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SOUL PRINT: Inspiring Poems

by Jayesh Suri

“Soul Print” is a collection of inspiring poems to celebrate life,

I hope every poem helps to reach a part in you & facilitates you to get close to yourself, so you can offer yourself your much awaited love & acceptance,

May you find the love in you and may you be able to shed walls within to embrace yourself and radiate your being,

I hope the poems provide you with deep comfort, peace, unconditional love, support, motivation, inspiration & wisdom & act as your guide, mentor & soul friend to assist you in being your “Unstoppable You” infused with intoxicating passion for life,

I wish the poems can allay your fears, console your heart, help you grieve, process the hurt & trauma, shed shame & isolation, heal pain, connect with our humanness & other and expand self,

I pray they help us to realize there is no other, shed perfectionism, find compassion, aid in self-acceptance & forgiveness, assist you to bring forth the light within, unlock your potential act as a deep process, your source of your healing & Integration,

If you can find you & discover yourself through poems,

I would feel delighted to have be chosen as an instrument of will the divine,

Look within, discover yourself, celebrate you, and share your light,

Let’s radiate the universe with our sparkle.

Your messenger of hope & love,
– Jayesh Suri

Reader’s Insights :

“Jayesh’s poems and poetry are so inspiring. It feels like each stanza is infused with deep wisdom and great mojo. His poems and poetry remind me of Rumi’s. He is the Rumi of today and the millennial. So fortunate to know him. Sometimes, by communicating with him on a one on one session during our Root Cause class, he can write a poem about me after our session. Yes, he is that excellent”.
– Elizabeth Hagad.

Loving and caring, soothing and comforting
-Biggi Leask, Germany

Soothing soulful words
-Jeannette Perdue Corum,

Inspiring and full of youthful energy.
-Lesley Jeffery

Jayesh speaks directly from his enlightened soul to the soul of the reader of his poetry. The Soul Print of that soul-to-soul encounter is a precious and enduring gift.
-Linda Smith â??

Jayesh your poems are like a touch from a soul to another soul
-Maria Traykova

Poems for truth seekers
– Irina Latis

Jayesh has a way of showing me the Truth through his thought provoking words. When I read his poetry, I feel peace and acceptance
– Nancy Ostapuk

They inspire joy and comfort
-Melody Butler Griego

Jayesh, the thoughts you share speak to my heart and soul, to the depth of all the experiences that are presented to me and require the kind of reflections that you share in such an open hearted and vulnerable way.
Your insights remind me to listen to the deep stirrings within my own heart and soul. Thank you for the gifts of your ageless and timeless wisdom from within.
– Bonnie Friesen

All Remainers are Neo-Nazis: Indisputable Evidence that Nazis Created the EU

by Jack King

Here is the date by date, name by name, proof that the EU was created by Nazis who wanted a United States of Europe, controlled by Germany. The founders of the EU were Nazis and the Americans helped them create a super state as a bulwark against Russia and the USSR.

Life In Third Person: Unseen Eyes Series 1

by By Derick D. Wright

In this book the author decides to take you deep into your thoughts regarding life and theories of origin. All perceptions are built solely for the reader. Each reader may have a different outlook on its meaning. Furthermore no one is wrong.

watasigakanjirutaninnoyurusenaikoudou (Japanese Edition)

by negisi misaki


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