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Young, Dumb & Full of hmm…: How One Woman’s Dating Journey Erased Her Good Sense, a Memoir

by I. R. Wright

Ever looked at a clearly intelligent person and wondered how they were so stupid with love? Just bad decision after bad decision. Ever been that person? Setting and achieving every goal in your life except for how to choose the right person? 

I. R. Wright reflects on more than a decade of falling in lust with men while thinking it was love. She chronicles her struggles from the bad romances linked back to a rocky relationship with her father. Wright finally begins a love evolution after meeting â??The Husband Whisperer’ and gets help with her bad boy addiction. This personal account documents real-life dating as exciting as reality television.

Young, Dumb & Full of hmmâ?¦ is the compelling story of a truly smart girl who went plumb dumb around the guys she dated. You’ll laugh, scream, cry and cringe reading her tales of drama and mistakes while also finding inspiration in her struggles through regret refusing to let any one bad decision be the end of her. The worst things can happen in a relationship when good judgment is swapped for sex. Find out how I.R. Wright found a silver lining in each terrible situation. Be inspired to find yours too.

A String of Paper Suns: An Experimental Memoir

by Bridget Siljander

A String of Paper Suns is a raw, intimate, powerful, and humanizing story by a single teen mother and former member of a fundamentalist religious sect. Growing up as the oldest of thirteen children, Bridget Siljander is a sister-mom to her younger siblings. While she adheres to the strict and reclusive rules of the family’s religion, which restricts makeup, secular music, and friendships outside the church, she longs for an identity beyond its confines. By breaking free, she gains a greater understanding of the wider world: both its beauty and its cruelty. When she gives birth as a teenager to a daughter with disabilities, joy is juxtaposed with struggle as she navigates financial insecurity and social systems that dishonor difference. Her evolution as a mother and work as a caregiver to others with disabilities paves the way to her ultimate calling as a human rights activist. Along the way, her life intersects with memorable characters who impart strength and hope through human connection. Siljander’s vivid storytelling and persevering human spirit create a story of empowerment, love, humor, and redemption and pay homage to our communities who love us unconditionally and help us transcend our circumstances.

A Shoebox House: Online Dating: Finding a Spark When the Stakes are High

by Rhonda Phelps


A Shoebox House is unique – it is written from both the woman and man’s perspective.
Is it a memoir? Yes, with no embellishments.
Is it an online dating experience? Yes. It is a true tale that unfolds the sequence of events which inspired me to share my story with curious readers. The book content is not what you expect.

My writing is descriptive and will entice emotions of love, sadness, joy and despair; and everything in-between. I wrote A Shoebox House after four months of an unforgettable summer (Book One), followed by ten months of utter turmoil (Book Two). Please continue to the book description below.

A Shoebox House is a memoir of actual events, infused with the author’s thoughts and emotions. Her heart-felt account of her experiences is poignant, touching and sprinkled with spice and humor. Included in the book is Lyle’s story from his perspective. This new author chose to release Book One alone to gain critical feedback. Book Two will be available later in 2019.

Rhonda Phelps delved into the world of online dating seeking companionship and romance. At 52-years old, she explored a dating world in which many of her friends were entangled. When sparks of passion started to ignite, her world was poised for pleasure. She and her internet boyfriend, Lyle, weren’t living in the past nor planning for the future; they were living for the moment. Energized by the summer sun, they were combatting loneliness and embracing life.

Rhonda’s innate ability to sense the emotions of other people told her something was not quite right. One weekend in July after seeing Lyle, she became flustered and disoriented. Suspicion battled against reason and she was beginning to doubt her rational existence. Two days later – she was nudged near madness.

Rhonda Phelps’s online dating odyssey continued as she recessed into the hollows of despair and mental anguish. Her friendships were jeopardized, and she felt like a fool. She desperately craved answers. Obsessed with redemption, she discovered the truth about Lyle as revealed through a series of emails, message logs, hand-written letters and internet research.

Would she find the redemption she desired?

It happens all the time!



This book consists of amazing stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace and mercy of God be upon him), the last prophet of Islam. The stories contained in this book recounts various incidents from the life of the holy prophet and which also throws light on his noble character and truthful teachings. The readers are sure to get uplifted by going through this wonderful collection of stories of the Last Prophet.

