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Kissed by a Cowboy 1 & 2: Sweet Cowboy Romance (Redbud Trails)

by Lacy Williams

A chance encounter reunites a hometown girl and the now-single dad cowboy who was her first kissâ?¦

“Lacy’s books are just so darn cozy and wholesome, without being cloying.” WendyTheSuperLibrarian book blog

Lacy Williams is the USA Today bestselling author of the acclaimed Wyoming Legacy and Cowboy Fairytales series.


Kissed by a Cowboy 1

He was her first kissâ?¦

Only one thing could’ve forced Haley Carsten to return to her hometownâ??her beloved aunt’s failing health. Being home again stirs up painful memories of the high school best friend that died too young. When she meets a young girl who is the spitting image of her friend, Haley can’t help but feel an instant kinship. The one thing she didn’t count on was running into her high school crushâ??Maddox Michaels.

Maddox is a realist. There’s no place in his life for dreams, not when he has an impressionable niece to raise and a brother who’s lost his way. But when Haley enters his orbit again, he can’t help remembering those dreams that died alongside his sisterâ??dreams like falling in love.

Can Haley resurrect Maddox’s heart, or have too many years passed since she was Kissed by a Cowboy?

Kissed by a Cowboy 2

Ever wonder what happens beyond happily-ever-after?

Haley wanted nothing more than to be a mom, but six months into this motherhood thing, she can’t remember sleeping through the night. She’s a mess. So is the house. And to make things worse, Maddox has a new coworkerâ??a bombshell who happens to be single.

Maddox thinks the baby-rearing stage is easy. It’s nothing compared to finding out his fourteen-year-old niece has been sneaking out at night. Or trying to decipher his wife’s hot and cold signals.

When Livy disappears for the second time, everything that’s been boiling under the surface erupts. Will Maddox and Haley’s love be strong enough to survive?

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Genre: Cowboy romance (sweet)
Length: includes 2 novellas (250 pages)

“Williams delivers a smart, gentle, and uplifting novel.” Publishers Weekly on RETURN OF THE COWBOY DOCTOR.

“It’s the kind of story you want to curl up next to a fireplace with on a snowy Christmas Eve.” WendyTheSuperLibrarian book blog on A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS.

“â?¦a gentle, family-friendly success.” Publishers Weekly on THE HOMESTEADER’S SWEETHEART.

Jubilee ~ The Love Story

by Katy Pistole

Retired horseman, Clay Westin, has suffered terrible loss and turned his back on God. His only connection to life is his son’s horse, Jubilee who has been lost on Clay’s vast drought-stricken ranch for the past year. Can Clay find Jube before it’s too late? Will Clay find peace in the process?

Army of God

by Dennis Bailey

“It is Noah’s Ark meets Game of Thrones, unique and surprising.”Rowena Kuo, Award winning editor and publisher

One of the most beloved and enduring stories of all time . . . One of the most recognizable characters in history . . .A plot by a rival to kill Noah and his family is thwarted by a beautiful young woman, who joins them as they flee the ancient Biblical city of Eden. A year later, the Lord reveals His plan to destroy the earth by flood and commands Noah to build an ark. Only the news is met with skepticism and opposition from members of his own family. Eventually, word of the ark reaches Eden, prompting the rival to send an army of five thousand men to destroy it.

However, Noah has an army of his own.

Action, adventure, and suspense combine with the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark to create a heart-pounding page-turner that will stay with you long after the flood waters have receded.

Amish Lyrical Smile: A Collection of Clean Amish Romance Short Stories

by Harriet Lincoln

Collection of 3 Clean Amish romance short stories or over 30k words of reading!

Miles Apart – A Clean Amish and Military Romance Story
The Strength of Family – Amish and Doctor Romance
First Light – A Clean Amish and Basketball Romance Story

This collection contains standalone romance short stories ending HEA

Love’s Vow (First Street Church Romances Book 4)

by Melissa Storm

Love is patientâ?¦ It’s been nearly a year since Ben Davis first laid eyes on Summer Smith, the woman who would be his saving grace. Now on the eve of their wedding, the entire town of Sweet Grove is in chaos. The wedding garden never bloomed, the flower girl has the flu, and the ring bearer won’t stop biting everyone!

