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Living and Working in France: Thriving through Understanding

by Carol Kieffer


You’re moving to France and want to succeed at work and in your new French lifeâ?¦but how? Living and Working in France: Thriving through Understanding will help you assimilate and make you the American any French person can love. Peppered with real-life anecdotes, it provides insights into how to interact comfortably with French people and conduct business effectively with them. Author Carol Kieffer’s years of French living, nearly three decades of academic, personal, and business relationships with French people, and 10 years’ experience in cross-cultural training are the basis of this essential resource. Living and Working in France: Thriving through Understanding may lead you to enjoy their quality of life so much that you won’t want to return home!

In her book, Carol Kieffer reveals:
-Key elements of the way the French do business so your career can flourish without any cultural impediments

-French etiquette, attitudes, and other customs so you can cultivate good relationships without feeling out of place

-What to anticipate in different situations so you will have fewer surprises and can relax and take it in stride

-The delights of the French lifestyle so you can get the most out of living and working there

-How learning about another culture teaches you even more about your own, and can greatly broaden your horizons

Be prepared: the sooner you absorb the cultural differences in this book, the easier and quicker you can acclimate to your new home!

“Any business leader considering a quick move to France will find Ms. Kieffer’s work an expedient reference tool to prepare for success in the new adventure.”
Dr. Lucille Maddalena, Executive Coach, maddalenaTRANSITIONSmanagement,

“Covering the most relevant topics for someone who has just moved to France, this book is immediately applicable to everyday life. The first-hand accounts make this an enjoyable and easy read while still explaining and illustrating many aspects of French culture and, most importantly, how to interpret and adapt to them as an American.”
David Broussard, President, Impact France,,

“Carol Kieffer provides you with the savoir faire for relocating to France fully prepared and with ease.”
Angelika Greenhalgh, Founder and President, Global Xpert Country Guides,

So What? Answering a Donor’s Toughest Question: Show Your Impact To Raise More Money

by Gilles Gravelle

This book helps social and faith-based nonprofit organizations provide meaningful and convincing answers to the most important question a donor
can ask: “What difference is your cause making?” It’s the so-what test few charitable organizations are capable of passing. Instead, they mostly provide
anecdotes and one-off stories. Results are characterized as a large number. It’s not enough these days. Donors want to know that stories about change are not isolated examples, but evidence that positive impact will continue to increase. This book argues that measuring qualitative change is possible and not as hard as you think. Not only will you see the possibilities, you will know how to recognize significant impact and how to report it to your donors.

â?«ØµÙÙ?Ø© اÙ?عصر فÙ? تارÙ?Ø® Ù?رسÙ?Ù? Ù?شاÙ?Ù?ر رجاÙ? Ù?صر â?¬(Arabic Edition)

by زÙ?Ù? فÙ?Ù?Ù?


by M. Charaja

Posibles Imposibles narra una historia extraordinaria, que, por su temática, pareciera ser otro relato de ficción. Nada de especial tendría entonces, pues mucha tinta ha corrido y mucho papel se ha impreso con contenidos extraordinarios y relatos que son aceptados tácitamente como fantasía. Muchas historias que no necesitan de más justificación que la labor aplicada de una fértil imaginación se han escrito ya… pero ese no es el caso de este libro. Posibles Imposibles encara hechos y situaciones realmente increíbles, en el marco de una historia que bien podría ser la suya, y los concilia mansamente con el ámbito de los hechos y situaciones realmente creíblesâ?¦ o al menos con la irritante sospecha de posibilidad; y es que en este libro cuando se habla de “hechos increíbles”, no debe entenderse que se está hablando de hechos intrascendentes o anodinosâ?¦ ¿Se ha preguntado sobre la razón de nuestras vidas?… ¿Se puede detener el envejecimiento y la muerte?… ¿Qué es el verdadero Amor?… ¿Podría definirse a Dios?
Muchas preguntas tiene el hombre, y este libro no las responderá, pues mucho se sorprenderá al saber que las respuestas siempre estuvieron a su alcance� en su corazón.

Valentine’s Day: How We Celebrate Love And Friendship Around The World

by G. B. Sholander

Remember the elementary school parties you enjoyed on Valentine’s Day?

Handing out cards, making a heart for mom, singing about friendship, munching on candy hearts.

They were sweet and fun celebrations that left you with good feelings.

Whatever your age, you can re-experience those good feelings with Valentine’s Day: How We Celebrate Love And Friendship Around The World.

Learn how this special day is celebrated in South America, Japan, Great Britain, and other places.

Discover answers to questions like:

Who was Saint Valentine, and how is he connected to Valentine’s Day?

Who is the Mother of the American Valentine, and how did she influence this holiday?

What are some unique gift ideas?

What is Single Appreciation Day, and how is it related to Valentine’s Day?

What is the “Secret Friend” tradition?

What are fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and friends?

Entertaining and chock-full of information, this easy read will make you a Valentine’s expert overnight!

Get a copy for yourself and buy one for a friend for a unique and meaningful Valentine’s Day gift.

Scroll back up to “Look Inside” (click on the book cover).

Happy reading, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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