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Spectrum Parent’s Survival Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Navigating Through Autism (The Spectrum Mom Book 2)

by Karen Pellett

When your child is diagnosed with autism, life feels tossed upside down. Everything from understanding meltdowns to adventuring outdoors can seem overwhelming. Learn strategies from one quirky spectrum mom and her friends that will help you survive raising autistic kids and enjoy the journey along the way.

The Swallows: Short popular fables with morals for children. (The Swallows Collection Book 1)

by Christy Astremsky

Are you looking for short funny poems for your children that will teach them simple life truths?

You are in the right place!

Among the popular fables for children, these are especially noteworthy. Simple texts of these children books are complemented by colorful pictures that will help a child understand the moral of each fable.

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The Swallows collection includes five fables.

These stories will tell the kids about such virtues as courage, helping others and having confidence in their own abilities.

Also, children will see the results of cowardice and understand why people really fight.

These fables make fun of amateurs who pass judgment on what they don’t really know and incompetent critics who can only condemn others.

Children will learn how important it is to fight back in difficult situations and pursue their goals.

  • They will meet a cowardly Seagull who stopped flying because he was afraid of hardships;
  • A narrow-minded Hen who does not see beyond its own beak;
  • The Hare – an incompetent carpenter who bragged a lot but was completely inept;
  • The Crow who criticized everybody but made a fool of himself because he had nothing to show for his own work.

Welcome to the world of stories that will help your children do better in life!

Buy and read to your children those entertaining and educational books with fables for kids.

Potty in the USA!

by E.M. Makins

Potty training can be difficult for any parent. In this story, Jessie is a little girl who doesn’t want to learn how to use the potty. She believes going to the potty has a significant meaning behind it. Therefore, her journey entails how she learns to use the potty, why she needs to learn to use the potty, and her struggle with why she doesn’t want to use the potty.

Simplicity Parenting: How to Understand Your Child & Become His Friend (Positive Parenting Project): Child Development, Child Support, Defiant Child, Connected Parenting, Mental Health

by Vanessa Angel

â??â??If a child lives in an atmosphere of friendship and feels that other people need him/her, the child will learn how to find love in the world.” – Maria Montessori

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A family is the first sculptor forming a soft as wax soul and mind, will and character of a child. The child investigates the world through a family, in the light of a family. Undoubtedly, he receives his first life attitudes in the family. Full-fledged health and harmonic mental development of the child are the aims of all parents. To achieve positive results, close collaboration of both parties is required. However, the majority of even the most loving and caring parents make mistakes which may influence on the child’s further destiny.

When children are born, the first years of their life are predetermined by parents’ goals and desires. What will be a color of a stroller, or booties? What toys to choose? Which sports circle to register in? Which school will be better?

Feel a catch? The question is that these issues arise out of inertia and their flow does not stop even when the child has his first desires and goals appearing! Moreover, so, after these sentence readers are already divided into two groups: the users from the First group are thinking: I give my child a choice, of course, only of what will bring him benefits and what will help him in the future. From the Second one: my kid is too young to make such responsible decisions, he does not know what is better for him!

In the second case the parents should be asked, how do you think, at what age your child will be able to make his decisions – at 15, 20 years, or maybe when he will have his kids? I wonder, what a person brought up in such conditions can teach his children?

Here You Will Learnâ?¦

  • How to Reduce the Attention Deficit?
  • How to Give as Much Attention as the Child Needs?
  • Protect Manifestations of Individuality
  • What Parents Mistakes Result in Children’s Hysterics?
  • Examples of the Other Words When Communicating with a Child
  • Bonus! Fear: For Children or Yourself? (Complete collection – save $2.99)
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Marriage : 5O Essential Guides For Better Communication And Keeping The Intimacy Flame Burning!

by Kellie Sullivan

Are you having problems with communication with your spouse? and do you always feel misunderstood in your marriage? – The Secrets Tips Will Be Revealed!

