Free science fiction Kindle books for 25 Feb 19

Everyday Apocalypse

by Pieter Lars

A light-hearted science fiction comedy, Everyday Apocalypse follows Tom Brown as he tries to find love in a world with weekly apocalypses.

Aside from the weekly struggle for survival in an ever-changing Armageddon, life’s pretty normal for Tom. He has a nice condo, a decent job, and a Subaru.
But what he REALLY wants is to land a date with the cute receptionist, Sarah.
Sarah is brave, funny, and always has a smile on her face, even when meteors are falling from the sky.
Tom, on the other hand, is terrified every time he leaves the house.
He knows he needs to impress her. He just has to figure out how to do that without getting eaten, burned, drowned, turned into a zombie/werewolf/vampire, disintegrated, abducted by aliens, or any combination of the above.

Después de la gravedad (Spanish Edition)

by David Valverde Mora

Después de la gravedad: crónicas de la humanidad desde la gran extinción hasta el génesis.

Cuando la fatalidad se anuncia de forma tan clara en el vuelo de un ave, no es necesario ser vidente para interpretar el futuro. El día en que la Tierra perdió su gravedad, el destino encontró a Nina en primera fila para presenciar el fruto de años de lucha contra lo inevitable.

En esta primera entrega, el final de los tiempos da paso a un nuevo comienzo.

The Rememberers: Book 1 of 4

by M.D. Golden

In The Rememberers, the human race shares the earth with aliens from a far off planet. In exchange for a safe place to stay, this new alien race agrees to help their new friends make life on Earth easier. Secrets are shared that prevent the human race from getting sick, entering into war over resources, and all around eliminate the daily stressors of life. With new technology and a new way of thinking, the planet and all within thrive. Life has never been better, but not all is as it seems. Trouble lurks in the dark for those who step out of line. Matt seeks answers for those who disappear, and his new friend is determined to keep him safe at all cost.

Other books:
The Rebellion (Book 2 of The Rememberers: Coming Soon)

Day of Reckoning

by Isaiah Lee

Syracuse, New York.

Johnny Ponder and Stacy Ledbetter are found murdered in Shepherd Park. The event has rattled the tight-knit community. On the same night of their murders, blueish-green flashes light up the night sky all around Syracuse. Strange things are reported in the area. Cars shut off unexpectedly while traveling down the road. Radio signals were lost.

As things began to level out and normality is restored, an alien race known as the Qspolians make their presence known. Their interplanetary cruiser crash-landed on Earth, effectively stranding them.

Sergeant O’Reilly is hand-picked by the president to complete one task: He is to act as ambassador for the human race and do whatever it takes to keep peace. Instead of keeping peace, O’Reilly plunges Earth into World War Three.

The Day of Reckoning is upon them.

Sagitta (StarFighter Book 1)

by C.M. Benamati

The once-mighty Maurian Empire is crumbling before an unstoppable enemy, and Fleet Commander Mog is fighting to hold their last outpost. As the mysterious Ta’Krell press their assault on Sledgim’s gates, it seems only a miracle can save the Maurians from extinction. Meanwhile, lightyears away, humans have spread throughout the solar system and are forging ahead towards the stars. When the International Space Force’s secret starship propulsion program goes wrong, Morgan Greenfield, a teenage rally-car racer from Arizona, is flung into deep space. Follow him and his comrades as they make first contact and change the course of an alien war.


by Gordon Savage

What if you invented something that would literally change the world?
Dr. Melissa Kim and her partners, Greg Masterson and Troy Santori, are developing such a device – a teleportal – that provides instantaneous transportation, effectively eliminating borders, and they are walking into a buzz saw.
When an accident in the lab exposes the project, all three become instant targets. Groups from all over the world are after them to control the device or eliminate it and its inventors. The government sends a team to find and protect Melissa’s team and another to make sure the device doesn’t go public. Others don’t play as nice.
Fighting for survival, the trio has to stay out of the hands of increasingly aggressive pursuers. The trio’s struggles to protect themselves and their invention are only the beginning of this page-turning and heart-pounding action adventure.

