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The Fortress of Time: a Time Travel Romance: Called by a Viking Series Book 1

by Mariah Stone

She rights wrongs on the behalf of womankind. He wields a bloody battle-axe. What happens when a modern feminist stares down a hunky Viking?

New York discrimination lawyer Donna relentlessly pursues justice for women. But her secret attraction to alpha males is her only weakness, and she can’t resist the sexy battle-clad Viking of her nighttime fantasies. Just when she’s about to say “yes” to the tempting giant, she realizes with a shock that she’s not in a dream at allâ??she’s actually back in ancient Norway!

Sigurd loves his people and vows to keep them safe, but his village fortress desperately needs rebuilding. After losing a bloody battle, he doesn’t have enough men left to shore up their defenses and he staunchly refuses to allow the women to help. But when a blonde goddess appears out of thin air, what else could it be but an omen?

As Donna’s women’s lib battles Sigurd’s Viking male arrogance, enemies close in for the attack. Can the lawyer and the warrior see past their millennium-wide cultural differences, or will vicious raiders pillage their chance at love?

The Fortress of Time: A Time Travel Romance is the first book in the sexy Called by a Viking series. If you like powerful Nordic rulers, intelligent female characters, and steamy intimate connections, then you’ll love Mariah Stone’s racy Norwegian tale.

Buy The Fortress of Time to let your defenses down for a hot Viking adventure today!

Angelique’s Land

by Angela Mooreland

Meet the Métis and hang on tight for two turbocharged tales of danger and deception where Half-Breed heroines are under the gun and on the run. Angie, a tenacious government whistleblower is suddenly fired and plows headlong into a surrealistic road trip where the Feds are foes and outlaws are allies. Meanwhile, in a bygone era, Angelique, a fearless fem-fatal, sets out across the wilderness tracked by racists and rogues on the trail to her promised land.

“Based on real stories the government doesn’t want you to know, Angelique’s Land exposes the hidden histories of two unsung heroines of the American west.”

“Mooreland will skew your perceptions of past history and present politics.”

“An explosive, entertaining and educational exposé of America’s underground ethnic group, Angela Mooreland’s debut novel, Angelique’s Land, is the definitive Métis manifesto!”

“Two adventure stories in one, Angelique’s Land parallels the trials and tribulations of hardcore, headstrong, Métisse heroines who vanquish vile villains in pursuit of liberty, justice and truth.”

Fleeing The Jurisdiction (The Derry Women Series Book 3)

by Gerald Hansen

PLEASE NOTE: Although this book is part of the DERRY WOMEN SERIES, there is no cliffhanger. It is true that the characters get older as the series progresses, but each book is a complete story, and can be enjoyed without having read the previous book.

It’s danger on the high seas for the Barnetts, but will it come from the authorities, Mother Nature or family Flood?

In Wisconsin six years ago, Ursula Barnett accidentally committed a shocking crime. The statute of limitations is inching closer, and the police are circling in. Panicked, Ursula books herself and her American family passage on a budget centennial Titanic cruise, hoping to ride out the investigation and embark a woman redeemed.

But lurking amongst the leaky walls of the Queen of Crabs is a danger worse than disgruntled, poorly-paid staff, bad food and terrifying onshore excursions: her Irish family, still resentful of the Barnett’s lottery win years earlier. Sister-in-law Fionnuala Flood, knowing Ursula is a sitting duck for the next twelve days, rallies the family to retaliate, stopping at nothing to drag lady of leisure Ursula back down into the gutter that is their own life. The Queen of Crabs, though, is not Derry, Northern Ireland, but an alien battlefield, where the Barnetts and Floods find more enemies lurking outside the family than within.

Fleeing The Jurisdiction is equal parts Titanic, Love Boat and Voyage of the Damned, a darkly comic story of family relationships, the politics of envy and, perhaps, some personal redemption.

Blythe of the Gates

by Leah Erickson

Winner of the NYC Big Book Award–Distinguished Favorite

Can the gates of perception be bypassed?

The year is 1911. A rash love affair with a member of the Irish Mafia catapults Luna Mulkerrins into scandal, murder, scorn and decadent friendships in Ragtime Manhattan. Escaping from the blaze of publicity, a new Luna emerges: Blythe of the Seven Gates. Her meteoric rise as a magician leads to fame, vaudeville, silent movies and the notoriety of a damaging court case. Can Luna reclaim her reputation and reinvent herself as an independent woman of the time?

“This book is as enchanting as the magic tricks within. Heartbreaking, thrilling and powerful, it’s a journey you won’t want to miss.” — Jo Niederhoff, Seattle Book review

The Gilded Curse

by Marilyn Turk

Silver Scroll Merit Award Winner

Lexie doesn’t believe in curses â?? or blessings, for that matter. But when she arrives on the island in January of 1942 she finds an mysterious intruder living in the family cottage. With German subs threatening U.S. ships along the coastline, a stranger stalks Lexie. What does she have that anyone would want?

