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Finding Eliza

by Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

“It’s just a little family history. What could go wrong?”

When Lizzie Clydell agreed to join her grandmother at the church’s genealogy group meeting she expected nothing more than lemon squares and a few stories. Instead, an old diary leads Lizzie down a dusty road of lies, hidden family secrets, and a lynching that nearly destroyed her family.

Still strug­gling with the loss of her parents two decades ear­lier, Lizzie must con­front a painful past that others hoped was forgotten. Her journey becomes even more difficult as she realizes those around her may not be as they seem.

Can Lizzie make peace with the past or will it destroy the relationships she holds most dear?

Joining her is a group of lifelong friends known to Lizzie as The Gals. Headed up by her own grandmother, the group of women guide her through the past with humor, encouragement, and tough love as she learns about grace and forgiveness.

Set in small town Georgia, Finding Eliza is a contemporary story with flashes of his­tor­i­cal fic­tion as Lizzie digs into 1930s segregation, illegal interracial relationships, and the fear of the KKK.

Trigger Warning: Sexual and physical assault is referrenced though not graphic in description.

“The most intriguing style to me (was) that you could tell one story three ways and do it with such grace and elegance.” D.M.

“I couldn’t put it down!” Y.F.

I was into chapter four before I knew it! I hated having it stop reading each time I did. C.T.

To Kill a Queen (An Inspector Faro Mystery No.6)

by Alanna Knight

Faro’s long-awaited August holiday on Royal Deeside is interrupted as his reputation reaches Queen Victoria. Flattered, he is somewhat put out to discover from John Brown that he is commanded to track down whoever killed her two favourite spaniels. Soon however Faro has a killing of far greater magnitude to solve, a plot to commit the ultimate treason and assassinate the Queen at Balmoral Castle.

The Blood Factor

by Valerie Quick

THE BLOOD FACTOR – (Book 1, A Multigenerational Saga)
In 1861 the civil war has started in the small town of Plymouth, North Carolina. Sugar Hill is a successful plantation of blacks, whites and mulattos who escape to safety to get through the war by relocation and sleight of hand.
Years before the war started, the first Godly owner wanting to right the wrongs of his sires, freed the slaves. The wealthy no longer slaves find that it is not so easy to detangle their life from the Master, or other people with blood ties, who dared to journey through the underground.
At the same time, there is a struggle to deal with the desires of men to keep them oppressed and in slavery, and others wanting them free but not equal.
What started out to be a clear path of you go your way and I go mine, is now a tangled mess that it will take the good Lord to detangle.
Join the Jones and Haughton family on a journey like no other as they test the blood factor. Is blood thicker than water? Is it more powerful than the color of the skin? Is it strong enough to hold family bonds years after separation? Is the blood that Jesus shed powerful enough to help them successfully navigate this journey?

Merlin, Artus und die Ritter der Tafelrunde Band 1 Der Dreizehnte Ritter (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Merlin, Artus und die Ritter der Tafelrunde

Band 1

Der Dreizehnte Ritter

König Artus plagen schwere Sorgen, denn der Sachsenkönig Hilderich ist mit seinem Heer an der britannischen Küste gelandet und beginnt seinen Eroberungszug. Doch nicht genug mit diesem gefährlichen Feind – da ist auch noch die Fürstin der Finsternis, Morgana le Fay, die Halbschwester Artus’. Sie bringt mächtige Kräfte ins Spiel, um Artus zu besiegen, und Merlin, der alte Zauberer, muss alles aufbieten, um Morgana zu bändigen. Und schlieÃ?lich sind da noch die kriegerischen Bergvölker, deren Rolle in dem neuen Konflikt nicht geklärt ist â?¦

Brüder (German Edition)

