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Just a Touch (Heartthrob Hotel Book 1)

by Tabatha Kiss

I fell in love with a girl ten years ago.

The term whirlwind doesn’t even begin to describe it.
One moment it was lingering stares and stolen smiles.
The next… it was a white dress and the honeymoon suite.

But it didn’t last. Annulled after twenty-three days. Your typical Las Vegas mistake.
I moved on, I focused on work, but my heart never stopped beating for her.

For Jennifer Parker. My Jenny.

Ten years later and she’s come home for her little sister’s wedding.
She’s staying here รข?? at my family’s hotel. Drinking at my bar. Using my fancy towels.

Staying in my room. Moaning my name…

Just one night, we agreed.
One night to give us the closure we never got before.
But just a touch of her ivory skin… and I’m hers all over again.

I fell in love with a girl ten years ago.
And I’m going to give her one night in Las Vegas she’ll never forget.

Just a Touch is Kindle-melting hot, hilarious, and guaranteed to tug your heart strings!

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