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Life in a small town 4

by Michael Morgan

Anastasia Parkinson start elementary school. She makes friend with a kid her peers don’t like.

Your Best Pregnancy Ever: 9 Healthy Habits to Empower You in Pregnancy, Birth, and Recovery (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series: Pregnancy Book)

by Jen Torborg

Pregnant and looking to optimize your experience? Wondering what you can do to improve your outcomes during birth and recovery? Longing for more than 2 to 3 sentences on pelvic floor exercises? There’s a full chapter! Find out what this pelvic floor physical therapist wants you to know to have your best pregnancy ever. Are you hoping to get practical, easy-to-implement ideas that make you feel empowered about yourself during this time?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you would benefit from this book.

Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, this pregnancy book aims to empower you with healthy habits from a pelvic floor physical therapy standpoint.

Sure, there are already pregnancy books out there that are filled with every possible detail you may want to know, but not everyone has time for that. Oftentimes those thick books get put off. This book is different from the others.

This pregnancy book is a quick, easy read for my pregnant mamas out there wanting to start developing some healthy habits right now. You’ll find plenty of options and variations for you to make these habits your own. This book was written to give you insight into what people mean when they say just listen to your body. It’s meant to give you a way to listen to that voice and know how to modify or ask for help.

Your body was meant to do this! The tips provided in this book will allow you to embrace this time and connect with your body in a healthy and inspiring way.

This book is essential for all women who are thinking about getting pregnant and those who are currently pregnant at any stage. Although titled and specific to pregnancy, this book can be helpful for those who had their babies long ago or women who don’t plan to be pregnant because most of these healthy habits are beneficial for everyone.

Pelvic floor physical therapist, Jen Torborg, PT, DPT shares pregnancy tips based on research and insights from clinical experience. You can apply these easy-to-follow habits to have your best pregnancy, birth, and recovery.

In this book, you will learn about

  1. Breathing: how embracing your breath can affect your body and mind including your breathing during labor and birth
  2. Pelvic floor exercises: how knowing your pelvic floor can improve your health
  3. Common vs. normal: Know the difference between what is common – a lot of people pee their pants during pregnancy and after childbirth, but leakage of urine is never normal. Treatment is out there if things get out of whack!
  4. Exercise: how to move in ways that feel good to you and improve your outcomes now and during recovery
  5. Sleep: easy-to-adopt strategies to improve and prioritize your sleep
  6. Nutrients: how to nourish your body and your baby with quality food and drink
  7. Posture and alignment: how to adjust your posture for your best pregnancy experience
  8. Self-care: why it’s important to make self-care an approach and a philosophy vs. another item on your checklist
  9. Preparing for birth and recovery: perineal massage and stretching, labor and birthing positions including how to breathe, what to expect and do postpartum – why the 6 week check-up isn’t a magic number

This book also includes a FREE Best Pregnancy Checklist so you can apply the healthy habits described in this book and monitor your progress.

Are you ready to have your best pregnancy ever?

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Your Best Body after Baby: A Postpartum Guide to Exercise, Sex, and Pelvic Floor Recovery (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Series: Book 2)

by Jen Torborg

Pregnant or postpartum and wanting to optimize your healing and recovery after baby? Want to return to exercise without pain or leakage? Want to return to sex pain free? This book aims to empower you with healthy ways to return to exercise, sex, and other tasks encountered by new moms.

This book is written from a pelvic floor physical therapy standpoint. This book covers diaphragm breathing, pelvic floor exercises, posture and more. This postnatal book is a quick, easy read for my postpartum mamas out there wanting to develop some healthy habits in their recovery after childbirth. You’ll find plenty of options and variations to tailor your specific goals. There are practical and easy-to-implement ideas that will empower you in your postpartum body.

This book was written to give you insight into what people mean when they say just listen to your body. It’s meant to give you a way to listen to that voice and know how to modify or ask for help during the fourth trimester.

Your body was meant to do this! The tips provided in this book will allow you to embrace this time after pregnancy and connect with your body in a healthy and inspiring way.

Pelvic floor physical therapist, Jen Torborg, PT, DPT shares pregnancy tips based on research and insights from clinical experience. You can apply these easy-to-follow habits to have your best body after childbirth.

In this book, you will learn about

  1. Rest and healing to guide you in the early weeks postpartum

  2. Returning to exercise in an intentional way

  3. Returning to sex pain free

  4. Optimizing scar tissue (perineum, vulva and cesarean scars)

  5. What’s important to know about diastasis recti

  6. Posture considerations for mom

  7. And other postnatal questions answered about common (happens frequently), but not normal (healthy state of the body) symptoms that you may encounter (leakage, prolapse, pain, etc), discussion on breastfeeding, mental health and loving your body.

This book also includes a FREE Your Best Body after Baby checklist so you can apply the healthy habits described in this book and monitor your progress.

Are you ready to have your best body after baby?

