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A Bitter Dying: (Detective Jackson Mystery Book 12)

by L.J. Sellers

When a frustrated ex-con takes a young family and their home hostage, the only officer he’ll speak with is Detective Wade Jackson. But Jackson already has his hands full running the Eugene Violent Crimes Unit and overseeing the investigation of a series of seemingly random assaults.

While Jackson juggles the hostage negotiations with his chaotic single-parent home life, the assaults point toward a troubled company that recycles industrial oil. With several lawsuits pending, the CEO of WestPac emerges as a likely suspect in the latest attack of a trial lawyer.

As Jackson tries to meet the hostage taker’s demands, a powerful politician interferes for personal reasons, and the standoff turns bloody. Meanwhile, the latest assault victim dies, and Jackson’s team must scramble to identify the assailant. Can they piece together the connections in time to prevent another murder and save the family?

Murder in the Merlot (Ray Elkins Thriller Series) (Ray Elkins Thrillers Book 8)

by Aaron Stander

Autumn has come to Cedar County. It’s harvest time. The trees and vines in the orchards and vineyards are heavy with ripening fruit. For the tourists flocking to the tasting rooms of the region’s vineyards, the land- scapes and seascapes provide an elaborate tapestry of rich colors and textures.
However, there is one discordant note in this pastoral splendor, the crumpled body of an international wine maven has been discovered in a steeply terraced vine- yard of merlot grapes. As Sheriff Ray Elkins quickly discovers, the roots of this crime run from the legendary chateaus of Burgundy to the exclusive watering holes of Chinese billionaires.

B-Boy Series: Books 1-3

by S. Briones Lim


After a devastating accident, Aurora Crane’s collegiate gymnastics career comes to an abrupt endâ?¦

Fighting to piece her life back together, Aurora packs up and transfers to California State to start anew. When she arrives, her focus is on schoolwork and choosing a new career. But to her surprise, destiny has other plansâ?¦

Sucked into the world of competitive breakdancing, Aurora comes toe-to-toe with the hottest B-Boy of them allâ?¦

An arrogant hothead, Mitch Adachiâ??or B-Boy Kickwit as he is more commonly knownâ??has life all figured out. He breakdances all day, practicing for upcoming competitions that are sure to challenge his skillsâ??which means he has no time for distractions.

When the new girl steps into the scene, he sees an opportunity he can’t pass upâ?¦

Besides finding Aurora devastatingly attractive, he can’t help but notice her skills. He quickly develops high hopes for the ex-gymnast, seeing her as the perfect potential crewmember for the impending high stakes Battle of the Crews competition. All she needs is some fine-tuning.

When the two commit to a business relationship, a different kind of passion kicks into high gear. There’s no denying they groove well together, but there’s a chance mixing high-stakes competition with a fierce romance might lead toâ?¦

Breaking Promises.


Estelle Donovan knew college would force her out of her wallflower waysâ??but she never dreamed how farâ?¦

Known as shy and insecure, eighteen-year-old Estelle left for college with the hope it would bring an adventure of excitement and discovery, and give her plenty of room to spread her wings. But she couldn’t have predicted how many changes she’d faceâ??or that one of them would be named Jacobâ?¦

Jacob Silasâ??or B-Boy Spinja, as he’s calledâ??isn’t just another college heartthrobâ?¦

After meeting Jacob, Estelle is determined to win his heart. When she stumbles into his world of breakdance, she falls in love with its culture, music, people, and most of allâ??the realm of competitive dance. For once in her life, the spotlight shines on her, forcing her out of her introvert ways.

But just like life, love is unpredictableâ?¦

When Estelle’s plan to win over Jacob backfires, even a new, exciting life can’t heal her broken heart. And as the years pass, Estelle lives with heartache of a once in a lifetime love slipping through her fingers.

Will they ever have a second chance at love? Or will Jacob continue with his dangerous trend ofâ?¦

Breaking Hearts?


A one-night stand that changes her life foreverâ?¦

Mallory Carmichael is a pianist who just lost out on the biggest solo of her life. To ease the sting, she heads to the club, where she meets Asher Nolanâ??a sexy dancer with wicked confidence in his eyes. Mallory loses herself in a night of carefree passion. Little did she know that one hookup could turn her world upside down.

