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If You See Kay Run: A Badge Bunny Booze Humorous Mystery (The Badge Bunny Booze Mystery Collection Book 1)

by Quinn Glasneck

“Snarky, Inappropriate, and Irreverent!”

Two USA Today bestselling authors bring you a mystery collection to make you snort at the ridiculous situations BJ the badge bunny gets into with her best friend Kay.

>>>What’s A Badge Bunny, You Ask?

It’s a person who finds cop uniforms a big turn on and has no problem acting on the temptations.So, ladies, do you need a good giggle-snort?

This light, sexy read will have you chuckling for sure. Filled with double-entendre, tongue-in-cheek, and adult humor, BJ’s living her truth.

>>>It All Started With A Mannequin

In If You See Kay, Run, Bobbi Jax, AKA BJ, reaches out to flick the cheek hiding in the bushes. Plastic! But oh so real looking, and creepy enough to interrupt her romp in nature with hot cop, Peter Harris. Creepy enough that BJ and her best friend, Kay decide to retrieve the discarded mannequin from the park that night, tie it to the roof of their car, and drive it back to the bar she manages. Creepy enough that it lights up social media like a beacon calling in the crazies.

>>>Who Knew Curiosity Could Put Her In So Much Danger?

Quinn and Glasneck, high on the beer fumes from a signing party at a local brewery, decided to take a step away from their usual writing styles to put together a new mystery, in the style Stephanie Plum novels – that is if Stephanie had a younger southern cousin, who ran a bar, and had a thing for sexy police uniforms.

>>>Praise For The Badge Bunny Booze Series!

“Seriously funny, very witty and a humorous contagious read from start to finish.” – Elisa, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“I suffered from a chronic sinus infection for years until I read this book. I laughed so hard I snorted my tea, and now I’m cured~ Thank you Quinn and Glasneck. I’m a forever fan!” – Miriam R.

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Obits For Fun: Illustrated Reviews for Those Departed

by Linda A Lavid

Obits for Fun: Illustrated Reviews for Those Departed is a humorous fictive account of 36 people who have passed on. Highlights of their lives along with portraits are included.

Everyone Versus Everyone

by Arthur Jay

A 21st century American satire…

In Arthur Jay’s latest adventure, public hysteria has reached epic proportions over the class action lawsuit of Everyone versus Everyone. Fed up with the status quo, everyone is suing everyone for the state of religion, politics, the arts, the environment and the American Dream. Sixteen trillion dollars hang in the balance as corporations, politicians, and everyone else, are all taken to court in this page turning novella. Who will win the trial of the century? Everyone or Everyone?

Edla; y las ruinas de los Excrabs (Spanish Edition)

by Sergio Durán Sánchez

Aventúrate en el interior del desierto de Nirem. Explora Ki Su: un poblado regido por dioses desconocidos. Atraviesa las tormentas de arena dentro del M-303: un vehículo modificado para soportar las altas temperaturas del planeta anaranjado. Edla, siempre con su forma habitual de resolver los problemas a su manera, ¡con una rápida descarga de su revolver!, ¿o no? ¿Algo ha cambiado? Descúbrelo en esta nueva aventura.

Memes: Books Dank Memes Collection: 790 Funny Memes And Memes Free

by Gage Thieme

Memes: Books Dank Memes Collection: 790 Funny Memes And Memes Free

Colección Completa de Libros de Solución del Cubo de Rubik: Cómo Resolver el Cubo de Rubik para Niños + Resolución Rápida del Cubo de Rubik para Principiantes (Español/Spanish Book) (Spanish Edition)

by David Goldman

â??â?? Compra la COLECCIÃ?N COMPLETA en versión de bolsillo de los LIBROS DE SOLUCIÃ?N DEL CUBO DE RUBIK y recibe el libro electrónico ¡GRATIS!â??â??

Este libro está repleto de valor con 2 manuscritos en su interior:

  • Libro de Solución del Cubo de Rubik para Niños
  • Libro de Resolución Rápida del Cubo de Rubik para Niños

Ahorra más del 20% al comprar este libro en comparación con la compra de ambos volúmenes individualmente.

El primer manuscrito, “Libro de Solución del Cubo de Rubik para Niños” ha sido escrito para niños y principiantes, y, por lo tanto, el contenido es fácil de entender y está lleno de imágenes para dejar todo claro. El objetivo es ayudar a los niños y principiantes a aprender las 6 etapas simples por las que tienes que pasar para resolver un Cubo de Rubik desordenado. Cada etapa de la solución tiene ilustraciones que te ayudarán a entender exactamente cómo moverte de un paso al siguiente y, en última instancia, resolver el Cubo de Rubik.

