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HOW TO USE VEGETABLE OIL AS FUEL FOR YOUR DIESEL ENGINE: Introduction to the elaboration of biodiesel and a waste oil processor

by Karl Franklin

The increasing need for cleaner and sustainable energies provoked by the contamination emitted to the atmosphere made by petrol sources had made biodiesel an option to reduce those emissions by using a renewable, clean product as vegetable to impulse diesel engines.
There are some main advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing engines, vehicles and infrastructure with practically no changes. Biodiesel can be pumped, stored and burned just like petroleum diesel fuel, and can be used pure, or in blends with petroleum diesel fuel in any proportion. Power and fuel economy using biodiesel is practically identical to petroleum diesel fuel, and year round operation can be achieved by blending with diesel fuel. When producing biodiesel you can virtually take advantage of 100% of the oil used in other forms of raw materials (for example glycerol to make soaps).
In this book we will try to expose the chemistry behind the processing of vegetable oil (waste or clean), the equipment, safety measures and set up for the area to process a batch of biodiesel at home.

Essential Oils for Beginners: Relax Breathe and Energize Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit: An Exclusive Guide on How to Use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy … Oils Guide, Essential Oils Book 1)

by Jaydon Taylor

Essential Oils for Beginners: Relax Breathe and Energize Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit

An Exclusive Guide on How to Use Essential Oils and Aromatherapy to Heal your Body, Mind and Spirit

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Aromatherapy is a practice in which essential oils along with other natural ingredients have a positive effect on your emotional and physical well being. Other ingredients include vegetable oils, hydrosols, herbs, sugar, salts, a liquid wax like jojoba, clay, mud etc. The essential oils used in Aromatherapy are diluted with carrier oil. They may be used individually or in blended form. Blending is a science and art. It can be done to achieve desired aroma or therapeutic effect.

Aromatherapy is a practice in which volatile oils derived from plants are used for mental and physical well being. In addition to essential oils, aromatherapy also comprises use of other complementary natural ingredients like vegetable oils, hydrosols, herbs, sugar, salts, a liquid wax such as jojoba, clay, mud, etc. Synthetic products or ingredients are strictly banned, when it is aromatherapy or usage of essential oils. Everything is natural or derived from nature. Buyers who want to use genuine aromatherapy products should follow a thumb rule: Check the list of ingredients of all the products. Products which give a general list of contents or which do not provide list of ingredients at all, are supposed to comprise of synthetic ingredients!

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Take action now and enjoy the wide benefits of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. Discover how easy it is to Relax, Breathe and Energize!!

How I Cope with Multiple Sclerosis

by Angela Hope

If you are reading this story you possibly have recently been diagnosed with MS or you know someone who has this debilitating disease.
Each person is different so will not necessarily share the same experiences, pain or disabling episodes.
I hope my contribution is helpful.

Textbook Of Medical Physiology

by A.P. Krishna

For current medical students, this is a great way to reinforce the material you are learning and another incentive to
know the information well. For professionals in the field, this is an opportunity to stay up to date with the most current
research and data. Medical Physiology hopes to accomplish the first in what are many other books in the basic
sciences to allow greater access to those in the field of medicine and those who wish to understand these topics at a
greater level. All the chapters of the book have been discussed in detail that students can grasp the matter easily.

Salient Features:

Simple and easy language
Easy to understand, easy to remember and reproduce
Lots of diagrams, flowcharts and tables are provided
Fundamental and basic principles of physiology are clearly explained
Excess, unwanted details are omitted
Essential and relevant information is presented in a simple lucid manner
Exam oriented point wise presentation
An exhaustive, chapterwise question bank is provided
Prepared as per syllabus of sevenal Health Universities

Concise Anatomy and Physiology: for Paramedical, Nursing, Pharmacy and physiotherapy Students

by Adil Asghar

The book “Concise Anatomy and Physiology” has immense value for students of paramedical sciences (BMLT, DMLT, X-ray technician, OT technician, Trauma and emergency care technician), Nursing (B.Sc. and GNM), Pharmacy and Physiotherapy (BPT, Diploma PT). This book is prepared strictly as per the curriculum of all regulatory councils (Nursing council, Rehabilitation council and Pharmacy council) with special emphasis on clinical application, facilitating accurate and speedy retrieval of anatomical and physiological facts. This book will serve a good purpose to the students and teachers.