A man who knows what he wants, and how to get itâ?¦

Asherâ??or B-boy Hellhound as he is known in the breakdance sceneâ??is a TV and movie star. He’s used to winningâ?¦until his breakdancing game spirals out of control.

After an uncharacteristic loss, Asher becomes convinced the mysterious girl from the club jinxed him. Wanting to reverse the hex, he searches for her online, and it’s not long before #Search4Mallory goes viral.

Mallory didn’t think she’d ever see Asher again, but when she discovers he’s searching for her, she agrees to meetâ?¦and quickly regrets it.

She soon discovers how crazy a man like Asher can make herâ?¦

Asher convinces Mallory to help him find a supernatural cure for the “hookup jinx.” Navigating the world of mysticism may be challenging, but it’s even harder for them to ignore their growing attraction.

Can Asher ignore the temptation to hook up with his â??jinx’ once again?

Fires Of Cricket Bend Trilogy: Books 1-3

by Marie Piper


High-button dresses aren’t made for hot Texas springsâ??or the burning desire Haven Anderson has for Deputy Matthew Frankâ?¦

After a lifetime of friendship, Matthew and Haven are finally engaged, but he doesn’t seem to share Haven’s emerging passion. Feeling rejected and uncertain about her future, Haven finds herself attracted to the handsome new saloon owner, Hank Porter.

Matthew holds Haven at arm’s length, despite the love smoldering inside himâ?¦

Matthew’s father was run out of town years ago for nearly killing his mother, and Matthew fears the lack of control passion can cause. Having been taken in and raised by Haven’s family, he vows to always treat her with affection and respect.

The season brings cattle drives and rowdy cowboysâ??and Haven can’t stay away from the saloonâ?¦


Bill McKenzie’s yearly cattle drive brings more than the normal challengesâ?¦

The oldest and most responsible of the rowdy McKenzie brothers, Bill is in charge of their biggest task of the season. But while wrangling cattle, he crosses paths with a beautiful red-haired woman in a tattered dress in desperate need of help.

Is she as harmless as she is beautiful?

Suspicions arise when the red-haired beautyâ??who calls herself Sparrowâ??withholds the story of how she came to be in the woods. All Bill knows is she’s headed for Cricket Bend, where his brother was murdered a year earlier. Though he vowed to steer clear of that dusty town, he can’t let her run straight into bandit country with no protection. First, they have to make it through the cattle driveâ??and the mysterious woman is going with them.

Women are bad luck on the trailâ?¦


Deputy Jasper Tanner wants to show Callie Lee he’s a real man.

Jasper has been in love with Callie since she was an upstairs girl, and he was one of her whiskey-swilling clients. But when Callie remade herself as the owner of a successful saloonâ??the saloon where she once sold her affectionsâ??Jasper became a better man in order to win her heart. He built himself a house and a new life, and he works hard to make Cricket Bend a peaceful and decent town.

Callie Lee is determined to be her own womanâ?¦

After a hard heartbreak, Callie figures men aren’t worth the trouble. She doesn’t have time for them, between managing her business and running for mayor of Cricket Bend. But she can’t keep her eye and heart from straying to the handsome, red-haired deputy.

However, Hank Porter spells trouble for the budding relationshipâ?¦

Wild Within (Wild At Heart Series Book 1)

by Christine W. Hartmann

A year after a family tragedy, Grace Mori embarks on the journey of a lifetimeâ?¦

Two thousand, six hundred miles of blistering heat, wilderness, and soul searchingâ??that’s what Grace signed up for when she decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s not a voyage for beginners, but with no husband and her family still recovering from her bother’s death, Grace is more alone than ever.

This trail meant something to her brother, and she’ll hike it in his memory, but she can’t do it alone. So with her brother’s gear and a small group, Grace takes the most important first steps of her life.

Grace finds something more than peace and magic on the trailâ?¦

When her first day of hiking ends in heat stroke, Grace is rescued by a handsome, red-haired hiker who calls himself Lone Star. Grace has an immediate connection with him, and their brief encounter leaves her fearing her soul mate has slipped through her fingers. Although he vows to keep in touch, Grace doubts she’ll ever see him again.