Marie Antoinette: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Women in History Book 5)

by Hourly History

Marie Antoinette

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Her name was Marie Antoinette. She was the last queen of France and among the most notorious of royalty ever to wear the crown. But besides the tales that would make the national enquirer blush, just what do we know about Marie Antoinette? While the peasants of France were starving for lack of bread did she really say, “Let them eat cake!”? Or was it all a carefully crafted smear campaign?

Inside you will read about…

â?? Groomed to Become Queen
â?? The Failed Wedding Night
â?? Madame Deficit
â?? The Roots of Revolution
â?? Under the Protection of Lafayette
â?? The Last French King and Queen
And much more!

Animosity against Marie Antoinette, the Austrian-born woman that many French citizens viewed as a transplanted upstart, had been brewing for several years. But was there any truth to their claims of the queen squandering resources and neglecting the lives of her subjects? In this book we seek to cut through centuries of bias and preconceived notions when it comes to Marie Antoinette. Never mind what you may think you know about this sensational sovereign, here we seek to find the real person behind the historical quips and catchphrases. Come along as we rediscover the life and legend of the ill-fated last queen of Franceâ??Marie Antoinette.

Breathe: The Story of a Familyâ??s Lung Transplant Journey

by Dan Murphy

On May 31, 2018, Dan Murphy received a call just after midnight that would irrevocably alter the course of his life forever.This is an extraordinary story told from the perspective of ten family members, and Dan himself. They tell an inspiring story of a family’s experience with lung transplant. This book tells the full story, from the preparation and the planning, to the unforgettable night of the call to the hospital, to experiencing the joy and fear for a loved one’s life, to facing frustrating and dangerous setbacks, and all the way through the aftermath and recovery.

Stalking Sly Stallone and Other Unfortunate Choices: A Memoir

by Virginia Stirling Chapel

A tragicomic one-woman show on dating and marriage has been expanded in Chapel’s memoir, “Stalking Sly Stallone and Other Unfortunate Choices.” Reviews of the show:

“Smart, surprising writing…”

“The way she bares her life’s pain in a completely unsympathetic and unsentimental way, with her dead pan, self-mocking delivery and her wonderfully dry wit is terrific.”

“She examines the various forms of insanity underlying different methods of counseling. While Stirling’s material is quite hilarious, there is a bitter tinge of disillusionment…in her delivery which often makes her advice even funnier.”

“Stirling is a street brawler on stage, a natural.”

And as her therapist has said, “Nothing is funnier than hearing Stirling talk about her deepest pain.”

Solving Cold Cases: True Crime Stories that Took Years to Crack

by Andrew J. Clark

Chilling. One of the best words to describe the cases recounted in this book. These gruesome crimes seemed to hit a dead endâ?¦ That is until the case was reopened for investigation years later and solved.
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From the more famous cases to the more obscure, the crimes and hardships that the victims had to suffer will send shivers down your spine. Notably detailing the disappearance of Chandra Levy to the multiple murders committed by Dennis Rader.

You will find that this book includes:
-Bone chilling murder and disappearance cases
-The rise of DNA technology
-International cases from the United Kingdom
-More local cases from North America
-Ingenious methods that some investigators had to resort to in order to solve the cases.
-Cases that took decades to solve!

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Henry VIII: A Life From Beginning to End (House of Tudor Book 2)

by Hourly History

Henry VIII

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Since his death in the year 1547, King Henry VIII has been celebrated as a chivalrous pioneer and reviled as a brutal tyrant, but he has never been ignored. Henry was responsible for the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, the ramifications of which reverberated through subsequent centuries of European history. Domestically, Henry revolutionized the English Constitution, elevating his own status to that of a God.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Childhood to Coronation
â?? Early Reign
â?? The King’s Great Matter
â?? The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn
â?? Dissolution of the Monasteries
â?? Anne of Cleves
â?? The Execution of Katherine Howard
â?? A Rough Wooing in Scotland and War with France

Henry’s belief in his own divine right certainly played a part in his six marriages, his penchant for executing those who disagreed with him and his many disagreements with the Pope. Chauvinistic, chivalrous, tyrannical, visionary, it is possible that King Henry VIII was all of these things and yet however you view his place in British History, his reign was nothing short of momentous.

