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A Father Takes All: Four Generations of Growing up in Single Mother Homes â?? Grace Abounds

by Irma Mathis

A spiritual journey in search of understanding and a mission to discover family roots set the stage for God’s most significant work in the life of one woman. Success can often be measured by a person’s life chances. And nothing interferes more with life chances than a divorce. When fathers withdraw from their children, they leave them with fewer opportunities to succeed. They also leave wounds deep and wide that can take years to heal. The struggle for survival and achievement is profound.
Growing up fatherless is disconcerting as children learn to navigate their world in a society quick to slap a label on them. From infancy, a child’s identity is framed by his family life, a self-fulfilling prophecy is set in motion. The factors involved are many and varied. The statistics show a high percentage of children growing up in single-parent homes, also grow up in poverty.
The author shares personal stories of the struggles encountered through four generations of women raised without the love, the influence and the support of a father. Discovering four generations of single parenting in her lineage was astonishing. Nonetheless, it was a reality for this author. It’s a curse that she prays will end with the current generation.

Techies Never Sorry: Digital Lifestyle is â??Illusionâ? of Real-Life in 2019

by Dave Masko

Techies Never Sorry, by Dave Masko. Love means never having to say you’re sorry; while most fully aware humans know the words “I am sorry” works wonders when it comes to healing a damaged interpersonal relationship. “This is why not being able to say â??sorry’ is a high cost of techie pride that users are paying for what? For more emotional connection, it’s a human biology textbook fact that people process emotions in â??human ways’ that are alien to artificial intelligence (A.I.) machines that simply don’t get when human feelings are hurt,” said Brenda Coleman when this high school biology teacher lectured students at a Eugene, Oregon high school on the need to â??say you’re sorry when you feel it’ because if you’re just communing with the A.I. â??machine’ you will just get angry and push people away because just saying â??I’m sorry’ is a critical human tool for really reconnecting.” The teacher says she’s concerned that “young people on tech start acting like machines and IT’s scary and not normal but IT’s here now as if your children have been sucked into this invasion of Big Data now the decider on if we apologize when needed to family, friends and others in society.” Coleman, 33, titled her lecture thesis or argument is: “Tech overuse blackouts human emotions; while saying â??I’m sorry’ is all-important for human relationships. The fear for young users is this non-human existence online, in this weird A.I.-run alternative universe, produces nothing emotionally for human users to when there is just nothing! This tech nothingness online is why so many techies are lonely and suicidal today in 2019.” For mysterious reasons, say “Pro-People” advocates here in the Pacific Northwest, the odious Silicon Valley tech industry keeps the existence of mind-melding A.I. power that reduces young and super-addicted users into “these post-human beings who are as cold as fish to non-users who still feel human emotions,” adds Coleman with a deep sense of chagrin about what Big Data has done to create these “mind monsters that never say they are sorry for the evil they do to others.” This special “new journalism” e-book report spotlights the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of this inability in tech addicts to never say they’re sorry. For instance, this photojournalist has interviewed techies who literally disappear into their cold soul black Net of things; while unaware of their “cyber non-existence” removing all “human light” so that users no longer have to imagine ideas in their human brains before they do it. The result is users preferring this artificial intelligence mindset over their own human brain and its many functions including the need to be in balance in relationships with such things as saying “I am sorry” when needed. This human need, wrote naturalist John Muir in 1936, to “stay outdoors â??til sundown, for going out, I found was really going in.”



This report is a collection of ‘POPULARITIES’ of all TOP AUSTRALIAN LGBT VILLAGES. The captured demands are presented in an easily understandable GRAPH format.

We hope you find this report useful for your personal/business/job market needs.

Die Körpersprache der Menschen verstehen: Wie Körpersprache die nonverbale Kommunikation verbessert (German Edition)

by Corey Lauder

Möchten auch Sie in der nächsten Gehaltsverhandlung eine deftige Gehaltserhöhung verhandeln? Werden Sie oftmals in Gesprächen von Ihrem Gegenüber überrumpelt und ärgern sich im Nachhinein darüber?

Dann wird es höchste Zeit, das Ruder herumzurei�en!!