by Andrew Flaming

Rom ist sein treuer Bundesgenosse – der Oberste Priester Annas ist bestrebt, den Status des besetzten Israel des 1. Jahrhunderts zu jedem Preis und mit jedem Mittel zu erhalten. Doch unter dem unterdrückten Volk herrscht ein von den heiligen Schriften der Propheten hervorgerufener unerwünschter Aufruhr. Alle erwarten den Boten Gottes – den Messias, der da kommen soll und das Volk und das Land Israel von den fremden Eroberern befreien wird.
Der Aufstand des Judas von Galiläa wurde mit roher Gewalt niedergeschlagen. Sein Mitstreiter – Zadok, hat sich in die Gemeinde der Essener mitten in der Wüste am Toten Meer zurückgezogen. Ziel und Zweck – den Weg zu bereiten für die Ankunft des Reichs Gottes und Gottes Boten zu suchen, die dem Volke verkünden werden von seiner Ankunft, wie es die Propheten in ihren Schriften geschrieben haben, so wie es auch in den Dokumenten der Gemeinde verankert ist.
Eines Tages werden zwei Brüder ankommen, Kinder noch, die vor der harten Hand des Obersten Priesters Annas fliehen. Zadok sieht auf den ersten Blick, dass diese beiden etwas Besonderes sind. Das sind Yeshua und Jakobus – die Knaben von Josef, dem Zimmermann aus Nazareth.
Ob diese die wahren Boten Gottes sind? Können sie das Volk zur Freiheit führen? Werden sie dem Plan Gottes geradlinig folgen? Sind sie zum Selbstopfer bereit?
Nur die Zeit wird das entscheiden.
Doch zunächst müssen sie ausgebildet werden in Gottes Absicht. Nicht von irgendeinem, sondern vom Lehrer der Gerechtigkeit selbst.
Von Zadok.

Fallodon: A Memoir

by Roger Humphries

“Lyrically written as Blanchard’s own memoir and wonderfully atmospheric, with a brilliantly Gothic setting, FALLODON imagines how the course of history might have changed had one woman lived, instead of died. Mingling politics with a complex and emotional human story, this is in my opinion a very accomplished first novel.”
Katie Green, Editor, Daniel Goldsmith Associates, Literary Consultants

After a devastating nervous breakdown, priggish young lawyer Arthur Blanchard seeks to recuperate by working as secretary to Sir Edward Grey at Fallodon Hall, Grey’s isolated country house on the wet and windswept Northumberland coast. It is 1917 and the Kaiser’s armies have nearly overrun the whole of Europe while Britain looks on, besieged inside her island borders, protected by the Royal Navy.
Instead of finding peace, Blanchard is thrust into a hotbed of bitterness, deceit and betrayal as he witnesses the strange marriage of Grey and his wife Lady Dorothy beginning to unravel. Dorothy has been paralysed and confined to her bed since she was thrown from her trap in 1906 by a nervous horse. She knows very well that Grey has always covered up his resentment at having to sacrifice his career as Foreign Secretary to care for her. He is seething with frustration at the appalling mess he thinks his former colleagues and friends in the government have made of British foreign policy and the conduct of the war. How differently he would have done things!
Blanchard is gradually smitten with the disarming and bewitching Dorothy. By trusting her, he becomes an unsuspecting accomplice in a secret game of revenge she is playing against her husband. Dorothy’s increasingly candid revelations about the Hall’s dark secret build up to a disturbing finale where everything Blanchard thinks he knows is turned on its head.
This ‘what-if’ historical novel should appeal particularly to readers who enjoyed Philip Roth’s alternative history The Plot Against America or Robert Harris’s Fatherland, as well as to non-fiction readers interested in the sort of counterfactual historical speculation of Niall Ferguson in The Pity of War.

Wellington Letters (Wellington Cross Series Book 6)

by Cheryl R. Lane

Two generations…two different war stories…two different love stories. Letters written about love and war. This book follows William and Ginny’s son, Liam, to Cuba in 1898 where he has joined Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders in fighting against Spain in the Spanish American War. As a field doctor, Liam will help many, see some die, and also surprisingly fall in love. Meanwhile back at home at The Forest Plantation in Charles City, Virginia, his father Dr. William Brown reads Liam’s letters to the family and is reminded of a story from the War Between the States. This story involves his cousin Judy when she fell in love with a Union soldier. As William tells the story to his family, a secret is revealed that even Ginny doesn’t know about.

El viejo morse (Spanish Edition)

by Jose Carlos Torró

Marian es una periodista que trabaja en Madrid en una emisora de radio a nivel nacional. Su madre dirige una emisora local en su pueblo natal. Las cosas no le van bien y pide la ayuda de su hija. En el pueblo, le pregunta a su madre por qué su abuelo dejó Madrid y se vino al pueblo a vivir. ¿Qué pasó para que tomara esa decisión? Entre los papeles de su abuelo encuentra un viejo morse, a raíz del cual inicia sus investigaciones hasta que encuentra la respuesta a esa pregunta y muchas más.

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