Girl Psychos: Stories of True Crime

by Jenna Dickens

Catherine and her partner, David John Birnie were famously known throughout Australia as: The Killer Couple. They were from Perth, Australia and were found to have murdered four women ranging in age from 15 to 31 years old, over a span of about five weeks. Their fifth victim managed to escape through the bedroom window, while Catherine was distracted by a knock at the front door. The woman immediately ran and found help. The press referred to the heinous murders as the Moorhouse Murders. The victims were taken to Catherine and David’s home located at 3 Moorhouse Street in Willagee, in Western Australia, a suburb of Perth.
Richard and Stacy Schoeck had a perfect marriage, or at least it looked ideal for their friends and family. Even though they have been together for a long time, they seemed to have eyes only for each other. Richard was Stacy’s fifth husband and everyone was certain that he was indeed the love of her life. The couple still went on dates and celebrated their love in every way possible. So when Valentine’s Day in 2010 came around, the Schoecks were setting up a romantic little getaway and a card exchange in a picturesque Belton Bridge Park which is located in Lula, Georgia.
Lula is a quiet little tourist town so when their Police Department received a frantic phone call with Stacy on the other end of the line, they knew something serious had happened. The town was shocked to discover that a murder occurred right there in their calm little oasis. But soon enough, the sinister plot started to unravel and the law enforcement realized that things were not as they seemed.
So what made Stacy Schoeck turn on her loving husband and who helped her with the murderous plan?
Getting married and living happily ever after was not on the minds of these blushing brides on their wedding nights. They were simply biding their time to plot out the murders of their husbands. Celeste Beard had been married three times and was working as a housekeeper until she hit the jackpot and married a 75-year old millionaire. She had it all but wanted more, ultimately shooting him in the chest.
Tausha Morton would become estranged with her ex-husband Mitch and later manipulated her current husband to lead him to their farm and killing him.
Sheila LaBarre trolled personal ads looking for men.

Men that she could dominate.

She ensnared a rich doctor in her web, taking control of all of his assets upon his death. She then used this inherited wealth to live out her own twisted fantasies…procuring young men to beat on, torture and kill. This is the story of one of the most bizarre female serial killers in modern American history.
Women serial killers have long been an oddity in the homicide department. They are able to skirt under the radar as they do not fit the immediate psychological profile. Myra Hindley teamed with her partner Ian Brady as they killed five children between the ages of 10 and 17. Shirley Withers murdered her millionaire boyfriend by tying him up and injecting him with heroin.
Larissa didn’t like her husband much…in fact, she hated him so much that she submerged his body in a tub of hydrochloric acid. She would be dubbed the “Acid Lady Killer” for the horrific crime and be sentenced to life in prison without parole. But how did she get to this point? This book examines the events that led up to her breaking point.

The Butcher Baker: Life of Serial Killer Robert Christian Andersen (Serial Killers Book 4)

by Jack Smith

Robert Hansen, a baker from Alaska, hunted down his victims without mercy. He did the unthinkable, making hunting much more than a sport…

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Robert Hansen, dubbed the “Butcher Baker,” killed at least 19 women. Taking the crime escalator to the top, Hansen went from petty thief and arsonist to rapist to serial killer over his lifetime, all while maintaining the facade of a shy and gentle family man. He was a baker in Anchorage, Alaska, a husband, and the father to two children. But there are at least 30 women who lived through the horror of being kidnapped, raped, and abused by Hansenâ??and at least 19 who did not survive their encounters with the hunter at all.

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The Spokane Killer: The Life of Serial Killer Robert Lee Yates Jr. (Serial Killers Book 12)

by Jack Smith

A killer on the loose in Spokane, this is the true story of serial killer Robert Lee Yates Jr.
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The United States of America is a complicated country. Home to many of the world’s best-loved cultural icons and achievements, the nation has a darker side. With one of the highest murder rates per capita in the so-called developed world, the country has played home to some of the most violent deaths in recorded memory. Out of this spectrum of death emerges a very specific subset of criminals. The serial killers. More than any other country, America is home to a high number of mass murderers who have moved beyond the pale of regular morality.

In this book, we will examine the life and crimes of Robert Lee Yates. Though he might not be as well-known as many of the country’s other serial killers, his violent crimes nevertheless left a savage impact. A veteran of the United States Army, he retired from the military and turned his penchant for violence to another end. In this book, we will attempt to discover why he made such a switch. What prompted a veteran and family man to start murdering women later in his life?