This Short Read Book With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

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Marriage is the result of the genuine love and happiness shared by the couple to each other. One of our major aims in life is to be with someone whom we can share our flaws and happiness to each other. However there are also instances that marriage is not the result of love but rather a result of faults or other circumstances but despite of the fact that the couples have been married without sharing any affection to each other, they still make it to a point of ensuring that their marriage will last for a lifetime. This is because of the fact that as time passes by; they have learned to love each other.

In this book, you would be able to discover ways on how you will make your marriage happier and stronger every single day and ways on how you will keep your love and intimacy to each other. If you are looking for a book that tackles everything about developing a successful marriage, this is the perfect book that you should download. This is divided into 5 chapters wherein it discusses different guides about making your marriage successful and long lasting.

Are you ready to have a happier marriage?

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • Ways to Make Your Lifetime Marriage Even Happier Every Single Day
  • Practices that Keep Marriages Stronger
  • Tips for Couples to Keep Intimacy Alive and Burning
  • Proven Ways to Make Marriage Last for a Lifetime
  • And much more

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LifeHacks: Parenting: Clever tricks and tips to help make life’s most important job…a little bit easier!

by Anne Cochrane

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The Life Hacks you want! None of the filler you don’t!

Organize your life and save time and money! Let these life hacks work their magic and make everything around you a bit simpler and easier. This collection is organized to address a specific category so that you get the information you want fast! Without having to comb through the excess!

Share these helpful tips with your friends and family so they can save time and money as well!

Small Steps to Great Parenting: An Essential Guide for Busy Families

by Dr. Kalanit Ben-Ari

Are you drained by the daily power-struggle with your children?

In this book, Dr. Ben-Ari provides concise and proven tips that can be used in everyday family life. With clear examples taken from the author’s research, extensive clinical experience, and personal experience as a mother, the reader will soon learn how to look at issues through the lens of the parent-child connection rather than as a “child behavior problem” that needs to be controlled. This understanding, along with practical tips, will enable one to solve any problem.

â?¦and too busy to read a lengthy, theoretical parenting book?

With small yet highly effective tweaks, parents will learn to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and connection, repair situations when things go wrong, and bring joy, calm, and balance to family relationships in our fast-paced world. This cutting edge book is perfect for anyone who really wants to improve parenting skills with immediate success and acquire building blocks for a strong family relationship.

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Potty Training: A Parents Guide to Potty Training: From nappies to potty with the minimum of stress and mess. (A Parent’s Guide)

by Clare Douglas

-How to recognise the signs that your child is ready to start toilet training.
-Includes the ten most common mistakes that parents make and how to avoid them.
-Packed with case histories, parental anecdotes, expert views and up-to-date research.
-Questions and answers cover typical problems such as late-starters, fear of the toilet, bedwetting and relapses.

Tantrums: A Parent’s Guide to Tantrums: Understanding and coping with your childâ??s emotions (A Parents Guide Book 3)

by Clare Douglas

A Parents Guide to Tantrums

Understanding and coping with your child’s emotions

How to live through the â??terrible twos’ and beyond!

-Identify and avoid flashpoint situations and tantrum triggers.
-Tried and tested strategies you can adopt and adapt to suit every situation.
-Packed with case histories, parental anecdotes, expert views and up to date research.
-Foolproof ways to deal with your child’s outbursts.

When you first pick up this book, you may be thinking to yourself ‘How can there be a whole book on tantrums? What is there to say about them beyond the obvious?’ I must admit, when I first came to write it I had pretty much the same reaction: what could possibly fill all those chapters on a single subject like tantrums? â?¨But then I started speaking to parents – some with children right in the middle of the classic ages for having tantrums, some whose children were older but who still remembered how stressful and distressing tantrums had been for a period of their lives, and even a few with older children who were still having them.

I was also very struck by something else. This was often expressed as a joke. One father of three small children said to me ‘You want quotes and cases on tantrums? I can fill your book – and that’s only the ones by the wife!’ Another parent commented, ‘I wish I could say I’m a good example to the kids, but I find myself throwing a tantrum when I get really mad about something’. The reality seems to be that, far from being a phenomenon restricted to toddlers during the so called ‘terrible twos’, tantrums, ‘losing it’, screaming and yelling when frustrated, and various other forms of bad behaviour are not that uncommon in lots of older children – and more than just a handful of adults!

