel 2012 pubblica il suo romanzo di esordio “Il mondo di Lulz”. Nel 2014 viene menzionato da Wired Italia come uno dei dieci migliori autori italiani autopubblicati. Nel 2015 pubblica il suo secondo romanzo “Un gioco molto cattivo” con la casa editrice Mondoscrittura.

Couples Game Night In: Book 8: Going Out While Staying In

by Kelly M

This is the eighth book in a ten book series that does not need to be read in any particular order. Each book is a collection of trivia, quizzes, and activities for a couple staying in for the night who still want to have their own party.

My husband and I used to spend time trying to find Trivia questions and reading the questions from different Trivia Games to each other. We’d come up with little side bets and do the whole thing with a glass of wine or a beer and some shots. It’s a fun time but kind of a pain finding all the questions and quizzes and all that. We put all that together into these books including the side bets to hopefully give you and yours an entertaining evening experience!

Staying in? Try this book for the night and see if you like it! Guaranteed you’ll have fun if you loosen up and enjoy!

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