In the record books, Yates is linked with the murders of sixteen victims. The majority of these victims were female sex workers, people who operated on the fringes of society, part of an ignored and disenfranchised underworld that Yates plunged into.

For two years, in the Washington area, one man was able to carry out a campaign of vicious murders, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. This is the story of Robert Lee Yates, the family he left behind, and the women he killed. It should be noted at this juncture that several names might have been changed to preserve the privacy of their real counterparts. Every action in the story, however, is true.

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Solving Cold Cases Box Set 3 books in 1 : Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3: True Crime Stories That Took Years to Crack

by Andrew J. Clark

Chilling. One of the best words to describe the cases recounted in this book set. These gruesome crimes seemed to hit a dead endâ?¦ That is until the cases were reopened for investigation and later solved thanks to modern technologies and new investigation techniques.
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From the more famous cases to the more obscure, the crimes and hardships that the victims had to suffer will send shivers down your spine. Notably detailing the disappearance of Chandra Levy to the multiple murders committed by Dennis Rader.

You will find that this book includes:
– Bone chilling murder and disappearance cases
– The rise of DNA technology
– International cases from the United Kingdom
– More local cases from North America
– Ingenious methods that some investigators had to resort to in order to solve the cases.
– Cases that took decades to solve!

And also more cases such as:
-The anonymous corpse that came known as “Tent Girl”
-A murdered man who was far from innocent
-The killer who went on the run and battled against his extradition
-Trying to track a man who was perpetually on the run
-What happens when the rich and powerful protest their innocence in murder cases
-The disappearance after a supposed family argument of Bonnie Haim
-And much more

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History’s Most Powerful Witches and Wizards 2 Books in 1 Book Set: Vol.1: History’s Most Powerful Witches :Their Life, Witchcraft, and Spells; Vol.2: History Most Powerful Wizards

by Desmond Wilde

Meet the most powerful witches and wizards from around the world. Learn about their life, their magick, how they impacted the world, and their secrets and powerful spells.
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This book is a two-book set containing the following books:

Book 1. History’s Most Powerful Wizards: Their Life, Magick, and Spells

Witches have always worried, scared, and fascinated people in equal measure. From dark magic to home remedies, they have been part of the cultural landscape for people across the world. From Europe to the Americas, Asia to Africa, the idea of women who delve deep into magic has created some of the most enduring stories in the history of humanity. Often, these stories blend the real with the unreal, truth with fiction, and magick with the mundane. In this book, we will look at witches from across the world and over many thousands of years.

Inside, you will discover the following celebrated witches:
– Medea
– Agnes Sampson
– Alice Kyteler
– Marie Laveau
– Merga Bien
– Agnes Waterhouse
– Malin Matsdotter
– Mother Shipton
– Joan Wytte
– Rosaleen Norton

Throughout this book, we will look into the history of witchcraft as it has been practiced over several centuries. Not only that, but we will look into some of the spells that they relied upon for their power. By studying their specific arts, we can better understand the scope and the power of witchcraft. If you would like to know more about history’s most powerful witches, then read on and get to grips with some of the strangest, oddest, most magical, and most twisted tales in human history.”

Book 2. History’s Most Powerful Wizards: Their Life, Magick, and Spells

There is a tendency to view witchcraft as an inherently feminine subject. But it this entirely fair? For centuries, men have plumbed the depths of the occult and the fantastic, searching for new manners in which to employ ancient knowledge. These mystics, occultists, and wizards have sought to expand their knowledge about the universe in ways which were forbidden, untrusted, or simply unknown. These magickal men have a unique way of looking at the world and one which should certainly be celebrated.

In this book, we will examine some of the most dangerous and fascinating magicians, alchemists, and other magickal users who have operated within the last millennium. You will discover the works of:
– Eliphas Levi,
– Nicholas Flamel,
– Cornelius Agrippa,
– Aleister Crowley,
– Gerald Gardner,
– Edward Talbot aka Edward Kelley,
– John Dee,
РG̩rard Encausse, the great Papus,
– Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk, and
– Paracelsus.

You will also discover some of the magic secrets they left behind. Not only will we provide an overview of their life and works, but we will focus on providing readers with a chance to try out magick for themselves.