Table of Contents

A whole book on tantrums?
My personal experienceâ?¨
Chapter 1 – The facts about tantrums
Key factsâ?¨
Research into tantrums
Don’t children just grow out of them?
Chapter 2 – Understanding your toddler
Just normal!
More difficult children
Born difficult?
Are boys harder to handle?
Children who don’t have tantrumsâ?¨
Chapter 3 – What causes tantrums?
Tantrum triggers
Identifying flashpointsâ?¨
Chapter 4 – Can tantrums be avoided?
Avoidance tactics
Heading off tantrums
Everyday battlegroundsâ?¨
Chapter 5 – Dealing with tantrums
Handling minor tantrums
Dealing with public tantrums
Visiting friendsâ?¨
Chapter 6 – The positive approach
Positive parenting
Positive discipline
Making humour work for you
Chapter 7 – Action plan
Helping your child to matureâ?¨beyond tantrumsâ?¨
Not happy with your response?
Helping yourself
Top ten ways to deal with tantrums

Coping with a Narcissist: Collection of short reads on Narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Transcend Mediocrity Book 37)

by J.B. Snow

7 Books in 1
-“Mr. Unavailable”
-“Married to Perfection-OCPD/NPD”
-“7 Characteristics of Hypercritical Mates-OCPD/NPD”
-“The Misunderstood Loner Part 4 – NPD”
-“The Self-Absorbed Man”
-“The Narcissistic Borderline Relationship Dynamic”
-“11 Ways to Keep the Peace with a Narcissist” 
Tags: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissistic relationships, narcissistic abuse, narcissistic husband, npd, relationship self help, breakup help

Feel Good Handbook: Curing Depression

by Diana Polska


Anyone can achieve and maintain a high level of happiness, positive emotions, intelligence, confidence, and sociability which ultimately leads to a better life.

In this book you will learn how to achieve permanent solutions to depression, anxiety, phobias, traumas, learning disabilities, as well as personality and mental disorders. Based on solid scientific research, you will discover natural therapies that work.

Our default mode is perfect health in body, mind, and spirit. Mental health problem develop when physical, psychological, or spiritual imbalances develop. Although most prescription drugs are a quick fix and work when we need instant results, we need to get to the root cause of negative emotions such as depression to permanently and completely cure them.

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Mr. Unavailable: A Guide for Women Who Pursue the Emotionally Unavailable Man (Transcend Mediocrity Book 25)

by J.B. Snow

“You’re here. You want answers. I have them for you. It is no doubt that you or someone you know has wasted a considerable amount of time dating or marrying the wrong man – the man that we call Mr. Unavailable. He is stealthy. He is ruthless. He drives us stark raving mad. We wonder why love, marriage and companionship evades us. There is a good reason why this occurs, and I am about to disclose some very important information to you so that you stop making the same mistakes over and over again. You can start down the path to true love with just a little bit of knowledge that can help you on the fast track of finding Mr. Right, instead of finding Mr. Unavailable.
Mr. Unavailable is often unavailable for a variety of reasons. I want to cover the different reasons for a man’s emotional unavailability with you here, so that you have a better understanding of what you are dealing with when the next Mr. Unavailable doesn’t return your texts or phone calls. He runs hot and cold. Sometimes he is romantic, and other times he seems like he has someone else on the line.
You might wonder why I am qualified to share this information with youâ?¦ I, my dear, have been in your shoes. I have walked that line. I have navigated through the emotionally unavailable men in order to settle down (at last) with my dream man. I have put years into doing some research in the dating arena. I will share some valuable things with you that I have learned along the way. You can finally stop blaming yourself and make the admirable decision to move on and find someone who is available to you.”

From 4x Best-Selling Author and wellness coach: J.B. Snow – available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon
Author of titles including:
7 Conversations to Save Your OCPD Marriage
BPD Recovery
7 Characteristics of Hypercritical Mates
49 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Crazy
Thick Skin
The Misunderstood Loner
…and many more self-help and wellness titles for you to choose from!

