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Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Learn: Bushcraft, Wilderness, Outdoor skills, Prepping, Survival Guide

by Josh Xavier

A complete guide for beginners who are looking for a way to kick-start their survival knowledge.

Calamities, economic breakdown, and being stuck in the jungle are inevitable. These are situations wherein you have to look forward to as they can certainly happen. It’s not a matter of IF it strikes, but more of a WHEN it happens.

There are a lot of factors that may cause you to try to live in the jungle or woods, and being inexperienced in this area would mean death as there are dangers lurking in the outdoors, especially for those who aren’t informed.

This e-Book is written for beginners who have little to no experience in surviving in the outdoors, this covers everything that you have to learn in order to keep yourself alive when the worse comes to shove.

Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know e-Book has 22 solid tips and guides that are going to make a difference in surviving. It shows you how you can start a fire without the help of a lighter or how you can get purified drinking water without any river nearby.

It tells you the things that you should or shouldn’t do when you are in panic mode, and it helps in keeping your mind intact when the situations arise.

Survival Medicine: The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

by Mike Healler

Survival Medicine:

The Guide to First Aid and Survival Medical Emergencies to Stay Alive

This very book is committed to instruct and set up those people who look to ensure the prosperity of their companions, and particularly their families. On the off chance that you can assimilate and appreciate all the data here, at that point you may have a higher survival chance amid a shutdown situation. Besides, you’ll acquire a sensible point of view of medicinal issues which you can get by without the need of current foundations, for example, healing centers.
Utilizing the book, we’re planning to give you key and significant knowledge as to touch base with alternatives that could build your odds of treating sicknesses and wounds.
Every one of the details and knowledge written in this book is fundamentally committed for use amid a dystopian situation when high-innovation instruments and gear are not any more accessible. For example, your leg got broken, it wouldn’t suggest that a brace made out of two sticks would improve the situation in an expert orthopedic treatment. Henceforth, a portion of the tips and strategies here won’t be the most strong methods for treating specific restorative issues. They generally follow with the logic that something is in reality superior to nothing by any stretch of the imagination.
Then again, on the off chance that we never confront a long haul survival setting, this very book will even now be justified regardless of your exertion and cost since it contains heaps of principal knowledge and in addition critical tips amid minor crises. The data gave in this book may be important while in a state where nobody can help you “for the interim”. Indeed, even a smidgen of restorative knowledge, you could increase some time for a harmed companion, or family, and help their recuperation.

Also, you’ll have the chance to learn different profitable tips, for example:

  • Fundamentals Behind Survival Medicine
  • Alternative Natural Remedies
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Injuries
  • Various Alternative Treatments
  • Different Pharmaceuticals

Above all, you will have turned out to be therapeutically arranged to confront the exceptionally unverifiable future; and all things considered, isn’t that what you needed to achieve when you initially gotten this book?

Pony Racer

by Lucy Johnson

Troubled after a difficult start in life, it is Tom’s affection for Leo, and the unconditional love and support from the Heavens that gives him hope and confidence. He discovers he is fearless, determined, and surrounded by people who recognise his skills as a horseman. Tom holds on to a dream that one day he’ll be good enough to ride Leo in a pony race and take the first step towards becoming a jockey.

Tale of the Green Dragon

by Jay Irwin

“Let me tell you a whale of a tale of two old codgers who liked to sail; one was named Jay, the other one Al. Between them they had 150 years of living and over 100 years of sailing.”
So begins the tale of the Green Dragon, a true American blue-blooded gaff-rigged schooner on a peregrinate thousand-mile trip from Spruce Head, Maine, to Fells Point, Maryland and the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. This is no typical summer cruise logbook.Armchair sailors will enjoy the sights and sounds of sailing and insights into local anchorages and good bread and pizza and lobster. The seasoned sailor will relish the local knowledge of unlit markers and blinding shorelights skillfully woven into a context of maritime history abounding with nautical terms and practical techniques for living with and loving old wooden boats.

Sailing the Ogre: The Log of a Woman Wanderer (Annotated)

by Mabel Stock

Mabel Stock, her brother Ralph, and their friend buy a 45-foot gaff-rigged sailboat after World War I and from 1919 to 1920 sail it half-way across the world. They are one of the first cruising yachts to transit the Panama Canal in the OGRE sailboat. They go on to sail the South Pacific. This is one of the earliest accounts of a sailing yacht cruise authored by a woman. Mabel Stock joins the ranks of the Captain J. C. Voss and Joshua Slocum as an earlier pioneer of long-distance cruising in small sailing yachts. Mabel Stock and other crew sail from England to Spain, the Canary Islands, Barbados, Panama, the Galapagos, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, Tahiti, Palmerston Atoll, and Nukualofa, Tonga.
This was first published under the title of A LOG OF A WOMAN WANDERER in 1923 by William Heinemann Ltd., London. The 2019 Oxriver Publishing edition edited by Dr. Linus Wilson is annotated to bring out the historic significance of the text. This new version is edited to improve its readability for modern sailors. Mabel Stock died in 1941. This was her only book. In the text is a rare biography of the author created from consulting government documents and other, original source material.

Reason to Run: 34 Reasons to Start your Running Journey (Just Some Motivation)

by Logan Smith

Just some reasons to get you to start running, which is one of the greatest things that many of us are missing out in our lives.

A list of reasons, along with my personal story about running; to get you motivated. A part of the series of books, Just some Motivation.

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