Russell Parker, a childhood friend, has become the superintendent of the Jekyll Island Inn and keeper of the club members’ secrets â?? including the secrets of Lexie’s family. As Lexie and Russell seek to uncover the truth surrounding the cottage’s curses â?? and identify the motives behind the phantom stranger â?? an unexpected romance blossoms.

But can they act in time? Or will Lexie become the next victim of the Gilded Curse?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations or strong language. May also contain content of an inspirational nature. Amazon customers who purchase the print version have the option to purchase the Kindle eBook at no charge.

Winter’s Bite: A Clean Historical Mystery (The Isabella Rockwell Chronicles Book 1)

by Hannah Parry

Is your worst enemy the one looking back at you from the mirror?

Fifteen year old Isabella Rockwell’s bones ache with homesickness. But home is eight thousand miles away in northern India, and Isabella is imprisoned in the bitter winter of nineteenth century London. Sent to England after her father goes missing in a violent battle, Isabella runs away from a life of drudgery and hardship. Rescued from death by a gang of street urchins, Isabella finds the shelter and love she so desperately craves. As an accomplished trickster, she starts to save for her passage home with the money she makes from swindling the rich.
After a moment of heroism which surprises even herself, Isabella wakes in Kensington Palace. This is an opportunity too good to miss. If she can steal one of the glowing, priceless paintings, she and her gang will have enough to keep out searing cold and gnawing hunger for the rest of their lives.
If Isabella plays her cards right.
What she hasn’t reckoned with is her growing fondness for the Princess Alixandrina Victoria Hanover, a kind and lonely girl her own age, and heir to the British throne. Despite the richness of her surroundings, Alix’s life is harsh and without love.
When someone tries to poison Isabella, Isabella realises it is Alix’s life which is under threat. At first Isabella suspects Prince Ernest, a hardened general, and next in line to the throne. Or is it John Conroy, a powerful schemer, in love with Alix’s beautiful spendthrift mother, and desperate to get his hands on Alix’s inheritance? Either way, Isabella’s feelings of responsibility for Alix and her loyalty to the gang who saved her life, are tearing her apart.
Instead of taking advantage of Alix, will Isabella puts her own needs aside and cast herself into mortal danger to save her friend? Only the harsh lessons of Isabella’s past can help her decide if she should leave Alix to her fate – a fate tied up with Isabella’s own.
A fate which will have consequences far beyond those she could ever have imagined.

“Parry’s descriptions are as varied as they are rich, from the scents of Abhaya’s Indian healing herbs to the sounds of London’s bustling streets and the opulence in the British royalty. A sizeable cast of beautifully developed, memorable characters makes solving the mystery even more deliciously puzzling, and readers will be guessing to the surprising end.
Imaginative and touching; like India, a sparkling jewel in the crown.”

Kirkus Reviews, January 2013.

“I absolutely adored this! Bursting with beautiful writing and insanely lovable characters, Isabella Rockwell’s War is perfect for anyone who enjoys historical middle grade! I desperately want to read more from this author.”

Samantha Randolph, I Heart YA Fiction

“Isabella Rockwell’s War offers an enticing blend of an historical novel, nineteenth century England, strong-willed heroines, and/or real life fairy tales.”

Indie Reader, July 2014.

Previously published as Isabella Rockwell’s War, this edition of Winter’s Bite includes editorial revisions.

Please scroll upward and click on the â??Look Inside’ feature on the top left hand side of the page to read an extract.


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Young adult clean fiction, historical mystery England, clean historical fiction kindle books, clean teen fiction, historical fiction British, British detective mysteries in Kindle, historical England fiction.
Young adult clean fiction, historical mystery England, clean historical fiction kindle books, clean teen fiction, historical fiction British, British detective mysteries in Kindle, historical England fiction.

Shooters: A Burt and Shade Short Story

by Mick Beacham

The story of where bounty hunters Burt and Shade first become partners. They are partnered as a Sharpshooting team in the blood and fire of The American Civil War. It is a short story packed full of action and adventure. This is the story of where western Heroes Burt and Shade honed their skills as shooters. Becoming protectors of the innocent and destroyers of evil men.

Embarkations (Whitehall Season 1 Episode 1)

by Liz Duffy Adams

England gets a new queen in the first episode of Whitehall, an episodic royal tale full of true history and sensual intrigue, new from Serial Box Publishing.

Winds of change carry a young Portuguese princess towards her destiny as the sun rises on Whitehall. Sheltered but curious, Catherine of Braganza arrives in her new English home full of eager excitement, but what this pious foreigner’s arrival will mean for the Merry Monarch she is to wed – and the mistress who holds his heart – is what everyone is talking about.

This episode is brought to you by Liz Duffy Adams and Delia Sherman, who know every embarkation is an adventure about to happen.

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