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The Recipe for a Happy Marriage: The Secrets to Creating and Sustaining a Happy Marriage That Stands the Test of Time

by Eric Monroe


Every marriage is different, but every strong marriage is identical right down at its heart. The same basic ingredients make up every happy relationship, keeping both spouses content and filled with joy from the moment they say “I do” and throughout their lives.

I’m here to share those ingredients with you and help you follow the recipe for a perfect marriage. You’ll learn how to foster trust, communication, intimacy and every other component vital to your happiness and togetherness.

I’ve Spent My Career Helping Couples Find Happiness, and Now I’m Here to Show YOU How to BUILD THE MARRIAGE YOU ALWAYS WANTED

Hi, I’m Eric Monroe. I’m a counselor specializing in lifelong partnerships and the problems that so often crop up within them.

I’ve spent my career looking at how people make their marriages work, stay in love and grow their trust and intimacy over time and I’m here to share that knowledge with you, so that you can use it to create the marriage you both deserve.

Give Me ONE WEEK and I’ll DOUBLE Your Chances of Building Your Marriage Right!

Give me one month and I’ll make sure you’re not just feeling optimistic and confident that you create a marriage that lasts for life, but sporting the kind of blissful smile you always dreamed of.

In this book, we’ll cover:

·         The unique ingredients that every happy marriage shares.

·         Why each ingredient is so important – and what will happen if you forget to include it.

·         Tips and tricks to avoid the pitfalls so many marriages suffer.

·         And much, MUCH more.


This guide has been proven to work – a hundred times over! I’m going to show you that marriage really can last forever, if it’s done right.

All it takes is a few easy steps and you’ll start to feel a difference within a few days – and all for less than the cost of your new front door key.

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The Bad Dragon: (Childrens books about Behavior, Emotions, Anger, Picture, Preschool, Ages 3 5, Baby, Kids, Kindergarten) (Emotions & Feelings)

by Michael Gordon

Emotions & Feelings Series Book 5

 This is a book about a bad dragon. A really baaaaaaaaaad dragon.?

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

“I’m glad I finally picked this one up. It’s entertaining, and my kids enjoyed it a lot.” — Susan

“Sweet, silly, and touching story!” — Alice

“Such a cute book! I loved it!” — Caroline

The Dragon was very bad. He didn’t listen, and he lied. It wasn’t until he has met a new friend who acted exactly like him. Dragon hought his friend was so rude, and couldn’t believe that he was doing the same thing. He also learned that being “good” was a choice.

Warning: Cuteness Overload!
This childrens book contains illustrations of a cute dragon. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes.

You and your kids will love this book for ages 3 5…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.

What to Do When Your Spouse Wants to Leave Your Marriage (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 19)

by Liam Naden

Does your husband or wife want to end your marriage?
Have they told you that things are ‘over’ between you and that they want to leave?
If YOU want to save your marriage, then there IS a way to get them to change their mind.
In this book in the acclaimed Growing in Love for Life series, Liam Naden will show you:
– the REAL reasons why your spouse is wanting to leave – that even they are not aware of
– how to show them that leaving you is not the answer
– the Six Steps that you need to take to ensure your spouse will change their mind and want to stay with you to work on your marriage
– what YOU must do ( and NOT do) if you want to have any hope of keeping them from leaving
and much more.
One of the most heartbreaking things anyone in a marriage can face is their spouse telling them that they want to leave. Bur you CAN change their feelings about you – and save your marriage.
Apply the information in this book and you can save your marriage.

THE SEX DRIVE SOLUTION FOR WOMEN: Explanatory guide for low libido cure

by Dr. Jane Bradley


Explanatory guide for low libido cure

This book is written with passion for women’s low libido solution and all relevant fact to get cure and diagnose by specialist.
Sexual desire in Women naturally fluctuate over the years. They sometimes go through high and low period of sexual drive at the beginning or end of relationship or experience a major life changes
This explanatory guide written by an author with valuable experience in women’s health, will cover the following vital area of low sex drive: Introduction, Symptoms, When to see a doctor, Causes, Hormone changes, Relationship matters, Diagnosis, treatment, Sex education and counseling, Lifestyle and home remedies, Hormone therapy, Coping and support and many more to mention.
This book is not aim at self-diagnosis, but an explanatory guide to get you back through a specialist or your doctor. Maximum sex pleasure must be ascertain after the guide. 100% money guarantee if no satisfaction.
By Dr. Jane Bradley, a specialist, writer and team of She has been known for her beautiful job and as a passionate researcher.
You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Kindly get yours now.

Aspergers Books For Kids: Joey The Weather Boy – A Story About Asperger Syndrome (The Dr. C & Elwood Files Book 1)

by Dr. Sam Caron Ph.D.