How to Catch and Keep the Man You Want (Transcend Mediocrity Book 26)

by J.B. Snow

TIRED of failed relationships?
TIRED of wasting time trying to land the right man for you?
TIRED of all the LOSERS?
So was I! Don’t wait decades (like I did) to learn the secrets of landing and keeping a great guy!
I will tell you how I finally landed the elusive MAN OF MY DREAMS!
after I passed up other marriage proposals to very suitable suitors!
I will share the tips to having a nauseatingly amazing relationship with him!
Tips that will keep him happy and keep him around!
No – I am not rich, famous or sickeningly gorgeous.
I am an average girl like you are (truthfully, I could stand to lose a few pounds!)
If I can meet the man of my dreams, so CAN YOU!

From 11x Best-selling author J.B. Snow
Check out our 170+ other wellness, self-help and relationship titles, available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible!
-34 Ways to Talk to a Narcissist
-23 Ways to Spot a Narcissist on the First Date
-How to Talk to a Difficult, Narcissistic or Toxic Parent
-20 Tips to Survive a Narcissistic Relationship
-9 Ways to Outsmart a Narcissist
-Narcissist and the Cognitive Dissonance Theory
-Battered Woman Syndrome
-Intermittent Explosive Disorder
-Crush OCPD
-Narcissist and the Peter Pan Syndrome
-Narcissist and Dissociative Identity Disorder
-12 Types of Women who Attract Narcissists
– 9 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with an Emotionally Immature Man
-Narcissist and the Law of Reciprocity
-Narcissist and the Madonna-Whore Complex
-Narcissist and the Wendy Complex
-88 Tell-Tale Signs of Narcissistic Mothers and Toxic Mothers
-Trauma Bonding
-Emotional Self-Regulation
-13 Difficult People and Ways to Deal with Them: Holiday Edition
-15 Reasons to Avoid Dating or Marrying a Narcissist (with real-life examples)
and many more!

Easy Ways to Engage Your Child: A Guide to Child Engagement – Baby, Toddler, Preschool and Elementary School Years (Transcend Mediocrity Book 17)

by J.B. Snow

Everywhere you look, parents and children are busy with their smartphones and their laptops. The children are playing video games or using apps on their iPod. We are glued to the television set, We sleep with our phone on the nightstand. There is hardly a moment where some parents opt to put down our electronics or delay our chores with the intent to properly engage our kids. We assume that our children are learning from the television and from the gadgets that we give them, but we don’t realize that there is a whole world of skills that they aren’t learning while their eyes are glued to the screen.
The reality is that we are setting our children up for failure by not engaging them and teaching them the skills that they will need far into their adult lives. The bitter truth is that our lack of engagement with our children can actually cause them to form an eccentric personality, or even a personality disorder later in life. Some of the most difficult people are plagued with anti-social or conduct disorders, obsessive compulsive personality disorder (â??perfectionism disease’), borderline personality disorder, and schizoid or avoidant personality disorders. Many of these personality disorders that cause a person to struggle through life have a â??learned’ from childhood component to them. The children who grow into adults with these personality disorders may experience relationship and work problems, difficulty coping with stresses in life, parenting struggles, and depression. Some of these individuals go on to have significant addiction problems, or may even attempt or commit suicide.
We hope that you downloaded our book in order to get new ideas on how to easily engage your kids while incorporating them into your day. You are a great parent, and you want to do whatever it takes to raise your children with adequate skills to navigate a complex world. The activities included in this guide are relatively easy to do, and they provide a huge return on investment with regards to the fine motor skills, communication skills, planning skills and gross motor skills that your child will learn. Every step that you take in engaging your children is a step in the right direction for their development. Ignoring them can lead them down the path towards a bleak future filled with struggles.”