Ein GroÃ?teil unserer Kommunikation läuft non-verbal ab. Oftmals senden wir diese Signale unbewusst. Diese werden dann jedoch von unserem Gesprächspartner aktiv wahrgenommen und interpretiert. Es macht also Sinn, sich etwas mit diesen Signalen zu beschäftigen und die Körpersprache bewusst einzusetzen um unsere verbale Kommunikation in unserer Gestik, Mimik und unserer Haltung zu unterstützen. Einer meiner Mentoren sagt immer: â??Selbst gröÃ?te Anstrengungen, etwas schön zu reden, nutzen nichts, wenn es dem Redner förmlich anzusehen ist, dass er nur eine krampfhafte Ã?berzeugungsarbeit leistet.”

In diesem Buch werden Sie sich intensiv mit der Körpersprache und dem Senden und interpretieren von Signalen beschäftigen. Wir werden uns sowohl mit Gestik und Mimik beschäftigen, als auch mit Haltung, Bewegung und Berührungen. Als Bonus werden Sie Muster kennen lernen, die oftmals unbewusst beim Lügen verwendet werden.

Das lernen Sie in diesem Buch:

  • Bedeutung non-verbaler Kommunikation
  • Verständigungssignale deuten
  • Körpersprache bewusst einsetzen
  • BONUS: Anzeichen für Lügen erkennen
  • Gestern, die sie UNBEDINGT vermeiden sollten
  • Und noch vieles mehr!

Dieses Buch wird die Kommunikation mit Ihren Mitmenschen revolutionieren. Ob Sie in naher Zukunft Gehaltsverhandlungen führen oder einfach ein intensives Gespräch mit einem Freund führen, Sie werden Anzeichen und Signale erkennen und deuten können, wodurch Sie durch passende Reaktion die Leitung des Gesprächs übernehmen können.

Kaufen Sie sich also JETZT den ultimativen Ratgeber zur non-verbalen Kommunikation und lernen Sie noch heute, wie Sie durch geschicktes Einsetzen von Körpersprache Ihre Ausstrahlung und Wirkung auf andere Menschen komplett neu gestalten können.

My Two Cents

by Ronald Schultz

The levels of distrust in our beloved nation are higher now than they have ever been in my life time. What can I say that might actually make a difference? I sincerely believe that we all could benefit if a more concerted effort were make to value and respect each other’s opinions. That basically is “My Two Cents”.

With that said, I know personally that it is easier said than done. Still, if you are like me, you especially like to watch the drama generated by the issues that stir up the general public. It is so hard to control the emotions and anxiety that these issues cause to each of us no matter what side we find ourselves on in the latest controversy. We all need to learn how to fight fairly. That’s my two cents, anyway. As I said, I hope more of us will take to heart a call to respect and value each other so that the world will be a far better place when my great grandchildren come along.

On the back of my paperback book cover my “two cents” is missing an “s” twice. I didn’t change the spelling on purpose. My “opinion” would have been singular in one of the contexts my “two cent” was used in. Okay, I didn’t want to start all over again. Some times the spin says it all. So, long story short, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Don’t judge me by the way I will be spun if this book ever does reach the opinion centers of our everyday world. Even though I may not be an expert on anything. I do think the message in “My Two Cents” is well worth the time and effort too learn, share, and live by.

Thank you to those who have gone on before to secure our right to share our two cents with each other. Many of us, I’m sure, would agree, if we remain silent with our opinions we will remain unheard. Well we know the damage that is caused when people are ignored for far too long. I’m not threatening here; I’m merely making an observation. Those who have read my book already know my opinion on the use of violence to get what we want. I wish I did have more answers on how to practice some of the behaviors that are needed to to create a more civil and secure society. “My Two Cents” is simply my thoughts on lots of things. You really won’t know what they are worth until you plow through them. That may be enough said.

My book didn’t jump off the self a lot yet. However, I hope the message in my book will. Rest assured I’ll keep trying to get it out there because as Zig Ziglar always said, “A big shot is a little shot who kept on shooting.” Sorry for using a gun metaphor. Or, is it a simile? Let’s just say, “I really do think our world would be much safer if we listened to the voices of reason and stopped acting like sheep following our individual flocks over the same cliff of lack of attention to, as well as, appreciation for the world around us.”

