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by Larry Corkins

Can a bi-racial girl in Chicago find true love and happiness when someone wants to get back at her for something she has no control over? As Bianca and her best friend Kisha start their college careers, can they navigate through love, lies and bullets? Who is out to get Bianca and why? Is Kisha safe from the fallout or just another victim like Bianca? Are the men in their lives for real or fake? There is a secret that someone is keeping. Who knows the truth and who will tell it? And who is Zelmo? Is he alive or not? Find the answers to these questions and more as you follow the twists and turns of lies and deception. As the body count rises, so do the number of lies that have been told. Will Bianca live to see another day? Will she find true love? What will happen to Kisha? Who will live and who will die? Find out as you read the most intriguing book of 2019.

Rotten in Suburbia

by Shasta Philhour

My mom’s a zombie, a non-breathing slowly rotting corpse. I say slowly because it’s almost nonexistent when she takes the proper medications whipped up by the family witch doctor. She wasn’t always a zombie, but yeah you guessed itâ?¦if she’s a zombie what am I? Yep, half zombie. Here I am the daughter of the Prince of Darkness himself and a zombie – nice combination right. What does this mean for my future? I have no idea I’m just trying to navigate through high school and develop a relationship with my biological father despite my mother’s vehement disapproval. I can’t blame her, he’s the reason she went all zombie. He’s doing what he can to mend the fences, but really how do you say I’m sorry for that…it’s not really a fruit basket kind of apology.

The Girl With the Auburn Hair: and Her Path to Adulthood (Bosnian Rhapsody Book 1)

by Karl Franz Wolfe

Expecting death at every corner, abandoned by her mother, living with an alcoholic father, and stuck with a kid brother who needs to be protected… what can a nineteen-year-old girl do? What would you do?

The war is brewing, danger is at every corner, and using it as an excuse, her mother abandons her for better prospects. She begs and pleads, trying to get her mother to stay, to protect herâ??she was only seventeenâ??but Mother has none of it. She has to leave. She has to find a better a future for herself… and, lest we forget, her children.
Aisha thinks that her mother is lying and it pains her, it hurts her, it makes her cry because she would stay with him. Both her brother and she would be stuck in that apartment with their father, an alcoholic maniac who’s greatest life’s ambition is to â??teach these damn women to know their damn place.” He’s the kind of a man who calls his own daughter a whore for dressing like any good teenage girl, who locks his wife out of the apartment for leaving the house without his permission, the kind of a man who will follow his daughter to see whom she’s going out with, and now she was on the front lines, absorbing all of his assaults.

Stuck in a place of no possibilities, of no opportunities, and of no respect, young Aisha has to take on the world to get herself and her brother away from a warâ??both within and without.

In his own artistic way, not unlike the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez, this author will draw you into the mind and life of a young girl who has to think like no one her age thinks, to face the things not a lot of people have to face, and to survive the things not many would survive. A long and hard journey awaits her, but will she find hope and salvation for herself and her brother, will she finally discover what being loved feels like?

Find out in lovely literary piece filled with colorful figures, free-flowing sentences, and magical elements that will leave even the most cold-blooded of us with something to think about.

Convict Me (The Rossi Crime Family Book 0)

by Cassandra Hallman

She was a shy little virgin, looking to rebel.
I was a bad accident waiting to happen.

I’m the bad boy your parents warn you about. I’ve been to prison, killed for someone I love and now I’m suffering through college.

Then I see herâ?¦sweet, so naïve it hurts, and of, course beautiful. She’s scared of me the moment we lock eyes, but beneath that fear is curiosity.

From that moment on I’m consumed with need to make her mine, to claim herâ?¦but when my past collides with my future will I risk the chance of going back to prison to protect yet another person I love?

**This is book one in the series and can be read as a complete standalone. It contains NO CHEATING, NO CLIFFHANGERS and a HEA. It also contains dark material not suitable for some readers.**


by Heather Fists

The doctor will SATISFY YOU NOW!

30 stories of totally taboo encounters with those hot, dirty doctors!


by Jasmine Petard

“I think it’s high time you got put over my knee…

Mmm, mm mmm! Who doesn’t love those strict, handsome lovers — with stern hands and massive, ahems! Crack open this 30 story erotic collection of historical and western frolics that are sure to get the blood flowing!

Dragon Jewels: Dirty Fantasy Collection

by Ruby City Books

Like dragons, lust and love? Get these 5 perfectly spicy dragon fantasy menage romances and fire up your imagination, and your evening!

Dirty Fantasy Collection

The Dragon Menage Prophecy
Angelica the Dragon Slayer
A Dragon’s Gift
Lustful Creatures
Riding the Dragon

This eBook is intended for adults only.

Grey: The Infatuation (Spectrum Series Book 2)

by Allison White

The day I left for college, falling in love was the last thing on my priority list. But I did. The only problem is I’m not sure whether falling for Grey was the best thing to ever happen to meâ?¦or the worst.

Grey is intense, darkâ??an enigma with the power to hurt me, yet the ability to seduce me with a simple kiss.

If only it were easy for me to fall into his arms and look past all the secrets and uncertainty that surround him.

But nothing about loving Grey is easy.

He is the owner of my heart, and the master of my pain. Yet no matter how much it hurts, I can’t stop loving him. I won’t.

I know my infatuation with him is toxic, but here’s the thingâ?¦I don’t care.

PUT IT WHERE!? (Collection of Erotic Taboo Stories Box Set)

by Phay Sitter

“You want to put THAT… in THERE!?

A deliciously naughty collection, all about messy finishes and the good, dirty stuff…

Their Life As They Live It: (Perspectives #4)

by A.M. Arthur

“Happiness is not a goalâ?¦it is a by-product of a life well lived.”
–Eleanor Roosevelt

Bernard “Bear” Henson is a blessed man. He is happily married to the love of his life, he co-owns a successful business, and his grown son is desperately in love with a wonderful partner. But Bear knows all too well how precarious that happiness is, so he lives every day with love in his heart and gratitude for everything he hasâ??especially his husband Richard Brightman. Richard has been HIV-positive for thirty years and every new day is a gift.

When Richard becomes unexpectedly ill and is rushed to the hospital, Bear braces for his beautifully constructed life to come crashing down. A hard-won life full of ups and downs, illnesses and setbacks, love and anger, and a lot of regret for how certain things went down. Certain things involving Bear’s alcoholic ex-wife Debbie and the start of Bear’s relationship with Richard. But the past can’t be changed, only remembered and studied.

As Richard fights for his life, Bear reflects on the last thirty years of their entwined lives. College days, his shotgun wedding to Debbie, his unexpected feelings for Richard, and the proudest moment of Bear’s life: the birth of his son Gabriel. Bear’s life with Richard is woven with love, heartache, regret, joy, and everything else in between. They’ve overcome every obstacle that’s come their way, and they’ll overcome this new illness, too. Period. Bear simply isn’t ready to live his life without Richard in it.

Note: This is the fourth book in my Perspectives series, and while it can be read as a standalone, readers will have a much richer concept of these characters if you’ve at least read book two, The World As He Sees It. Warnings for spousal abuse (not between the two heroes) and cheating.

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