From 4x Best-Selling Author J.B. Snow

52 Reasons You Were Attracted to a Narcissistic, Self-Absorbed, Perfectionistic, Workaholic, Hypercritical, Abusive or Rigid Partner (Transcend Mediocrity Book 44)

by J.B. Snow

There are many women who are attracted to narcissistic, perfectionistic, self-absorbed men. Many of us continue to wonder why we fall for these guys time and time again. We will cover the various reasons below, and then give you tips to help you grow out of your need to continue relationships that are unfulfilling.

Download now to find out why you were attracted to these men, and how to change your life by finding Mr. Right! Tags: narcissist relationship, abusive husband, abusive relationship, narcissistic personality disorder, OCPD, perfectionism, relationship advice for women

Healthy Homemade Baby Food: How to make Natural and Organic Baby Food with Delicious Recipes

by Janice Byrd

Make Easy and Nutritious Homemade Baby Foods Today

During the first six months of a baby’s life, it is crucial for parents to give them high quality milk (preferably breast milk). However, once babies turn six months old, it is time to introduce new food items to them as a way to transition from liquid milk to solid food.

Most parents buy commercially available baby foods for their babies but the problem is that conventional baby foods contain preservatives that may be dangerous to your baby’s health. This is the reason why it is crucial for parents or even would-be parents to learn the skill of making homemade baby foods today. If you are one of the many parents who want to learn how to make homemade baby foods, then this book is for you.

With this book, you will be able to learn the following:

  • Understand the basics before making homemade baby foods. These include the benefits of making baby foods as well as important nutrition information that babies need in order to grow up healthy.
  • Chapter 2 discusses about the processes of making homemade baby foods as well as storage procedures and temperature guidelines in making homemade healthy baby foods.
  • As soon as you finish reading Chapters 1 and 2, then you are ready to make your own homemade baby foods. Chapter 3 gives detailed instructions on how to prepare different types of nutritious baby food recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

Preparing your own homemade baby food is a proof of your love to your baby as you don’t want your baby to eat foods that may be unhealthy for them.

With this book, you will be able to exercise good parenting by being able to prepare delicious as well as nutritious baby foods right at the comforts of your home.

Narcissist and the Caveman Syndrome: A Stick in the Mud who is Stuck in the Past (Transcend Mediocrity Book 151)

by J.B. Snow

Many of us have met a person who suffers from Caveman Syndrome at one point in our lives. It may be the plumber, a teacher, your husband, or your boss at work. The person is often critical, grumpy, and rude towards others. The caveman is short-sighted and stuck in the past. He is a stick in the mud of epic proportions. He is chronically unhappy, and he strives to make everyone else in the world just as unhappy as he is.
A Caveman may be a person who trolls the internet and flames others just to get their reaction. He leaves terrible reviews or feedback on the work of others even when he isn’t invited or asked for his opinion. He often exerts his negative opinion on others in fruitless attempts to get narcissistic supply, including love, admiration, affection or even hatred. So long as the narcissistic Caveman is being hated or loved, he is mildly amused enough to continue engaging in the world around him.
The narcissistic Caveman rarely does much good in the life of others. He often stirs up trouble, elicits negative attention from others, and reigns chaos down on the people who he feels are beneath him. He rarely â??lives and let lives’, but rather lives his life being parasitic or bothersome to others. He is still a little kid inside, vying frantically for the attention of the adults and children that surround him.
You may be wondering what causes caveman syndrome, what the symptoms are, and what can be done to help the person with caveman syndrome. You might also be wondering how Caveman Syndrome is linked to narcissistic traits. This ebook seeks to uncover the truths behind this mysterious condition in which many suffer, including those who are in the direct path of the person suffering from the disorder.

Download now to read more!

From Infancy to College, Raising a Son

by Moneefa W.

A slight conservative voice to parents or parents to be to take a glance inside another parents’ journey from a “wooden spoon” background. Sometimes it’s refreshing to be able to express and share your feelings about everyday concerns raising children and even more so raising boys. We never know what to expect and what trials we will face having children but many don’t realize our environment has a big impact on how we raise our children and definitely boys. Raising children can be hard when finances are not their or even being a single parent. Sometimes sharing your experiences and tips can help make decisions easier.

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