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Nan’s Journey (Nan’s Heritage Series Book 1)

by Elaine Littau

Elaine Littau is the best selling author of ten published books and many magazine and newspaper articles. She is a mentor/coach for other authors and enjoys teaching book marketing techniques as well as public speaking for groups. Many enjoy listening to her humorous take on life. Even the most simple activity takes on a life of it’s own when Elaine is involved in the telling of it. Some of her favorite events have been speaking to young people about pursuing their dreams. She has been a church secretary, led women’s groups, taught pre-school and Sunday school, and was a mentor for the M.O.P. S. (Mothers of Preschoolers) group in her community.

Her writings have also received recognition: “Nan’s Journey”- Named Best Christian Historical Fiction 2008 by Christian Story Tellers and “Luke’s Legacy”- Honorable Mention Christian Historical Fiction 2010 by Christian Story Tellers.
Elaine and Terry, her husband since March 1, 1975, reside on a small acreage near Perryton, Texas where they enjoy spending time with family and friends. They raised three sons and now enjoy three daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.

To Save A Life

by Audrey Stover

Christian Romance ~ Tiffany is perfectly happy to let her friends, and any other woman who is so inclined, to have all the men in the world. She has an intense dislike of that whole gender due to past hurts and is not in any hurry to deal with those hurts or have anything to do with God, Who allowed those things to happen to her. She hadn’t planned on someone like Connor Richmond entering the picture and turning her world upside down.
Does Connor have what it takes to change Tiffany’s view of men and her perception of God, Who loves her no matter what?

Yours, With Love (Finding Love Book 5)

by Delaney Cameron

A modern Beauty and the Beast…

An unexpected inheritance brings Ellen back to her hometown of St. Marys. After an absence of ten years, she never expects to run into Quinn, one of her sister’s old boyfriends and her teenage obsession. If it’s true that it’s a small world, it’s also true that it can be a cruel one. The good-looking eighteen-year-old who touched her young heart is no more. In his place is a man whose life has been torn apart by tragedy and loss.

There was a time when Quinn believed love could conquer all; that there was nothing it couldn’t overcome. Losing Avery changed all that. Her rejection was a painful lesson in the limitations of human love. Ellen’s sudden reappearance in his life is a complication he didn’t anticipate. She epitomizes everything he wants and everything he can’t have. Her touch awakens not a sleeping giant bent on destruction, but a tormented soul desperate for affection and acceptance.

Is love a shallow emotion that flees at the first sign of adversity or will it wait forever for the one whose heart it seeks?

Missing On Kawau


When Laura McKenzie returned to Kawau Island with her friend Cass to live in her missing grandmother’s cottage, it was a dream come true.

The dream turned into a nightmare when she discovered that her grandmother, Nan, had not drowned but mysteriously disappeared.

Would the charming Branson Colby help her uncover the truth or could the macabre discovery ruin their relationship?
Branson lost hope of winning Laura’s heart and fell into despair when she was decided to leave the island. Could his faith and hope in God win through?

Submit: Mystery, Christian Romance, and Wrestling, Too

by Kelley Oberne

Kat’s best friend and wrestling partner, T. J. (Thomas Jefferson) is missing. Could his disappearance have anything to do with asking questions about some six-legged frogs found in a nearby pond? Then, out-of-the-blue, Jack, a new student joins the wrestling team to become Kat’s new partner. It doesn’t take long for Kat to grow suspicious of her new partner, since he asks too many questions and is quite skilled on the mat. Eventually, Kat must trust Jack in order to find out what happened to T.J.

Diggin’ Grace: Never Would Have Made It

by Ralisha Jeremiah

Raised by her God-fearing adopted grandparents, they are all tested when young Grace ends up pregnant at the age of fifteen. The one church that she had grown to love didn’t seem so loving of her anymore. That plus the humiliation from the one person she thought she could trust, her grandmother, was enough to make her run away and never look back.

Grace runs into the arms of a smooth talker by the name of Kareem, who talks her into working for him. She wonders why life just isn’t adding up for her when she feels she has everything she could ever want. Little does she know, she has the blood of Jesus still running warm through her veins, and his grace saves her from the deadliest downfall of her life.

Tracy is the daughter of Pastor Troy and the most sought-after member of the New Saint Light Church women’s ministry. The ministry is growing by the day, and Tracy feels she has it all together. There’s one problem, though.
She gives majority of her time to the church, and she makes it her business to live accordingly, so Tracy spends a good amount of her days wondering why God has yet to send her Boaz. That is until a new member, Pete, joins church and she believes in her heart that he is heaven sent to her.

One day, when Pete trails in with the infamous Pink Kitty, Grace, behind him, Tracy becomes consumed with envy and makes it her business to show Pete exactly who she is.

They say, “If you dig one ditch, you better dig two. ‘Cause the trap you set just may be for you.”

The Blood Factor 2

by Valerie Quick

Join the Jones and Haughton family on their journey as they continue to test the blood factor. Yes, blood is thicker than water. Yes, it is more powerful than the color of the skin. Yes, it is strong enough to hold their family together. Yet, this commitment does not extend to people outside of their family.

It is 1865, the civil war is over and the wealthy no longer slaves are now free on paper. They soon discover that papers saying you are free, are not enough to eradicate the bone deep hatred that men have for others that are different.

Now, they face new perils of hatred. The Ku Klux Klan hate them for being colored and mixed. The Jim Crow laws are put in place to ensure separate but equal. Separate yes, equal no. What can they do to make things separate and truly equal?

How does a family of mixed blood live out their lives in harmony? Is there any hope that their colorful family of blacks, whites and mixed can live out their lives together in peace?

Join this family as they discover if their bond is stronger than senseless death. As they work to keep hatred from residing in their hearts and minds, is the blood that Jesus shed powerful enough to help them continue to successfully navigate this journey?

Chocolate Beach (The Chocolate Series Book 1)

by Julie Carobini

“Witty beach read … hits the spot.” – Publishers Weekly

In this special recipe edition of Chocolate Beach, Bri Stone has an intrusive family member, a flirty new boss, a vocal nemesis, and suspicions that her man may have grown tired of her beachy, laid-back ways.  

Can Bri reinvent herself – and recapture his heart?

“Never a dull moment!” –

“Bri’s journey is humorous, challenging and endearing – one I would highly recommend!” – Relz Reviewz

Books in The Chocolate Series: Chocolate Beach, Truffles by the Sea, Mocha Sunrise

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