In every chapter, we will include a biography of the person, a reason why they should be considered among the foremost spiritualists of their day, and an example of the kind of spell work they might be associated with. If you have any interest in the occult – and especially if you wish to try this out for yourself – then this is the book for you. Read on to discover exactly how much the history of magick has been feared and cultivated over the years, as well as examples of how you can start along a path to becoming just like these men.

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Till Murder Do Us Part: A collection of True Crime

by Anthony David

Gaile Owens
Gaile Owens was not a very good murderer. In fact, few people could have made a worse job of hiring a killer to dispose of their abusive husband. She may have ended years of violence – physical and sexual but Owens, though, would pay a huge price for her inability to plan an undiscovered crime – a death sentence, a quarter of a century in prison and estrangement from her children.
Mary Winkler
Mary Winkler, at first appearances, would seem to be an altogether normal woman. So too did her family, with a husband who was a Church minister and three young children, girls aged just eight, six and one.

But in 2006, Mary sparked a border-crossing manhunt, and a court case followed nationwide. She had killed her husband with a shot to the back from the family’s shotgun. What followed was a gripping and bizarre court case which gripped the attention of the nation.
Tracey Grissom
Claiming to be a victim of rape and other abuses, a distraught Tracey Grissom would travel to her ex-husband Hunter’s workplace and shoot him six times in the back, receiving a twenty-five-year life sentence for his murder.
Her defense attorney would argue that Tracey was motivated by post-traumatic stress disorder caused by her Hunter’s constant abuse and sexual assaults. One jury member had even asked the judge to be lenient in her sentencing as they were not allowed to hear details of her Hunter’s alleged abuses (beatings, rape, sodomy).
But what really happened in the years that led up to May 15th, 2012? Was she in fact the victim of years of abuse by a psychotic husband? Or did she want to cash in on his $100,000 life insurance policy?
Wendi Andriano
A dying husband needs a devoted wife. But when love runs out, marriage becomes a burden.
On October 8, 2000, Wendi Andriano snapped. She had played the part of devoted wife to her terminally ill husband, Joe Andriano, for years, but when the love left their marriage, so did Wendi’s patience for her husband’s eventual demise.
Wendi had a plan to help nudge nature along, and when her plan b expired, she took matters directly into her own hands…
Shari Tobyne
When it comes to female killers, the most common type of crime is mariticide or murdering their husbands. There are many motivations behind taking someone’s life but killing a person so close to you is often fueled by passion, financial gain, jealousy, or betrayal. The case of Shari Tobyne is the perfect example of a woman scorned. Her husband of thirty-five years wanted to divorce her due to the financial problems she caused by mishandling the couple’s finances.
So one day before he was set to leave their rented house and move on, Shari snapped. She simply couldn’t allow him to leave after so many years they spend together. Shari continued to live her life normally, but Arizona police started uncovering body parts from counties surrounding the city of Phoenix and they couldn’t determine the exact identity of the deceased man. Worried Tobyne children alerted the law enforcement that their father was missing and this is where the story started to unravel.
It will soon be discovered that a loving mother and a grandmother murdered her husband in cold blood because leaving him was simply not an option.

Success and Happiness: A Road map to Find what you love, Create a Brand, Make Money and Travel the World (01 Book 1)

by Jacob Gabriel

Success and Happiness

Most books will tell you why – this book will also teach you how to do it!

Growing up, key questions that were burning in my mind was “How does an individual become a champion? What separates a winner from a loser? Why do some achieve success and fail to sustain? And most importantly why don’t individuals follow what they truly love?” A moment that was always lingering my teenage years, was during the Olympics games or while watching the grand slam tennis tournaments between Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, wondering how did these athletes reach the pinnacle of their success at a young age and where do I start.

The inspiration

The book is a personal journey consuming two decades of self-discovery using my personal experience and studies and research of successful personalities across the globe from business icons, world-class athletes, champions of industries, creative disruptors, inspirational speakers, scientists etc.

Why this book should be read ?

