Free philosophy Kindle books for 26 Feb 19

Technocism: A Treatise On Technocracy

by Jason Judd

This is a treatise on the evolution of human events which will be seen in modern society in the post-modern post-industrial capitalist world.

Your Own Eyes: Finding Clear Vision in the Age of Indoctrination

by Jesse Van Horne

You’re invited to partake in a grand event – the evolution of human consciousness and your own awakening!

Author Jesse Van Horne asks each of us to examine the myriad ways that we have been indoctrinated over the span of our lives, which he argues is an initial, vital step in the awakening process.

Using the metaphor of the lens, he invites us to recognize our own lenses, and remove them to enable clear, unobstructed vision to proceed from our own eyes.

He shows us that developing the dexterity to recognize our lenses is essential if we wish to evolve beyond our archaic, reactionary behavioral patterns as individuals and collectively as the human race.

幸福ä¹?è·¯-ç??å?½æ??äº?æ?¸4 (Chinese Edition)

by å??æ¯?

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