Lo que aprenderás:

  • Qué es exactamente un Cubo de Rubik
  • Historia del Cubo de Rubik
  • Beneficios para la salud al resolver el Cubo de Rubik
  • Los 6 diferentes movimientos de cara del Cubo de Rubik.
  • Los 3 tipos diferentes de cubitos.
  • Las 6 diferentes etapas para resolver el Cubo de Rubik.
  • Explicaciones detalladas y fáciles de entender
  • Un montón de ilustraciones e imágenes para guiarte

¡El segundo manuscrito, “Libro de Resolución Rápida del Cubo de Rubik para Niños” trata de reducir esos minutos en segundos! Para avanzar hacia tiempos de resolución más rápidos, necesitarás aprender nuevos métodos que constituyan un atajo más efectivo en tu camino para resolver el Cubo de Rubik.

No te sentirás abrumado con muchos tipos de métodos diferentes de resolución rápida del Cubo de Rubik como lo hacen otros libros. Sólo nos centraremos en 1 método de resolución rápida que resulta ser el mejor método para que los principiantes aprendan, ya que es el más rápido y más fácil de entender. La mayoría de los speedcubers más rápidos del mundo usan este método o han usado este método como las bases de construcción de su propio método intuitivo.

Lo que aprenderás:

  • Una Introducción a la Resolución Rápida del Cubo de Rubik
  • Historia del Método de Resolución Rápida
  • El mejor método de Resolución Rápida para principiantes
  • Las 4 etapas de Resolución Rápida para resolver el Cubo de Rubik
  • Explicaciones desglosadas y fáciles de entender para cada etapa
  • Imágenes maravillosamente explicadas para guiarte en el proceso

La Colección Completa es perfecta para cualquiera que quiera ponerse en la vía rápida para convertirse en un maestro del Cubo de Rubik. Esto también será un gran regalo de Navidad.

Desplázate hacia arriba y haz clic en ‘añadir al carrito’ para que te conviertas en un maestro del Cubo de Rubik.

It’s Easter (The adventures of Riley and Tiny Book 1)

by Melanie Bosman

It’s Easter Sunday. When Riley wakes up Mom tells him that she’s seen the Easter bunny in the garden. Riley and his pet mouse, Tiny, go out looking for him. They find the Easter bunny and, to their surprise and delight, he starts talking to them.

Kitty Cats and Zombies

by Leonard Stegmann

Search the word “zombies” on Amazon and you’ll get 179,458 results. Now try “cats.” That gives you 1,150,371 results. You’d agree that these are awfully impressive numbers. Now search “Leonard Stegmann” and what do you get? Eleven. Eleven measly results. And that, in a nutshell, is why this book is called Kitty Cats and Zombies.

Oh, did you stop by because you thought this book was actually about zombies? Tough toenails, Fanboy, there’s nary a zombie, vampire or werewolf anywhere in these pages. Or perhaps you were looking for some cute tales about kitties. There might be a cat mention or two, but none immediately come to mind. You will, however, find a dog story, if that helps. It’s about the time two of the vicious brutes came charging at Leonard as he walked, alone and exposed, down a deserted nude beach. Yipes!

No, in Kitty Cats and Zombies you’ll find nothing but dozens of Leonard Stegmann’s latest ramblings, and really, what more could you possibly want? You’ll learn about his voluptuous eighth grade math teacher who may or may not have appeared in Playboy, what it’s like to spend a minute in Tanzania, why Leonard should never, ever go on The Suze Orman Show and the history of a Lennon-McCartney band that never was. But nope, no zombies.

The Cure: A comedy in two acts

by Serge Lecomte

The Cure is a comedic bawdy farce à la Molière and the Teatro d’ell’ Arte. It explores the absurdities in the medical field and Dr. Eric Swanson’s “love” relationships. At the center of the play, however, stands Norma, Swanson’s nurse, a woman who feels unloved while performing her duties with a kind heart. The play also deals with the complexity of who we are as Swanson transplants a Chinese woman’s brain into his wife’s dying body. The Cure is one of the wittiest plays yet unsung on the stage.

Making Ameryka Great Again: The Donuld J. Troomp story

by Simon Fox

In a country called Ameryka on a planet called Ertah, a psychopathic failed businessman named Donuld J. Troomp gets himself elected President. Will Amerykan democracy survive this catastrophe? Indeed, will anyone on planet Ertah survive? MAKING AMERYKA GREAT AGAIN is a political satire by English science-fiction novelist Simon Fox.

How to Be a Trivia Genius Vol. 2: Fun Facts and Trivia about Video Games

by Joseph Geran III

New! How to Be a Trivia Genius Vol. 2 – Fun Facts & Trivia about Video Games!

A short booklet of fun facts, trivia, and factoids about your favorite video games!
Do you love playing video games? Have you ever played something and wondered how it was created? why is was created? What inspired it? Most people don’t realize how deep video game history can get. Simple games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, or Super Mario Bros. have fascinating facts that most people haven’t figured out. For example, Mario was originally named “Jumpman” and debuted in Donkey Kong. His name was inspired by a Nintendo landlord named Mario. We know him now as a plumber but before that he was a carpenter. Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man. But since puck is very close to a four letter cuss word it was changed to Pac-Man.