When fears become reality, the only people Grace can rely on may be killers…

Grace is surprised to find notes left at supply posts along the trail. Lone Star’s eloquent letters keep Grace going, clinging to the hope she’ll find himâ??and happinessâ??at the end of her journey. But as the trail becomes more perilous, menace grows within the group. And when Lone Star’s letters mysteriously stop coming, Grace fears the worst.

As tensions flare and a killer emerges, Grace must battle to surviveâ?¦and reunite with the man she’s sure is her future.

Missing Stitches (Woven Book 3)

by Nicole C. Luttrell

The city of Septa has barely had a moment of peace since the death of their king, Michael. Lenore, the princess, and heir, hopes that she and her husband, Victor, can bring some stability. Meanwhile, her brother Devon and his wife, Queen Sultiana, come to visit and meet Lenore and Victor’s twin daughters. Sultiana comes with a heavy heart, having just miscarried her own child, and lost her father.

Instead, Lenore finds herself battling against her uncle, Joseph, over her right to the throne. As he stirs the city into civil war, an ancient enemy reveals itself. Brother Brennan, who claims to speak for The Creator, is killing Septa citizens in the streets.

Then, Lenore’s daughters are kidnapped. While Victor and Devon hunt the city in search of the princesses, Lenore and Sultiana must lead her city in a war against her uncle, and a twisted holy man. The canals run red as Lenore fights for her city, her family, and the safety of the world, in the conclusion of Woven.

The Watson Girl: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller

by Leslie Wolfe

“Oh my gosh this book was just sooo good. I can’t possibly say enough good things about it. So just take my word and read it for yourself and you’ll see!!! Definitely recommend!!!” – Velvet M., five stars review on Amazon.


An entire family is murdered and, by a quirk, a young girl is left unharmed. For fifteen years, she believed the killer had been caught, and he’s now on death row, awaiting execution. While trying to be content with her adoptive family, she’s living in relentless uncertainty and the fear of remembering what really happened that night when she was five years old. She’s The Watson Girl.

A therapist has asked her to participate in regression session treatments to attempt to bring back those lost memories. The closer she gets to the truth, however, the less time she has to remain alive. Now, the real killer is going to silence her, before she can remember the details of that horrifying night, when she was an innocent witness.

Laura Watson is young, she’s beautiful, and she’s a serial killer’s loose end.

Join the smart, relentless, and short-fused FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett and her team in a heart-stopping search for the serial killer who has managed to stay hidden for many years. Explore the inner workings of the murderer’s mind, and find out what motivates such predatory, blood-lusting behavior, while following every twist and turn of an existence spent taking lives.

Laura Watson’s family was murdered fifteen years ago.
That was only the beginning. His beginning.
If you’re the apple of his eye, you’re already dead.

Special Agent Tess Winnett will hold nothing back to stop the killer before he takes another innocent life. She never fails, no matter what’s at stake. Even her own life.

The best-selling author of Dawn Girl is back with another suspenseful, gripping thriller. If you’re a fan of David Baldacci and James Patterson, you will enjoy Leslie Wolfe.

Praise for The Watson Girl

“Love, love, love me some Tess Winnett!!!!”

“‘You know a psychopath when you see one…’ Maybe Leslie Wolfe is a psychopath or just a heck of a researcher (hope’s the second one), but after Silence of the Lambs, and some top Criminal Minds episodes is hard to find a book that will abduct you the way that this one abducted me… Fantastic writing and scary way of â??thinking as the serial killer…!’ Bravo!”

“Wow!!! This book was so dang good!!! I couldn’t read it fast enough.”

This is the first book I’ve read by Leslie Wolfe and WOW, if you like serious thrillers, this one is for you. A serial killer is on death row for many killings. Everyone is sure they have the right man for ALL the killings, but DO they? Be careful, this is a page turner, don’t start if you are sleepy.

“Oh, my what to say! First, I almost missed my flight since I somehow buried myself in this book. Of course, I have now ordered the entire season. I think this will make me a Leslie Wolfe fan. It has been many years since I got hooked on an author. Thank you!”

“Loved it! Couldn’t put it down. Would fall asleep reading my kindle, wake up in the middle of the night and start reading again! Kept me guessing until the end.”