Seven year old Joey is showing a lot of Asperger Syndrome symptoms. The other kids don’t seem to like him very much since all he wants to do is talk about the weather. He doesn’t say things such as “Nice weather we’re having today,” but rather talks about cumulonimbus clouds and cold fronts. People quickly tire of hearing Joey talk about meteorology.
Joey’s parents take him to see Dr. C & Elwood for a diagnosis, and Joey discovers there are a few surprises in store for him…
If you are looking for Aspergers books for kids, start with this one!
(Includes special activity and discussion guide)

When treating children who have Asperger Syndrome, an easy mistake often made is to not actively involve the child who has the Aspergers Syndrome in the treatment process. Not involving the child can negatively affect treatment outcome. This mistake occurs for a number of reasons.

Many therapists find it easier to work with the parents than with the child, and so choose to focus on parent counseling rather than working directly with the children.
We should involve the child in the treatment in order to educate him/her about the syndrome. Understanding the problems can help the child to cope better as (s)he actively tries to function better. It can also help the child avoid developing impaired self esteem, for example believing that (s)he is stupid, inadequate, or mentally disturbed. Understanding can also help reduce the stigma associated with having Asperger’s Syndrome. If the child is an active participant, we also might be able to avoid tapping into an oppositional response from the child; in other words many of the children might conclude that we are trying to control them with medications and counseling, and therefore respond by purposely fighting progress and not trying. Currently a very high percentage of children quit taking medication when they grow up, even if they still need it. When we actively involve them in their own treatment, we increase the probability that they will continue to properly manage the disorder when they grow up.
It is for the reasons stated above that I have produced and will continue to produce books and videos which are aimed at directly educating children about autism, Asperger Syndrome (and other disorders, such as ADHD), thus actively involving them in the treatment process.

Assert Yourself: How to Stand up for Yourself

by Helen Mayhew

We’re all brought up to be polite, but there are times when you have to forget what your mother told you and raise your voice. Giving in to other people all the time only leads to feelings of resentment; and when you do make a stand for yourself you feel guilty.

In this book, as you read, you will do away with these negative feelings and you will be shown how to feel good about being yourself. The practical advice and sound reasoning will help you to get your own way without taking advantage of other people.
If you don’t have the ability or willingness to stand up for your own beliefs, your life slips away into the control of others.

Why is it so important to prevent that from happening?

Because you will become an unhappy person as you would if you never had a friend. Your mission in life is to live it so that you experience as little needless pain as possible and to employ your talents to their full worth. You will certainly suffer, even for long periods of time, as you struggle to learn and become all you can become. But such struggle is necessary for your growth. Later, when you have become skilled in business, cooking, socializing, tennis, or whatever, a degree of contentment will enter your life which you never knew when you were a frightened child in an. adult body.

To reach your full growth and to enjoy your earthly life as much as is possible, it is essential that you take an active interest in yourself. You cannot let others determine the course of your life and expect peace of mind. Standing up for your-self is one of those powerful human acts which at one stroke can eliminate guilt, overcome fear, and make anger unnecessary. But it requires the most serious form of self-discipline.

In this, very easy to follow book, you will be shown how you avoid asserting yourself, what the psychological consequences are when this happens, and how to develop a quiet strength that makes others take notice of you without your having to raise your voice or shake a fist.

Through an Addict’s Eyes: Options for Opiate Addiction from an Addict Who has Tried Them All

by Justin Wiles

Explore the issues associated with opiate addiction and allow me to explain and review each. Let someone who understands this disease like no one else can, share vital insights on triggers, slip-ups, relapse, criminal behavior, and even how an addiction gets started to begin with. There are solutions that will save an addict’s life that are available. This review of the different forms of treatment will help you decide what works best for the individual. Knowledge is power and we must be proactive and have a solid plan to have success with coping with an opiate addiction. Don’t wait! Use this book to GET HELP TODAY!

Children’s Books: Book of Shapes (An Educational Learning Book About Shapes) Kids Concept Picture Books for Babies,Toddlers at Potty Training Age, Kindergarten and Preschool

by Jenny Loveless

This Book is Free with Kindle Unlimited and Prime Lending Library

Now this book comes with 20 free tips from the author’s bestseller, 50 Tips on Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem.

Jenny Loveless knows kids, and she has
created her Children’s Concept Book Series
with fun, simple to understand illustrations,
making learning fun and easy for your child.

Book of shapes is a colorful book that shows
clear and fun examples of baby and toddler
shapes. Each page also gives a real life
image of where we can find these shapes
in the real world.

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Noble Use Of Money (Gujarati Edition)

by Dada Bhagwan

In the book “Noble Use of Money”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan explains that best charity means to offer happiness to others, for “when you give happiness to others, you get happiness in return”.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains that, among the many ways to be happier, the simplest way to “buy happiness” is giving away money, especially in the form of anonymous donations.

Param Pujya Dadashri provides answers to questions such as:

“Why is it helpful to donate to charity?”

“What are the reasons to make an anonymous donation?”

“Of the many charities to donate to, what are the best charities to donate to?”

“Is giving to charity part of leading a spiritual life?”

Among the many spiritual books available today, it is rare to find spiritual guidance related to the highest use of money – charity donations. This resource offering spiritual advice on how to make a donation, and why to make an anonymous donation, is sure to prove invaluable.

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