Love is kindâ?¦ Ben’s father is back in town for the first time in years and has brought his new wife and family with him, testing the limits of Susan’s recovery. Meanwhile, both the maid of honor and the pastor are stuck out of town and may not even make it to the ceremony in time. And if diner matriarch Mabel refuses to take her retirement seriously, she just may end up at the hospital instead of the wedding reception.

Love never fails. It’s First Street Church’s first wedding of the season, and nothing is going as planned. Can this small Texas town pull together to give Ben and Summer a wedding they’ll never forget? Don’t miss another chance to visit the close-knit community of Sweet Groveâ??get your copy today! Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

“Melissa Storm does it every time. What a great book!” â??â??â??â??â?? from Dotty

“Melissa Storm brings this and all the stories she writes to life where you feel like you are part of the community.” â??â??â??â??â?? from Debbiew

“Melissa Storm does a great job showing the love of God in her stories.” â??â??â??â??â?? from Shrtip

The Duke (Billionaire Royals Book 3)

by Sophia Summers

In the past, Trane Valdez, Duke of Torren, has had no time for anything but cleaning up after Nico, the Crown Prince, and helping to manage his responsibilities for the crown. But when Seraphina steps back into his life, nothing else seems quite as important.

Just as Trane is committing to put their relationship first, Princess Seraphina Rolana is making plans to become an award winning journalist. Her first assignment? The Valdez family, Trane in particular. As soon as they think this might be the perfect opportunity for their relationship to grow, she discovers problems within Torren she feels duty bound to report, but these are issues that the press will jump all over and may expose Trane and his policies.

When Seraphina’s sketchy connections show violent tendencies, Trane doesn’t know if he can continue dating her or even involving her in his life. Can they weather her career, his protection of the crown and her violent connections in order to save a decade’s long romance?

Fully Involved (Merriville Firefighter Heroes Book 1)

by Dora Hiers

He fights fires. She saves kids. Can they stop battling each other long enough to realize they want the same thing? Love, family…forever.

Social Worker Cammie Parkson regrets not yanking little Jayden from his home after logging concerns about the mother’s boyfriend. If her supervisor hadn’t vetoed her petition, Cammie wouldn’t be pacing the halls of Cherrydale Children’s Hospital alongside the too-hot fire captain who brought Jayden in, waiting for doctors to confirm the suspected abuse. Securing a safe environment for the boy is imperative, so why does Keegan insist on giving her grief? And why does his opinion matter so muchâ?¦

Fire Captain Keegan Madison has witnessed his share of atrocities, but nothing ignites his ire more than child abuse. Even so, Keegan’s not sure the beautiful social worker’s plan to remove the kid from his home is best for the little dude. But Cammie’s ferocious, protective love for the kids at Cherrydale stirs something deep inside him. When she’s offered the opportunity to launch her program in another state, Keegan must convince the obstinate woman that staying is worth the wait, that love is worth the risk.

What readers are saying about Fully Involved

“A Five-Alarm Romance! The chemistry between Cammie and Keegan sizzles, but the obstacles they face make the reader wonder if they’ll ever have their happily ever after. This sweet romance will capture your heart from the start.” ~Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

“The love story is fantastic.” ~Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“Great book! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I hope to read more books by this author.” ~Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

Fully Involved kicks off the Merriville Firefighter Heroes series, but each book can be read as a stand-alone.

Remember Sara (The Women of Mt. Carmel Book 1)

by C. S. Bills

Sara found herself in a little used stairwell several corridors over from Exam Room Three. The observant nurse who’d followed Sara as she dashed down the hallway like a specter found her there, fists clenched against her chest, struggling to breathe, her face as white as the hospital wall she was leaning against, her lips bloodless.
“Dr. Strampein, what’s wrong?” the nurse cried.
Sara turned toward the woman.
“Oh, God,” she moaned as the nurse opened the door and shouted for help.

