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Soul Poetry

by Cynthia J. Cyrus

Poems on the African American experience designed to strengthen the spirit. Celebrating the past and present with love, laughter and pristine self-awareness. Embracing the whole individual from a wide array of perspectives. Soul Poetry is simply poetry for the soul.

Dweller by the Brook: Poems of inspiration designed to empower and uplift.

by Dennise Coburn-Morgan

This book is a combination of my most treasured writings. These poems are beautifully crafted works of art that you will want to read over and over.

Judgemental Tones: Social Poems

by Anand Prakash

“Judgemental Tones: Social Poems” is a poetry book written in response to questions posed by society to someone who resists the conventional ways to live the life. Simple things such as childhood, affair, love, marriage, old age, life choices etc are met with biasness, abandonment, indifference, depression, and sufferings of all sort. This collection attempts to offer notes on survival in the tyrannical society.

Guldaan: �ुलदान

by Kajol Chaturvedi Prateek Ghule

�ुलदान बस ए� �विता स��्रह न ह��र मानव भावना�� �ा ��व�त स��्रह ह� |
पुस्त� म�� लि�� �विताय�ँ सरल ह�त� हुए भ� स��न� �� विवश �रत� ह�� |
�ा��ल �तुर्व�द� एव� प्रत�� �ुल� �� व्य�्ति�त डायर� स� नि�ल� य� �विताय�ँ ए� �म �ात्र ��वन �� ब�� स��� द�ष्य दि�ात� ह� |
��स� युवा मन �पन� �म्र �� विभिन्न प�ाव पर परिस्थितिय�� स� परि�ित ह�ता ह� य� ब�� ��बस�रत� स� द�न�� ल����� न� व्य�्त �िया ह� |

Ota Benga

by Elvis Alves

Ota Benga was put on display in a cage at the Bronx Zoo in 1906. A question on my mind while creating this chapbook was what cages do we put ourselves in or allow others to put us in? This question was not simply metaphorical for Ota Benga because he was literally put in a cage.

Atlas Minor (Dutch Edition)

by Patrick Haverkate

In Atlas Minor gaat de dichter voor het eerst genadeloos de confrontatie aan met zichzelf. Hij bekijkt zichzelf kritisch, met de wijsheid van de afstand en de nabijheid van zijn schaduw. Dwingt zichzelf tot het herbezoeken van pijnlijke momenten in zijn herinnering. Zijn woelige liefdesleven. Gekwetste gevoelens. Onvervulde verlangens. Hij raakt zijn verdriet opnieuw aan. Hij rakelt op wat zijn wederhelften reeds vergeten zijn. Hij graaft op wat zij het liefst voor altijd onder de grond verstopt in het donkerste donker wilden houden. De dichter, die in de vorige eeuw nog mystiek nastreefde en de taal personificeerde, staat nu voor het eerst open, transparant en naakt voor zijn eigen geschiedenis, die al jarenlang elke toekomst en kans op geluk lijkt te verijdelen. Daarmee is Atlas Minor Patrick Haverkate’s meest persoonlijke bundel tot nog toe.

To Serenade A Rose: a collection of poems

by Pastor Alfred

To Serenade A Rose is a collection of 27 poems by Pastor Alfred that touch a diverse range of subject matters and observations.
This collection is not lacking in romantic poems that would make your toes curl.
There is something for everybody. Even those who do not usually care for poems change their opinion after reading a few lines.

Poems from a runaway: A true story

by Ben Westwood

Certainly not just a poetry book.
An easily readable yet well-crafted non-fiction ‘novel-in-poetry’ written through the eyes of a child runaway, at times with humor yet other times shocking.

Ben Westwood tells his story of hitch-hiking and bunking trains across the UK from ten years old and tells how he managed to stay undetected whilst on the run in London’s east end – and what it was like sleeping rough on the streets of Central London as a young teenager whilst remaining hidden in plain sight.

This book also sheds insight into how it feels as a young person living in foster care and children’s homes, and how decisions made completely out of his control were to impact both his mental health and his ability to remain safe and secure environments.

An insightful and educating read not only for the general reader, but considered a valuable resource by social workers and foster parents across the UK.

Since the release of this book, it has received fantastic feedback from social workers at book events, and has also been read at a conference on runaways at European Parliament alongside missing children’s charities.

One minute you’ll be shocked and stunned at the events Ben goes through, and the next you’ll be laughing at his antics.
A somewhat unique perspective of a young teenager living life in London as a homeless adult.

For One Who Knows How to Own Land

by Scott Owens

Scott Owens describes his new volume of poetry: “I grew up in two worlds: my father’s parents’ world of brick homes, city streets, shopping, and playgrounds; and my mother’s parents’ world of dirt roads, livestock, growing our own food, and endless woods. That second world was undeniably harder than the first. The work was dirtier, and there was more of it. The homes had fewer luxuries: no cable, no AC, never more than one bathroom. Even death was different. In town, death was a polished event that took place elsewhere: hospitals, nursing homes, slaughter houses, funeral parlors. On the farm, animals were killed every week and most people died at home, and their bodies stayed there until they were buried.