What Readers and Reviewers Are Saying About Leslie Wolfe

“Leslie Wolfe has the talent that is comparable to the likes of a Tom Clancy or a Michael Crichton, or even James Patterson.” – Dennis Waller

“Wolfe keeps readers turning the pages…” – Kirkus Reviews

The Circle Eight: Caleb

by Emma Lang

A Texas Ranger, a lady blacksmith, a fierce passion, a dangerous game.

Caleb Graham has spent the last four years in too many dangerous situations to count. As a Texas Ranger, he knows no fear, or at least he never shows it. When he’s sent to force a blacksmith off government seized property, he runs face to face into the woman who will change his life.

Aurora Foster grew up on the very land the obnoxious Ranger is trying to throw her off of. Her parents and her husband died for it and there is no chance she would leave without a fight. A lady blacksmith might be an anomaly but she has the strength of the steel she forges and the courage to fight for what she believes is right.

When Aurora is inadvertently injured by Caleb, he seeks medical help from a neighboring ranch. The sprawling hacienda is full of the finer things in life and the one person Caleb never expected to see againâ?¦ his youngest brother Benjamin. Forced to flee from a man who has kept the boy captive, the trio become traveling companions in a deadly game where no one wins.

Life turns upside down and sideways for Caleb and Aurora, caught in a game neither of them expected while they desperately try to save the boy who was lost to his family. Pursued and hunted, the three of them ride for the Circle Eight ranch. The unlikely pair of rescuers fight their attraction and for their lives.

Will Love For Crumbs – A Memoir

by Jonna Ivin

Raised by an alcoholic mother and without a father, Jonna learned at a young age to put her needs on the back-burner. After her mother dies of cancer, she goes on a spiritual journey looking for enlightenment and a purpose for her life. Eventually, she ends up as a volunteer in the relief effort following Hurricane Ike. There she meets a man who will forever change her life.

In the swamps of Louisiana and the hills of Arkansas, Jonna follows her heart to build a life with an American hero – a 20 year veteran of the Army Special Forces. Only after uprooting her whole life, leaving everything and everyone she knows behind, do the pieces of this fairytale start to unravel. Realizing the man of her dreams is actually the stuff of nightmares; Jonna must once again go within and discover why she is a woman willing to love for crumbs.

Jonna Ivin is also the author of the crime thriller 8th Amendment

Attorney Lauren Atkinson has spent her career defending death row criminals. When a murder hits close to home and clues tie her to an old forgotten case, Lauren must stop at nothing to find the killer.

With her marriage crumbling and her life in shatters she begins to question everything she has been fighting for. Will her views on the death penalty change once the killer is revealed?

Sweet Contradiction (The Contradiction Series Book 1)

by Peggy Martinez

All Beth Michaels ever wanted was to get out of her small hometown. But when a heartbreaking call sends her back, she meets Matthew Wright, and he makes her question everything she thought she knewâ?¦ A heartwarming novel.

When Beth Michaels hightailed it out of the hole-in-the-road town she grew up in, she only had two goals. Oneâ??get as far away as quickly as possible, and twoâ??never set foot in her parent’s home again. But when she receives a heart breaking call from her childhood best friend, Jen, she has no choice but to turn her ’56 Ford pickup back in the direction of Salem, Missouri to attend a funeral.

There’s a new local in town when Beth arrives, and suddenly, it ain’t all that easy for her to remember her rules for dating.
#1. Cookie-cutter-perfect guys ain’t her type.
#2. Tie wearin’ and church frequentin’ is an automatic dismissal.
#3. Most importantly, never date anyone from small minded, conservative, Bible-thumping towns like Salem.

Unfortunately, Matthew Wright breaks all her rules and then some.

Matt might be from a small town and have small town values, but that doesn’t mean he fits into a little slot of Beth’s preconceived notions. After all, ever so often good guys are good. Now if he could just convince Beth to let go of her past and give him a chance, he’s pretty sure there’s a whole lotta sweet under that prickly exterior.

His own â?¦ Sweet Contradiction.

