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Rooks of the Raven

by Franklin Neal

.Fans of 12 Years a Slave or Roots will love the gripping novel that is Rooks of the Raven

Unravel a dark past that is slavery. Rooks will leave you chilling with awe, sorrow, admiration. Young teen fights her way through a life in chains.

Abel finds comfort in a local boy and they become good friends. Corjo does something she never would have believed if she didn’t witness it with her own eyes. He tosses his shoes on a shop to signify that they will be friends no matter what each possess. A pair of shoe is something Abel does not have.My freedom was taken away from me when my family was discovered by a man–a slave trader–with a personal vendetta. After watching my family tortured before my eyes, me and my baby sister were sold into slavery in Virginia where we learned first-hand everything our parents worked so hard to conceal us from.

I didn’t want my baby sister to breathe the sins of this world, so I did what I thought was best. I took her life.

Have you ever quenched for a story that will drive intense emotions? Glare through the lens of a 14-year young slave. Both parents former slaves. The thing is, Abel mother a mute. She watches as her beloved daughters are captured in front of her. She could not even cry her children’s name…

Are you curious as to why on the cover the woman holding a chess piece?
Rooks of the Raven is a unique type of story. Unravel the Rooks history, learn the power of the word, and be prepared for an emotional journey of triumph over adversity.

Balarian (Novelas nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Miguel Ángel Villar Pinto

Siglo XII. El advenimiento del fin de los tiempos, según las profecías del Apocalipsis, hace que Occidente se suma en el más tenebroso fanatismo. Un joven templario, apartado de su orden en Tierra Santa para ser trasladado a un misterioso convento en Roma, se verá obligado a sobrevivir en medio de tan oscuro y aciago momento histórico, y a luchar por un amor condenado en las fronteras de Al-Andalus.


Miguel Ángel Villar Pinto (España, 1977) es escritor de literatura infantil y juvenil, narrativa y ensayo. Algunas de sus obras han sido bestsellers, comercializadas a nivel internacional, utilizadas por diversas instituciones y centros educativos como lectura obligatoria en la enseñanza e incluidas en diccionarios como referencias literarias.

Perfect Poison (The Children of Graistan Book 1)

by Denise Domning

Injured in body and soul, Jocelyn, Lord of Freyne, is reluctantly swept into Yuletide festivities–only to find redemption in the arms of Avice of Lavendon, the woman he spurned.

From the Chrysalis (The Devereux Cousins Book 1)

by Karen E. Black

Part love story, part prison break, “From the Chrysalis” is a fictionalized account of the deadliest event in Canadian penal history, the Kingston Penitentiary Riot of April 1971. It is also a love story between cousins.

Liza’s bad-boy cousin, the handsome, magnetic D’Arcy “Dace” Devereux is nothing but trouble. Falling in love with him can only make things worse. Especially for a girl who knows more about books and monarch butterflies than she does men.

The cousins’ mutual infatuation flares into an obsession long before Liza is out of her teens. Even when Dace is arrested and sent to jail, their feelings don’t change.

When she’s old enough, Liza enrolls in a local university to be closer to him, but a prison riot breaks out and Dace is forced to make decisions that will jeopardize both their relationship and his life. He’s always been loyal to his old buddiesâ??too loyal some say.

The cousins spend one wonderful summer together when he’s briefly paroled, but Dace is still drawn to trouble like the monarchs down to Mexico.

In the end, nobodyâ??not the biker gangs, the authorities or Dace’s own demonsâ??is going to let him go. The only way they can both break out and fly free is if Liza walks away. But how can she leave him when he has become her whole life?

“From the Chrysalis” is a taut novel of romance and survival against all odds,set in the shifting political and moral background of the early seventies.