Mt. Carmel Monastery, with its stone towers, seems more like a castle tour stop then a place Sara might find healing. But its abbess/therapist is Sara’s last hope. Can Mother Elizabeth dispel the darkness in Sara’s mind? A promise of healing and love await her. If only Sara can rememberâ?¦

The Resilient One (Cami’s Billionaire Bride Pact Romance Book 1)

by Cami Checketts

Sweet romance by bestselling inspirational author, Cami Checketts.
Alyssa Armsworth, a world-renowned photographer, has no intentions of honoring the Billionaire Bride Pact she made at girl’s camp to avoid getting whipped cream smeared on her face while she slept. Marriage is the last thing on her to-do list and when her father forces his wealthy friends on her, she runs to Maui.
Her plan to jog on the beach, take some great pictures, and avoid men worksâ??until Beckham Taylor arrives. Spending days on the ocean with the handsome ex-NHL star is ideal, but Alyssa’s guilt for past transgressions begins to consume her. She doesn’t think Beckham could ever forgive what she’s done to him and his family. Before she can confess, her misdeeds are thrust onto the front cover of the tabloids. Now, Alyssa must face her past or lose her future.
Don’t miss one of Cami’s Billionaire Bride Pact Romances:
1. The Resilient One
2. The Feisty One
3. The Independent One
4. The Protective One
5. The Faithful One
6. The Daring One

Revolution Now The Beginning

by J.S. Hudson

One teen with nothing left… but to go out with a bang.

Ty Fischer is a teen from the wrong side of the tracks. Addiction, violence, and social pressures have pushed him to the edge. Can anything stop him and his best friend Jaime from committing a terrible crime? With unseen forces aligning against them, and plans of revenge outstanding, it will take nothing short of a revolution to save Ty’s soul, and the souls of those he plans to kill.

Revolution Now The Beginning is a young adult supernatural thriller that contains Christian themes, violence, and mild suggestive themes. It’s sure to keep you glued to each page as the story and characters grab your heart and challenge what you believe is possible. Buy a copy for yourself and for someone you love today, and stay on the look out for the sequel – Revolution Now The Underground – which is available for Pre-Order on Feb 25.

Love Into Eternity: A Christian Romance

by Marcel Trebeh

One book. Four love stories. One mother’s devotion.

If you believe in true love and adore tender romance, do not miss this emotional read.

Ava finds herself surrounded by three men. Remi, a young stranger, intervenes risking his life to give Ava a chance to run, but things go wrong

Remi’s life is complicated enough already. Then he witnesses three men endangering a young lady. He knows he could never win against three guys, but he must do something to help.

If he can just give her a chance to run…

Welcome to a Southern Louisiana cul-de-sac, where neighbors are like family. Together, they share intimate friendships, abundant laughter, and delicious food. Tragedy strengthens their bonds, and sweet romances develop among them.

Ava and her Mama are best friends, always have been. They delight in livin’ together in their countryside cabin.

Remi, new to the area, finds himself compelled to help Ava. He then finds himself in need of her help. Over time, a deep bond of friendship develops between them. Ava and her welcoming neighbors encourage Remi to persevere through the many difficult challenges he faces. Grateful for finding friendship and support for his disillusioned soul, Remi encourages his new friends to obey their hearts and pursue love. 

Through times of great joy as well as moments of pain, violence, and heartache this group of friends, young and old, persevere together squeezing every drop of happiness they can get out of life.

  • Ava – an opinionated college student who finds herself alone and in danger.
  • Remi - an honorable, young, Southern man risks his life to help a stranger.
  • Angeliqùe – a single mother who raised her daughter, Ava, alone.
  • Santiago – a thirty-something immigrant with an excellent business sense and a beautiful face. Sometimes he acts like a big kid, but he has a great heart.
  • María – Santiago’s sister. Intelligent, beautiful, sweet, and single. A bachelor’s dream.
  • José – Santiago’s best friend. He’s secretly been in love with María for a decade.
  • Rosamunde – after four years of waiting for Santiago’s attention, she’s moving on.
  • Chiquita – a beautiful but eccentric Creole who’s desperate for a husband.
  • Pablo – Santiago’s employee. Chiquita has him in her crosshairs.
  • Mr. Emile – an elderly, Cajun gentleman. Generous, wise and dependable.
  • Two guys – professionals by day and Harley riders by night.

Join these friends as they endure life’s greatest joys, along with suffering and tragedy. With lovable characters and tender relationships, Love Into Eternity is a moving tale of a community bonded by a passion for life and strengthened by genuine faith.

Greater love has no one than this…

This is a standalone, Christian romance.

Previously published under the title Love: A Christian Romance by Marcelle

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