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Ancient Kingdoms: Ancient Egypt

by G.J Liddle

Ancient Kingdoms is a historical book series that covers the basics of lost Kingdoms from their foundation and what became of them after the burden of time has passed over them.

Ancient Egypt was one of the most influential civilizations of the ancient world. Discover the names of the Pharaohs who founded it and the men who would conquer it.

The Decision to Drop the Bomb: Plays About History – Volume 2

by Hershel Z. Herzberg

This complete Volume 2 includes multiple digital items about the Decision to Drop the Bomb. Each section of the volume comes with Goals and Objectives, Background, Discussion Questions, Cast of Characters, and the Play.

Nelson: An Introduction to: Nelson

by James Tyrell

Nelson continues to fascinate academics as well as the general public. He is still considered one of Britain’s greatest heroes. But why does Nelson still remain such a prominent figure in the national imagination?

With 2005 being the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, James Tyrell embarks on a reappraisal of Nelson, the myth and the man. Beginning with Nelson’s early life and an analysis of the condition and practice of the Navy at the time of Nelson’s entry into service, Tyrell goes on to examine Nelson’s naval battles before Trafalgar, particularly the pivotal Battle of the Nile in which the then Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson, with a fleet of fourteen ships, captured six and destroyed seven French vessels out of a total of seventeen and in the process achieved one of the most decisive victories in the age of sail and re-established British command of the Mediterranean.

Devoting a full section to the Battle of Trafalgar, Tyrell looks in detail at the build-up to the battle, the events and progress of the battle, at the Admirals of the French and Spanish navies and explains why the battle was so decisive in the Napoleonic Wars. She goes on to look at the immediate aftermath of Nelson’s death and his state funeral and then to his legacy, the building of monuments (particularly Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column), the development of the Nelson myth, his depiction in film, his value for propaganda purposes during the two world wars and the current state of scholarship on Nelson.

Soldier’s Heart – A Civil War Novel

by Michele McKnight Baker

Two boys, two fathers scarred by war. Who will survive?

Junior Thompson, son of a freed slave, and Webbie Henderson, son of a wealthy family, cross a forbidden boundary between their properties and forge an unlikely friendship in the years that culminate in the Civil War. Young as they are, both must become the men of their families when their fathers are called to battle. When the war comes to their hometown of Carlisle and nearby Gettysburg, will they survive?

An historically authentic, fast-paced, multicultural family saga, Soldier’s Heart takes place over a fifteen-year period, culminating on April 9, 1865: Junior Thompson’s twelfth birthday, and also the day General Lee will surrender, formally ending the Civil War. Though the victory of the war may be at hand, this unforgettable story reveals how the private battles of the heart rage on.

Soldier’s Heart is inspired by the untold true story of the Thompsons, a black family, and the Hendersons, a white family, who lived as neighbors in Carlisle, PA. The author is their direct descendant.

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations or strong language. May also contain content of an inspirational nature. Amazon customers who purchase the print version have the option to purchase the Kindle eBook at no charge.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Celts

by Sarah Owen

This book reveals the roots of ancient Celtic wisdom and gives practical advice on how to apply it to our everyday life. How can you apply it to your relationships and sexuality, your family, your home, your work, your health and spirituality.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Celts investigates the cultural and historical context of a people who emerged around the 5th century BC. Sarah Owen looks at a wealth of examples including;

– The Celts in history.
– The Gods and Goddesses
– The relationship of the Celts with nature
– The role of the hero
– The cycles if the seasons
– The Otherworld
– The Arts
– The Myths and Legends.

This book shows you how all of these topics relate to modern life, and continue to intrigue and inspire us.



Desde la destrucción de la Biblioteca de Alejandría durante la campaña de César en Egipto, la historia del ser humano puede resumirse enumerando los libros que fueron arrojados a las hogueras. Este relato es un breve sumario de esta historia. Posiblemente, la verdad.
“Las llamas y nuestras manos se dibujan en un jeroglífico doloroso y único que recoge el expolio y la destrucción que sufrieron las bibliotecas de Alejandría, Pérgamo, Bagdad, Córdoba, Reichenau, Montecasino, Luxeuil, Saint Gall, Jarrow, Fulda, Santa María de Ripoll, Corvey, Bobbio, Canterbury, Wearmouth y otras cientos, cuya enumeración sería en este tiempo vana”.

The Paranormal Press (Mike Covell Investigates Book 8)

by Mike Covell

Mike Covell collected hundreds of newspaper reports pertaining to ghosts and hauntings in Hull between 1800 and 2018.

This book is the result of 30 years of collecting these reports, all of which are transcribed, with genealogy details, maps, photos, and background information.

Hear how an alleged Hull poltergeist caused school boys to trash a west Hull home, and how the earliest case of a haunted house in Hull was covered in the local and national press.

Travels Into Bokhara : A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia

by Alexander Burnes

â??The Great Game’ (also referred to as the Tournament of Shadows) is a term used to describe the political and diplomatic confrontation that existed during most of the 19th Century between the British Empire and the Russian Empire centered around Afghanistan and its surrounding regions. The classic Great Game period is generally regarded as running approximately from the Russo-Persian Treaty of 1813 to the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, in which nations like the Emirate of Bukhara fell.

Alexander Burnes was a British adventurer and employee of the East India Company during this turbulent era. He spoke Hindi and Persian and was nicknamed Bokhara Burnes for his role in establishing contact with and exploring Bukhara, which made his name. He was rumored to be a spy during the first Afghan War and was knighted by Queen Victoria for his clandestine services during the conflict.

Burnes kept a lively, detailed record of his trail-blazing journey across Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, the Indian sub-continent and beyond which he later published in three volumes to great acclaim, entitled Travels into Bokhara – A Voyage up the Indus to Lahore and a Journey to Cabool, Tartary & Persia.

This new digital edition of Travels into Bokhara – Volume I has an image gallery with illustrations referenced by Burnes, including a plate of the original Buddhas of Bamiyan, the giant Buddha icons dynamited and destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

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