Review Highlights:

“…courtroom scenes are so well written, I thought I was reading a John Grisham novel but without half the tediousness of his long drawn out court battles. The sexual scenes are also beautifully done, a real part of the plot, not woven in to titillate the reader.” Book lover “Elsee” (Malvern, UK)

“..this is an eloquently crafted tale about love, guilt, and human resilience.” Ben Avery

“Both Liza and Dace are haunted by the decisions that they made in their youth- his a charge resulting in a jail term, and hers a relationship with an older man which results in a heartbreaking decision.” Nadia

“I fell in love with the character of Dace (during the prison riot). His perseverance and resilience, whether making good or bad decisions, can’t be matched.” Francine1898

“The author is a woman but she really nailed it in portraying a desperate man, driven both by his violent circumstances and his desperate need for his girl, Liza. But as much as I liked him, it was Liza I really cared about…” Goalie

“I would have loved to have more about the two characters and their relationship….how they rationalized the fact that they were first cousins…”
K. Kendall (California)

“…a meditation on obsessive love,free choice and fitful fate. “From the Chrysalis” asks us to consider how much of life is the result of choices we’ve made,and how much is determined by circumstances beyond our control.” Joseph A.

Fields of the Fatherless

by Elaine Marie Cooper

In the early months of 1775, war is brewing in the American colonies. Although frightened, eighteen-year-old Betsy Russell (an ancestor to actor Kurt Russell) of Menotomy Village, Massachusetts, wants to be prepared in case of attack by British troops. Her father, prosperous farmer Jason, is the fourth generation of Russells on this land yet their very rights as British Colonials are being stripped away one by one. Will the King of England take their land as well? Tensions are growing here in the countryside west of Boston and the outbreak of battle seems a certainty. Jason desperately wants to protect his family his wife, children and grandchildren and their future. Betsy makes every attempt to be prepared for the worst. But not even the American militia could have predicted the bloody massacre that was about to occur right on the Russells’ doorstep. If Betsy loses everything she holds dear, are the rights of all the Colonists endangered?

Fields of the Fatherless is based on a true story.

Winner of the Selah Award for Young Adult Fiction
Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Religious Fiction
Winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best Young Adult Religious Fiction

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar young adult fiction novels in this genre may be categorized as: teen fiction, inspirational YA fiction, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome young adult fiction.

My Duke’s Temptations: A Regency Romance

by Kathy Heart

Lavinia Thacker has a voice like an angel’s, and she happily sings for anyone who asks. The first time she sees the young Duke of Monsey, it is at a party being hosted in the inn’s large dining hall for a local councilman’s daughter. From that first look, she knows there is something between them, so when she is invited to sing at his birthday party, she is at once delighted and afraid. Why does she feel as though she knows him, when she has never met him before? Or at least, she doesn’t remember having done so. But then again, she doesnâ??t remember much beyond the last year and a half. The accident from which she had awakened eighteen months earlier had left her with a terrible scar down her left side, and no memory of anything before she woke up. Is the Duke a part of her past? Does her husband know about it? And how will she handle falling in love with a man who is not her husband or of her social class?

The old Duke of Monsey had plans for his only child, Robert, which did not include his marrying a commoner. But Robert is headstrong, and before the duke can stop it, his son and Lavinia Aston are married. Despite his rage at their action, the duke loves his son, and will not disinherit his true heir, or let his lands and fortune go to the oldest son of his deceased younger brother. His solution involves deception and kidnapping, and a stint at the front for his son. But when Robert returns home wounded, it is to find his father dead, and himself the new Duke. Attempting to relieve the double sorrow of a dead wife and father, Robert spends his time getting to know the villagers for whom he is the chief benefactor. But when he sees his dead wife married to the innkeeper, his rage knows no bounds, until he realizes she does not know who he is. Could he be wrong about her? Has something happened to make his wife forget him? And how will he get her back, if that’s the case?

A Season of Change: (A Time For Every Season Book One)

by Lori Redula

The saga of an American family!

A Time for Every Season is a series that follows the lives of the Ramsey family through the tumultuous years of the Civil War. Fall in love with Alec and Kathleen and their 6 children as they face hardships and triumphs while trusting in the sovereignty of God.