Life as a Spectrum Mom: The Ups, Downs, and Upside Downs of Parenting Autistic Kids (The Spectrum Mom Book 1)

by Karen Pellett

From candy explosions and safety spaces to patience pills and mattress slides, Autism turns normal on its head and stomps on it for good measure. For this family and their three autistic children, life is chaotic but glorious. Experience everyday life from the perspective of a spectrum mom and defy the label as only an exceptional family can.

How to Know if You REALLY Can Save Your Marriage (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 2)

by Liam Naden

Are you struggling in your marriage and wondering whether or not it will survive? If you are asking yourself this question, this book by marriage and relationship coach Liam Naden will help you.

Just some of the things you will learn are:

– How to know if your marriage is able to be saved or not
– Why some marriages succeed while others fail
– What you can do to stop your spouse from wanting to leave
– The two questions you must ask yourself before you decide whether or not to separate
– and much more

One of the biggest problems couples face when their marriage is in difficulty is confusion. This book will help you clarify where you relationship is at and what you need to do to move things forward.

Life Skills: Communication: Life Skills You Didn’t Learn in School

by Jeffrey Munn

Do you sometimes wish you had a better way to express yourself? Do you find yourself replaying conversations in your head and wishing you had said something a different way? Do you want to communicate in a way that is more effective, persuasive, and less likely to lead to heated arguments and fights? This book can help you achieve all these goals and more.

In Life Skills: Communication, you’ll learn:

– What communication really is and how it works.
– The major causes of communication breakdown and how to avoid them.
– How to communicate effectively at work with bosses, co-workers, and subordinates.
– How to improve your romantic life with clear, honest communication.
– Lots of other tips and tricks to maximize how effective and clear you deliver your message.

The author of this book, Jeffrey Munn, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over ten years of working with individuals, families, and couples. He regularly coaches people on the art of clear, honest, effective communication. Jeffrey’s approach uses no-nonsense, practical advice mixed in with a little light-heartedness and humor to teach people how to live their best lives.

18 Truths You Must Know About Manipulative People (Transcend Mediocrity Book 200)

by Jamie Keller

You may not want to admit it, but manipulative people are everywhere. The manipulator in your life could be your neighbor, your boss, or your coworker. It could even be your child or your spouse. Like it or not, we sometimes succumb to the whims of manipulators. If we do not educate and protect ourselves, we even become victimized by manipulators. They are sometimes extraordinarily difficult to detect. It is even harder to determine what their motives are, and where their limits are.
Most people want to trust other people to some extent. We don’t enjoy being paranoid or having to check up on another person. This is particularly true if the manipulators in your life are adults. We want to believe that everyone has â??grown up’. We want other people to â??earn our trust’. We want to believe that people are trustworthy, genuine, friendly and honest.
Once you have been taken advantage of by a manipulator, it shakes your own sense of emotional and mental wellbeing. You begin to wonder if other people cannot be trusted. You may become hypervigilant toward the person who victimized you, constantly searching for other signs that they will hurt you again. This causes extreme stress and discomfort, especially in the lives of those who are prone to experiencing anxiety when their environment and those around them are not predictable.
This ebook will dispel many truths about manipulative people that you may not have known. It will open your eyes to their tactics, their motives, and their psychological states. The author has firsthand experience with some of the best manipulators out there. She has used wisdom gained over 4 decades and a significant amount of bring you up-to-date information about manipulators. Armed with this information, you can better assess the situations that you are in. You can make informed decisions, learn when to trust, and how to cope with the manipulators tactics.

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De príncipes y cuentos… y más cuentos: Novela Corta Juvenil (Spanish Edition)

by Meysbol Torres Herrera

Arianna Rossi se cansó de tanto cuento. Una novela corta que cuenta la historia de una niña que creció creyendo en cuentos y príncipes azules, una hermosa joven que encuentra el amor y despierta de la más dura forma a una realidad ajena a los cuentos de fantasía que tanto anheló.
Convertirse en mujer siendo presa de los maltratos de su príncipe azul la llevarán al extremo, su perdida de toda libertad inspirará a muchas jóvenes propensas a ser víctimas de algún tipo de abuso en sus relaciones amorosas. Un libro de amor, de lucha y de empoderamiento femenino que te cautivará hondamente.
¿Cómo salir de una relación tóxica? Una decisión.
Una novela de princesas, bosques encantados, castillos, hechizos y desencantos. Historia de amor y desamor.

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