“Somehow, however, that second world still seemed much more alive, much more real and vital. Despite that vitality, I was aware that most people knew almost nothing about that second world. It was then, and is increasingly now, an undiscovered country where life and death exist side by side with a natural intensity missing from the artificial world of the city.

“This book,” Owens tells us, “dedicated to my grandfather (one who knew how to own land), is a record of my undiscovered country and the people who lived there.”

Critical Acclaim

“Landscape and memory are seamlessly merged in this excellent volume. Like all the best writers of place, Scott Owens finds the heart’s universal concerns in his vivid rendering of piedmont Carolina.” â??Ron Rash, Parris Distinguished Professor in Appalachian Cultural Studies at Western Carolina University

“There’s not a speck of sentimentality in the rural poetic Americana framed by Scott Owens in For One Who Knows How to Own Land. There are dead crows, red dirt earth, barking dogs, burning coal, fox traps, and flooding rivers. These stories matter. The poems all rattle and sing. This is a jolt of strong coffee for a watery time.” â??John Lane, author of The Woods Stretched for Miles: Contemporary Nature Writing from the South

“In For One Who Knows How to Own Land, poet Scott Owens creates, with a mature voice, childhood reminiscences of pastoral summers in the red-dirt rural Piedmont of upstate South Carolina. This, his most affecting collection to date, is a remarkable sensory journey that registers narrative moments along the entire emotional scale from harsh to tender, from the threatening to the anodyne. Through the magical nature of memory, these poems of mystery and loss prove again and again that â??The boy who left this country/ never stopped hearing its names/ echo in his ear.'” â??Tim Peeler, author of Checking Out

“â??Why should this be home?’ Scott Owens asks us in â??Homeplace,’ his question as much about leaving as going back. We walk his train tracks and ridges as if they were our own, as though home were â??something you held tight before you,/ your back bending against its going away.’ In this both visceral and meditative rendering of place, decay and rebirth are part of the same landscape. I applaud the skill that directs us down a path of experience and familiarity to â??stone steps/ that dead-end in mid-air.’ His poetry is wise in knowing the weight of its own footsteps.” â??Linda Annas Ferguson, author of Dirt Sandwich

About the Author:

Scott Owens is the author of seven collections of poetry and more than 800 poems published in journals and anthologies. He is editor of Wild Goose Poetry Review, Vice President of the Poetry Council of North Carolina, and recipient of awards from the Pushcart Prize Anthology, the Academy of American Poets, the NC Writers’ Network, the NC Poetry Society, and the Poetry Society of SC. He holds an MFA from UNC Greensboro and currently teaches at Catawba Valley Community College. He grew up on farms and in mill villages around Greenwood, SC.

Cuando las Sombras se Iluminan (Spanish Edition)

by Inés de Cervantes

Cuando las sombras se iluminan es una recopilación de poemas surgidos antes y después de un proceso psicoterapéutico; texto intenso, cargado de emociones en estado puro que atraviesan un cambio paulatino en el que la autora permite ver un proceso de autosanación y crecimiento.El amor, el miedo, la angustia, el deseo, la ira, el perdón, se desarrollan primero tímidos y luego con la fuerza de los mares en los versos de Inés de Cervantes, quien describe cuadros armónicos, y nos traslada al camino recorrido por ella en un viaje trazado por recuerdos y vivencias, donde enfrenta sus miedos y agresores para salir victoriosa y demostrar que la fuerza proviene del alma, si esta se alimenta del amor incondicional del creador, de seres de luz y de aquellos con quienes se tienen lazos verdaderos.Acompaña a la autora en este hermoso recorrido por las sombras que, página a página, se van disipando para abrir paso a la luz radiante y redentora, al perdón y a la felicidad.

Stripped Unconsciousness: The complete collection of poetry

by Rob Shepherd

A complete collection of the poetry of Rob Shepherd, Author of Life With Boris Karloff, Sofiah & The Grays Anatomy horror story collection.

Poems of People

by Ace Allen

Poems of People is a collection of poetry by author Ace Allen, entailing the joy, heartache, and monotony involved with growing up in the American Midwest. An ode to the ephemeral dance of passing strangers, Poems of People triggers our imaginations with the emotional ambiguity of a fervent young man in search of acceptance.

Ace Allen was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia and was raised in Lexington, Kentucky. His stories are founded on the mortal connection between culture and the natural world, juxtaposing complex ideas which illuminate the similarities in our human condition. Allen is an expressive storyteller who keeps his readers guessing with each line, hanging onto each word, yearning for more.

doll eyes.

by Jessyca Thibault

A collection of poems about love, heartache, and not losing yourself in either.

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