A Season of Change (Book One):

* Kathleen Ramsey’s eldest son, Eric, has just graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. While home on leave, he receives word that he’s been assigned to Fort Moultrie in South Carolina. The news devastates Kathleen, forcing her to relive the painful memories of the day she fled her childhood home in Charleston over 20 years ago. When Eric expresses his desire to meet the grandparents he has never known, Kathleen is faced with an even greater dilemma. Will she deny his request, choosing to cling to her fears and resentments of the past? Or will she recognize the sovereign hand of her loving Heavenly Father faithfully guiding her son’s every step?

* Sean Donnelly has been estranged from his family for 13 years when a run-in with the law reunites him with his brother-in-law, Chicago police detective Neal Ramsey. Sean is given two choices: cooperate with the authorities to bring down the mastermind behind a rash of train robberies, or face prison time. What will he decide?

* Dr. Alec Ramsey’s skills as a physician are put to the test when a devastating epidemic invades the small farming community of Baxter, Pennsylvania where the Ramsey family resides. His fight to save lives becomes personal when someone very close to his eldest daughter, Kirsten, falls ill. A quarantine and a shortage of quinine add to the challenges that Alec and his new assistant, Dr. Carter Buchanan, face. How many of Baxter’s citizens will still be among the living by the time the epidemic comes to an end?

Note: A Time for Every Season is a series. Each book follows right on the heels of the one before it, so they are best read in order.

Warning: This series is addicting!

River Rising (Carson Chronicles Book 1)

by John A. Heldt

Weeks after his parents disappear on a hike, Arizona engineer Adam Carson, 27, searches for answers. Then he discovers a secret web site and learns that his mother and father are time travelers stuck in the past. Armed with the information he needs to find them, Adam convinces his younger siblings to join him on a rescue mission to the 1880s.

While Greg, the adventurous middle brother, follows leads in the Wild West, Adam, journalist Natalie, and high school seniors Cody and Caitlin do the same in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Like the residents of the bustling steel community, all are unaware of a flood that will destroy the city on May 31, 1889.

In RIVER RISING, the first novel in the five-book Carson Chronicles series, five young adults find love, danger, and adventure as they experience America in the age of bustle dresses, gunslingers, and robber barons.

Circe: Ein historischer Roman (German Edition)

by Fritz Bley

Deutschland 1892/93. Hans von Harden, ein bekannter Naturforscher kehrt mit seinem Diener aus Afrika in seine Heimat zurück. Zunächst geht er nach kurzem Aufenthalt in Berlin nach Litauen. Dort lernt er Marie von Sandow, eine liebreizende und herzensgute junge Frau kennen, und beide verlieben sich ineinander. Doch seine Sehnsucht nach Afrika, die ihn nicht loslässt und wohin er bald zurückkehren will, sowie Ehrungen und Feierlichkeiten rufen ihn schon bald zurück nach Berlin. Marie ist am Boden zerstört. In Berlin begegnet er seiner unvergessenen Jugendliebe, der ehrgeizigen und äuÃ?erst attraktiven, inzwischen aber verwitweten Baronin Rhödern, wieder. Gleich der griechischen Göttin â??Circe” bezaubert sie ihn erneut, und beide finden leidenschaftlich wieder zueinander. Sowohl Marie von Sandow als auch Baronin Rhödern sind aufgrund ihrer Attraktivität und ihres beachtlichen Vermögens die begehrtesten Junggesellinnen Berlins. Hans von Harden entscheidet sich, trotz seiner noch vorhandenen tiefen Gefühle für Marie, die Baronin Rhödern zu heiraten. Doch anders als die herzensgute und liebende Marie ist die Baronin Rhödern dem Zeitgeist und dem oberflächlichen gesellschaftlichen Treiben der GroÃ?stadt Berlins verfallen. Zu spät bemerkt Hans von Harden die ihn umgebende Kälte der selbstsüchtigen, sogenannten Freunde und Bekannten, einschlieÃ?lich die seiner Ehegattin. Eine groÃ?e Sehnsucht zu seiner ersten â??Circe”, nämlich seiner Liebe zu Afrika, verdrängt er zunehmendâ?¦…

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