Salient features:

Provides concise text.

Covers curriculums of paramedics , pharmacy, nursing and physiotherapy

Written in simple and easy to understand language.

Simple illustrated diagrams.

Delight Your Dog: Natural Treats To Delight Your Dog

by Eden Watkins

Delight Your Dog – Natural Treats To Delight Your Dog

As dog owners become more aware of their pet’s nutritional needs, they increasingly recognize the advantage of providing their pets with natural dog treats.
Natural dog treats leave your dog with straight nutritional value and nothing more because they contain no added chemical preservatives or fillers. To ensure that natural treats are even fit for human consumption, they also use the highest grade of edible products and processing techniques because you never know, it might help if you get stuck in a survival situation with your dog! Below are some commercially-available natural dog treats as well as a few treats that you might find in your very own backyard.
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Treat and Prevent Sinusitis – What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You: (sinus infection, sinusitis symptoms, sinusitis treatment, sinus cure, chronic sinusitis, … symptoms) (Transcend Mediocrity Book 35)

by J.B. Snow

There are THREE causes for sinus infections.
YOUR DOCTOR isn’t telling you one of them.
It took me 35 years to find the cure. It isn’t at the doctor’s office.
It is right here in this book.

If you have bloody nasal discharge – you must read this book now.

Throwing antibiotics, sinus surgeries and a myriad of other treatments at your sinus infection will not cure you. It will only set you up for worse disaster.

Read this book to stop your sinus headaches, fatigue, pain and suffering now.
I have the cure. I want to help give you the answers that you have been seeking for YEARS!

Sleep : 5O Proven Strategies To Hack Your Way To A Better Sleep And Cure Insomnia!

by Kellie Sullivan

Sleep – The Powerful Secret To Better Sleep Will Be Revealed!

A Short Read With Easy To Apply Practical Tips & Powerful Knowledge That Will Help You In No Time

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All of us wants to get enough sleep or at least better sleep. However, there are times when it becomes difficult for us to do so because of various reasons. Maybe because you are suffering from pain or you have so many things to think about. However, if it happens so frequently, then you need to pay more attention to yourself. This is because you might be suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders. If you are one of those people who are suffering from such disorders, then you have come to read the right book.

There are various things that may cause or trigger insomnia. It includes being under extreme stress and feeling discomfort, either physically, emotionally or both. It may also be because of environmental factors, especially during the time of sleep. Interferences in the sleeping schedule and medications may also contribute to it.

This book contains all the necessary things you need to know and to do in order for you to get the sleep that you truly deserve.

Tired of having that long restless night and feeling lethargic and not fully presence in the morning?

So let’s start making that changes?

Here Is A Preview Of What Inside The Book:

  • A glimpse of what insomnia is as well as the importance of sleep.
  • Proven strategies that would help you fall asleep, stay asleep and say goodbye to insomnia.
  • Insights as to why you need to try out the strategies mentioned.
  • And much, much more!

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Discrete Mathematics

by H. V. Keshavan

The book Discrete Mathematics comprises of 16 topics, Set theory, Relations, Functions, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial theorem, Circular Permutations, Mathematical Induction, Number system, Binary system, Groups, Rings, Graph theory, Probability, usefull for the students of engineering M.C.A., B.C.A., B.Sc., Computer science of Indian Universities. The book is prepared in a lucid style keeping in mind even the average students can understand each content in every topic without ambiguity. It is also very useful reference book for students appear for national level competitive examinations and teachers can refer this book for their line of activity. The book is prepared as per the syllabus of V.T.U., Belgaum, Karnataka, and also covered the topics of all the other Indian Universities. Problems of various Indian universities examinations papers have been solved so that the students get an idea to prepare themselves for their examination. Several problems have been left as an exercise for the students to solve and get confidence about the subject. This book will be an useful reference book both for students and for teachers not only from the examination point of view but also for application for their higher level studies.

