Free politics and current events Kindle books for 25 Feb 19

Franz Kafka: The Complete Novels

by Franz Kafka

This book contains the complete novels of Franz Kafka in the chronological order of their original publication.

– The Trial
– The Castle
– Amerika

Big Dog Front Seat: Creating R.E.A.L. Self-Esteem

by Rod Foster

The book is about elements of self-esteem and what role it plays in humanity. The mission of the book is to empower the reader to transform problems and conflicts into a means of promoting respect , freedom and equality for self and all others. The book takes a close examination on why we think the way we think. Big Dog Front Seat challenges the mundane, the norm and the origin of self-esteem. The book introduces us to  Get R.E.A.L (Responsible, Effective, Affirmed, Learning ) as the foundation.  It is time to stop making excuses and blaming others and sitting in the back seat. It is time to become the Big Dog in the Front Seat of life. Anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, bullying, racism, sexism, elitism and lack of motivation and many more behavioral traits are by-products of the esteem of our self. The book takes the reader through an examination of how we process the world.     

Boxed Set 1 Purim Holiday

by Miriam Kinai

Boxed Set 1 Purim Holiday contains the following books:
1. Purim Lessons from the Bible Part 1
2. How to Fast Effectively Part 1
3. How to Pray Effectively Part 1
4. How to Make Purim Gift Baskets

Taming the Dragon: China, India and the World of the 21st Century

by Udayan Raj Singh

Over the past half a century, Asia has experienced unprecedented levels of growth. China and India have successfully capitalized on this wave by becoming the largest and the third largest economy, respectively. For both the nations, economic prosperity has become a potent weapon for expanding their geopolitical influence. Unfortunately, this has given birth to a new breed of rivalry between the two powers. After a long period of uneasy cooperation, tensions have since begun to reemerge.

In Asia, China seems to be unstoppable. It is on a bullying spree in its backyard, and the U.S.A, the only country capable of stopping it right now, has adopted a protectionist stand under its new and erratic President Donald Trump. But in doing so, the U.S is leaving behind a huge void, which can now only be filled by India.
The victims of Chinese expansionism are looking towards her for help. Will India be able to fill this void? Will it be able to put a full stop to China’s unjust imperial ambitions? Only time will tell.

Sex, Lies And Truth – A Very Short History: Uncut And Censor Free

by Gerard Fournier

Amidst corporate and media spin, try savoring this refreshing dose of ocular Viagra that tells it straight; how we were fed a truckload of empty promises and told it was what freedom tasted like. A passionate visionary points the way to wresting back control of our lives. Not for the faint of heart – highly recommended for all others. “There’s the world you’ve been taught to believe since childhood, and there’s a world beyond those blinkered doors. Only one of these is a real choice.” The brain is a many-layered splendor, filled with fascinating mind tools, most of which are well underused. Fournier unravels the mysteries of history and mythology, brain science and the pursuit of eternal youth, creative genius and the birth of consciousness. Learning to think for ourselves has never been this enthralling. “Creating a better world for yourself starts with seeing it for what it really is.” Uncut and censor free, Sex, Lies & Truth is a breathtaking call to open those ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

Fundamentals of Social Statistics

by Adam McKee

Originally designed as an OER textbook for the social and behavioral sciences, this text takes an “intelligent consumerism” perspective on a field much maligned by students. While formulas for “hand” computations are provided in text boxes, the bulk of this little book focuses on obtaining the desired results from Excel and interpreting those results in a plain English context. The author’s focus is decidedly conceptual rather than taking a more traditional computational approach. This text is appropriate for a first course as well as a user-friendly desk reference for more advanced courses.

80, 40, 20 Heberto por siempre: Heberto Castillo Martínez: 1928 – 1997 (Spanish Edition)

by Fundación Heberto Castillo Martínez A.C.

La historia de la izquierda no es sólo la historia de sus dirigentes. Es también la historia de sus creaciones: movimientos, organizaciones, revistas, periódicos, archivos, formas de lucha, mentalidades, ideas, ideologías, modas, literatura y arte. Es la historia de momentos estelares y la diseminación de las ideas de democracia, justicia social, humanismo… Heberto Castillo se mueve en un mundo que lo precede y lo trasciende. Su vida y pensamiento reflejan y enriquecen este momento histórico.

Greek Myths and Legends

by Roger Townsend

Here retold in all their dramatic power are some of the most exciting and influential of all Greek myths: the epic struggle of the Trojan War, the wanderings of Odysseus, the tragic destiny of Oedipus, and the heroic adventures of Herakles, Theseus, Perseus and Jason. James Tyrell, introduces the complex pantheon of Olympian gods and goddesses, describing their attributes, genealogies and often-comic relationships, and illustrates the personalities and their stories by drawing upon the artistry of the ancient culture, which created them. A concluding chapter reviews the powerful and continuing imaginative legacy of Greek myth, from Botticelli to Freud.

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