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Vísperas de una guerra (Spanish Edition)

by José Enrique Solís Acosta

Un hombre aburrido por la rutina y abatido por la vida que le ha tocado vivir, se verá en la disyuntiva entre si salvar al hombre que mató a su familia o ser cómplice de su asesinato. La decisión que tome, podrá llevarle a un punto de quiebre, que ponga en juego su vida, y la de los suyos.

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The Haunted Detective

by Pirate Irwin

Paris might be liberated and the war at an end but a huge influx of returning refugees, concentration camp survivors and less savoury types who fought for or collaborated with the Nazis presents a whole swathe of problems for a hard-pressed government which is already struggling with food and power shortages.

There is also a thirst for vengeance — some taken on the street but also a set of trials in court for the major figures in the Vichy Government.

One of those is Lafarge’s father — the senior confidant of Marshal Petain — who is incarcerated in Fresnes prison with others from the disgraced regime.

Lafarge fears for his father’s life and along with his colourful step brother — who has returned on a train filled with POW’s — pays two guards to look out for him.

However, he is murdered and whilst Lafarge is warned by his superior to take a backseat on the investigation he is soon heavily involved as other murders appear to be linked to that of his father whilst the two prison guards disappear.

With the fear his own past crimes will be revealed and with his family a constant source of anxiety he finds solace in his love of cognac and becomes enmeshed in a sinister tale of betrayal and murder where no one appears above suspicion in a city that is a long way from emerging from its nightmare.

Praise for Pirate Irwin:

‘A brilliant detective story that captures the tensions of the era.’ Tom Kasey

â??Pirate Irwin is brilliant at creating character, plot and an all pervading sense of moral ambiguity. The period detail is impeccable.’ Patrick Bishop

Pirate Irwin is a journalist and author based in Paris. As a sports journalist he has covered nearly every single major world sporting event reporting from four Football World Cups to four Olympic Games. His first novel was The Twisted Patriot which was nominated for the Amazon debut novel award, the Breakthrough award.

Infidel’s Corner

by David Morais

Infidels’ Corner is an action-packed adventure story with elements of science-fiction and romance set in the 22nd century. Mezox is the son of Alex, a great inventor. Mezox chose an alternative path to his father while growing on the streets of London’s theocratic dystopia. All that changes when he comes across a metallic disk in his father’s shed, sparking a dangerous level of curiosity. His discovery heralds the beginning of an adventure to the northern separatist realm where Alex’s creation will become the envy of the world. The most formidable armies will stop at nothing to take its insatiable power, especially Mezox’s arch-nemesis, Summanus.

l’ordine (Italian Edition)

by lucio mencatelli

Dalla finestra poteva osservare lo spaventoso manto di nubi, che, laggiù, premeva sull’orizzonte ormai sopraffatto. Presto sarebbe arrivata : niente e nessuno avrebbe fermato la tempesta.
Il lago, grigio e tremante, sarebbe stato tra non molto preda del vento gelido. Ne avrebbe percosso senza pietà la superficie. E onde spumeggianti si sarebbero infrante sulle rive. Gabbiani e corvi stavano gridando in cerca di un solido riparo.
La natura era in attesa di ciò che sarebbe stato inevitabile.
Ma, come sempre accadeva, alla tempesta, al disordine, sarebbe seguita la serenità. E l’ordine.

Osservò le prime tenui lacrime di pioggia scivolare a fatica lungo la vetrata aperta.
Scendevano lungo una fila quasi perfetta,come in una devota processione. Si riunivano. Poi si lasciavano. E quindi si riabbracciavano nuovamente.
Un magico ordine le guidava verso l’obiettivo comune.
Il suo indice si posò su una fila di gocce.
Quasi spaventate dall’intrusione, esse si separarono, per poi ritrovarsi , un po’ più avanti, come allegre compagne di viaggio.
All’ordine , imposto dalla natura e dalla fisica, lui aveva opposto la forza del suo disordine : aveva avuto il temporaneo potere di creare una nuova via per quelle gocce. Un nuovo equilibrio . Un nuovo mondo.
La sua vita era racchiusa in quell’immagine : disordine per un nuovo ordine. Migliore del precedente?
Così gli avevano insegnato.
Ma lui non ne era più tanto sicuro.

‘Father’: FATHER

by Adir Borges de Oliveira

A boy:
Found in the gate of a orfanage he developed strange way of living.
A man:
Heroic performance in the great world war, unhappy with civilization find Peace in the mountains where he had the most emotion the man coud even dream…
Not the final frontier, but where aliens work hard to grow its scientific affers…

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