If you are a fan of video games, you will love the content in this trivia book. If you are not a huge fan of video games, this book is still readable. Not only does it include fun facts about video games but it also include fun facts about consoles, major events in gaming history, game developers, and much more! At the end of each chapter, I’ve included easy quizzes to test your gaming knowledge.

Here are some questions you’ll be able to answer in this guide:

  • What inspired Toru Iwatani to create Pac-Man?
  • Why did the gaming industry suffer a crash in 1985?
  • How many consoles were released during the 80’s and 90’s?
  • Why was the Atari Stunt Cycle created?
  • Who came up with the idea to play video games on a TV?
  • What is Mode-7?
  • Who founded Nintendo and why?
  • Who helped develop the Atari game Breakout?
  • What is the best-selling console of all time?

If you are looking to boost your knowledge of gaming, scroll up and click buy and be the ultimate gamer!

How to Be a Trivia Genius Vol. 1: State Symbols, Fun Facts, and Trivia about the 50 U.S. States

by Joseph Geran III

How to Be a Trivia Genius Vol. 1 – State Symbols, Fun Facts, and Trivia about the 50 U.S. States

Learn how to get smarter with trivia and fun facts. You might even impress your friends and family in the process!

Do you know the state bird of Mississippi? How about the state beverage of Arkansas? Did you know that 22 states have milk as their state beverage? Inside this short guide, you’ll learn those things and so much more! This book is for those who want to become the ultimate trivia buff. This first book in the series is about the bits of trivia and useless information about the United States. Although it’s not an encyclopedia about each state, it’s the perfect start for someone trying to learn about the 50 states. At the top of each chapter, there’s a map point out each particular state so you can learn where each state is on the map. I also include the state capitals for each state. So maybe not all the information is totally useless.

In this small guide, you’ll discover interesting facts like:

  • What the state capital is for every state
  • Almost all the state symbols like the state bird, flower, poem, drink, reptile and many more
  • Special facts about each state
  • The year each state joined the union
  • Famous people who were born in each state
  • The top 10 most populated cities in each state
  • Highest and lowest points in each state
  • State nicknames for each state
  • And much, much more!

Overall, trivia is about more than just memorizing a list of facts – it’s about expanding knowledge and making learning exciting. Fun bite-sized chucks of information can be much more engaging and interesting than a long body of text. And to be honest, what would you rather read?

So if you want to be a trivia master and sound smarter, scroll up and click the buy button while it’s still cheap! Don’t be stumped, know your facts about the 50 U.S. states!

Aurora North and the Vampire Vixens (Things that go Bump in the Night Book 1)

by Jordaina Sydney Robinson

“Vampires on campus!”

As a paranormal reporter for The Universe, Aurora North is not impressed when her editor slaps a student newspaper on her desk and accuses her of getting scooped on a vampire attack on a nearby university campus.

Initially, it looks as though the article is nothing more than poor student reporting, but when Aurora discovers a young girl’s body, with what could possibly be a vampire bite on her neck, it’s conceivable there might be something to the story after all.

With a new trainee to keep in line and the body count rising, Aurora knows she has the makings of a great story. If she can manage not to get bitten long enough to write it, that is …

Fairly Decent Drivel

by Michael Leonard

In this short collection you will learn:
Blood rituals are best left to the trained professionals.
Satan is a fan of cheap beer and pajama pants. In his spare time he will, if coaxed, usher in the apocalypse.
Guns actually are capable of killing people.
Breastfeeding is bad for the environment.
If you really wanted that finger back badly enough you would pray just a little harder.
Cancer has x-ray vision.
Chris wants an adventure and the Superbeast cannot die.
Esau just wants to be left alone with the spiders.
Pamela just wants to fly and eat the Tyrant.
Terry wants to know what it feels like to be alive again.

A peppering of micro essays (Blink and you will miss the creamy goodness)â?¦
A smattering of short fiction (Consume in one sitting please as the contents are perishable.)

I can’t take these guys and girls seriously and you shouldn’t either. They are miscreants. The bottom of the barrel is represented here and for that I apologize.
A little blood
A little overuse of adverbs
It’s all just good clean fun.

The Children of the Mountains: A Short Story

by Jacob Innes

When a galaxy-weary journalist arrives at yet another faux-Bavarian lodge high in the mountains of yet another faux Earth, his only one objective: to get the lowdown on yet another lone-wolf scientist. Soon, however, two more objectives bare their dripping fangs: to ditch the beer steins and hightail it back to civilization as humanly soon as possible. The children of the mountains, however, have other plans for him, plans that will make music in his blood.

If you like suspense tails with a humorous edge, then sink your teeth into a copy of “The Children of the Mountains” before the full moon sets!

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