Solaris: La Batalla Final: Novelas Cortas Serie Behemoth Ascending Primera Parte (Spanish Edition)

by Frank J. Manchon

Los Thubanos, o Anunnaki como se les conoce en Terra, son un clan menor del Imperio Draconiano. Fueron derrotados hace cuatrocientos años y expulsados de Solaris. Ahora, han vuelto con el único objetivo de exterminar a sus eternos enemigos: Los humanos estelares.
Los Atlantes, son descendientes de los Veganos, una de las cuatro razas que componen la Alianza Estelar. Después de perder su mundo en el sistema Hélix, encontraron Terra y lucharon una breve batalla contra los Thubanos, liberando así el planeta, asentadose después en él para coexistir en paz con los nativos.
Marte es la principal colonia Atlante en Solaris, siendo terraformado en ese momento, pero este plan de convertir el planeta rojo en un jardín de nuevo, es detenido por una nueva invasión extraterrestre.
Un gobernador y una IA, serán la última esperanza para la civilización Atlante.
Esta vez, los Thubanos están preparados y vienen con sed de venganza.

Darkness on a Pale Blue Stone

by D.T. Peterson

At the twilight of high-tech 2072, Michael Case and his family watch helplessly as New York City goes dark, now only lit by a massive fireball. From their car to their dish-washer, all modern technology has been destroyed in a global blackout. Forced at gunpoint to follow the unthinkable for an unknown reason, they travel south along the Atlantic coast, soon joined by several others, all with different reasons for facing the apocalyptic landscape of former America.

The harsh new world and its even harsher inhabitants obstruct the group’s progress, while a far greater threat follows from the north. Rumors of dark figures wielding fire is the only warning anyone ever gets before it’s too late. Only the groups’ enigmatic leader knows what pursues them and what really lies at their final destination… and he’s not telling.

LZR-1143: Desolation

by Bryan James

The world is lost.

The undead blanket the land. The living struggle to survive.

Amidst the wreckage and decay, Mike and his friends fight to continue their quest, risking everything to find Kate’s daughter.

But can they ever hope to prevail, as the forces of nature turn against them? Through earthquakes that ravage the very earth upon which they journey, and the devastating waves of furious tsunamis, their greatest challenges await.

It is no longer just a struggle against the undead.

It is a battle to survive in a land of utter desolation.

A Zombie’s Revenge

by J.W. Stevens

Feasting on brains and raising havoc is what Detective Zee Ombrie does best.

In the modern fantasy city of Simpleton, life is too peaceful and perfect with vampires buying blood, goblins holding down jobs, and the Gentlemen policing the streets with magic.

Crime is at an historic low when Detective Zee opens a cold case from his past. The facts are simple. The Gentlemen butchered all the zombies in Simpleton. Well, all but one, and that lone survivor has an insatiable vendetta to even the score.

But the detective knows taking on wizards would be suicidal. Nevertheless, the opportunity for chaos presents itself for Zee to capitalize on. After the first death, the Gentlemen discover chilling clues about their assailant.

Greater dangers lurk in the shadows for everyone once Zee unravels a dark secret regarding a young witch caught on the Gentlemen’s hit list. When the bodies start piling up, the Gentlemen’s only chance to maintain order throughout the city is to reign with fear and magic.

Which may be exactly what Detective Zee Ombrie wants.

Gentlemen Beware.

Hallows Eve: Time Patrol

by Bob Mayer

What does it take to change history and destroy our reality? Change events on the same date, Hallows Eve, in six different years. The Time Patrol must send an agent back to each day, with just 24 hours for each to defeat the Shadow’s plan to disrupt our time-line.

Scout: 31 Oct 1517: Luther nails 95 Theses to the door of the Cathedral in Wittenberg, forever changing the world. Or does he?

Neeley: 31 Oct 1984: Indira Gandhi is assassinated. But what if she isn’t?