This book will be a road map for many individuals especially the youth/millennials who are distracted in today’s world seeking instant fame unaware that achieving success is a discovery process. This book will eliminate the confusions and align them in the right direction with clarity. In addition this book has an impact to all ages to invent or reinvent their identity

Highlights :

  • Template to build your identity and transform into a world-class brand from age 07 to 70
  • Four ground-breaking avenues to discover your passion and convert into a craft
  • Understanding the process and pivotal points from steering through uncertainty to certainty
  • Why do some achieve success and others fail to sustain?
  • Tools and techniques to promote and elevate your winning profile
  • The negative pill of early fame and remedies to overcome

Why most people lose even before the game has begun?

Today, most people seek answers to the mysteries of life unaware where their journey ahead is. The fundamental mistake majority make is that they play the game of life incorrectly as they’re unaware of the rules and fall short in the pursuit of excellence. In any game, a solid understanding of the rules makes the individual sharper and better equipped to face the challenges and plan a strategy to solve them. When a person is aware of the rules that are similar to laws, it will help the person keep progressing and gain a competitive edge.

This book will explain a 7P model that would enable each person to establish their own identity and reach world-class in their area of expertise. It’s a simple yet powerful model that will help individuals to create their own personal or professional or corporate identity while discovering themselves during this fascinating journey.

The sooner a person understands the 7P formula and follows through, the better competitive edge he gains over others who are stranded with uncertainty. The faster a person hits the road and participate in the journey, the better he will be valued and appreciated by society, thus reaching a new level of personal power.

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Divorce, Drinking and Dating: The no-fail process to find out who you really are, find your own freedom, and have a few laughs along the way

by Danielle Prahl

For the woman inside of you who longs for freedom

You know those perfect people who always have their shit together? Yeah. That’s not me. Hell, I married a con man who had lied to me for seven years, and I didn’t even know it until he landed himself in prison. True story.

In fact, all of this is true: my ultra-luxury life with a man who was lying to me, waking up homeless and without a cent in the bank, falling into a habit of drinking, and dating ridiculous men. But, the good news is that I eventually discovered my own power and took control of my life.

I can’t promise that after reading this you will know everything and be on your way to miraculous riches and the best relationships or whatever. I can promise, though, that this book is brutally honest. Through a path of self-discovery, I took an experience that could have devastated me and used it to launch myself into a life I couldn’t even have dreamed of. I want to share that with you so you can find the courage to create a better life for yourself (you know, the kind you really wantâ?¦.).

You can truly be, do and have anything in this world. You are not a mistake. I hope that my suffering, my crazy and wild stories, my heartbreak, and my victory will leave you with some wisdom that you can use for yourself to find your own freedom.

Solving Cold Cases Vol. 5: True Crime Stories that Took Years to Crack (True Crime Cold Cases Solved)

by Andrew J. Clark

Chilling. One of the best words to describe the cases presented in this book. These gruesome crimes seemed to hit a dead endâ?¦ That is until the cases were reopened for investigation and then solved thanks to modern technologies and new investigation techniques. This is Volume 5 of the popular Solving Cold Cases series.

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They are the nameless faces that cry out to us from old newspaper headlines and canned footage from local TV news stations. They are the stories of injustice so striking we can’t quite forget, yet whose circumstances are so mysterious and perpetrators so elusive that we have no choice but to put them to the back of our minds. These cold cases scream for our attention, yet by their very nature remain on the back burner until some new lead comes forward.

But as the books in this series demonstrate, although a case may be cold, it’s never frozen. There is always the potential that a new clue, a new witnessâ??or in some cases, a perpetrator with a guilty conscienceâ??could break the case wide open. This book documents some of the more recent cold cases that have been cracked with just such late-breaking news information. To be sure, catching the criminals responsible for cold case murders does not bring the victim back to us, but it at least lets their families attain some measure of closure. This Fifth volume in the series Solving Cold Cases includes fourteen cases which will get your gears turning.

Some of the cases included inside:
-Marlene Warren
-Robert Peterson, and John and Anton Schuessler
-Deana Bowdoin
-The victims of the Bathtub Killer
-and many more

And if that’s indeed what brought you to this book, you can rest assured that it contains some of the most spine-chilling, eyebrow-raising, and head shaking cold cases you could ever imagine. And rememberâ??these aren’t fictitious figments of some rabid writer’s imagination. This is real life, and real people who spent years languishing in the forensic files of investigators waiting for the day they’d see justice. And that’s the other great thing about all of the cold cases presented in this bookâ??each and every one of them has been solved!

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