Top NCLEX Medications for Nurses RN: Sample Version

by Jonathan Small RN PCCN HIT-Pro

This is a sample of NCLEX Questions: Top Meds on NCLEX RN 3rd Edition. You will get to review 5 of of 30 chapters that are in the full text edition. NCLEX questions and study tips for you to learn how to pass NCLEX RN exam. This a great study guide for nurses looking to pass the NCLEX exam using practice NCLEX questions. You get the Top Meds that you may find on the NCLEX exam. Increase your chances of passing NCLEX by using our NCLEX study questions.

The best NCLEX pharmacology book with over 240 5 star reviews from nursing instructors and registered nursing students. #1 best selling nursing pharmacology book on Amazon. This is a great book to prepare for NCLEX, Hurst, NCSBN, or ATI exam. As a Registered Nurse, you get proven content and review questions that will help you pass the NCLEX RN exam. The newest 2015 focused content for nurses that are preparing to take the NCLEX exam within the next 13 months.
-NCLEX Tips for over 28 medication drug classes
-Pass NCLEX, Hurst, NCSBN, and ATI exam on your 1st try
-Registered Nurses Discover the latest NCLEX pharmacology strategies.
-Quick tips and fast facts to pass the NCLEX RN exam for registered nurses.
-Practice nursing NCLEX questions similar to ATI
-This is the fastest way to prepare and learn NCLEX RN pharmacology
-A Registered Nurse guide for memorizing NCLEX medications
Introducing your latest and best medication ebook with practice questions: you will find numerous NCLEX practice questions and study over 28 medication drug classes. Developed by board certified nurse educators and reviewed by pharmacist for nurse rn students. You will find that this is the fastest way for you to learn NCLEX pharmacology. This book is a NCLEX review study supplement with NCLEX style practice questions and best used by nurses that have already taken or currently taken a pharmacology college course. You will receive also NCLEX tips to help you pass the exam. I hope you enjoy the study guide. We are sure that you will find that this is the fastest way for you to learn NCLEX pharmacology.

Bell Peppers

by Roby Jose Ciju

This small book of 100-pages on “Bell Peppers” explains in detail ideal growing practices and nutritional information of various types of bell peppers such as green bell peppers, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, white bell peppers, and purple bell peppers. Bell peppers are also known as sweet peppers because they are non-pungent unlike other chili peppers. In some parts of the world, bell peppers are known as capsicums and/or capsicum vegetables.

Do Your Stroke Therapists Really Care?

by Norberto Franco Cisneros

In “Does Your Stroke Therapist Really Care?” author, Norberto Cisneros, takes physical and occupational therapists to task for their one-size fits all approach to stroke rehabilitation. After a massive stroke paralyzed the entire left side of his body, Mr. Cisneros worked with numerous therapists in hopes of recovering his nonfunctional limbs. In his estimation, his rehab treatments fell far short of the goal of full recovery. His experiences revealed embedded biases against older patients’ recovery, and other obstacles to therapy caused by unrealistic plateaus imposed by doctors and insurance companies. In his quest for the truth about his own non-recovery, Mr. Cisneros doubts the efficacy of current methods used by therapists to treat stroke patients. Although his analysis reveals admiration for their best work, he also cites disappointment at their general “lack of urgency,” in particular when treating older patients. Mr. Cisneros has written “Does Your Stroke Therapist Really Care?” in hopes of providing therapists and the healthcare community new ideas to consider in its approach to stroke treatment.

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