Stone Cold

by Cornell Ford

For ex Golden Glove champ Reginald “Stonehinge” Hawkins, fighting for his sister Noddy’s forgiveness is a much bigger challenge than any opponent he’s ever faced in the ring or in the streets. After serving a four year prison term for involuntary manslaughter of Noddy’s son due to drunk driving,Stoney (as he’s called by his peers) returns to his old neighborhood seeking a fresh start but realizes he’s only returning to much bigger problem….gun violence. While the albino born boxer was locked up, Noddy became the community gun supplier after linking up with a Brazilian gun trafficker, providing a litney of assault weapons to anyone that could afford them. With no place to live and still seeking closure for his nephews death, Stoney arrives to Noddy’s house unannounced and is met with mixed emotions as she allows him to stay stay with her until he gets on his feet only to put him out after a late night scuffle between he and one of her side pieces. Once on his own,the homeless shelter becomes his residence. There he meets a talented naive artist named Lena who also knows sign language from her days living with her deaf brother in a small town called Bushnell. With a troubling past still lingering over him,he’s battles to find a new life,find his purpose,find peace with Noddy and becomes a folk hero in his community for his stand against guns.

Children of the Dragon (The Children of An’katerr Book 1)

by Melissa Stone

Orphaned at a young age and taken in by Telvan’s most notorious bandit gang, Kinrou had no real expectations in life. He knew nothing of his past, nor did he care to. Then, one day, with the death of a Dragon Warrior, everything changed.

After a trip to Karath, the capital city of Telvan, he was told about a threat to the peace and that he had been hand picked by the Sky Lords themselves to stop it if only he could discoverwhat this threat was in time.

Twice Shy (The Power of Love Book 1)

by Mona Ingram

Former title: The Shell Game – New Cover February 2019

Rebecca returns to her childhood home after her grandmother dies, only to discover that she might not have known her beloved Gran at allâ?¦

Arriving at Waterlily Bay Lodge, Becky is surprised to discover her childhood sweetheart in residenceâ?¦ the same young man who broke her heart when he disappeared on the night of their high school prom. As the truth about Mitch’s disappearance is revealed, will they come to terms about what tore them apart?

Omega On Tap: A Non Shifter Alpha Omega MPreg Romance (Oak Grove Book 1)

by Aria Grace

Mitch opened The Fallen Nut as a safe haven for alphas and omegas to meet up. Keeping omegas safe was a priority for him and his brother Justin after their younger brother was killed ten years earlier. As one of the hottest bars in Oak Grove, The Fallen Nut was the pinnacle of success for local craft brewers.

Kaden didn’t know much about brewing beer, but he committed to helping out his brother with his craft beer: Tapped. When Tapped was named as a finalist in the quarterly contest at The Fallen Nut to get keg space, Kaden was happy for his brother. At least until realizing Ike would be out of town for the event and Kaden would have to take charge of promoting Tapped and getting enough votes to win.

When Mitch saw Kaden, he had to have him. They had a quick encounter and both men went their separate ways. But once wasn’t enough for either of them. And when their paths crossed again, their connection was stronger than ever and undeniable.

Omega On Tap is a sexy romance with plenty of knotty heat, male pregnancy, a cute baby, and an HEA.

Arizona Dream: A true story of a real-life Ocean’s Eleven

by Adnan Alisic

If you had lost everything, and you had one chance to get it all back, would you take that chance?


Haunted by the demons from his past, Adnan Alisic escapes Bosnia and comes to Phoenix, Arizona, where he starts a new life. Fueled by ambition on and drive, he starts a successful car dealership, settles down, and lives the American Dream.

Tortured by his past, he seeks relief in gambling and loses everything. After being tossed out of the casino, Adnan vowes to get back at them.

Forced by the gambling debt and driven by the revenge against the casino, he plans an elaborate casino heist. After discovering the tunnel running under the casino, he devises an intricate scheme to get his money back and pay off the debt.

From ethnic cleansing and mass killings in Bosnia, to gambling and underground tunnels in Arizona, you will read Arizona Dream until l the last page where you’ll find the real reason and motivation behind the heist.

“In likable, plain-spoken, and insightful prose, full of lush and vivid detail, Adnan Alisic reflects on the suspenseful twists and turns of his one-of-a-kind life path. From the first page to the last, I was completely riveted. This is one hell of a book.”

– Davy Rothbart, author of My Heart is an Idiot, and creator of FOUND Magazine 

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