Lara: 31 Oct 1692: The Salem Witch Trials are coming to an end, but what if there is one more, very important, victim?

Roland: 31 Oct 1941: Six weeks before Pearl Harbor, the first American warship is sunk by a German U-Boat. But what if the Reuben James is carrying a very special cargo?

Eagle: 31 Oct 1828: The last year of Shaka Zulu’s reign. But what if the mad king of the Zulus must fight one last great battle to save all mankind?

Ivar: Zero Day, Zero Year: A wrinkle in the mission as a team member must prevent a Zero Day exploit that could destroy our modern world.

The Shadow’s plan is to disrupt our time-line, creating a time tsunami and wiping our present out.

It is up to the Time Patrol to make sure that doesn’t happen!


by Samie Sands

Doomsday…the end of the world is here, but how will the apocalypse happen? Will it be viral, an explosion, or simply human nature that destroys us? Read on, you might be surprised…

Home, Sweet Post-Apocalyptic Home by Alex Winck
Antidote by Samie Sands
From Strange to Indifferent by Katie Jaarsveld
Interim by Stefan Vucak
A Forever Kind of Love by Andrew Darlington
Talking Bodies by M. Earl Smith
Where the Water Is by Sheri Velarde
But a Whimper by Rick Eddy
The Countess Consuela by Michael Peirce
On Trial by Samie Sands
Thoughts of Memory by Andrew J Lucas and Natalie A. Lucas
Praying To Die by Fernanda Oz
Nightmare Rising by McKenzie Richardson
The Last of the Regulars by Andy Lockwood


by Lindsay Woodward

When Beth finally finds out the dark truth about Simon, she’s swept into a supernatural world that will change her life forever. From fighting powers she can’t understand to spell-binding contracts, she is forced into acts of desperation and deceit that she never thought could exist. This is a magical love story set against the backdrop of a corrupt world where everyone is struggling for power. A power that could cost Beth and Simon their lives. All it takes is one feather…

Peacemaker: The Corona Rebellion 2564 AD

by Gordon Savage

Stranded on the planet Corona when his ship disappears in a nuclear explosion, Commander Gus Colt is about to learn the hard way that peacemaking isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Two hundred years after the first settlers landed on the planet, the colonists face a nightmare situation. Previously undiscovered natives have been reported, and colonizing an inhabited planet is absolutely prohibited. Threatened with relocation, the Coronans rebel to defendâ??at all costâ??the only home they’ve ever known.
Tossed unceremoniously into the heart of the rebellion, Gus is hounded by a relentless adversary. He’ll need all his skills just to survive, much less stop the fighting without resorting to violence. But Gus has a secret weapon. His detractors call it brashness. His friends call it audacity. He calls it keeping the opposition off balance … Will it be enough?

The Oppressed: A Wroth Worlds Novel

by Matt Thomas

The survivors spitefully call them “Runners.”  They escaped when the Hetarek, murdering or enslaving any humans they found, first invaded and seized the system.   But, after nearly a generation, humanity is returning to Earth.

Bryan Howe leads Free Human Special Forces Detachment 8222.   The twelve men and women, weathered by twenty-three homeless years of endless war, know failure but not surrender.  They fight because they must, undaunted by the challenges of liberating their homeworld.  The Hetarek rule their captives with an iron fist.  The violently oppressed slaves hate their masters only slightly more than the Runners who left them behind.  Still, Howe must unite and teach them to fight for a common purpose.  Only by building an insurrection from nothing can one battle-weary team hope to free the planet.

From light-years away, a dedicated team supports them, fighting a secret war within a war.  Xander Gretter masterminded the operation.  His relationship with the Ahai, humanity’s precarious allies, drives the joint mission to liberate Earth.  Jean Costeaux, one of the few pilots still flying fighters from inside the cockpit, leaves the front line for the first time in his life to push deep into Hetarek space.  Together, they share one goal: bring humanity home.

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